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The supervisor was also overwhelmed by the situation.

In the end, the alcohol was brought to the youth.

Ah Yues face was pale as a sheet.

He clenched his fists.

With a bang, the red-haired youth opened a bottle of wine with a nasty smile on his face.

“There are ten bottles here.

Either finish them all or pay me 500,000 yuan.

Choose for yourself.”

Half a million…

“I … Ill drink.”

Ah Yues eyes were red and his voice trembled.

His pale fingers picked up a bottle.

He closed his eyes and was about to drink when a soft hand grabbed the bottle.

Ah Yues hand that held the bottle was not allowed to move any closer.

He opened his eyes and saw the little girl beside him.


Under the light, the girl looked gentle and weak.

Her skin was pale and delicate, and her facial features were refined and clean.

She looked like a flower that needed to climb a big tree to grow.

Right now, whether it was her overly obedient appearance, her clean temperament, or her plain clothes, she looked like a student who had accidentally entered this place.

Unfortunately, shes just a child.

That was what most of the people present were thinking.

At the same time, it was fortunate that she was just a child.

Otherwise, with her looks, she would have been targeted by many people.

“Did they bully you”

The little girls voice matched her appearance, as soft as a nightingales.

“Xiaocha, why are you here Quick, go back.”


Ah Yue pushed the child anxiously.

He had used all his strength, but he could not push the seemingly weak little girl away at all.

No one noticed that.

Lu Xiaocha stared at his face for a few seconds before snatching the wine from his hand and playing with it.

Ah Yue was no match for her.

“They bullied you.”

She said seriously.

It was a statement, not a question.

Then, she turned and looked at the teenagers with her obsidian eyes.


After some thought, she added, “Pay up!”

The children in their orphanage were very poor.

Her attitude was like that of an ignorant child playing around.

She had no idea what kind of terrifying existence she had provoked.


Gasps could be heard from all around them. This young lady is amazing! She dares to say anything!

The supervisor pulled on Ah Yues arm in a cold sweat.

“Take your sister away now.”

He was going to die!

Ah Yue wanted to cry, but his voice was weak.

“I want to, too.”


The rich kids looked like theyd heard a big joke.

How dare a kid talk to them like that

“Stupid girl, youre looking to die!”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks unhappily.

The red-haired youth was cocky.

“Who are you”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at Ah Yue and said confidently, “Im his boss.”

Everyone else was speechless as well.

They thought the girl was going to say that she was his sister.

Everyone thought that Lu Xiaocha was joking, but only Ah Yue had a complicated expression.

What she said was true!

The red-haired youth was obviously shocked by Lu Xiaocha.

“Whatever, I dont care who you are.

He has to drink this wine today no matter what! Why dont you drink it for him, hehe…”

With that, he picked up a bottle and let his friend grab Ah Yue.

“Ill bully you today-”

Before the red-haired youth could finish, there was a loud slap, and everyone watched as he was sent flying.

In that instant, his face was deformed.

One of his teeth fell off, and blood swirled in the air.


The red-haired youths body flew out in an arc and smashed onto the ground.

The wine bottle shattered on the ground too, and the liquid inside splashed everywhere.


However, at this moment, everyone seemed to have been frozen in time.

Their mouths hung open so wide that an egg could fit inside.

They watched at the person who was sent flying with stunned expressions.

Lu Xiaocha pouted and retracted her hand.

“If you want to drink, drink it yourself.”

The onlookers quickly retreated backwards and looked at the “weak” girl in horror.

The few friends who wanted to grab Ah Yue also looked at her and retreated in panic as if they had seen a ghost.

Only Lu Xiaocha and Ah Yue remained in the center.

Ah Yue didnt know what to say.

He was close to tears.

The supervisor was about to cry too.

How… How did it become like this!

“You… How dare you hit me!”

The red-haired youths head was buzzing from the slap.

It took him a long time to recover.

His face was burning with so much pain that he teared up.

One of his teeth had been knocked out and he slurred his words.

“You hit me!”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him innocently.

“Ive already hit you.

Do you want to hit me back”

The red-haired youth glared at her as if he wanted to eat her alive.

Lu Xiaocha raised her delicate chin slightly.

“I allow you to hit me, but youll have to be able to beat me.

But looking at your weak physique, you can be slapped so far away by me, you cant.”

Everyone else was speechless as well.

The red-haired youth said nothing.

“You cant…”

These words circled in their minds like magic.

The group of people looked at the red-haired youth strangely.

Even his friends…

After all, that little girl didnt seem to have much strength.

If she could send him flying with a single slap, it seemed like he really couldnt beat her.

The red-haired youth almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

This was too insulting.

She had hit him and said he couldnt beat her!

The red-haired youth stood up to fight Lu Xiaocha.

“What are you doing”

A young mans clear voice sounded.

The crowd parted and a young man was escorted over.

The young man walking in front looked young, but he was tall and slender.

The school uniform of City No.1 Middle School looked expensive on him.

His features were clean and refreshing, and he was so good-looking that it was out of this world.

He was like a noble prince who had walked out of a comic book.

At this moment, his cat-like clear and beautiful eyes were looking at the surrounding crowd, and his delicate brows were slightly furrowed.

Such a young man should be the center of attention, but at this moment, when everyone saw him, there was a strange silence for two seconds.

Then, everyones gazes frantically shifted between the young man and Lu Xiaocha.


Lu Xiaocha also looked over.

At the same time, the young man also looked at her.

The moment their eyes met, their eyes widened.

Lu Xiaocha exclaimed, “Wow~”



Someone behind the young man cursed and said, “Beichen, theres a female version of you over there!”

Lu Beichen glared back at him angrily and looked at the girl who was almost identical to him, except that her hair was longer and her height was shorter than his.

He felt strange.

Lu Xiaocha blinked and stared at him for a long time.

It was like looking in a mirror!

Strangely, her body looked exactly the same as that in her previous life.

This was also the reason why Lu Xiaocha accepted her new identity quickly.

“Who are you”

In this moment, the two who looked identical but had different genders spoke at the same time, as if they were telepathic twins.


After that, there was silence again.

The scene was eerily quiet.

Ah Yue was in a daze.

He looked at Lu Xiaocha and then at the young man.

What the f*ck


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