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The young mans face alternated between green and white out of anger.

He looked funny.

He pressed the tip of his tongue against the candied hawthorn that he had already bitten and rotated it in his mouth and didnt know if he should spit it out.

Lu Xiaocha was still holding the remaining candied hawthorns in her hand.

Her tone was as innocent as she was as she spoke sincerely.

“I havent licked the rest.”

Fu Ye raised his hand.

This time, no matter how Lu Xiaocha dodged, he ruffled her soft black hair roughly and messed it up.

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks in anger and wanted to bite him.

After a round of bickering, Fu Ye finished with the candied hawthorns that the child could not bear to throw away and brought her to wash her hands before going to the doctor.

“Yo, what brings Master Fu here”

The young doctor in the white coat was really surprised to see Fu Ye.

Fu Ye pointed to his arm.

“Check this.”

Bai Mochens lips curled up.

“Ha… You actually got injured Whos so brave Dont tell me its because of that kid from the Lu family.”

Fu Ye sneered and said arrogantly, “How could Lu Beifeng be capable of that”

After he sat down, the child behind him was completely exposed to Bai Mochens vision.

Bai Mochen asked, “… Your child”


Why didnt he know that the Fu family had such an obedient and cute young lady


“Shes from the Lu family.”

Lu Xiaocha looked up at him and greeted him politely.



After greeting him, she looked around quietly, her eyes seemingly unfocused.

She looked a little dazed, but why was she so cute


“Since when did the Lu family have a young lady”

He remembered that the Lu family only had boys.

Of course, that didnt include those troublesome illegitimate children from the previous generation.

Lu Xiaocha pretended not to hear him.

She found a chair and sat down, staring at the potted cactus on Bai Mochens desk.

The expression on her little face revealed her curiosity about the cactus ball.

She even poked the thorns on it with her finger.

For the first time, Bai Mochen doubted his charm.

After all, he was a handsome man.

Because of his gentle temperament, which girl in the hospital didnt like him

Why did this little kid think that he was inferior to a cactus covered in thorns

“Are you going to check it or not”

Fu Ye kicked him.

Bai Mochen shrugged and started to examine his arm.

“Tch… Your arm had been directly broken.

Its not a big issue, your bones are just a little dislocated.

However, Im more curious about the warrior who actually did such a satisfying thing.”

Fu Ye gave him a cold look.

“Are you a sandbag”


Looking for a beating, are you.

Bai Mochen raised his hands in surrender.

“Alright, I wont say anymore.”

Although the young man in front of him was younger than him, he was really inhumane when he went crazy.

Even his grandfather could not handle him.

It only took a few clicks to set his bones right.

The guy was built like a bull, and whoever had done it hadnt hurt him anywhere else, so he didnt need to use any medicine.


“Thats enough.

Are you really not going to tell me about it”

Fu Ye ignored him and stretched his arms before pulling on the childs collar.

“Im leaving.”

What a joke.

If he knew that his arm was broken by this child, that would be so embarassing.

Lu Xiaocha was almost dragged out by her collar.

After struggling for a while, the little girl was taken away by Fu Ye.

Her face was expressionless the entire time, and her eyes were as blank as a salted fish.

Bai Mochen found it funny.

“Youre welcome to come again next time.”

Fu Ye waved his hand at him.

“Get lost.”

Who the hell wants to come to this dump again He thought.

“You like that stuff”

After walking out of the hospital, Fu Ye deliberately slowed down to ensure that the childs short legs could keep up with him.

Lu Xiaocha kicked a small stone by the side of the road, occasionally hopping around like an innocent little girl.

Perhaps only the young man beside him knew how much energy was hidden in her petite body.

Anyone else who saw her would think that she was a delicate little flower that needed to be taken good care of.


“Then the cactus ball.”

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and thought for a moment.

“Its fun.”

“Then why dont you call me Older Brother and Ill buy you a pot”

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes at him and kicked the pebble in front of her away.


She refused decisively.

Fu Ye was puzzled.

“Huh Why not”

Dont kids like to have everything He thought.

Lu Xiaocha cracked her knuckles.

“I cant keep it alive.”

“… Thats a cactus.

Its very easy to raise.

It wont die even if you dont water it for a week.”

Lu Xiaocha looked up at him.



A few minutes later…

Fu Ye brought Lu Xiaocha to the citys largest flowers and birds market.

The young girls eyes lit up the moment she entered.

First, she bought a huge serving of chestnuts from a store that sold sugar-fried chestnuts.

Then, she ate them as she started shopping from the entrance of the market.

When she saw the fish seller, she wanted to squat down and poke them with her finger, scaring the small fish so much that they wagged their tails and swam away quickly.

She laughed softly.

Under the sunlight, the little girls beautiful eyes were like clear glass, sparkling with fine light.

They were extremely beautiful.

When she smiled, her dimples appeared.

Fu Ye wanted to poke it.

Although he knew that this child could break his arm with one punch, looking at her obedient and soft appearance now, Fu Ye felt that it was not bad to have such a sister.

She could protect herself, she was quiet and she didnt cling or cry.

He had probably forgotten that her surname was Lu.

“You want to raise one”

Fu Ye squatted down and asked her.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head and tilted her head to press half of her face against her knees.

Her soft white cheeks were pressed flat.

“I cant keep them alive.”

As she spoke, she reached out and poked a grass turtle in a small basin.

The grass turtle instantly shrank its neck and stopped moving.

Lu Xiaocha did not poke its head.

She just circled her finger around its shell and smiled.

Fu Ye stared at the smile on her face and reached out to poke the dimple on her cheek.

So soft!

Lu Xiaocha stared at him expressionlessly.

‘Why are you poking my face

Although she did not say anything, the expression on the young girls face showed these words.

Fu Ye was thick-skinned and did not feel embarrassed being stared at.

He poked her again.

“You have a dimple here.”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and slapped his hand away.

She turned her head away from him.

It seemed like she was angry.

Fu Ye did not panic.

He cracked open a fragrant fried chestnut.

As expected, in less than two seconds, a certain hamster-like child turned her head around again.

Her small nose twitched slightly as she stared at the chestnut that had been peeled open in his hand.


Fu Ye raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yes, yours.”


The childs eyes lit up, and she moved her furry head over like a little animal.

The smile in Fu Yes eyes grew wider and wider.

He deliberately pulled his hand further away when she was about to bite the chestnut in his hand.

The child protecting her food was very fierce.

She pounced over and tried to strangle him.

“Give it to me!”

Fu Ye almost choked on his laughter.

He fed her the chestnut under the childs fierce expression.

Lu Xiaocha, who was eating, suddenly became as quiet and obedient as a harmless hamster.

A single chestnut could make her eyes fill with happiness and satisfaction.


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