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Afraid that Lu Xaiocha was not used to her new life, Lu Zhan and Pei Anran did not go to the company and worked at home during this period of time.

They spent a lot of time at home to accompany her.


Although Lu Xiaocha didnt think she actually needed it.

The news of the Lu family suddenly having a new daughter also spread like wildfire after the incident at the clothing store.

Since then, countless pairs of curious and shocked eyes were fixed on the Lu family.

No one had seen this little Miss Lu before.

Some people wanted to invite Pei Anran and Lu Xiaocha in the name of a gathering, but they were all rejected.

As time passed, although everyone was still curious, their desire to investigate faded.

“Xiaocha, Mommy and Daddy are going to work.

This is a customized phone for you.

And this bank card is Daddys secondary card.

You can go anywhere and buy anything you want.”


Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently and watched them leave.

“Daddy and Mommy, come back early.”

Standing at the door, Lu Xiaocha waved at the departing car.

Pei Anrans eyes were filled with reluctance.

She almost wanted to resign and stay home to accompany her daughter.

Lu Zhan was speechless.

“No, you cant!”

His face was full of rejection.

“What would I do if you quit”

Such a cold and dignified person now sounded inexplicably aggrieved.

Pei Anran was speechless.

“Seriously, I havent done anything every day.

All I do is keep those women with ill intentions away from you.”

Lu Zhan looked at her.

“Isnt that important I only feel safe with you around.”



He really meant what he said.

Pei Anran punched him angrily, but her smile was as beautiful as a flower.

When his parents went to work, Lu Beichen went to school as well.

Lu Xiaocha sat in front of the television, hugging a pillow in her arms and watching Tom and Jerry with relish.


However, after a while, her desire to hoard food began to stir again.

She licked her lips, turned off the TV, and ran into the kitchen.

The chef was surprised to see her.

“What would you like to eat, miss Ill make it for you right away.”

Lu Xiaocha loved to eat.

Every time she ate in the Lu family these days, she would praise the chef for doing a good job.

This made Chef Wu extremely satisfied.

He also liked to study new recipes to feed the little girl.

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and rolled her eyes.

“I dont know either.

Chef Wu, do you have any snacks”

“Theres some hawthorn in the kitchen.

Why dont I make you some hawthorn cake and candied hawthorns”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she heard that.

“Sure, sure!”

She did not leave but stayed in the kitchen to learn how to make candied hawthorn from Chef Wu.

In the post-apocalyptic world, other than reading novels, her favorite thing to do was to read books about food.

Unfortunately, those foods were only available in the peaceful world before the apocalypse.

She could only drool as she looked at the pictures or the descriptions of the food.

She had seen candied hawthorns before.

They were said to be childrens favorite snacks.

They were sweet and sour, and especially delicious.


While Lu Xiaocha was learning how to make candied hawthorn, a guest arrived outside the Lu Manor.

A domineering black Land Rover was let into the Lu Manor after inspection.

The door of the Land Rover opened and a young man in black Doc Martens walked familiarly towards the villa.

“Where did you put that thing”

His deep and magnetic voice had a characteristic wild and undisciplined tone.

The young mans black hair was short, fully revealing his angular facial features.

He was wearing a black T-shirt and slim-fit cargo pants.

The bottoms of his pants were tucked into his boots, making him look much taller.

His slender figure was like a tall pine tree, but his cold and flamboyant aura was more like a wild wolf ready to attack.


Someone seemed to be speaking through his earpiece.

Fu Ye clicked his tongue and exuded an unruly wildness.


Lu Xiaocha walked out of the kitchen with a few sticks of candied hawthorns and bumped into the tall man who was walking in.

The icing on the candied hawthorns stuck to his clothes.

In that instant, the air seemed to freeze.

Lu Xiaochas turned the candied hawthorn wrapped in her mouth from the left cheek to the right.

She took two steps back and looked up, meeting a pair of narrow and sharp eyes.

Fu Yes eyes flickered as he looked at the child in front of him.

Although she looked very similar to Lu Beichen, he would not treat the child in front of him as that kid.

He then looked down at his clothes.


He narrowed his eyes and looked a little scary.

His tone was casual and roguish.

“Kid, do you know how to walk”

Lu Xiaocha bit the candy in her mouth in half and asked.

“Who are you”

Since he had been sent to the training camp by the old man, Fu Ye now had a light buzz cut and his skin was a tanned to wheat color.

There was a faint scar from his forehead to the corner of his eye, and his dark and sharp eyes coupled with his domineering aura made him look very fierce.


Ordinary children would have been scared to tears.

Lu Xiaocha held the candied hawthorns tightly in her hand and looked at the sugar coating that had been rubbed off.

Her big eyes were filled with heartache for the candied hawthorns.

Fu Ye easily caught the flash of heartache in her eyes because the little kid did not even think of hiding it.

He smiled, but no matter how you looked at it, this smile was provocative.

“Kid, youre quite bold.”

Lu Xiaocha raised her cute face and asked him, “Is your surname Lu”

Fu Ye crossed his arms.


Lu Xiaocha instantly became self-righteous.

Her cat eyes widened.

“Then why are you so arrogant at the Lu familys house You even broke my candied hawthorn!”

Fu Ye was speechless.


No one had ever talked to him like that before.

“Whats your name”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him warily.

“Why Do you want to fight”

Fu Ye was speechless.

This brat wanted to fight him Was she born in the year of the pig to be so senseless


“Let me ask you, whats your relationship with Lu Beichen”

Fu Ye looked at Lu Xiaochas face and clicked his tongue.

Why didnt he know that the Lu family had a daughter

Lu Xiaocha glanced at him.

So he knew her brother.

She reluctantly let it go.

She hoped the candied hawthorns taste hadnt been affected.

“Hes my older brother.”

The little girl answered vaguely and sat back on the sofa.

She continued eating contentedly while watching cartoons.


Fu Ye looked at the candy on his clothes and frowned in disdain.

He went upstairs to Lu Beifengs room to get something and made a call.

“Im in a competition right now.

Can you leave me alone!”

A slightly irritable voice came from the other end.

Fu Ye took off his jacket and threw it onto the bed.

“Your little sister dirtied my clothes so I changed into yours.

I put mine in your room.

Remember to return them to me after you wash them.”

“What sister” The person on the other end was clearly taken aback, then seemed to remember something.

“Tsk… I was so busy that I forgot.

That little girl just got back from the orphanage.

Ive been competing here recently and havent gone back yet.

Why did you provoke her”


Fu Ye smiled.

“The little fellow has quite a temper.

When I came in, she bumped into me with her candied hawthorns.

She even wanted to fight with me.”


Lu Beifeng laughed.

“Thats really rare.

Theres actually a child who isnt afraid of you.

Even Beichen doesnt dare to say that hell fight you.

I think that you deserve it.”


“Whatever, remember to wash my clothes.”

After saying that, he hung up without waiting for a reply.

Lu Beifeng was speechless.

Who the hell wants to wash your clothes Ill have the butler throw them away immediately! Lu Beifeng thought.


Fu Ye went downstairs in a black short-sleeved shirt.

When he saw the young girl watching the television with relish and licking the candied hawthorn with her little tongue, he couldnt help but walk over to tease her.


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