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Fortunately, Pei Anran said that there was no hurry to go to school.

Although she would have to do it sooner or later, she would stall for as long as she could.

After taking a shower and changing into her soft and smooth pajamas, Lu Xiaocha stepped onto the clean carpet, her hair wet and soft.

She took out the glass bottle containing the fireflies from the cabinet.

Just as she was about to turn off the lights and let the fireflies out, there was a knock on the door.

Her fair feet stepped on the furry carpet as she went to open the door.

Her twin brother, who had also changed into pajamas, was standing outside.

“Chen, why are you here”

When she saw him, Lu Xiaoachas bright eyes lit up.

Her cat eyes were slightly curved, and there was a smile in her clear and bright eyes.

“I came to see the stars.”

She had said that when the fireflies were released, they looked as beautiful as stars when they danced around in the room.

Lu Beichen stared into his sisters eyes.

Actually, he felt that her eyes were as pretty as the stars.

“Come in, come in.”

After pulling him in, the two of them sat on the bed barefooted.

Lu Xiaocha was about to open the bottle when the person beside her gently combed her hair.

“Youre not going to blow-dry your hair first”

He frowned slightly.

“You might get a headache if you dont dry your hair.”

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“Im very healthy!”


“That wont do.

Wait here.”

With that, Lu Beichen left.

When he returned, he was holding a hairdryer.

“Come here.”

After plugging in the power, Lu Beichen patted the spot beside him.

Lu Xiaocha put down the glass bottle and walked over obediently.

The hairdryer buzzed.

Not loudly, but blew with plenty of warm air.

Lu Xiaocha sat cross-legged on the ground, while Lu Beichen knelt behind her and patiently dried her soft long hair.

Lu Beichen was a proud young master, when had he ever served others If the people at school found out, their jaws would probably drop.

Looking down at the girl sitting obediently, Lu Beichen felt that it was very bizarre.

She looked exactly like him and was born together with him.

In the past, when he saw other friends or classmates having little sisters, he would occasionally wonder what would happen if he had one.

He might get impatient.

He hated noisy and clingy children the most.

Now, he really had a little twin sister.

Lu Beichen felt that it was not bad to have such an obedient little sister.


When her hair was dry, he tied it up loosely with a hair tie.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and smiled at her brother.

Lu Beichen pursed his lips and smiled.

He ran to get the glass bottle containing fireflies and turned off the light.

The fireflies in the glass bottle flickered.

After opening the bottle and releasing them, the room was really filled with starlight.

Lu Beichens eyes widened as he had never seen a firefly before.

The developments in the city were very prosperous.

Some animals and insects that could be seen everywhere in the past had long disappeared from the city.

Everyone could only see them in books or on television.

“Its beautiful,” he murmured, his eyes full of these glowing little creatures.

Lu Xiaocha sat on the bed and swung her feet.

“Right Im going to release them tomorrow.

Ill catch more some other day.”


A firefly landed on her toes.

The warm yellow light flickered, making her feet even more fair and delicate.

That night, the siblings who were tired from playing fell asleep.

Lu Beichen slept in a proper posture on the clean and thick carpet, while his little sister was sprawled on the bed, occupying most of the bed, but they both felt especially at ease.

The next day, the Lu couple pushed open their daughters bedroom door and saw this scene.

“Shh ~”

There was a smile in Pei Anrans eyes.

“Let them sleep longer.”

Lu Zhan nodded and held his wifes hand as they went downstairs for a walk.

Lu Xiaocha actually woke up when the door opened, but she did not open her eyes.

After the door closed again, she arched her head on the pillow and moved her head to the side of the bed.

Her sharp little chin rested on the back of her hand, and her clear eyes stared at the young boy below.

In his sleep, Lu Beichen felt that something terrifying was staring at him.

Then, he woke up.

He opened his sleepy eyes and met his sisters sparkling ones.

Lu Beichen was speechless again.

“Older Brother, what are we having for breakfast today”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she saw that he had woken up.

She asked for breakfast.

Lu Beichens lips twitched.

“What would you like to eat Ill have the chef make it for you.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled sweetly.

The two dimples at the corner of her mouth were adorable.

“I can eat anything.

Im not picky.”

Lu Beichen returned to his room and changed.

He looked like an exquisite young master again.

Lu Xiaocha was wearing a set of light gray sportswear, and her hair was tied into two neat braids.

When her brother came back, she went downstairs with him.

“Young Master Beichen, Miss Xiaocha, breakfast is ready.”

Downstairs, the handsome butler placed two cups of hot milk on the table.

He stood upright and his body was like a straight line, it was especially pleasing to the eye.

Breakfast was thoughtfully prepared in both Chinese and Western styles.

There was toast bread and oatmeal.

There were also buns and steamed dumplings in various colors.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up and her footsteps became louder.

“Thank you, butler.”


After thanking the butler politely, Lu Xiaocha took a steamed bun and ate it happily.

Perhaps because the Lu family was relatively tall, the dining table and chairs were a little tall as well.

When Lu Xiaocha sat on the chair, she tiptoed so that she could reach the ground.

For the sake of comfort, her legs were slightly suspended in the air.

When she was happy, they even swayed.

Lu Beichen had been observing his sister.

Seeing that she preferred Chinese breakfast, he secretly decided to get the chef to prepare more Chinese food in the future.

The butler and the maid were a little dumbfounded as they watched Lu Xiaocha, who was so small, devour all the food in front of her.

At the end, she leaned against the chair and sipped the milk contentedly.

Lu Beichen was stunned.

“Little Sister, your stomach.”

Lu Xiaocha touched her stomach.

Her soft belly was a little bloated.

She burped, her eyes full of innocence.

“Im a little stuffed.”

Lu Beichen: “… Get up.

Lets go for a walk.”


Lu Xiaocha did not resist going out for a walk.

She even enthusiastically took her brother to run around and familiarize herself with the surroundings.


In the end…

Lu Beichen was exhausted.

When he came back covered in sweat, his legs were so weak that he didnt even want to move them.

However, Lu Xiaocha, who looked weak and small, was only covered in a little sweat.

She looked refreshed.

Their parents looked at them and asked.

“What did you do”

Lu Beichen did not want to talk about it.

As if he had suffered a serious blow, he lay on the sofa and stopped moving.

Lu Xiaocha blinked innocently.

“We just went for a run and strolled around.”

Lu Beichen was speechless again.

You call that strolling! He thought.

This stroll was at least 5,000 meters long!

As an older brother, he was exhausted, but his little sister was totally fine.

This was too embarrassing!

Lu Zhan looked at his son.

“You should exercise more.”

Pei Anran also nodded.

“Son, you cant do this.

Youre so tired after going on a stroll with your sister.”

Lu Beichen was speechless again.

Try it yourself if you can! He thought.



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