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Lu Xiaocha described a lot of horrible insects that mostly ate people, but in her description, those insects were either super big, comparable to a lion or tiger, or they were disgusting.

Lu Beichen knew that what she said was not true.

After all, he had never seen them before.

However, when he saw how seriously she described every detail of those bugs, he could not help but feel his scalp go numb.

“What youre talking about can only be seen in sci-fi movies, right”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

“Are movies good”

Lu Beichen felt a little embarrassed by her sparkling gaze, but he raised his chin slightly.

“Of course they are.

Ill take you to the cinema with me sometime.”


Lu Xiaocha agreed readily and walked to the window with the bottle containing the butterfly.

“Time to release it.”

Lu Beichen followed curiously.

Then, the beautiful light blue butterfly slowly flapped its wings and flew out under the gaze of the twins.

Their eyes, refracted by the sunlight, shone like precious clear glass.

Their ink-black eyelashes cast shadows under their eyes, making their snow-white skin seem reflective.

Lu Beichen quickly helped Xiaocha pack up everything, although there were not many clothes in total.


The two sets of cheap-looking sportswear and casual clothes made the noble young master frown.

“Is that all you have”

Lu Xiaocha nodded frankly.

She did not feel inferior or embarrassed.


“The orphanage is poor.

Its good enough to have two sets to wear.

Why are you so picky”

However, these two sets of clothes did look a little out of place in this luxurious cloakroom.

“Come on, Ill take you shopping for clothes.”

The young master raised his chin and took out a bank card.

Thinking it might not be enough, he ran back next door, to his own room, and pulled out a piggy bank.

He stuffed the piggy bank into Lu Xiaochas hands.

“These are some New Years money I saved last year.

This small sum of money is useless to me anyway.

Ill give it to you.”

Why did his ears look so red

What an arrogant young master.

And a shy one too.

Lu Xiaocha took it without hesitation.

“Thank you, Older Brother.”

A soul that had lived for an entire lifetime lived in her body, but when she called Lu Beichen older brother, who was only 13 years old, it felt strangely natural.

Lu Beichens fair face blushed.

“How much is in it”

Lu Zhan and Pei Anran came back to Lu Xiaochas room again to see how the relationship between the siblings was going.

When they opened the door, they saw the siblings with their backs to them… counting money.

The piggy bank had been opened.

Right now, the twins were sitting cross-legged side by side, slowly smoothing out the red bills and counting them.

Lu Xiaocha waved the notes in her hand.

“I have 24,300 yuan here.”

“I have 25,700 yuan here.”

Exactly fifty thousand.

“What are you doing”

Pei Anran leaned over to take a look and was surprised.

“Chen, isnt this your piggy bank”

Lu Beichens ears turned red again.

He tried very hard to pretend to be calm.

“I… I didnt use the money anyway, so… Im giving it to my little sister.”

Pei Anran looked at her sons red ears and couldnt help but laugh.

Her son was really awkward and shy.

Just as Lu Beichen was about to fly into a rage out of humiliation, Pei Anran patted his head.

“Youve done well.”

Lu Xiaocha also leaned forward and touched his soft short hair.

“Thank you, Chen.”

She had just called him older brother, but now she was calling him Chen.

A moment later, Lu Beichen suddenly exploded like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.


“Who… who are you calling Chen How rude.

Call me Older Brother.”

Lu Xiaocha stuck out her tongue.

“Okay, Older Brother.”

Then, miraculously, Lu Beichen was satisfied just like that.

Pei Anran clicked her tongue in amazement.

She knew that her youngest son was a proud young man.

Sometimes, he had a bad temper and was difficult to coax.

Even as a mother, she had to coax him for a long time to calm him down.

She did not expect that he would be so easily appeased by Xiaocha.

“Mom, Ill go shopping with her.

Look, she only has those two outfits.”

Pei Anran looked over and her heart ached.

“Mommy will go with you!”

Her wish was to have an obedient and beautiful daughter who could be dressed up beautifully at any time.

Now, this wish was about to be fulfilled!

Lu Zhan walked over to his wife.

“Im going too.”

Then, the trip that the siblings had originally planned on going alone, became a family outing, along with a butler and two bodyguards.

Lu Xiaocha was brought directly to an expensive luxury clothing store.

“Xiaocha, go around and see if there are any clothes you like.”

Lu Beichen looked at the clothes and felt overwhelmed.

He had no idea what to choose for his sister and could only let her do it herself.

Lu Zhan held a small pink dress and looked at Lu Xiaocha seriously.



Pei Anran was speechless.

Her husband was so straight.


The dress he was holding was not ugly, but this guy really felt that little girls looked the best in pink.

Then, Lu Zhan was chased to the rest area by Pei Anran.

“Both of you, wait here.”

With that, she strutted away in her high heels.

The father and son, who had been left behind, could only keep quiet.

Pei Anran bought her daughter some beautiful dresses, but Lu Xiaocha felt that these dresses were a little troublesome.

“Its not convenient to lift your leg in this, is it”

She muttered.

In the post-apocalyptic world, she was used to wearing clothes that were not cumbersome and convenient for her to fight and escape at any time.

She was really not used to wearing dresses.

“Mom, Im going to take a look over there.”

Pei Anran stared at the beautiful dresses with shining eyes.

When she heard this, she only nodded and called the waiter over to pack up all of the beautiful dresses she had her eyes on!


In the end, Lu Xiaocha chose the loose sportswear for herself.

She was about to go to her mother with the clothes she chose when a discordant voice sounded beside her.

“Isnt this shop a high-end clothing store Why would there be such a poor person here”


A mother and daughter dressed in jewelry were choosing clothes not far from her.

When they saw Lu Xiaocha, they seized her up with very disdainful and picky eyes.

The lady even fanned her nose with her hand.

“How unlucky to run into some poor people here.

I feel like the air quality is bad.”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at them and ignored them.

When the noblewomans daughter saw Lu Xiaochas face, jealousy flashed in her eyes.

“Im talking about you.”

She raised her voice and crossed her arms as she looked at Lu Xiaocha arrogantly.

“Do you know what this place is How dare a poor person like you come in How can you be so shameless Any random piece of clothing here costs tens of thousands.

Can you afford it”

Lu Xiaocha looked at her with her bright eyes and asked slowly.

“Do you own this shop”

The girl glared at her.

“So what if its not owned by my family I just cant stand some people who dont know their place.

They look so poor and yet theyre trying to shop at high-end clothing stores.

How vain.”

Lu Xiaocha retorted, “Shut up if its not your store.

You are so noisy, people might think that a bird flew in here.”



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