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“I ate too much.”

Pei Anran was a little vexed.

She had been too focused on feeding her.

It was not good to overeat.

Lu Xiaocha chuckled and waved her hand.

“Its okay, Ill just stroll around.”

She would rather eat until she was full.

This sense of happiness could not be experienced by others! It was a pity that she only had one stomach.

“Lets show you your room, Xiaocha.”

Lu Xiaocha jumped off the stool and nodded obediently.


“Chen, come and help your sister clean up.”

Lu Beichen looked reluctant, but his body followed them upstairs obediently.

“Your father and I live on the second floor.

Your eldest brother, second brother, and third brother live on the third floor.

Your fourth and fifth brothers live on the fourth floor.

Weve also kept a room next to your fifth brothers.”

Pei Anran did not say why they kept it or who they kept it for, but Lu Xiaocha could guess the answer herself.

“This is your room now.”

When she pushed open the door, the light pink style that greeted them was simply suffocating.

Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha stood at the door, unable to lift their feet to step in.

Lu Zhan lowered his gaze and asked his daughter, “Do you like it I got someone to decorate it for you.”

His usually dignified and cold eyes were filled with anticipation.


Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

The expression on Lu Beichens face was even more indescribable.

He had never expected that in just one night, his father could turn a good room into such an eyesore.


Facing the expectant eyes of the adults, what could Lu Xiaocha do Of course, she went against her conscience and said that she liked it.

Of course, after saying this, she received a horrified look from her twin brother and an expression that said, “I didnt expect your aesthetic taste to be so peculiar”.

Lu Xiaocha had a strong state of mind.

Not to mention this small pink house, she had even lived in a dilapidated house filled with zombie corpses!

She walked in with a calm expression on her face.

Actually, other than the color of the room being a little too pink, everything else was quite good, especially the quality of the materials used here.

It really was like the room of a fairy-tale princess.

Pei Anran prompted, “If theres anything you dont like, bring it up and well change it.”

She was just short of saying that they could change the style of the room.

Lu Xiaocha didnt care about this.

“No, I like it.”

After that, Lu Beichen helped his new sister settle her luggage.

Pei Anran and Lu Zhan did not interfere.

They just told them to call for them if they needed anything and left.

Pei Anran wanted to let the siblings get to know each other more.

Only Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen were left in the room after that.

For a moment, it was a little quiet.

Somehow, their eyes landed on the mirror in the cloakroom.

In the mirror, the two of them who had almost identical faces but completely different temperaments, styles, and genders stood side by side.

Lu Xiaocha looked obedient, clean, and a little dazed, like a little white flower who was easy to bully.

Lu Beichen was an exquisite young master with the arrogance and confidence unique to his age.

“Eh… Our moles are in different positions.”

She tapped the mole under the corner of her left eye and leaned closer to Lu Beichen to look at his mole.

They were indeed twins.

Even their mole was the same, but on different sides.

Hers was under her left eye, while Lu Beichens was under his right.

Lu Beichens ears turned a little red.

He raised his chin and pretended not to care.

“Whats so strange about that”

However, his gaze subconsciously landed on the little girls left eye, thinking that it was really the same.

However, no matter how he looked at her face, it felt a little weird.

As his friend had said, she looked like him in female clothes.

While Lu Beichen was thinking about some miscellaneous things, Lu Xiaocha had already opened her suitcase.

He went over to her.

“What have you got there…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Beichen was dumbfounded by the things in her suitcase.

His cat eyes that were similar to Lu Xiaochas widened.

“What are these!”

Lu Xiaocha picked up a glass from her suitcase and shook it.

“A butterfly.

Isnt it beautiful”

“The ones in here are fireflies.

When the lights are turned off, theyll give off a beautiful light.

Those in this one are mantises.

This one is strangely good-looking…”

Lu Xiaocha took out a glass bottle and introduced her collection to Lu Beichen.

There were more than ten glass bottles in the suitcase.

The bottles were filled with grass, and there were small holes in the lids to facilitate air circulation.

They were filled with different insects that were still alive.

Other than that, the suitcase was filled with all kinds of food, followed by two or three sets of shabby clothes.

“Dont you like these”

Lu Xiaocha studied Lu Beichens expression and thought that he did not like these insects.

She smiled in embarrassment.

“Well… I just caught them for fun.

Ill release them soon.”

“Thats not it.”

Lu Beichen bent down and picked up the glass bottle containing the mantises.

He muttered, “Why didnt I think of storing them in glass bottles!”

Lu Beichen had a hobby that no one knew about.

He liked to look at all kinds of insects.

When he was younger, he had caught them and raised them.

However, after scaring a guest who came to his house, he was forbidden to raise them again.


Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and looked at him.

“If you like them, I can let you play with them, but you have to release them today.

Oh right, Ill show you this.

Its very fun.”

She took out a glass bottle containing cicadas and shook it.

Immediately, the unique sound of cicadas came from inside.

It was a little stuffy when it came out of the glass bottle, but the vibe that belonged to the hot summer instantly came out.

“You can play with this too.”

Lu Beichen took it and looked at the cicadas inside.

“Where did you catch them Theres not a lot of cicadas now, right”

“In the forest on the mountain.

They were on a tall tree, so I climbed up the tree to catch them.

Oh right, I heard that cicadas can be fried and eaten.

Theyre apparently very delicious.”

Lu Xiaocha smacked her lips, feeling a little greedy.

Lu Beichen looked disgusted.

“Thats disgusting.”

“Let me show you this butterfly.

Im about to release it.

Butterflies dont last long.”

Lu Xiaocha held up the glass bottle containing the butterfly.

Lu Beichen subconsciously leaned over.

His two cat-like eyes were especially bright and beautiful.

They even discussed what kind of butterflies looked best.

“I know a kind of killer butterfly.

Theyre especially good-looking.

At night, their wings emit a silver-blue light and appear in groups.”

“Once someone enters their territory and accidentally inhales the powder they spread in the air, they would fall into an illusion.”

“Then, while these people are unconscious, these killer butterflies will inject their eggs into their bodies.

After fifteen days, the densely packed small caterpillars will break out of their eggs and gnaw on the flesh and blood of the human.”

Lu Xiaocha explained seriously.

It didnt seem like she was telling a story, but like she was teaching something instead.

However, this knowledge made Lu Beichens scalp tingle.

“How can there be such butterflies!”

She was definitely lying to him!

Lu Xiaocha had an expression that said, “Ive seen it with my own eyes.”

She wasnt lying.

Shed seen them in her past life.


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