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“Be good and wait here, Xiaocha.

Ill be done soon, okay”

A handsome young man in a black vest uniform explained worriedly as he walked Lu Xiaocha to the lounge with some snacks and fruits in his hands.

“Although this is a formal club, some people who drink here are no different from lunatics.

If you go out and run into…”

The young man thought about the scene and said with a conflicted expression, “If you hit someone, the manager might deduct my salary or fire me.”


Beside him, a thirteen-year-old girl in plain sportswear was licking a lollipop very seriously.

Her black eyes were fixed on the pastries and fruits in the young mans hand as she nodded perfunctorily at the mans words.

“I know.”

The girl has snow-white skin and delicate features.

When she sat obediently, she looked like a doll that was carefully carved from suet jade by an art master.

Her long black hair was tied into two loose braids, and the thick bangs on her forehead made her appear cute and gentle.

Her big black eyes were especially bright and clear.

“These are for you.

Eat them slowly.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up as soon as she heard this sentence.

With the lollipop in her mouth, both of her hands reached over eagerly to grab the pastry and fruit plate in her arms.


Since they were given to her, they were hers now.

No one could take them away.


The way she protected her food was exactly the same as a puppy.

The young man was no longer surprised by her.

He smiled and stroked her head.


“No one is snatching it away from you.”

Everyone in the orphanage knew that this little girl was protective of her food.

No one was allowed to even take a grain of rice from her.

Those who did ended up miserable in the end.

“Then Ill get going.”

Lu Xiaocha sat on the small stool with her food and nodded obediently.

She said in a soft voice, “Goodbye, Ah Yue.”

With so much food in her hands, Lu Xiaocha waved at the young man in a good mood.

After Ah Yue left.

Lu Xiaocha chewed the lollipop in her mouth and swallowed it.

Then, she picked up the osmanthus cake on the plate and took a bite.

Half of the palm-sized rectangular pastry in her hand was bitten off.

Lu Xiaochas soft cheeks bulged from chewing, and her sparkling eyes curved because of the happy expression on her face.

They looked like small crescent moons holding a clear spring, lustrous and clean.

As long as there was food at hand, it was really easy for Lu Xiaocha to stay in one place for an entire day.One could say that this made her easy to handle.

It had been three months since she came to this world.

Lu Xiaocha was full of curiosity for everything in this world.

She was most concerned about all kinds of food.

Whether it was delicious or not, as long as it could fill her stomach, she would stuff it into her mouth and devour it with relish.

She was born in the post-apocalyptic world and had no relatives.

Since she was young, she had only faced dilapidated and desolate cities, lifeless and hopeless people, zombies that ate humans, plants, and animals.

She had self-destructed and died along with a few zombie kings when the zombies surrounded the city.

However, she didnt expect that she would be reborn into a new life instead of dying.

Having starved and seen the dilapidated world, Lu Xiaocha cherished her current days.

After eating a few pastries, she happily nibbled on an apple.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

Lu Xiaocha didnt care at first, but she heard a familiar name.

“Ah Yue seems to have gotten into trouble with some rich young masters.

Quick, go and get the manager.”

Ah Yue

Lu Xiaocha frowned and stuffed the unfinished food into her pocket.

Then, she patted it like a treasure before standing up and walking out.

Amidst the commotion, arrogant voices could be heard.

“Can you f*cking afford it These clothes cost thousands of dollars.

Its worth a few years salary for a mere bartender like you.

Are you blind”

A young man with dyed red hair pointed at Ah Yue and scolded him arrogantly.

Under the light, a red palm print could be clearly seen on the face of the young man who kept his head lowered and apologizing.

“Im sorry.”

Ah Yue kept apologizing.

He was also feeling aggrieved.

He was walking while holding some wine when these intoxicated teenagers who were fooling around in the aisle bumped into him.

Not only was the expensive bottle of wine broken, but they were also looking for trouble.

“Damn, what bad luck.

What kind of lousy things are your club hiring If this matter isnt resolved today, I wont let it go!”

“Young Master Wang, calm down.

My employee is insensitive.

Please be magnanimous and dont lower yourself to his level…”

The supervisor walked over and quickly humbled himself.

However, the red-haired youth was drunk and his friends were jeering at him.

He was determined to make things difficult for Ah Yue.

“Sure, its okay if you dont want to pay.”

The red-haired youth looked at Ah Yue with malice in his eyes.

“Go get me ten bottles of the strongest alcohol.”

Ah Yues face turned pale.

So did the managers.

“What, are you unwilling to do it”

Seeing that no one moved, the red-haired youth felt embarrassed and shouted even louder, “Go get it! Otherwise, Ill smash this place up!”


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