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Chapter 130

Meet with Lady Hanae ②

Translated by AmaLynne


「…at all.

I am sorry.

Hanae is such a child.」


Next to Magnolia, who is having trouble with her granddaughter, Hanae calls out to Sam, who was staring straight at her.


「Samuel Scheidt.」


「You seem to have taken the title of the most powerful wizard in the Kingdom of Skye, but even I could defeat a man of Albert’s stature.」


「I didn’t fight him because he wasn’t worth fighting.」

「Don’t do it, Hanae.」


「Don’t do it.

You are disrespecting Samuel-dono.」

「……got it.」


She didn’t move her face, and Magnolia tamed Hanae, who had provoked Sam.

The grandmother’s tone became stronger, so Hanae reluctantly closed her mouth.


「I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t be offended, Samuel-dono.」

「No, I don’t mind.」

「Hanae is a wizard who is good at recovery magic, but she is also good at martial arts.

Perhaps because of this, she has a bit of a manly side, but she is a good girl.」


Magnolia struggles to defend her grandson’s gaffe.

However, Hanae opens her mouth again.


「I am not interested in people weaker than me.」


「Grandma, let me tell you something.」


Sam offers his help to Magnolia, who looks annoyed by Hanae ruining her follow-up.


「There’s no need for you to be concerned about me.

Feel free to say whatever you want.」

「Well, be my guest.

You may be strong for a child.

I think it’s wonderful that you were able to fight the dragon.

But you are still only a wizard.」

「What do you mean」

「I don’t need a wizard chanting for me.」

「You’re right.」




When he affirmed Hanae’s opinion, she conversely sounded surprised, and her complexion changed for the first time.


「I was surprised.

I thought you were going to get all riled up and argue with me.」

「I’m not mad.

Besides, what Hanae-sama says is not wrong.

We should not let wizards use magic.

As long as you make the first move, it doesn’t matter what you do.

That is the weakness of wizards.」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「That’s why I try not to rely too much on magic.

Even if I do use magic, I try to learn how to do it without chanting, and I also study martial arts.」


 「I don’t know how good you are, but you shouldn’t think of me, who was brought up by Ur, my respected teacher, and trained by Lise, as a mere magician.」



What Hanae says is not wrong.

When fighting against a wizard, you should first obstruct them from using magic.

Knowing this, Sam has learned physical techniques and uses no chanting as a matter of habit.

He also has skills, so he can fight without relying on magic, but in that case, he usually refrains from using it because it would mean an exchange of lives without exception.

Still, Sam, who prides himself on having become stronger thanks to Ur and Liese, was taking cheap provocations, thinking that no matter how good a person he had never met before――he won’t lose.


「Stop it, Sam.」

「That’s enough, Hanae.」


Sam was about to get up from his chair with just a word or two more, but Jonathan interrupted him.

Hanae was also staring at her grandmother.



「Sam, this isn’t like you.」

「I’m sorry, too.」


Sam, having regained his composure after Jonathan’s rebuke, relaxes his shoulders.


「Hanae, don’t provoke him.

I know what you want to do.

You want to intentionally provoke Samuel-dono to fight, but I won’t let you do so.」


「Samuel-dono, I apologize on behalf of my grandson.

Hanae did not seriously disrespect you either.

I am ashamed to say this, but this child has a bad habit of wanting to fight strong people.」


(Oh no.

I was almost provoked!)


He was just annoyed at Hanae’s aggressive attitude even though they had just met for the first time.

An unpleasant feeling broke out in my body when he thought that they were almost going to fight, just as Hanae had intended.

If she had come here to arrange a marriage and then dueled with him, she would have disgraced herself on the faces of both Hanae and Jonathan.


「It’s too bad we were so close.」


Sam was a little annoyed that Hanae said such a thing so nonchalantly and without offense.

He took a deep breath, trying to calm down, and smiled and said that it was nothing.


「Ha, hahaha, your granddaughter, Magnolia-dono, seems to be doing quite well.

M-My stomach…」

「I am ashamed of myself.

Because she is like this, she is not blessed with a chance with a man.

Even when she gets a good offer, she wants to fight first to see how good he is, and I can’t tell you how many times that has gone wrong.」

「I don’t want to marry someone who is not stronger than me.」

「So, I thought that Samuel-dono would be a good choice.

I thought I would forc――, or rather, entrust her to him.」

「You almost said you were going to force her on me!」


Sam, who had overheard something he couldn’t miss, shouted loudly, but Magnolia tilted her head and wondered what it was all about.


「――What It’s just your imagination.」


(You old hag!)


Sam was inwardly annoyed, but Magnolia smiled at him and laugh,「Ohohoho.」


「Now, it looks like things are getting exciting, so I think it’s time to excuse the old people and leave the younger ones alone.」

「I’m not getting excited!」

「Come on, Count Walker.

I have prepared lunch for you in the other room.」


Sam is not able to get through to Magnolia, who tries to force his way into the matchmaking session.

He glances at Jonathan to ask for help, but,




「…Good luck.」


With a tap on the shoulder, he and Magnolia get up and walk out of the room.




Sam exclaimed in his heart at the unexpected betrayal.


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