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Chapter 11 Part 2

He couldn’t help but to feel disappointed.

Lu Chenfeng quickly finished a cigarette and stared at the fire spark, but two shadows that overlapped each other appeared in his mind.

He looked up at the platform upstairs and extinguished his cigarette before heading back. 

At the corner of the corridor, he stepped onto the stairs.

The door to the viewing platform at the end of it wasn’t opened yet, he kept going.

He headed to the third floor step by step as he heart beat furiously.

He didn’t know why he suddenly felt so nervous, or perhaps he was expecting something. 

Dim light lit up inside as Lu Chenfeng stood still.

He pushed the door open and looked at the end of the scene. 

After the rain, the trees were vividly green, the flowers were fragrant, Lin Chaosheng was standing amongst it and Lu Chenfeng thought he was the most beautiful scene in this natural painting. 

His heart landed in this second. 

Lin Chaosheng turned around and looked surprised, then he smiled and waved at Lu Chenfeng.

Lu Chenfeng walked to him and saw the Nikon D800 in his hands, with a cap rope wrapped on his wrist, he decided to speak up first, “Are you a photography lover This camera isn’t cheap.” 

Lin Chaosheng looked at him, “Not really.

But it makes me feel calm so I thought it suitable for me.” 

Lu Chenfeng commented honestly, “I think you have the potential.

The photos you hang on the wall in the corridor are all improving.” 

“Although I’m not the genius type,” Lin Chaosheng replied, “I won’t stay in the same spot if I try hard enough.”

Lu Chenfeng’s wrists rested on the fence as he lightly touched it with his fingers.

He couldn’t deny that he admired the aura Lin Chaosheng had.

He wasn’t restrained by any outside forces and he was as calm as a wild crane.

He faced everything so optimistically and he always felt light and relaxed with him. 

Many houses with tile roofs piled up by the bank and a few clouds floated across the sky, slowly disappearing into the rising sun.

Suddenly, Lu Chenfeng heard a faint melody from a distance away. 

Lu Chenfeng asked, “What song is that” 

Lin Chaosheng replied, “An ancient Nakhi song.

Is it nice” 

Lu Chenfeng nodded, “But I can’t hear the lyrics clearly.”

“I’ll tell you a few lines, it has a beautiful meaning and I love it,” Lin Chaosheng straightened up as he held the fence and spoke clearly, “ ‘Looking at the mountains and falling in love with the snow, looking at the snow and falling for the clouds.

Sing the white snow song, for Yun Zhongjun.’”.

It was easy to understand; at least Lu Chenfeng immediately understood that ‘Yun Zhongjun’ meant ‘somebody they loved’. 

Lin Chaosheng added, “It’s from Lijiang’s poet, Ma Ziyun.

He especially loved snow mountains.

If you plan to keep going from Dali, you can go and climb Mountain Yulong.

I promise you’ll gain some surprising experiences.”

Lu Chenfeng didn’t reply for a while before he continued to ask, “What about the lyrics that come after it What does it say”

Lin Chaosheng looked ahead as he rubbed his camera lightly in silence.

Time dragged on by the speechless moment and when Lu Chenfeng thought he won’t speak again, Lin Chaosheng replied gently, “For some things, it is the best if you only remember the beautiful part about it.” 

This sentence circled in Lu Chenfeng’s mind even after he finished breakfast and headed back to his room.

He couldn’t understand what Lin Chaosheng meant, and he couldn’t figure out why he suddenly felt sad.

He took out his phone and opened the browser. 

It wasn’t easy to find the full version of the poem, Lu Chenfeng clicked into a few websites and they only recorded down what Lin Chaosheng had told him, and the more curious he was of what came after it.

The clouds were low and the sky grew gray.

The phone’s light shone dimly inside, lighting up Lu Chenfeng’s stubborn and obscure thoughts. 

Suddenly, his thumb paused on a line of words.

Lu Chenfeng only read it once to understand what Lin Chaosheng menat.

Indeed, no one disliked a love story with a good ending, it was a shame to fall for someone who would never give an answer. 

“But Yun Zhongjun, who did not care.

His singing voice pierced the sky and flew away, pulling the bright moon over hanging by the tall tree branch.”


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