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Ch 71 Part 5 – Xue Clan Head (V)

 April 1, 2021May 27, 2021By koffeam

Meng Qi was equally surprised.

Seeing the two old men, who were old enough to be her father, greeted her so amiably, her attitude was also softened a lot.

Meng Qi said politely, “This junior has indeed met Fellow Daoist Xue and Fellow Daoist Wen before.

But this junior is inexperienced and can’t afford such praise.”

“Haha.” Wen Su glanced at Xue Chuan, who was smiling, and said gently, “Young Daoist Meng doesn’t need to be so humble.

We watch Chengxuan grows up.

Even though he has a good relationship with my son, he never praises others this much.” After a pause, he said again: “Young Daoist Meng is a medical cultivator.

You come to Xingluo City this time should be for Medical Cultivator Conference.

I wonder from which sect Young Daoist Meng is Do you come here with your elders”


“This junior has no sect nor affiliation.” Meng Qi replied.

“I have left my previous sect.”

“Just right.” Wen Su smiled again.

“Young Daoist can participate in the conference’s big tournament.

Our Feng Alliance has stringent criteria when recruiting disciples, but someone as talented as Young Daoist Meng is always welcomed.

Moreover, Chengxuan also gave a very strong recommendation.

He said that Young Daoist Meng even knows such an obscure knowledge as the Demon Realm’s immortal devouring vine and its treatment method.

This old man is looking forward for Young Daoist Meng to show your skill and good result in the tournament.”

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Wen Su didn’t mention Xue Lingfeng at all, and kept praising Meng Qi endlessly.

As the head of Wen Clan, one of the four large clans that formed the Feng Alliance, his status and position were far above the sect leader of Qingfeng Valley.

Such a prominent figure in the medical society actually regarded Meng Qi, a small Foundation Establishment cultivator, so high.

Meng Qi had a strange feeling.

“That’s right.” After a while, Wen Su finally paused.

“Since Young Daoist Meng is a wandering cultivator, and you are also familiar with Chengxuan, my son, and Young Daoist Su, it is better for you to move here.

When the Medical Cultivator Conference begins, we can go together.

How about it”

“Thank you for Wen Clan Head’s kindness.

But this junior is accustomed to staying in Ruyi Inn, so we won’t bother you.”

“What bother” Wen Su smiled.

“Besides, my son also knows you.

Rather than studying behind closed doors, it is better to communicate with fellow medical cultivators of the same age.

I often teach He’er like this, and let him travel with Chengxuan.

You are also an outstanding junior, so you might as well communicate more with them.”

Wen Su was very enthusiastic, and his attitude seemed to completely regard Meng Qi as his own junior.

Kind and gentle, and there was nothing wrong with it.

“Father.” Before Meng Qi refused again, a young man’s voice came from outside the door.

“Uncle Murong asked me to call you and Uncle Xue.”

Meng Qi turned around and saw a person she had met once.

Wen He, who was traveling with Xue Chengxuan before, rushed into the hall.

He looked very anxious and also worried: “Younger sister Lingfeng’s poison attacks are becoming more frequent.

Brother Xue cannot suppress it anymore.”

“What’s going on” Wen Su’s expression turned serious.

“Didn’t you say that Lingfeng’s condition has improved before”

“Yes.” Wen He quickly replied, “But these four hours, the poison attacked almost every quarter of an hour.

The medicine is no longer effective in suppressing the poison.

Younger Sister Lingfeng has fainted with pain.

If no detoxification, I’m afraid…” He frowned tightly, looking really worried.

Wen Su sighed and turned to look at Xue Chuan, “Let’s go and see.”

Xue Chuan flicked his sleeve: “Let’s go.”

He didn’t seem to worry.

His expression didn’t change.

Instead, he nodded at Meng Qi: “This old man is going to see my little daughter.

Young Daoist Meng, excuse us.”

“Meng Qi!” Wen He seemed to notice Meng Qi only now.

“Are you here too!” He was very surprised: “When did you come After separating in Huajiang Manor, we returned to Fentian City once.

We thought we can see you again there.

It must be more fun to go to Xingluo City together.”

Wen Su laughed, “I’m persuading Young Daoist Meng to move here.

He’er, you are her friend.

Try to persuade her.”

“Yes ah, Meng Qi.” Wen He immediately said.

“Brother Xue is also staying here.

I also met Brother Su, and was about to ask him when will you arrive in Xingluo City.”

“Alright, let’s go see Lingfeng first.” Wen Su shook his head and urged his son.

“Don’t leave, Meng Qi.

Wait until we cure younger sister Lingfeng’s poison, and then we can have a drink together.” Wen He waved at Meng Qi, “See you later.”

“Young Daoist Su and Chengxuan are at my daughter’s place.

If Young Daoist Meng is free, why don’t we go together” Xue Chuan calmly invited Meng Qi with them.

Sikong Xing suddenly grasped Meng Qi’s fingers and shook it lightly.

She always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what.

Two big figures of Feng Alliance were very polite to Meng Qi, and Wen He also seemed to be sincere.

But she just felt weird.

“Okay.” Meng Qi held Sikong Xing’s hand back and shook it lightly, signaling her to not worry.

“Let’s go.” Xue Chuan flicked his sleeve and gestured.

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Wen He had run to Meng Qi’s side and asked, “By the way, Meng Qi, where did you go after that We stayed at Xuanyun Villa’s courtyard, but never saw you again.”

“We went to do a mission from the Cultivator Alliance.” Meng Qi replied.

“Eh” Wen He was startled.

“What mission”

“Hunting and killing the demon cultivators who cross the realm’s boundary bringing the immortal devouring vine.”

“How exciting!” Wen He gave a thumbs up, “Next time you do this kind of mission, please invite me along, okay Ah, right, how long have you been at Xingluo City Did you return to Fentian City”

“It’s been several days.” Meng Qi smiled, “I have also met Fellow Daoist Xue and his younger sister.”

“Huh” Wen He startled, “Did you know that younger sister Lingfeng was poisoned”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Later, two more of our Feng Alliance people were poisoned just like younger sister Lingfeng.

Their conditions are exactly the same.

Golden Core medical cultivators tried to use a spell to remove their poison, but it only worsened their condition….eh! Meng Qi, you are in the Foundation Establishment stage, right That’s great!”

Wen He clapped his hand excitedly: “Younger sister Lingfeng must be saved now! Let’s hurry up!”


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