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Maddy looked at her grandfathers white hair and the dejected look on his face, and her heart ached.

She looked at the furious Carlos and shouted, “Dad, how could Grandpa possibly slander his own son for the sake of power If he were really greedy for power, he wouldnt have given you the position of helmsman, would he

“Why are you so afraid of admitting your own mistakes Why must you do this to Grandpa”

Tears gushed out of Maddys eyes uncontrollably.

At this moment, she felt extremely unjust for her grandfather.

Jordan didnt say anything and simply gripped Maddys hand tightly to comfort and support her silently.

“Shut up! Youre in no place to talk here!” Carlos yelled at Maddy.

“Dont forget that Ive already expelled you from the family, and youre no longer one of us! You have nothing to do with the Stones anymore! Youre in no place to say anything!

“Get lost.

Get lost immediately with your man! Dont ever come back!”

He was already infuriated and had nowhere to vent his anger, so Maddy became the perfect outlet for him.

Geoffrey watched everything coldly.

“Carlos, do you think you can avoid all the trouble just by driving Maddy out of the family Youre very wrong!”

“Only with Maddy as part of the family can the Stones thrive and achieve greater glory! If you drive her out, with you helming the Stones, Im afraid the family wont be far from destruction!”

Since he was extremely disappointed with Carlos, Geoffrey was no longer polite.

Carlos naturally didnt accept what Geoffrey said, and he hollered furiously, “Maddy is just a woman who practices medicine! Her business and family management skills are far inferior to mine.

Why do you speak so highly of her but nitpick on me all the time

“Im telling you, since you dont have faith in me, I will make brilliant achievements and show you that I can bring the Stones to the peak!

“Im going to show you that Im the most suitable helmsman of the Stones!”

Looking at the raging Carlos, Geoffrey was speechless.

“Since you think so, suit yourselves.

I hope you wont regret it in the future!”

Then Geoffrey immediately turned around and walked outside.

Seeing that Geoffrey was extremely upset, Maddy felt a pain in her heart and immediately caught up with him.

She held his arm and asked, “Grandpa, where… where are you going”

Seeing Maddy, Geoffrey smiled kindly.

He stroked her hair.

“Maddy, Im leaving the Stones.

But before I go, I have a request I hope youll agree to.”

Hearing this, Maddy felt even more anxious.

“No, Grandpa, you… youre already so old.

How can you leave the Stones alone Where are you going Ill go with you! At least, I can take care of you!”

Geoffrey showed a heartened smile.

“I can still walk, and Im in good health.

I dont need you to take care of me.

Just go ahead and do your own things.

“But no matter what, the Stones raised you.

Even if I leave, Ill still be worried about the family.

So, Id like to ask you and your friends to help the Stones in case we really face a crisis that puts our existence in danger one day.

I hope youll give us a hand and prevent us from being destroyed.

“Otherwise, I wont be able to answer to our ancestors when I see them in heaven in the future.

Maddy, please promise me, okay”

Seeing that Geoffrey seemed to be saying his last words, Maddy felt extremely sad, as if her heart was being cut by knives.

Her tears couldnt stop at all.

“Okay, I promise, Grandpa.

As long as Im still alive, I wont let the Stones be destroyed!” Maddy nodded with tears streaming down her face.

“Haha, what a good girl.

I can be at ease with your promise!”

Geoffrey smiled for the first time today, as if a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

He then stepped out of the door without looking back.

The rest of the Stones watched him leave and looked at each other before looking at Carlos.

They hesitated for a moment but eventually remained quiet.

They didnt even try to make him stay.

When her grandfather finally vanished out of sight, Maddy looked at Carlos and the other Stones.

“All of you will regret it.”

Maddy wiped her tears and left the Stone residence with Jordan.

Soon after the two of them left, Carlos received a call from the Bransons.

“Carlos Stone, an hour is about to be up! If I still dont see your daughter and her boyfriend at my place to confess their guilt and give up their lives, your family will vanish from DC tonight!”

Frightened, Carlos frantically said to the butler over the phone, “Heres the thing.

Maddy was kicked out of the family yesterday, and the Stones have already severed all ties with her.

Everything she does no longer has anything to do with our family!

“Moreover, the two of them are heading to the Bransons now, just… the two of them.

You can do whatever you want to them.

They have nothing to do with the Stones anymore!”

The butler snorted.

“Kicked out of the family Do you think this matter will have nothing to do with the Stones just because youve done that Dream on!

“Im warning you.


Mark is a direct descendant of the Bransons and the future successor of the family.

Even if we want your entire family to die with him, itll only be right for us to do so!

“Dont think that you can appease us just by kicking your daughter out of your family and pushing two scapegoats to us! If you, the helmsman, dont come over to settle this personally tonight, your family will definitely be annihilated!”

With that, the butler hung up.

Carlos was completely dumbstruck and at a loss for what to do.

He immediately collapsed to the floor!

The Bransons are refusing to give up just because Maddy has been kicked out.

What should I do now

Are the Stones really going to be wiped out

At this moment, Carloss mind was in a whirlwind and full of boundless fear.

A subordinate of his ran over and whispered something into his ear.

His eyes immediately lit up as if he found the last straw to clutch at!


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