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Early the next morning, Little Red Riding Hood was woken up by an alarm clock.

To prevent Brother Wolf from finding out that she had made a “block” outside of his tent, Little Red Riding Hood had specifically set up an alarm.

    Since she got diagnosed with an illness, the first thing Little Red Riding Hood did was resigned to her fate, and the second thing was to turn off all of her alarm clocks.

There is a saying that when you grow up, the alarm clock becomes the sound of stress.

    Before Little Red Riding Hood could open her eyes, she instinctively reached out to press the alarm clock, but… eh Why can’t she move her hands

    Little Red Riding Hood rubbed and rubbed, moved and moved.

The whole person rolled around, and it took several attempts before she realized that she was sleeping in the sleeping bag now, but why couldn’t she move

    The Little Red Riding Hood who moved around lazily opened her eyes, and before she could unzip the sleeping bag, she suddenly met a pair of eagle-like black eyes.

    What the-!!!

    Little Red Riding Hood sucked in a breath of cold air, and her instinct was to turn her body around and rolled twice, increasing the distance between her and Brother Wolf.

    “Morning.” Little Red Riding Hood smiled stupidly, but inside she was screaming frantically: What’s going on What happened How did she get inside Did she accidentally roll into the tent yesterday No, the tent has a zipper to get in, so was she sleepwalking

    “Get out!” Brother Wolf’s voice was low and depressed.


    “Get out!” Brother Wolf roared.

    “I’m sorry, I… I’ll go out right now.” Little Red Riding Hood instinctively wanted to leave when Brother Wolf was angry, but she forgot that she was still in her sleeping bag, so she just fell again when she tried to stand up.

    Seeing this, Brother Wolf’s face became uglier.

    “Right away, right away.” Little Red Riding Hood began to take off the sleeping bag desperately, but the sleeping bag was too tightly wrapped, and Little Red Riding Hood twisted and twisted like a molting snake under the eyes of Brother Wolf, and it took a while before she took off her snakeskin.

When she finally got out of her sleeping bag, she quickly carried her snakeskin on her shoulders and rushed out of the tent without looking back.

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    As soon as Little Red Riding Hood got out of the tent, holding the sleeping bag, she beat her chest and stomps: “It’s over, it’s over.

Why did I end up inside Brother Wolf’s tent This time Brother Wolf must think that I’m the same as those women who want to climb on his bed.

The good feeling between us that has been cultivated with time is about to end.”

    The more Little Red Riding Hood thought about it, the more annoyed she became, and she just wanted to jump off the cliff with her sleeping bag.


Xiao Good morning.” Bodyguard A seemed to have just returned from washing his face at the stream nearby, still holding a towel and a toothbrush in his hand.

    “Morning.” Little Red Riding Hood smiled awkwardly.

    “You came out of Mr.’s tent” Bodyguard A glanced at the tent behind Little Red Riding Hood.

    “What No.” Little Red Riding Hood retorted without hesitation.

    “But…” Bodyguard A pointed to the tent one meter behind Little Red Riding Hood, which was obviously our Boss Lang’s tent.

    “I… I came here to exercise.” Little Red Riding Hood explained anxiously.

    “Holding a sleeping bag” Bodyguard A asked suspiciously.

    “Yeah Isn’t it a little cold this morning It’s warm just holding the sleeping bag, hehehe…” Little Red Riding Hood was embarrassed and broke out in a cold sweat.

    “Oh.” Bodyguard A also saw the embarrassment of Little Red Riding Hood, was very understanding and did not continue to ask questions, and went back to his tent with the toiletries.

    “Oops.” Little Red Riding Hood was ashamed and embarrassed, and covered her face with her sleeping bag and rolled back to her tent.

    Bodyguard A returned to his tent to meet bodyguard B who was packing his belongings and asked, “Dr.

Xiao has climbed into Mr.’s tent, do you want to report to the boss”

    Bodyguard B rolled up the sleeping bag and said indifferently, “What is there to report, the guy carried the person in by himself.”

    “…” Bodyguard A exclaimed at the other with his right fist, “Is there a drama”

    “So, talk less and watch more.”


    On the other hand, Brother Wolf calmed down long after Little Red Riding Hood left the tent.

    How hungry is this woman, to rub against him early in the morning Not only rubbed and rubbed, but also twisted in front of him for a long time Did she just want to get my attention I’m just playing a guessing game with myself now…cough…how shameless.

    He shouldn’t be soft-hearted and carry her into the tent, hum!

    Brother Wolf calmed down alone in the tent for 20 minutes.

When his breathing was steady and his blushing subsided, he put on a coat and walked out of the tent.

    In the early morning, Mountain Maier was slightly foggy, especially when the sun had not risen yet, and there were dewdrops on the grass and trees, but the air was unexpectedly good.

When Brother Wolf took a breath in, it seemed that the whole person felt much better.

    Probably because the air in the city contains dust particles.

It seems that the smoke needs to be controlled.

During the next group meeting, he will tell those people to move those heavy industry sites out.

    “Morning…morning.” Little Red Riding Hood saw Brother Wolf standing still on the edge of the cliff, but in the end, she couldn’t stand it any longer and followed him.

    Forget it, just forget that little thing in the morning.

Little Red Riding Hood, in this world there is no bigger deal than life and death.

Ignore it, forget everything, and use the super cheeky mode.

    “Then, I just made coffee for you, but… there is no proper coffee cup.” Little Red Riding Hood pleaded and handed the disposable cup containing coffee to Brother Wolf.

    Little Red Riding Hood’s fawning was obviously realized by Brother Wolf.

He lowered his eyes and reached out to take the coffee from Little Red Riding Hood’s hand.

    Did he take it Is it means he forgives me

    Little Red Riding Hood was ecstatic, and struck while the iron was hot: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what happened yesterday, maybe it was sleepwalking, and I accidentally walked into the wrong tent.”

    Sleepwalking Brother Wolf frowned at first, and then let go.

    She didn’t know.

If I let this hungry and thirsty woman know that I took her in, will I have a happy life in the future You can’t just throw yourself at anyone anytime, anywhere.

    “Sleepwalking is a disease.” Brother Wolf snorted coldly.

    “Yes, yes, I’ll find someone to treat it when I go back.” Little Red Riding Hood answered again and again, “Ah.”

    Little Red Riding Hood felt a little cold.

    What are you looking at me for Do you want me to take off my coat for you She is indeed a woman with scheming, but this move can be regarded as progress, at least a little reserved.

    Just when Brother Wolf was wondering whether he should pretend to be a trick and take off his coat to Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood suddenly shouted that it was so cold and ran away.

    “…” Brother Wolf’s face sank, and he drank the coffee in the cup in one gulp.

He choked with one gulp, and then kept coughing there.

    When Little Red Riding Hood put on her coat and got out of the tent, she saw Brother Wolf coughing.

Immediately she rushed back, grabbed a blanket from inside, ran over, and put it on Brother Wolf.

    Coughing and out of breath, Brother Wolf glanced suspiciously at the blanket on his body.

    “Brother Wolf, it’s cold in the morning, be careful of catching a cold.” Little Red Riding Hood showed a standard eight-toothed smile when she spoke.

    At this time, the sun finally rose from the horizon, and warm golden light in the reddish tinge shone on Little Red Riding Hood’s fair face, and reflected in her watery eyes was the stunned face of Brother Wolf.

    “The sun is out.” Little Red Riding Hood turned to glance at the direction of the sunrise, and then turned back to remind Brother Wolf.

    Brother Wolf’s eyes have been falling on Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes, and at this time he was still reflected in Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes but his expression now looked gentle.

    Why is it different than when you look in the mirror That’s not how you looked in the mirror.

    “Brother Wolf, look at that.” Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t help reminding him again, seeing that Brother Wolf was still in a daze.

    Brother Wolf retracted his gaze and turned his head to look at the horizon.

At the moment when the sun shone on the earth, the mountains, the flowers, and the trees seemed to wake up at this moment.

Even the chirping of insects and birds became much more cheerful, as if… as if…

    “Ah, the sun, you look round today too.” Little Red Riding Hood suddenly shouted excitedly.

    Brother Wolf’s deep thoughts were interrupted by a nonsense sentence from Little Red Riding Hood: “What else could the sun be if it is not round”

    “I am sighing about life.” Little Red Riding Hood explained.


    “Yeah, people don’t often say that life just kept repeating the same thing day after day.

Just like the sun, it’s round every day, it doesn’t change every day, but it rises every day.” Little Red Riding Hood said, “Whenever I feel bored, I look up at the sun.

You see, people have lived like this for billions of years.

Why do we, tiny human being, make a fool of ourselves and live our life hypocritically.”

    “You’re trying to be sarcastic with me” Brother Wolf understood, she was mocking him for being hypocritical.

    “Eh” Little Red Riding Hood shook her head frantically, “No, no, I didn’t mean that, I was talking about myself.”

    “How could it be you, I think you love life.

You don’t make a fuss, live your life hypocritically, or even feel that your life is boring.

It’s me.” Brother Wolf is still very clear about his condition.

    “No, no, it’s me, it’s me.

You don’t live a hypocritical life, how would a hypocritical person commit suicide.” Little Red Riding Hood said hurriedly.

    “You’re right.” Brother Wolf asked, “How many days are left Today is the fourteenth day, right There are couple more days, so I don’t have to be hypocritical anymore.”

    “No, no, you are still hypocritical.

Come on, I’ve thought about it, there’s nothing wrong with being pretentious, really, I like people who are pretentious.” Little Red Riding Hood cried.

    I really don’t forget to compliment you all the time.

I praised you for being reserved just now.

I didn’t expect that you couldn’t hide your true nature even for just a morning.

    “Pack up and go down the mountain.” Brother Wolf turned around handsomely, ignoring Little Red Riding Hood who was already jumping up and down behind him.

    Little Red Riding Hood: It’s over, all previous efforts have been lost!!! Little Red Riding Hood, it’s all your fault.

What sour poems are you reading So emotional suddenly Do you think you are Socrates


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