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Chapter 976: Assembling powerful soldiers!

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Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng looked at the Skywing wolves, which were ready to lunge, and said sternly, “Im very gratified that all of you came to besiege the Domain of Gods just because you thought that your grand ancestor was in a difficult spot.

This means that youve never forgotten the creed of our Skywing Clan.

“‘Never abandon andnever give up! These are the creed of the Skywings, and theyre how we differ from all the other clans in the Law Realm!”

As the grand ancestor spoke, the surrounding patriarchs felt their faces grow hot.

No other clan protected its members like the Skywings did, nor was any clan capable of matching the Skywings in their willingness to go to war against anyone for the sake of keeping their promise!

Wherever the fiendish blade pointed, gods and demons would be slaughtered! The sharpness of the Skywing Clan and its sense of duty were things that no other clan possessed.

To stand firm in the Law Realm and reap the maximum benefit, the other clans would even use their members as bargaining chips, but the Skywings had never done such a thing.

After a pause, the grand ancestor continued.

“Still, this time, youve truly made a mistake.

No one has ever been able to entrap your grand ancestor.

I was just chatting with a few old friends.


Theres still no one in the Palace of Gods who dares to raise their voice to me!”

Xia Gucheng heartily laughed.

When the Skywing wolves heard that they had misunderstood and that the grand ancestor was completely fine, they relaxed, feeling a great burden lifted from their hearts.

The tense God Palace Division soldiers nearly cried tears of joy, and they had to do everything in their power to keep themselves from prostrating and kowtowing in thanks to the grand ancestor.

If the grand ancestor had been late by a few seconds, the Skywing wolfpack would have truly gone to war against the Palace of Gods.

These God Palace Division soldiers understood the power of the Skywings.

While there were three thousand of them, they would ever be able to stop the frenzied assault of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade.

The grand ancestors appearance and explanation had dispelled the disaster, so how could the God Palace Division not feel grateful

Of course, quite a few people in the crowd felt disappointed that they would be unable to see the Skywings make fools of themselves.

The mood became relaxed, and the carefree nature of the Skywings began to manifest itself.

Xia Guanghai laughed and asked, “Old man, which old friends are you talking about Is it your old lover Is your old body able to keep up”


Everyone laughed.

The grand ancestors face turned stiff, and he loudly replied, “My old body can keep up just fine! Its just as good as any teenagers! Kid, you dont need to worry about me, but if you dont get married soon and give me a few grandkids, take care that I dont castrate you!”

Not just Xia Guanghai, even the other members of the clan began to tease the grand ancestor, but Xia Gucheng did not put on any airs, acting like a child as he chatted with his descendants.

The outer hall of the Palace of Gods had always been a solemn and dignified place, but it was now like a playground, awash with the carefree laughter of the Skywings.

The spectators were all dumbfounded! Just moments prior, the most insane madmen of the Law Realm had been radiating killing intent and had been ready to paint the streets red with blood, but in the blink of an eye, the battlefield had become a playground.

The Skywings had completely disregarded the outer hall and were now joking around, the carefreeness in their bones coming out.

No other clan was capable of producing a scene like this.

Xia Lianning asked suddenly, “Grand ancestor, we have the outer hall surrounded.

If we retreat now, the outer halls people may very well come after us.”

“They wouldnt dare!” Xia Gucheng glared, his body exploding with killing intent as he looked around and loudly spoke.

“Were the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade! Let alone besieging the outer hall, even if we actually attack it, so what! This matter ends here! Anyone who tries to cause further trouble over this incident will become my enemy!”

He appeared to be speaking to the surrounding patriarchs, his attitude extremely unreasonable!

The various patriarchs either pretended not to hear or smiled at Xia Gucheng.

No one dared to say a word, for even a fool knew that the Skywings were not to be provoked.

The Cyclone Blade patriarch, Tadachi, softly sighed; he then very mechanically turned his head away.

Although he wanted nothing more than for the outer hall to punish the Skywings, he knew that no one would have the guts to do so now.

The imminent war had dissipated into smoke.

The grand ancestor exchanged a few more words with the Skywings and then moved to end the call, but before he did, he reiterated that he was fine and that Xia Ke should go back with the men.

His gaze flitted over Xia Fei, who had said nothing this entire time, and maintained an unblinking eye contact without saying a word.

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Xia Fei gave a light nod as if he was bidding farewell to the grand ancestor.

There was a brief flash of cold light in his eyes that no one noticed.

“Are we really retreating” whispered Xia Ke to Xia Fei.

“Retreat! But the White Flamingo Squad should gather at the assembly point, and I want Xia Geng to head there too,” answered Xia Fei calmly.

Xia Ke was stunned.

He had sensed a strange tone in Xia Feis words, as if this matter was far from over to the latter!

After the Skywings retreated, Xia Ke, Xia Geng, and Xia Fei rushed to convene with Xia Xiang and the others at the assembly point by the lake.

Xia Geng was dumbfounded, completely unaware that the clan was hiding five Law Gods!

“Theres something off!”

Xia Feis first words had everyone feeling stunned.

Xia Ke asked, “We all saw the situation earlier; I didnt notice anything fishy then… Xia Fei, are you being too paranoid The grand ancestor was the same as before, so why do you think that theres something odd”

Xia Fei explained calmly, “You forgot: The grand ancestor has the super communication device, the White Flamingo! He couldve used that to contact us.

Theres no need for that extra step of going through Sigh!”


Everyone grimaced.

This was a simple problem yet one that was easily overlooked! Everyone felt like the grand ancestor had acted very natural, so not one had noticed that the grand ancestors method of communication was very abnormal!

Everyone silently and solemnly stared at Xia Fei.

Reality proved how wise of a decision it had been for the grand ancestor to place Xia Fei, who was not a Law God yet, into the White Flamingo Squad.

His sharp and observant eyes had not missed a single detail! If not for him, everyone would have truly been fooled!

“What in the world happened What message did the grand ancestor relay in that video” asked Xia Xiang sternly.

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Youre wrong.

The grand ancestor didnt reveal any information in the video.

Rather, its the messenger, Sigh, who used an ancient code to pass a message on to me.

“If my guess is correct, the grand ancestor was forced to come out and comfort us so that we wouldnt attack the Palace of Gods, but hes under strict surveillance, so he naturally couldnt say much.”

“Sigh! The secret messenger was Sigh!”

“Heavens! We were only focused on the grand ancestors words, so we completely ignored Sigh.

As the messenger, Sigh probably has a direct connection to this matter.”

Everyone was once more rendered speechless, and they looked at Xia Fei with admiration.

Xia Fei had used his outstanding observation and analytical abilities to prove that he belonged to the White Flamingo Squad!

“Wait a moment.

I need to read the code in my memories.”

Xia Fei shot to a large tree and began to recall the code that Sigh had given him, decrypting it.

Pursing his lips, Xia Xiang looked at Xia Ke and asked, “So this is Xia Fei! Has he always been like this”

After all, the most Xia Xiang and Xia Fei had done together was exchange a few words; he had only heard tales of Xia Feis feats.

As the saying went, seeing was believing, and it was only today that Great Law God Xia Xiang had truly seen Xia Feis strength.

Naturally feeling surprised, he asked this question.

Xia Ke replied solemnly, “Hes a monster.

Ever since he returned to the Skywings, Xia Fei has displayed a monstrous ability, time and again! Trust me when I say that his observation and analysis arent the extent of his abilities.

The more time you spend with him, the more youll understand what I mean.

“Truthfully, while Xia Fei has the lowest cultivation in the White Flamingo Squad and is also the youngest, I can feel that hes the ideal candidate to serve as its leader.”

Xia Geng commented, “I agree as well.

The first time I saw Xia Fei was by the edge of the Law Realm, in Turbulence, and already he displayed the Skywings might as he led that battle! Theres also that battle at the Night Banquet Inn, where Xia Fei calculated everything down to the smallest detail!

“At present, hes the best strategist, the best observer, and the best beast tamer in our clan.

He has Holybeast Shatterstar, a strange golden demon chrysalis, that incredible cross-shaped fiendish blade, and also five plant-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments! Theres also the law power he possesses that no one has ever seen before! Frankly, while Xia Fei is only at the Law Sage level, his combat power is definitely at the Law God level!”

These words made the five Skywing Great Law Gods gasp, and they turned to Xia Fei with eyes ablaze in passion.

“A Law God thats not a Law God The most monstrous strategist No wonder the grand ancestor placed him in the White Flamingo Squad; Xia Feis this powerful!” Xia Xiang concluded sternly.

With Radix at his side, this expert who once had access to the secret databanks of the God Race, Xia Fei did not take long to finish decrypting Sighs code.

Xia Fei returned with a cold face and announced solemnly, “Just as I predicted, the grand ancestor has been confined.”


Killing energy soared into the air as everyone exploded with rage!

“Who was it! Who dared to confine our grand ancestor! Ill peel off their skin!” raged the ever impulsive Xia Jing.

While the others did not say anything, the murderous energy radiating from them showed just how furious they actually were!

“Only a very powerful enemy could forcibly confine the grand ancestor!” replied Xia Fei sternly.

“Theres no time.

Wait for me here; I need to head somewhere.”

Xia Fei left Xia Ke and the others in confusion as he took out his unregistered spatial compass and departed.

“What is Xia Fei doing How could he go off alone at a time like this!” said Xia Jing frantically.

Having a very violent temper, he wanted no more to charge over and fight against those guys who had placed the grand ancestor under confinement.

Alas, Xia Fei was not present, so nobody knew what information Sigh had conveyed, but from the grim look on his face when he left, it was easy to guess that this was no simple matter!

“Dont be hasty.

We have to trust Xia Fei.

After all, hes our clans best strategist,” assuaged Xia Ke.

How could they not be hasty! Xia Ke was just trying to calm everyone down, but he himself was about to go crazy!

Each passing second was a living torment, everyone eagerly rubbing their hands and clenching their fists as they waited and waited.

Three hours later, Xia Fei descended from the sky.

His body was brimming with murderous energy!

He was not alone.

Behind him were two Great Law Gods!

Wearing black armor and white armor, it was none other than the two traitors of the Law Realm, the Gods of Black and White!

It turned out that Xia Fei had personally requested reinforcements from them!

In this entire universe, only three people could use the Law of Primal Chaos!

Today, all three of them had gathered!

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