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Chapter 968: Level 3 Law Sage plus Mystical Armament Secrets

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Radix glanced at Xia Fei and sternly said, “The little lord has dabbled in many fields and is clearly walking the path of a protean master.

You know what you ought to do.”

Hosu was startled, and then he nodded.

“As a generals serving the Auroreans, we have a duty of protecting the young lord.

Since youve become the little lords soul weapon, staying by his side, let me help him by purifying his body.”

Radix smiled.

“Thats right.

If so, then I can let you manage the young lords legacy for now.

Still, the moment Xia Fei unlocks his Soul Mark, you must immediately hand it over.”

“Deal!” Hosu firmly nodded.

Xia Fei could never have imagined that Hosu and Radix had made a secret deal behind his back to keep his background hidden and continue letting him mature in the chaos of this complicated universe.

What exactly was this mysterious legacy that they spoke of, which Xia Fei could only obtain after unlocking his Soul Mark.

Also, what was a Soul Mark

On the other end, Xia Fei and Hosu were rather deeply engaged in their conversation.

Slightly frowning, Xia Fei looked at the thirteen statues and softly said, “Solo, Chill, Crane, Smile, Yore, Youth, Ocean, Rock, Atrophy, Constant, Lingua, Mortis, and Vista.

“Strange… Whys it that the Thirteen Founders all have only a word for their name Can I hazard a guess that these arent their real names” Xia Fei asked.

Hosu nodded.


The Thirteen Founders are of outstanding rank and have long transcended the customs of the Law Realm.

They dont need names, only code names.

For example, Crane is a rare master of the Law of Flight.

Even without wings, he can fly through the sea of stars with comparable swiftness to your Law of Speed.

As for Lingua, he is a chatterbox, so the other Founders gave him this nickname.

“In short, the Thirteen Founders built the Law Realm with their own hands and have stood tall in it for tens of thousands of years, so its clear that none of them will be easy to deal with.

Be it their rank or shrewdness, theyre all unfathomable, the most poisonous of poisonous creatures in the Law Realm! Theyre superweapons by their own rights as well!”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Thank you for telling me so much.

To understand the most formidable individuals of the universe so early is truly a rich harvest for me.

Still, Im very curious.

Why are you telling me all this”

Hosu went red in the face as he softly replied, “Its nothing special.

Since we happened to meet in the Hall of Theogenesis, we must share a fated connection.”

It must be said that while Hosu was a supreme warrior with terrifying power, he was an extremely unnatural liar.

Xia Fei, who had seen and encountered countless people, could tell right away that Hosu was lying, but he did not expose the former.

“Radix, dont you find this stranger to be very weird He actually claimed that he had told me about the Thirteen Founders just because we happened to meet here.

This lie would only work on a child, and from how red his neck is, its obvious that hes lying.” Xia Fei mentally told Radix this.

Radix naturally understood what type of person Hosu was.

He was an absurdly straightforward and honest warrior, so occasionally telling a lie was a difficult feat for him.

His attitude was extremely unnatural as if he had committed some terrible crime.

Looking around, Radix came up with an idea and whispered back, “This person is probably one of those legendary blockheads.

Why dont you ask him about some other things that you wanna know and see what he says”

Xia Fei nodded, saying, “That makes sense.

Ive never encountered such a simple and pure fellow in my life.

I should make good use of this opportunity.”

Xia Fei revealed Peacock Blue on his right arm and asked, “I now understand a lot about the Thirteen Founders.

I remember that you said at the very beginning that Immemorial Mystical Armaments shouldnt be used this way.

What did you mean by that”

Peacock Blue revealed its eight blades of grass, flailing them around like the arms of an octopus.

Hosu glanced at Peacock Blue and sternly said, “Immemorial Mystical Armaments are powerful mystical tools that have existed ever since the universe was formed, but few people know about their true power.

Lets use your Peacock Blue as an example; it is one of the Cloudseas seven plants and has the greatest vitality.

In battles of similar intensity, other mystical armaments may be severely damaged and be unable to recover, but not Peacock Blue.

Its vitality is so tenacious that it can endure any sort of vicious environment or battle.

When they say that mystical armaments dont die and are reborn like phoenixes, theyre talking about the stubborn and obstinate struggle of Peacock Blue!

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“These are all only the attributes of Peacock Blue, but its true combat power lies in its shadows! Your Peacock Blue only has a form but no shadow, so it cant reach its peak ability.”

“Shadow” asked Xia Fei with mild surprise.

Hosu raised a finger.

A ray of starlight then shot down and cast a long shadow on the ground.

Hosu pointed at the shadow and said, “Look.

This is a shadow.”

Xia Fei was clearly astonished, hastily asking, “Its just a shadow.

Can a shadow take someones life”

“Why not” Hosu asked.

“Youre looking down too much on the power of shadows.

Im simply making an analogy.

What I really want you to understand is that Immemorial Mystical Armaments actually have souls, and souls can produce marks, just like how people in sunlight can cast shadows.”

“Souls Marks!” Xia Fei was astonished.

Finding Hosus explanation a novelty and a tad interesting, he was filled with immense curiosity.

Xia Fei had worked with souls before, as both Phantom and Radix were souls.

Were the Soul Marks that Hosu spoke of able to turn the power of souls into reality and make them lethal weapons!

Radix had a very strange look on his face as he quietly shook his head.

Even Hosu felt regret for bringing up about Soul Marks.

Hosu was truly the worst warrior to have ever lied in history.

He himself had said that it was too early for Xia Fei to work with Soul Power, but he exposed the secret as soon as he started talking!

Looking at Xia Feis eyes, which were brimming with curiosity, he knew that the little lord would not rest until he cleared up the matter of the Soul Mark.

Run as fast as he could!

Hosu, a warrior so powerful that he could seal the Cosmic Gate, had actually fled!

There was no other choice.

Xia Feis mind was simply packed with too many strange ideas and schemes.

Those pointed questions had caused Hosu to break out in a sweat, and both answering and not answering were the wrong choice.

Thus, he decided to just run! His face was caked in sweat, and he seemed very helpless.

However, Hosu had fulfilled his promise.

Before fleeing, he had purified Xia Feis body.

Xia Fei had not wanted to let Hosu go.

As the saying went, tofu needed to be kneaded while it was soft and people needed to be bullied when they were naive.

Having run into a rare powerful blockhead, Xia Fei had naturally wanted him to answer more questions.

Alas, after Hosu purified his body, Xia Fei suddenly felt a strong desire to advance, his entire body feeling uncomfortable.

Thus, he decided to start cultivating immediately; Hosu had used this chance to make a break for it!


The world trembled as several thresholds shattered!

With Hosus aid, Xia Fei had easily breached through the thresholds of the Law of Space!

“What a bizarre stranger! Ive never met him before, but he went and told me about the Thirteen Founders and even helped me break into the next level! With this single breakthrough, I ascended two levels! Im now a level 3 Law Sage!” Xia Fei said excitedly.

Radix was not impressed, “Whats so great about that That guy was so strong that he might even been able to raise you to Superior Law Sage.

Too bad he ran away so quickly.”

Radix was clearly unhappy with Hosu, believing that he was holding back.

As a family servant, he should have helped Xia Fei with all of his power.

Xia Fei spent several minutes inspecting his entire body.

Following which, he said, “No way! After that stranger purified my body, my seventh brain region has widened to 120%! All of my cells feel like theyve been reborn, too! Thats truly very incredible! Where did that guy come from How does he have this sort of ability”

Radix was still acted very casually, lightly saying, “The seventh brain region exists to store more energy and law patterns.

The breadth of the brain region directly determines how many laws a person can learn and how much energy they can store, so the wider, the better.

“As for your cells being reborn after purification, thats very normal as well.

Only by reigniting the vitality in your body can you learn whatever you want and advance quickly.

Many experts will have their bodies purified at set intervals, killing off the old cells and replacing them with new ones.”

Xia Fei frowned and looked at Radix, saying in a low voice, “Your tone seems to be different from before.

In the past, no matter what I did, youd find it incredible, but now that such incredible things have happened, youre saying that its normal”

Radix was rendered speechless.

After recovering his memories, Radix had adopted the demeanor of an expert, so he naturally became much more relaxed when it came to Xia Feis progress.

After all, when he was alive, Radix had been a war god on the same level of existence as Hosu.

He used to be supremely powerful!

Standing up, Xia Fei tried a few moves, and sure enough, with the increase in level, his killing moves were much sharper than before!

At the Law Sage tier, advancing became very difficult.

Breaking through two levels in one row was undoubtedly a formidable boost in strength.

Besides that, Xia Fei had gotten a lot of useful information from Hosu, including the matter of the Immemorial Mystical Armaments shadows.

Alas, Hosu had not explained the matter of Soul Marks clearly, so Xia Fei felt like he was lost in the fog, completely unable to understand the power of souls.

Even so, Xia Fei had benefitted a lot from the encounter.

“The stranger also said that, besides having shadows, the Immemorial Mystical Armaments can communicate.

What did he mean by that” Xia Fei muttered.

Radix replied, “He meant that if you integrate all Seven Plants of the Cloudsea together, theyll become a brand-new existence.

At the same time, it will be a link to the Immemorial Mystical Armaments.

The five supreme mystical armaments in the universe, their traits being metal, plant, water, fire, and earth, will no longer be dispersed throughout as they were in the past by then.

“So he meant that sort of connection! I understand now.

The Immemorial Mystical Armaments have to maintain a balance with one another.

If I bring together the seven plant-type mystical armaments, it will immediately break the balance, and the other Immemorial Mystical Armaments wont be any match.

At this time, that mysterious energy ruling the universe will appear and have the other four types of mystical armaments come together into their complete form so as to resist the plant type, which has transcended the others!” Xia Fei furrowed his brows as he spoke.

“Who is it! Who is so powerful that they can control the balance of the universe in secret! to be able to influence even the Immemorial Mystical Armaments!”

Radix pursed his lips.

“Lets save that for another day.

At least, you now understand that the Warpsea Lotus isnt untamable.

Rather, it needs to be tamed last..

Before that, you need to find the Fringe Mountain Leaf.

With it, you can completely integrate all the plant-type mystical armaments!”

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