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Chapter 967: Radix and Hosu

The stranger was very powerful and exerted immense pressure on Xia Fei, and he had also told Xia Fei many secrets about the Founders.

Whether intentionally or not, Xia Ke had once revealed that the Skywings would eventually battle with the Founders.

Xia Fei was puzzled, feeling as if this stranger had intentionally revealed information about the Founders toward him.

He did not know what this guy was up to, and he felt his questions increase as his mind rapidly worked.

If Xia Fei had been able to hear another conversation taking place in the same time and same place, everything would have been easily resolved.

Alas, Radix and the stranger were having a conversation on another frequency.

No one else except them could know what they were saying.

“Hosu! Youre Hosu!” asked Radix excitedly.

In Xia Feis eyes, Radix had not done anything too unreasonable, but on another frequency, Radix was already in tears.

The stranger lightly nodded and indifferently said, “Radix, long time no see.

I didnt think that youd find the young lords bloodline before me.”

This region of space had been divided into two completely unrelated planes.

On one plane, Xia Fei was speaking with Hosu, and Radix was in another.

The two did not interfere with each other in any way.

Hosu was that superexpert who had come to this universe aboard the Ark, the one who had single-handedly sealed the Cosmic Gate! He was that mysterious existence!

It was truly rather laughable.

Xia Fei had long ago wanted to meet this superexpert, but now that he was in front of him, he absolutely had no idea.

In fact, the stubborn Xia Fei had even regarded Hosu as his enemy and swung his blade at him!

For some reason, Hosu was unwilling to reveal himself.

Radix had realized who Hosu was and wanted to tell Xia Fei, but he had been stopped.

Thus, Xia Fei had believed this entire time that he was standing before some profoundly powerful hermit, never linking him to the legendary Hosu.

“The young lord” Radix was stunned, and then his eyes dimmed as he shook his head.

“I really cant remember the past.

Besides the fact that youre Hosu, Im Radix, and we boarded the Ark and entered the Cosmic Gate together, I cant remember anything else.”

Hosu nodded slightly.

He raised his head and let out a light, which wrapped up Radixs soul.

A few moments later, Hosu took back the light and softly said, “Oh, it seems like youre severely damaged from the explosion; your Soul Mark is badly damaged and must be repaired first before you can recover your abilities and memories.”

“Then what should I do I dont want to remain clueless like this,” Radix said anxiously.

Hosu smiled.

“Its fine.

Ill help you.”

“Do you remembered now” Hosu smiled at Radix once he finished repairing the latters Soul Mark.

Radix did not have a good complexion as he nodded.

“Yes, I remember it all now.

When I think back to everything that Ive been through, it really feels like another lifetime ago.”

Hosu quietly smiled, exuding the demeanor of a master.

“What of our young lord” asked Radix after a pause.

Hosu went pale as he painfully shook his head.

Radix was also very grief-stricken, letting out a heart-rending roar, two warm trails of tears running down his face.

Hosu said, “Cosmic Wolfslayer, the third most vicious poison in the universe.

Even our young lord wasnt able to hold on against it.

No matter how long he could have endured, he would ultimately die to the poison.”

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Radix said nothing, still immersed in his sorrow.

Hosu cleared his throat and continued speaking.

“The young lord had a child with Xia Lingbo of the Skywing Clan, who was Xia Feis father, our little lord.

At the age of twenty-four, the little lord died from the Wolfslayer, leaving behind Xia Fei.

“As such, Xia Fei has 25% Skywing blood, 25% Aurora blood, and the remaining 50% belongs to his mother, the blood of an Earthling.”

Radix hastily asked, “Then where is Xia Feis mother now She should still be alive.”

Hosu shook his head.

“Its not that simple.

Wolfslayer isnt just a vicious poison of the universe; its also an insidious curse! One death leads to two deaths!”

Xia Fei had never investigated his background.

In his view, it was more important to be himself.

He had little idea that he had such a bizarre background.

Two generations of his family had all died because of one of the universes most powerful poisons! Xia Fei was now the third generation.

Furthermore, this meant that Xia Fei also had a grandfather from beyond the Cosmic Gate! If he learned of this, his jaw would definitely drop.

This was beyond the Cosmic Gate—a strange, mysterious, and unknown world! Also, what was this Aurorean species

“In other words, Xia Fei is now our little lord.

Have you suddenly appeared before him to tell him about whats going on beyond the Cosmic Gate” Radix asked.

Hosu replied, “The time isnt right.

What would be the point of telling our little lord anything about beyond the Cosmic Gate at his current cultivation”

Radix helplessly said, “Thats true.

After all, beyond the Cosmic Gate is a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

This side of the universe is so much safer that its basically a paradise.”

Changing the subject, Radix asked, “Xia Fei is twenty-four this year.

Does that mean that the Wolfslayer poison has been undone and has no effect on him After all, his father, who was half-Aurorean, only lived until the age of twenty-four.

Xia Fei has only 25% of the Auroras blood, so the fact that hes been able to last this long is simply unbelievable.”

Hosu clearly was not as optimistic as Radix, sternly saying, “Its hard to say.

Lets see how things go.

From what Ive seen thus far, Xia Feis mix of blood has produced a miraculous effect.

Logically, since he has 50% Earthling blood, he should never have been as strong as the young lord, but the potential and combat strength Xia Fei is showing is even greater than the young lords!”

Radix was startled.

He nodded and said, “This is truly very strange.

Perhaps we underestimated the Earthling bloodline.

When the young lords Aurora bloodline mixed with the devilish blood of the Skywings and the mysterious blood of the Earthling was added in, it mustve produced an almost explosive energy!

“Did you know Two days ago, the little lord even managed to kill a level 8 Superior Law God who had mastered three laws! Its truly a wondrous battle! Thinking about it now, its truly infused with the style of a peerless master of the Aurorean species!”

Radix went on to recount Xia Feis universe-shaking battle with New Moon.

However, Hosu merely replied with cold indifference, “I was nearby during that battle and was able to see it clearly.

His style was naturally there, but compared to the young lord, Xia Fei lacked elegance and had more madness.

He relied entirely on unreasonable moves to harass his opponent to death.”

Radix was immediately upset by these words, saying in an unfriendly tone, “Is there anything wrong with Xia Fei doing that Elegance Is elegance enough to kill your enemy Our young lord focused too much on elegance, allowing a wicked man to use one of the universes strange poisons on him, and his soul ultimately dissipated into nothing!”

“If I had to choose, Id rather survive while being as unreasonable as Xia Fei than elegantly die like our young lord!”

“You!” Hosu was so angry that his face turned green.

He grumbled, “Elegance is the root of the Auroreans! It cant be forsaken! The Auroreans are revered by the other sentient lifeforms because theyre straightforward and upright.

While Xia Fei is the young lords descendant, his style is too shady, his methods too vicious.

He needs to be corrected!”

“Corrected, my ass!” Radix glared as he cursed.

That attitude was rather similar to Xia Feis unreasonableness.

Unknowingly, Radix had been deeply influenced by him.

“Radix, after so many years, how did you become like this Wheres that loyal and elegant Radix of the past Whom did you learn this from!” Hosu, who was clearly not good at cursing at others, had huffed and puffed until his neck turned red following Radixs rude words.

Radix smiled as he replied, “Ive naturally learned it from our little lord, Xia Fei! No matter what, the little lord has never lost out! Not only does he never lose, he even takes what he wants, always reaping a great profit!”

Hosu was rendered utterly speechless.

He was a very upright person and found it impossible to imagine Xia Feis wicked methods, nor could he imagine how his good friend Radix had slowly been corrupted by the little lord until he believed that Xia Feis way was the right one.

Radix held out his hand to Hosu and said, “Hand it over!”

“‘Hand over what”

“Cut the nonsense.

The young lord is gone, but his inheritance is not! Xia Fei is the little lord, so he should inherit the young lords legacy!” Radix said unreasonably.

Hosu waved his hand and sternly said, “Radix, youre only a soul ship.

You dont have the right to demand what the young lord left behind!”

“Soul ship” Radix sneered.

“Dont forget! Before I was a soul ship, I was an indomitable expert just like you! Its one thing before when I lost all my memories from the explosion, but now that Ive recovered my memories, dont think about bullying me around! I shouldve let you be refined into a soul ship while I escorted the young lord, instead!

“Now, enough with the nonsense! By right, the young lords legacy belongs to the little lord.

Its not your place to manage it! Hand it over!”

Radix was merciless, insisting that Hosu hand over the legacy of Xia Feis grandfather.

Hosu, who was a very honest person and had not learned how to deal with Xia Feis style of unreasonableness, insisted, “The young lords legacy is a matter of grave importance, and the little lord cant use it yet.

If it gets lost, neither you nor I can bear the consequences! It wont be too late to give it to him once hes gotten a little higher in cultivation.”

“Hosu, youre treating the young lords possessions as your own now! It seems like I should tell the little lord about your true identity so that he can punish you!”

Radix had only been with Xia Fei for a few months, but he had already learned Xia Feis tricks of making baseless accusations! These words had Hosu thoroughly convinced.

It turned out that an unreasonable person who acted unreasonable was truly difficult to deal with!

This was only Radix, who had only learned a few of Xia Feis tricks.

If Xia Fei had been the one speaking, Hosu would be put through excruciating torture.

“No!” Hosu held out a hand to stop Radix.

“Dont tell the little lord.

Knowing too much right now wont do him any good.”

“Then are you willing to hand over the young lords legacy” Radix turned his head and asked.

“I cant do that, either.

Xia Fei is too curious, and if I hand it over, hell try to learn and use it, and if things go wrong, chaos will ensue,” Hosu helplessly said.

“As long as youre willing to keep this matter a secret, you can do anything you want to me.”

Hosu was truly a loyal man.

In order to protect Xia Feis grandfather, he had crippled his cultivation to seal the Cosmic Gate.

This was the proof that he was a man of steeled determination!

Alas, this man was too simple, too loyal, and a little too obstinate.

He felt that Xia Fei still could not inherit his masters legacy, so he continued holding fast in his resistance.

Radix glanced at Xia Fei and sternly said, “The little lord has dabbled in many fields and is clearly walking the path of a protean master.

You know what you ought to do..”

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