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Chapter 950: Two plant-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments!


The fat and plump Wensar was thrown to the ground by Xia Fei.

This man lived like a prince and was attended on by many maids and guards, such that he was seemingly an important character of the Dark lifeforms; alas, this important character had little martial strength and a dire lack of courage.

Wensar had already gone pale, not daring to raise his head, and had even almost wetted his pants.

“How is he such a coward The Dark lifeforms have always been bloodthirsty maniacs, yet they managed to produce a guy like this.” Radix shook his head, very dissatisfied by Wensars behavior.

Xia Fei replied, “It seems like the Dark lifeforms arent entirely made of warriors.

This guy might be the brains of the family, or else I cant understand why such a wimp would be made such an important figure in the Dark lifeforms.”

Xia Fei did not say this over their mental connection and had instead said it out loud.

Wensars face slightly twitched.

Of course, Xia Fei had seen this.

“So you can understand what Im saying!” Xia Fei pushed Wensar to the ground with his foot and sneered.

“This is very interesting.

It seems like the Dark lifeforms arent as cut off from the Law Realm as I thought.

Otherwise, why would you be able to understand the language of the Law Realm without a translation chip”

As one of the brains serving Dark King Wendar, Wensar was rather smart.

He desperately shook his head and feigned innocence, his fat ears swinging around.

Alas, Xia Fei was not having it.

The little knife in his hand flashed as Xia Fei cut off Wensars left ear, a cold smile on his lips.

“How could it be like this” Seated in the command deck of The Gemini, Xia Fei lit a cigarette.

The results of the interrogation had left him feeling rather surprised.

“I also didnt think that the Dark lifeforms would really have a connection with the Law Realm, and its a relationship of bilateral trade.

The Dark lifeforms produce valuable metals in exchange for technology and weapons from the Law Realm.

This is utterly absurd! The Dark lifeforms and the Law Realm are clearly mortal foes, so selling them weapons is the stupidest idea!” Radix angrily said.

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Things are rather complicated, but it doesnt conflict with our plan.

We already know that the Dark lifeforms are very afraid of the power of the integrated Immemorial Mystical Armaments, so theyve been constantly trying to collect them.”


Turning on his screen, Xia Fei pointed at the star map and said, “The Dark lifeforms have the ability collect Immemorial Mystical Armaments, but they dont have the ability to subdue them.

Thus, they distribute them across the various noble clans of the Dark king.

This location may be hiding a plant-type mystical armament, making it our next target!”

Radix replied, “This is rather risky.

After all, that Wensar couldnt remember where exactly the two Plant-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments were hidden.

Also, what if he lied to you Itd be a disaster if you ended up charging in, only to find the Dark army waiting rather than any Immemorial Mystical Armament.”

Xia Fei had extracted a lot of information from Wensar, such as how the Dark lifeforms had two of the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea in its possession and that they had been hidden in two royal estates, but Wensar was not sure about his own information.

After all, it had been too long, and the Dark lifeforms had obtained these two mystical armaments ages ago before Wensar was even born.

Xia Fei clenched his fist and solemnly said, “No matter what, I have to try.

The grand ancestor placed a lot of hope on this trip of mine to the Dark lifeform territory.

The Skywings truly do need the help of the mystical armaments, so I must do my best to complete this mission and return victorious.

After all, the situation back in the Law Realm is already getting tense.”


The Gemini set off on its secret course for the estate of the Dark Kings daughter, Wenia!

Nobody knew the origins of the Dark lifeforms, but this sapient race that worshipped the Dark Night truly did have their own king and society.

It was just the bias of Law Realm that made them believe the Dark lifeforms were made up entirely of brainless wicked beings.

In the royal palace, Dark King Wendar was speaking with a hawk-nosed elder on a screen.

Wendar was rather angry while the man on the screen was expressionless throughout the conversation.

“Weve got a treaty! If your Law Realm people invade our territory, your people will handle them! Youve clearly broken our agreement!” Wendar placed his hands behind his back and angrily said.

The expressionless, hawk-nosed elder said, “Lets not be hasty.

Ive already sent an enforcer to chase that young man called Xia Fei, but for some reason, Ive lost contact with him.”


Wendar grunted unhappily, the veins on his forehead bulging.

“If you cant hold up your end of the treaty, dont blame me for personally taking action!”

The hawk-nosed elder shook his head.


Xia Fei is from the Skywings and has a Godwing potential.

Id have to eliminate this person regardless.

The Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade cant be allowed to get conceited.

A new enforcer is already en-route and will soon arrive there.

Please ensure that its easy for them to move around.

Wendar was startled, muttering, “A Skywing No wonder one of my Tier 6 Primary experts fell to him.”

Wendar suddenly changed his tone, arrogantly saying, “I dont care if hes some Skywing.

In any case, hes kidnapped my nephew, so you had best give me an explanation, or else…”

Not caring for what the hawk-nosed elder had to say, Wendar turned off the screen, ending the call.

The Gemini concealed itself in the blackness of space, its cloaking device activated.

Xia Fei used the radar to scan that planet in the distance.

“The defenses are rather tight, but with my advantage in speed, I can get in by going around the side,” Xia Fei said as he scanned the screen.

The compartment door opened, and Xia Fei vanished into the darkness like a ghost.

He was suppressing his speed so as to avoid detection.

It was a sad and beautiful star in the distance, covered in white snow and pine trees, but Xia Fei did not have the time to admire the scenery.

His powerful senses told him that there were sentries hidden in the pine forests.

After the Hawkeye battle, the Dark lifeforms had strengthened their defenses.

“This should be the castle where the Dark Kings daughter, Wenia, lives.

Its exactly as Wensar described.” Radix pointed at an unremarkable castle in the distance.

There were six of such castles on this planet; all of which were built in the same style.

Anyone unfamiliar with their structure would be unable to identify Wenias actual residence and would fall into the trap.

“Dark King Wendar seems to care a lot about his daughters safety, setting up these six castles and even posting powerful hidden sentries,” Xia Fei said as he approached the castle using Breath Control.

“This is fine, too.

Such a pampered princess is certain to have a lot of other nice things besides Immemorial Mystical Armaments in her storehouse.

My hands are just starting to itch.”

The white snow was the hardest place to hide oneself.

Xia Fei needed half an hour to work his way around to the back of the castle.

Squatting under the walls, he looked around.

Suddenly, Xia Fei raised an eyebrow..

“Theres a very familiar energy here! Who could have used the Law of Space here”

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