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Chapter 948: The Three Law Gods of Skywing


The hidden attack from White Skull had pierced through that Law Gods hardened fist!

“How sinister!” This individual clearly lacked Xia Feis craftiness, and after taking a blatant loss from that exchange, he quickly backed off and cursed.

The next second, the expression on this Law God experts face changed, for he suddenly discovered that White Skull was not just some common hidden blade, but that its keen blade had also hidden a crazy trait!

“Delirium! So the White Skulls trait is delirium, making anyone who got cut by it have difficulty separating friend from foe, inflicting hysteria on any average warrior! It is truly worthy of being the final product from an amalgamation of divine weapons! The effect of White Skull is great!” Radix raved after reading the expression on their enemys face.

This Law God was battle-tested and was definitely not good-natured.

He recovered from that moment of dumbfoundedness and followed it up with a frightening move; the enemy swung his right arm with his palm flat, acting as a knife to sever his left arm!

To act decisively at this critical juncture required great bravery!

This Law God had already surprised Xia Fei many times over; his Divine Beast Black Gust Shambler! Immemorial Mystical Armament Crookspan Steel! Now that he had demonstrated this level of decisiveness when dealing with the aftereffects of his White Skull, it was not hard to tell that few in this universe would possess this persons cultivation and decisiveness! He was a very formidable opponent!

In Xia Feis eyes, the more powerful an enemy, the more he needed to end their life! Otherwise, the situation would become even more grueling if he waited for them to counterattack!


Xia Feis eyes flickered with coldness as he darted right over to close the gap with his speed of four million meters per second!

That colorful energy ball in his seventh brain region swelled and exploded! It provided him with the necessary energy for this one blow with all the might that he could muster!

Xia Fei was fast, but the Law God reacted quickly as well!

“Enveloping Black Nebula!”

That Law God let out an angry bellow, drawing out half a circle with his remaining one hand.

That small half-moon rapidly expanded, becoming the size that could shroud the sky! It separated Xia Fei and the Law God from each other!

“Falling Leaves of Twin Decimation!” Xia Fei thrust his two arms forward, and though he had no idea what move the enemy had just done, his keen intuition told him that this interloper was planning to escape! Naturally, letting his enemy flee was never a habit of his!


The Law of Primal Chaoss subversive force dealt a severe assault on the opponents Law of Darkness! Everything shook violently the moment they made contact, as if the entire Dark Space was being torn asunder!

The Law of Primal Chaos was very wild; it directly demolished the Enveloping Black Nebula the opponent had formed! However, this was still a battle-hardened Law God that had plenty of experience under his belt.

That moment was all he needed to flee while remaining obscured.

Even that Divine Beast Black Gust Shambler had disappeared sans leaving a trace.

“Crap! He escaped!” Xia Fei spat in anger, his eyebrows tightened.

Radix was startled.

“Well, youre up against a Law God, after all, and hes very bold, with rich combat experience, too! Hes got a Divine Beast and divine weapons protecting him, which is very much seen as a peerless powerhouse, yet you hoped that youd succeed in killing him From what Ive just seen, the fact that you managed to seize the advantage against him was already a huge achievement in itself!”

Xia Fei shook his head in disagreement, explaining in a grave tone, “An enemy is an enemy, so as long as I have the chance, Ill kill them, even if theyre a Law God! With how treacherous hes been hiding in the shadows and spying on me, letting him escape will end up coming back to bite me!”


Xia Fei did not forget about that old acquaintance, Secludeless, still watching from the sidelines.

Though he had failed to take down that powerful Law God, there was no reason for him to let Law Sage Secludeless off as well.

Secludeless was still reeling in shock after witnessing this battle between Xia Fei and that Law God expert; his mouth was agape as disbelief filled his eyes.

He only came round when he realized that Xia Fei was right in front of him.

“Either tell me everything you know or die!” Xia Fei arched his eyebrow as he made his icy demand.

That strong Law God had managed to flee solely due to a vision obscurity technique; the Divine Beast Black Gust Shambler was an expert in concealment, and under the cover of the Enveloping Black Nebula, the Black Gust Shambler had swiftly dove into another Dark Space channel with its master.

No one would have thought that, after escaping from Xia Feis clutches, he would end up being captured by three mysterious figures.

At this very moment, the cold steel of a longsword was pressed against his throat, and a short distance away was the carcass of the Divine Beast, Black Gust Shambler!

Everything had happened so fast.

The massacre began the very first second he entered the Dark Space channel! Three mysterious beings slayed the Divine Beast with a speed faster than lightning and restrained the powerful Law God expert.

Even Immemorial Mystical Armament Crookspan Steel did not have a chance to be unleashed!

“Youre all from the Skywing Clan!” this Law God exhorted in impotent rage.

His voice was slightly hoarse, given how the Divine Beast he had reared for years was slain before his eyes.

It was hardly a matter to be happy about.

The cultivation this individual possessed was not weak, seeing how he could come to a stalemate fighting with Xia Fei, but it was too bad that these three mysterious beings were even more fearsome! Each of them had a speed that surpassed ten million meters per second and was at the Law God tier!

“So this is the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade! Word has it that the Skywings only have a single Law God expert, but now it seems like thats misleading.

To think three Superior Law Gods would appear here in the Dark Space… You, Skywings, have hidden your foundation truly deeply!” grunted the Law God expert through gritted teeth.

Law Gods could not die, so he could rely on his Seed of Life and be reborn if he got killed; however, the speed of these Skywing Law Gods were too fast for them to let him have a chance to do so.

Smiling, the three Law Gods surrounded him but did not give an answer to his words.


One of these men pulled out an exquisite piece of metal from his bosom; it was actually exactly the same as Xia Feis White Flamingo!

A screen popped out, and a single glowing dot was on the move, while darkness was all around it.

“Xia Fei has already killed the unfortunate Secludeless and resumed his journey.

Lets quickly clean things up here as well,” a Skywing Law God with a broad nose bridge said.

Xia Fei would never have imagined that the White Flamingo the grand ancestor had given him was not that simple.

He also could not have imagined what technology or technique allowed it to still be usable even inside the Dark Space!

After all, the Dark Space blocked off all kinds of signals, and even the powerful Fig Corporation had not cracked this problem at all.

People would have a hard time believing that the Skywings would own something as amazing as the White Flamingo, considering that they never really cared much about technology.

As for the identity of these three Law Gods who had been following Xia Fei, it was even more bizarre.

The entire universe know that the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade only had a single Law God, and that was the grand ancestor Xia Gucheng, a peak Law God.

Now, it seemed like the Skywings Clan had actually mobilized three Superior Law God experts! No one had any idea what method the Skywings used that allowed them to hide these super powerhouses, even managing to hide them so deeply! The three Superior Law Gods had been trailing Xia Fei on this covert mission, and what was the reason for this

“Lets leave the discussion for later; cripple this person first!”



These three Superior Law Gods were vicious and completely unloaded on that powerful Law God in the blink of an eye!

Broken bones and torn nerves, the interloper could no longer move aside from his eyes and lips! This meant that it was impossible for this person to commit suicide even if he wished for death!

“This persons from the Green Wasp of the Demon Race and goes by the name of Gaben,” The pockets of this Law God were swiftly emptied, and the three Skywing Law Gods found conclusive evidence proving his identity.

“He sure is careless, bringing his identification plate when hes executing an assignment for the founders Tell us: Just what was the assignment the founders gave you Whyre you following our clans Xia Fei!” a left-handed Law God growled.

Law God Gaben from the Green Wasp Clan screeched, “You clearly know Im someone under the orders of the founders, yet you dared to touch me! Accursed fiendish blade, could you all be planning to rebel—”

*Slap slap~*

Two tight slaps were awarded after the last word left his lips, as blood and swelling blossom across Law God Gabens face.

It was fine if they were trying to kill Gaben.

After all, Law Gods could reborn.

A pity, though, for the three Skywing Law Gods had decided to give him a fate worse than death!

“What nonsense! The Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade has always served ourselves! We Skywings are part of the God Race, but were not their slaves and definitely not serving the whims of those founders! How could you say were rebelling Whoever makes us unhappy, well let them experience a fate worse than death! Its just that simple!”

Gaben had an ugly expression on his face.

He could already imagine the fate in store for him since he had fallen into the hands of these Skywings.

After all, everyone in the clan was the sort who never batted an eyelid when killing others! They were all the more ready to resort to unsavory means like torturing their captives!

Sweeping his gaze over the three Law Gods, Gaben suddenly let out a mirthless laugh.

“I understand now.

Its rumored that, because the Skywing Clan has been too much of a threat all these years in the Law Realm, they ended up suffering a series of misfortunes, losing all their clans Godwings for no reason at all, yet as it turns out, these rumors have all been fabricated!”

“None of the Godwings of the Skywing Clan died! Theyve just been hiding, thats all! You Skywings sure are cunning! Intentionally misleading others over your true strength.

So when the time comes, the Godwing force will move out en masse and bring about tumultuous change to the Law Realm!”

Gaben was becoming more and more agitated as he spoke, fear welling up in his eyes.

The Godwings represented the greatest potential of the Skywing Clan, and countless of these Godwings had gone missing all these years.

Even if just half of them attained the great achievement of ascending to the Law God tier, they would also be an incredible source of strength! Just the Law of Speed unique to the Skywings meant that this group of Law God wolves would turn the Law Realm upside down when unleashed!

Gaben was no fool and he was considered quite the tenacious man, able to hold his own under the intense interrogation of these three Law Gods of Skywing.


The already unconscious Gaben was stored away in a life-support vessel before being tossed into a spatial ring, sealed away just like what the old demon lord had experienced all those years ago.

“Well, no matter what, weve already gotten one name out of this.

The Green Wasps have always kept a low profile; whod have guessed that theyre actually moles that the founders planted in the Law Realms midst and one of those clans executing their orders,” one of the Skywing Law Gods said coldly.

Gaben was only half correct.

The Skywing Clan had indeed secretlymothballed clansmen with the greatest potential, but this was not something they had willingly done but was rather conducted out of fear of catastrophe happening.

Before, the missing Godwing cases had indeed happened in the clan; the grand ancestor Xia Gucheng suspected that it was someone deliberately taking hostile actions against the Skywing Clan.

Thus, he sent the elites of his clan into hibernation while also secretly investigating the perpetrator of the prior incident.

Revenge must be served.

This had always been the personality of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade.

Even if they ended up investigating the founders themselves, the grand ancestor, Xia Gucheng, would not waver from his plan to get his revenge!

“Wed better leave.” That left-handed Law God checked the White Flamingo again.

He exclaimed through wrinkled brows, “Looks like Xia Feis indeed as the rumors say, someone who stirs up trouble wherever he goes.

The grand ancestor sure has made a solid choice making him the pathfinder of this operation..

Barely a handful of hours have passed, yet Xia Fei has actually been targeted by someone else already!”

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