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Chapter 92 Internal Division

Exodus TalesExodus Tales

Xia Fei had taken the day off from Qin Mang, first was because he would be heading to the internal division for a twenty-four-hour special training tomorrow and second because he had gotten hold of the Amberice Crystal he needed for concoction and wanted to concentrate on formulating the medicine.

Setting up the concoction machine, Xia Fei brushed his spatial ring with his finger and retrieved a milky-white rock from within.

The rock was uncut, angularly shaped, and translucent in appearance, looking of good purity.

This was the legendary Amberice Crystal, and Xia Fei had paid an exorbitant price just to get his hands on it.

Xia Fei had only managed to get his hands on this small, white rock after trading in the 3000 points he had gotten for winning the extreme hovercar race, plus the four-cubic-meter spatial ring in his possession.

Xia Fei examined and inspected that sliver of Amberice Crystal in his hand before he sighed.

Placing it on the table, he then retrieved the Luan Spirit he had from his spatial ring.

These were two high-quality medicinal ingredients, one of which bearing the extreme cold attribute, while the other was extreme heat.

Neither was compatible with each other.

He would be taking a huge risk if he planned to mix the two extreme ingredients together; even the slightest negligence on his part would cause a powerful explosion.

This was precisely the essence of Phantoms drug concoction.

By always choosing medicinal ingredients that were on the opposite spectrum of each other and mixing them, the clever concoction he ended up making, which was seemingly impossible to concoct, would become pharmacological marvels.

After several hours of meticulous blending, Xia Feis spatial ring had an additional bottle of clear medicine, and now all that was left for him to wait was for the medicinal residue in his body to subside, so he could take this new one.


Early in the morning, Xia Fei, Chen Dong, Moon Song, and the others arrived outside their dormitory and waited.

Moon Song had been looking forward to this trip to the internal division, chattering nonstop about it, her excitement overflowing.

The same could be said for Manjun and Beihai.

While they were talking, a mid-size shuttle came flying from not too far away and landed in a clearing in front of the dormitories.

The ships hatch opened and out walked two men.

Xia Fei looked at these two and recognized them.

The first was the leader of Team 13, Xiao Haili, and the other was the long-legged beauty, Ye Xiaohan.

Xiao Haili came bearing a genial smile, Xiaohan and I are very honored to bring all of you into the internal division for a visit.

If theres anything you dont know, feel free to ask; Ill do my best to fulfill your requests.

Xiaohan Thats an intimate way of calling her.

Xia Fei was thinking this to himself.

Ye Xiaohans eyebrows tightened slightly, though she did not mention a word.

The shuttle lifted in the sky and headed toward the western mountain region.

In a matter of minutes, they could all see a stretch of white-walled building appear in the middle of the mountain range.

A long and snaking river passed through the middle of the training site, essential splitting the training site in two, with seven or eight bridges erected over this river.

Compared to the rest of the training camp, the buildings here on site were a lot squatter, and the tallest was no more than three stories high.

The most conspicuous landmark was the circular structure right in the middle of the internal division.

It was quite a sizable building, which looked very shiny and round from the outside, like a pearl that had landed on the ground.

The shuttle landed on a clearing, and the whole lot of them headed toward a square building with Ye Xiaohan and Xiao Haili taking the lead.

Not a soul could be seen outside, and the huge internal division appeared to be empty, with hardly any sound coming from anywhere around them.

All they could hear were the birds chirping and the rustling of branches and leaves.

You guys havent had breakfast yet, right This here is the internal divisions dining hall, and we shall begin our first stop of the day here, Xiao Haili very courteously said.

The dining hall was luxuriously designed.

All the chairs were spacious and sofas were comfortable, each with automatic massage functions.

Eating and drinking a little something after training would be a great choice.

After having a simple meal and touring the training site for a few rounds, Xiao Haili and Ye Xiaohan led the group to the eye-catching round building.

The words Stygian Training Center were engraved on it.

This here is the heart of the internal division, the Stygian Training Center.

This is the true essence of this division.

We did not see anyone while we toured this place because all of them are inside right now.

The competition in the internal division is exceptionally fierce, and not one of them is the sort who will willingly waste time.

A good number of cadets even eat and sleep in the training center, and were now going to bring you in, so you can all have a look for yourselves, Xiao Haili introduced.

Stepping into the Stygian Training Center, Xia Fei could immediately sense this places strange atmosphere.

The air was very peculiar, almost as if it was vibrating with energy everywhere, and he could not help but become excited as they walked further in.

The energy here is thick.

Phantom had poked his head out from the Moore Stone and commented after using his nose to sniff the air in their surroundings.

Xia Fei could not explain it, but he could sense a vague unease enveloping him.

It was as if the training center was giving off something strange, but as for what was strange about it, Xia Fei simply could not quite put his finger on it.

In the middle of the huge hall was a large and deep well.

A narrow, metal bridge went across it, and the well looked to be almost hundreds of meters deep, with rooms upon rooms lining its perimeter.

Xia Fei did some mental calculations.

If every level had twelve rooms, and there were a total of fifty levels, it meant that there were a total of six hundred training rooms under the bridge, and it would be able to hold six hundred cadets at any given time.

Thinking back in the day when I once struggled here, the longest I have ever stayed in the training room is five whole months! Xiao Haili said as he reminisced about the past.

The internal division has prepared five training rooms for you all.

Now, let us go and experience the effects of a real high-quality training room.

In twenty-four hours time, well kick you guys out of them even if you dont wish to leave.

Xiao Haili cracked a joke as he chuckled.

Taking the elevator down fifteen levels, Xiao Haili took out five numbered cards and handed them to the freshmen.

Ye Xiaohan hesitated for a moment before she bit her lip and said, Xia Fei, come with me.

The ever mischievous Moon Song flashed a funny face toward Xia Fei and whispered, Everyone, look; someones getting preferential treatment.

Beihai and Manjun covered their mouths and sniggered, while Xiao Haili felt unhappy standing at the side.

However, he did not show it on his face and still maintained his bright smile.

Ye Xiaohan ignored the ridicule of the others and caught up to Xia Fei in a few steps, stepping into Room 1512 together.

Ye Xiaohan reached out to take Xia Feis card from his hand and stuck it into the slot next to the door to gain access inside.

Come in; I have something to tell you, Ye Xiaohan said in a low voice.

Sound could easily travel inside the sealed space, so there was no need for her to be loud.

Nevertheless, Moon Song and the others could still hear her clearly, and several of them broke into chortles again.

Xiao Haili was clenching his teeth a distance away as he coldly stared at Xia Fei and Ye Xiaohan.

Xia Fei had no choice but to step into the room, and just as he crossed the threshold, Ye Xiaohan shut the door behind him.

The Stygian Training Centers training rooms are very extraordinary.

There is an abundance of energy inside, allowing cadets to continuously replenish their energy while training, and it has the added effect of improving your physical function.

You need to remember not to adjust the energy to its max from the start but gradually adjust it, instead, Ye Xiaohan instructed Xia Fei.

Havent all these been mentioned just now Xia Fei asked suspiciously.

Ye Xiaohan lowered her head to think for a while.

Am I very uncompassionate

Xia Fei was slightly stunned by this question, but he soon replied with a slight smile, Honestly, a little, but its not too severe.

Ye Xiaohan appeared to be slightly disappointed.

She lightly nodded before turning to leave the room.

Xia Fei paced around the room once to first familiarize himself with the surroundings.

The training room was partitioned into an inside space and outside space.

The outside is a living space, with an AI computer, sofa, table and chair, bed, and an ensuite bathroom.

There were circular holes on the walls and ceiling of the inside space, a bit like a honeycomb, and soft carpeting on the ground.

There was nothing else inside it aside from that.

Xia Fei walked into the inner room and turned a knob in the wall just as Ye Xiaohan had just mentioned.

Just turning it a bit, Xia Fei could feel an intense energy wave, flooding the room wildly all around him, like an endless sea that was unceasing.

This energy wave was very unusual, almost as if it penetrated the surface of his flesh and reached deep into the recesses of his body.

It was like inflating a balloon; the unceasing flow of energy very quickly entered his body, and soon, Xia Feis skin began to redden.

Phantom was walking around the room on his tiptoes, examining the room as he did.

Do you still remember the Heart of Spirit Phantom asked.

Xia Fei nodded.

Its what we used when exploring Atlantis.

I remember you saying that its a kind of pure energy that contains the universes origin power.

Thats right.

I dare to say that the energy youre filling now is the same kind as Heart of Spirit, but what I have difficulty understanding is how they managed to convert it into this sort of energy undulation that can be absorbed into the human body.

Xia Fei had once read something in the books about how energy was split into two types: wave and linear.

Linear energy could provide machines with power, but humans were unable to absorb it all due to their structural particularity; our bodies could only absorb the scattered energy given off from the wave energy.

To be able to convert the linear energy of the Heart of Spirit into the wave energy that human bodies could absorbthe technology behind this process was simply astounding.

If humans could master this technology, humanitys dependency on food to replenish their energy could be eliminated, and they would be able to re-energize themselves directly just by holding onto an ore that contained energy.

This would not only solve the inefficiency of humans needing to depend on food to replenish their energy but would also greatly strengthen humanitys physical constitution.

This is just too wonderful.

No wonder the Adjudicator Union can be this great even these days.

Turns out that theyre in possession of such advanced technology, Phantom excitedly muttered to himself.

In a short while, Xia Fei could feel uneasiness overwhelming his body as if there was an uncountable quantity of silver needles prickling his body, making him feel unbearably itchy all over.

Would having such energy help with my cultivation Xia Fei asked.

Nope, Phantom immediately answered.

Your bodys ability to cultivate has already been ruined, so this energy is useless for you.

At best, it can let you feel very energized.

Xia Fei was left speechless as disappointment crept up his heart.

However, this sort of energy can speed up your cell movement, and that will be very helpful in boosting your bodys medicinal absorption rate.

If you stay in such an environment for some time, you can speed up the rate at which your body absorbs medicine, which will in turn help you rank up.

Xia Fei was quite surprised.

Speed up my medicinal absorption rate

He took out the equipment from his spatial ring and placed it against his skin for a reading.

A quick glance at the result and Xia Fei was ecstatic.

Oh, wow! My alpha value is dropping fast! The rate of this decrease means I can completely absorb the medicinal residue in my body in the next few hours, then itll be time for my next round of medicine intake to increase my cultivation!

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