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Chapter 867: Two Major Battles!

The Demonic Soul Lions Roar Formation could not control enemies.

Rather, it used the Law of Darkness to plunge them into the dark night while compressing the formation.

Thus, it fused the enemies entirely with the darkness to kill them.

Xia Fei, who had never learned the Law of Darkness, relied on the Skywing Clans traditional Law of Space.

Using God Races law power to drive a Demon Race formation Only a madman could think of an idea like this!

It must be understood that the Demon Race formations were optimized around their law powers.

Using God Race law powers to activate them forcibly might lead to instability in the formations.

To look at this from an even further perspective, even if Xia Fei had the ability to control the mysterious Demonic Soul Lions Roar Formation, this was the God Race territory!

Which madman would dare to use a typical Demon Race formation in the God Race territory! Clearly, only an absolute madman like Xia Fei!

“Today, either you die or I die!” Xia Fei stood on the crest of Pentapeak Mountain and proudly looked down at the two slayers!

Since Xia Fei dared to use a Demon Race formation, it meant that he had made up his mind to kill these two Law Sages no matter what! Thus, he had gone all-out for this plan and patiently waited until both slayers arrived before activating the demonic formation!

This was because he knew that he had only one chance! If he messed it up, he would be in extremely dire straits!

His eyes erupted with light! They were red with bloodlust! Activating a demon formation in the middle of the God Race was incredibly risky, so he needed to end this battle quickly!

“This is a demonic formation!” Blind Xue Guang went pale.

Xia Fei belonged to the Skywings, a traditional member of the God Race, yet he knew demonic formations! This was treasonous!

Xue Guang broke out in a cold sweat and he began to panic!

Who were Demon Race formations designed to be used against The God Race, of course!

A handful of people in the Law Realm cared little about species like Xia Fei.

Oro was an almost wicked existence in the eyes of the God Race, but Xia Fei still treated him like a friend.

Chen Dong and Xia Fei were friends through thick and thin, and Xia Fei had sent him off to the Demon Race.

In Xia Feis eyes, there existed only enemies and friends, and as long as they were enemies, even if they were part of the God Race, they must die! Anyone who was a friend, even if they were from the wicked Demon Race, would receive his protection!

Xia Feis principles were just that simple!


Before Xue Guang and Zheng Jin had time to react, the Demon Race formation activated!

The Law of Space power pushed the formation into rapidly compressing.

Despite the Law of Darkness having been switched out for the Law of Space, the effects were still rather excellent.

The mountains began to crumble, debris flying into the air! This vast space was on the verge of collapse!

Even the old demon, who had designed this formation, probably had not imagined that the most effective way to use the Demonic Soul Lions Roar Formation was to drive it with God Race laws!

The two slayers panicked and began using their law forces to attack Xia Feis demonic formation in an attempt to escape!

*Bang bang bang!*

The vast formation suffered one powerful attack after another! Zheng Jin was a level 1 Law Sage while Xue Guang was a level 2, and their full might was quite impressive.

Xia Fei stood at the highest point of Pentapeak, which was where the formation gate of the Demonic Soul Lions Roar Formation was located.

Xue Guang and Zheng Jin, who were veterans, understood from experience that the formation gate was always where the formation would be the most unstable, for all the controlling power was focused there.

Thus, they concentrated all their attacks on Xia Feis position.

Savagery on his lips, Xia Fei bellowed, “Furball, kill them!”


In a flash, Furball appeared in front of Xia Fei in the form of his clone, and soon after, Xia Fei raised his head and thrust his own palm at the demonic formation!


Attacking his own formation! Was Xia Fei really insane!

The Law of Primal Chaos opened a hole in the formation.

Zheng Jin and Xue Guang were startled, but they both seized this rare chance to charge out!

A chance

How could Xia Fei ever create a chance for his enemies

Furball very sinisterly stood up.

Delight was evident on his face as Zheng Jin and Xue Guang flew into the air.

They were only a few seconds away from getting through the demonic formation gap when Furball suddenly opened his mouth and unleashed the sound of death!

The Eight Tunes Golden Falcon!

Was this using an enemys weapon against them Xia Fei did not use the method the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers had used to track him to lead them into a trap; he used their own divine weapon against them, instead!


The Holy Beasts roar was so terrifying! The Eight Tunes Golden Falcon was so powerful!

The throat of a Holy Beast and power of a sonic divine weapon produced a supreme sound that was impossible to resist!

With this sound joining the berserk demonic formation, which was powered by nine thousand grade 6 Origin Crystals, it was truly difficult to imagine what sort of enemy could still escape!

Very, very far away, two Skywing peak Law Sages appeared once more.

It would be an absolute lie to say that the clan was not worried at all about Xia Fei.

After all, Xia Fei was the only Skywing besides the grand ancestor who had Godwing potential.

The title of Godwing alone carried a shocking impact!

If they did not care about him, Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng would not have been in such a rush to summon Xia Fei to the God Race the day he broke to the Law Overlord level!

Xia Ke smiled.

“This time, I really believe it.

The grand ancestor wasnt exaggerating when he said that Xia Fei would be able to pull his own weight in the clan after only a few years.

Not even mentioning anything else, even Xia Feis ability to scheme is incredible.

Its been ages since we last had a schemer like this.”

Xia Lianning clearly was not as optimistic as Xia Ke.

He frowned and said, “I admire everything else, but one thing is giving me a headache.

Xia Fei is really too gutsy, using a Demon Race formation in the God Races Region 15! I really dont know how he managed to think of it.”

Xia Ke sternly said, “Didnt the grand ancestor already say It doesnt matter what method one uses as long as they can kill their enemy.

This is precisely the sort of attitude one of the supporting pillars of the clan needs.

I dont know about anything else, but I do know of one other person in the clan capable of such a thing.”


“The grand ancestor.”

Xia Lianning was speechless.

Only Xia Ke would compare Xia Fei to the grand ancestor!

However, Xia Feis insane actions had truly had Xia Liannings blood pumping.

If not for this insane plan of Xia Feis, he would never have a chance to take down both Blind Xue Guang and Lame Zheng Jin, the strongest of the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers.

Suddenly, Xia Kes expression turned grave.

He then hastily said, “A group is intruding into Pentapeak Mountain! Its a group of scions!”

Scions were the sons of Law Overlords and Law Sages.

While scions indicated a glorious status in other places, in the God Race, it was used as an insult.

This was because those of the younger generation who actually met the standard were all warriors! If they were not warriors, they were at least elite supporters who helped out in battle.

Only those fellows lacking in cultivation had to borrow the glory of their fathers, shamelessly remaining in the God Race as they fooled around.

A group of richly dressed youths had appeared at the base of Pentapeak Mountain.

They stared in disbelief at the demonic formation and started to attack it!

While these scions lacked cultivation, they all had illustrious ancestors that could not be underestimated.

At this moment, Xia Fei suddenly roared to Furball, “Kill them all!”


Furball moved at incredible speeds, charging down the mountain, carrying out Xia Feis order without the slightest hesitation!


The Eight Tunes Golden Falcon was activated once more! Furball savagely lunged at the scions and brought calamity upon their heads!

No survivors!

Xia Ke and Xia Lianning were both rendered speechless, with the latter saying, “How ruthless! Xia Fei killed them all without even asking what clan they belonged to! What if they had Law God fathers or grandfathers”

To the Skywings, Xia Fei killing all these scions was not a problem.

Even if Xia Fei had not done anything, Xia Ke and Xia Lianning would not have left any witnesses.

The key was that Xia Fei had killed too decisively! Before they could react, Xia Fei had already ordered all those peoples deaths without the slightest hesitation! It was as if he had already planned everything out, to kill everyone he saw until the formation finished closing!

The Skywings had deployed all of their clan members, and battles were not just taking place in the God Race.

In the distant Turbulence, a battle, which was just as intense, was taking place!

On one side of the battle was the Skywing search team, level 8 Great Law Sage Xia Guanghai and search specialist Xia Geng.

On the other side were two Law Overlords and two Law Sages of the Demon Races Kerry Clan!

The battle was over, and this region of space was on the verge of collapse.

Such was the ferocity of the battle that had taken place here!

Of the two Superior Law Overlords and two Great Law Sages of the Kerry Clan, three had died and one was crippled! In fact, the cripple had only survived because Xia Guanghai let him live on purpose!

“Talk! Why is your Kerry Clan here in the Turbulence” Xia Guanghai pointed his Rainbow Battleaxe at the tip of the Kerry Law Sages nose.

He had the highest cultivation in that group, a level 4 Law Sage, and had been the leader, too.

Xia Guanghai had left him alive precisely to interrogate him on their movements.

At first, this Kerry Law Sage was rather stubborn, refusing to talk.

Unfortunately for him, Xia Guanghai was known in the Skywings for his temper, which could be seen through his choice of weapon.

The Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade was famed for its speed, for seeking out the moment in battle where they could kill in one strike, but Xia Guanghai used an axe and his fighting style involved large sweeping moves, swinging his axe right at his enemys face!

In the end, unable to endure Xia Guanghais brutality, the Kerry warrior finally spoke.

“There are rumors that a mystical weapon has appeared in the Turbulence, so the clan had us investigate.”

Xia Guanghai asked in shock, “An Immemorial Mystical Armament What type”

“There were two accounts: One side says that its the water-type Whitesnap Spring inside the Turbulence and the other side says that its the plant-type Unparting Pine.”

Xia Guanghai was even more stunned! The Unparting Pine was known as the toughest of the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea! Its trait was toughness, and not even metal could destroy it! The grand ancestor had ordered them to find wood-type mystical armaments; if the Unparting Pine was really in the Turbulence, this was extremely important for both the Skywings and for Xia Fei!

“Was it only your Kerry Clan that came looking for mystical armaments” Xia Guanghai pressed.

In the Demon Race, the Kerries were closest to the Edusas and the Darkpearls, calling them brothers.

Since this small Kerry team had suddenly appeared in the Turbulence, the other two clans might have men nearby as well!

The Kerry Law Sage began to list off names, and Xia Guanghais face turned grimmer and grimmer.


Before the warrior could finish, Xia Guanghai obliterated him with his axe!

He did not need to keep listening.

It was clear that many clans had heard the rumors and were coming over! More and more warriors were gathering in the Turbulence! The situation was getting more and more complicated!

Xia Geng frowned.

“Should we retreat”

“Retreat” Xia Guanghai slung the axe onto his back and loudly spoke.

“Never! Have the old undying send more men! At worst, well just have to start a killing spree here!”

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