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Chapter 854: A Dangerous Situation

“You hag, listen up! Xiao Yu is mine!” Xia Feis attitude was very unreasonable, and he pointed at Mei Tings nose as he spoke.

The Thunder Hall instantly fell silent, with everyones jaw going slack.

Mei Ting was the matriarch of the Snowdrifts, representing the interests of the entire clan! Xia Feis words were not just aimed at Mei Ting but also at all of the Snowdrifts!

Wolf Shunye grabbed Xia Fei and whispered into his ear, “Dont go too far.

If you cant do what you say, then when Xiao Yu goes back, she wont have a good time.

From what I can tell, Xiao Yu doesnt seem to be treated very well in the Snowdrift Clan.”

Xia Fei glanced at Xiao Yu in surprise and nodded.

It was not a big action, but it was one made with incomparable resolve.

Todays incident had explained everything.

If the Snowdrift Clan had truly cared about Xiao Yu, they would not have let her fight against a Law Overlord, who was many times more powerful than her! Though it was just a mock battle, the blood coming from the corner of Xiao Yus mouth and her internal injuries were not fake!

This small matter had exposed everything.

The Skywings were a clan that protected their own, but the Snowdrifts were not! No matter what, Xia Fei had made up his mind! Even if he had to make an enemy of the entire Law Realm, he would take Xiao Yu from this place!

At this thought, Xia Fei suddenly relaxed.

His characteristic crafty smile appeared on his lips, and his Inner Demon condensed further.

Mei Ting was furious.

This old wretch had always believed herself to be elegant and graceful, but after being insulted by Xia Fei, all of that elegance and grace disappeared, revealing the poison underneath!

Gritting her teeth, Mei Ting coldly remarked, “Who do you think you are! You dont have the right to speak here! If you have something to say, then go and find Xia Buyun! Id like to see how he handles this matter!”

It was an excellent use of status! This was enough to stomp Xia Fei to the ground.

After all, Mei Ting was the Snowdrift matriarch, while Xia Fei was just an ordinary member of the Skywing Clan.

Although he had a special status in his clan, the Godwing of his generation and the lone wolf of the wolfpack formation, Xia Fei still did not have the right to represent the Skywings in a talk with another clan head.

Kuzan Feng coldly snorted and said, “Xia Fei, I appreciate your talent, but this girl clearly is a member of the Snowdrift Clan and not someone you can take away on a whim! Are you going to cause another war over this”

An old ginger was spicier than new ginger; and Kuzan Fengs words directly attacked Xia Feis weak point!

Dragging the Skywings into war seemed to be Xia Feis illness.

Last time, because of him, the Skywings had gone crazy and declared war on the Moonwards, and it ultimately led to the entire clan going to war against the Old God Cult and the Primordial Sect.

This incident had made Xia Fei feel extremely grateful but also made him determined to avoid trouble so as not to drag in the other fifty thousand Skywing members.

In the past, Xia Fei had always borne the consequences of his actions alone.

At worst, he would have just started again! Now, his status had changed, and all of the Skywings had to bear the consequences with him!

If things today went wrong, that old monster up there might just declare that he would exterminate the Snowdrifts.

This was something he was completely capable of doing, but Xia Fei did not hope to see this.

He had no reason to drag in his clan because of his personal affairs.


To everyones surprise, Xia Fei loudly laughed.

He stroked his hand across his spatial ring and took out the Demonic Wing Token, which bore his clans insignia.

“The Demonic Wing Token!”

“No way! Is it another war!”

Everyone was stunned, and even Kuzan Feng and Mei Ting felt their blood chilling.

The Demonic Wing Token was far too frightening.

Once it was used, only one side could live!

The Skywings were all crazy, and there was nothing in this universe that they would not be willing to do!

To their surprise, Xia Fei gave the Demonic Wing Token to Brother Gigawolf, who shuddered in fright but still managed to keep his grip on it.

He held onto it as if the thing were a baby, not even daring to breathe too hard.

Everyone was confused and wondered what Xia Fei was doing, but in the spatial ring, Oro had a helpless expression.

It was clear to him that Xia Fei was about to have another one of his bouts of insanity, probably the worst one to date!

Turning his head, Xia Fei sternly said, “Starting from today, I, Xia Fei, voluntarily withdraw from the Skywings.

All my actions have nothing to do with the clan!”


Everyone now understood.

Xia Fei was taking on this problem all by himself, placing the burden of responsibility entirely upon his shoulders!


Hot tears ran down Xiao Yus face.

Having a man who took responsibility was incredibly moving for a woman.

Xia Fei was willing to withdraw from the Skywings for her sake

This affection was heavy, heavier than the heavens!

On the side, sorrow suddenly appeared on Autumn Cicadas aloof and transcendent face.

She was at the age where she would start to think about love, and Xia Fei was where Autumn Cicadas seeds of emotion had first started to sprout.

Though she was unwilling to admit it, Xia Fei truly did have a place in her heart.

The minds of women were difficult to fathom.

At this moment, Autumn Cicada felt like life was boring, for there was no other man in the universe who could be like Xia Fei and treat his woman with such resolution.

Not just Autumn Cicada, all the women present were affected by Xia Feis action and felt a hint of passion in their hearts, surreptitiously paying attention to him.

This seemingly ordinary man seemed to have suddenly grown taller compared to everyone else present!

Farther off was a girl with a dazzled and blank expression.

It was none other than Mu Fuping.

Exchange day was when all the scions of the great clans came to Dragon Ascension, and Mu Fuping was no exception.

Together with her was the old master of the Mu Clan, Mu Qiyun.

Mu Qiyun did not like Xia Fei that much.

He had long ago learned that Xia Fei would be coming to report to Dragon Ascension today, so he had decided to accompany Mu Fuping, afraid that his beloved granddaughter would run into Xia Fei.

His face paled as he patted Mu Fuping on the shoulder, not saying a word.

In truth, Mu Qiyun had already understood his mistake.

He thought that Xia Fei was some madman of an unknown background who had muddled his way into the Skywings, but reality had proven that even if Xia Fei did manage to muddle his way into the Skywings, he fit right in among those lunatics!

In order not to drag down his clan, Xia Fei had verbally renounced them, preferring to stand alone against the powerful Snowdrifts.

In this dangerous Law Realm, numerous people were racking their minds for a way to get into the Skywings, but Xia Fei left it so easily! How many people in the universe were capable of doing this!

Mu Qiyun believed that the future husband for his granddaughter needed to be a genius, at least a Law Overlord, so that they could quickly reach the God Race.

Mu Qiyun himself did not go to the God Race because he could not stop being anxious about Mu Fuping and was worried that he would no longer be able to see his granddaughter.

However, in this aspect, he was wrong again.

Xia Fei was not just a genius but one that other geniuses envied, too!

The one who had advanced to Law Overlord this morning was not Xia Yu, Xia Xing, or Xia Moran but the black horse, Xia Fei!

This advancement speed was even faster than the Law of Speed!

Lastly, Mu Qiyun felt like any candidate for the marriage of his precious granddaughter had to be a righteous person.

In this aspect, he had been incredibly off the mark!

Xia Fei had resolutely thrown away everything for the sake of Xiao Yu, a girl he had come across by chance.

Xia Fei had promised to protect two women.

The first was Avril, and he had done it.

Heedless of the costs, he had absurdly pulled it off, and he promised to do the same for Xiao Yu.

Xia Fei was normally loathe to make promises, but when he did make promises, he would carry them out even if he ended up dead!

There was nothing to be done.

The unreasonable Xia Fei was just infuriatingly stubborn about some things!


Mu Qiyun sighed.

Today, he had seen that Xia Fei met all the conditions to be the groom for his granddaughter, and he had met all the conditions perfectly, too.

Alas, there was one thing that Mu Qiyun had not expected.

Xia Fei, this perfect groom, simply did not have much affection for his own granddaughter.

All these girls were fantasizing and admiring Xia Fei for being a dutiful and responsible man, but Mei Ting and her abnormal mind refused to accept this.

Mei Ting had never loved anyone, and she refused to marry, too.

In her eyes, all men reeked, even though Xia Fei had taken a bath this morning and did not smell at all.

With a mirthless laugh, Mei Ting shook her head.

“If you were with the Skywings, I would be a little afraid, but now that youve left the Skywings, Im even more unwilling to let you take away Xiao Yu.

Thats because you dont have the privilege to negotiate!”

‘What a vicious woman, you talk about status and then you turn around and talk about privilege! No wonder youre never able to get married! Brother Gigawolf mentally grumbled.

“I will take my people away no matter what!” Xia Fei gravely said.

“If its about privilege, will I get the privilege once I kill you”


Mei Tings laugh made ones hair stand on end.

With a sinister smile on her face, she said, “Idiot! You cant kill me.

Plus, even if you do succeed in killing me, youll just make yourself an enemy of the entire Law Realm! Who made you withdraw from the Skywings on your own Without the big tree of the Skywing Clan, youre a nobody!”

Mei Ting rubbed her hands as if she were squashing an ant.

Suddenly, she frowned, for she had found that Xia Fei was completely unmoved by her words.

He grabbed Xiao Yu with one hand and made to leave.

“Anyone who gets in my way dies!”

Xia Feis words were as simple as they could be!


These words had an intimidating effect, and the crowd parted to let him and Xiao Yu through.

Mei Tings face became icy-cold.

She absolutely abhorred Xia Feis arrogant attitude!

Kuzan Feng was also angry over how Xia Fei had wounded the dignity of Dragon Ascension; as for Salem, he was even more positively livid!

“Xia Fei, youre making an enemy of the entire Law Realm, you know!” Kuzan Feng shouted.

“I dont care!” Xia Fei crisply replied.

Kuzan Feng, Mei Ting, and Salem exchanged glances and then the three of them attacked the young man at the same time!

Kuzan Feng was the master of Dragon Ascension, a level 7 Law Overlord, and Mei Ting was the Snowdrift matriarch, a level 5 Law Overlord! As for Heavenly King Salem, he was also a level 5 Law Overlord!

The situation was dangerous!

The Wind Garden.

Xia Zonghai was pulled out of his training chamber by Xia Wuye.

“Wuye, Im training.

Why did you drag me out” Xia Zonghai grumbled.

Xia Zonghai, who had been feeling frustrated over Xia Feis lightning-fast advancement to Law Overlord, was determined to focus all his strength on cultivation.

He was determined not to lose to Xia Fei.

“Your older brother is here,” said Wuye with a smile.

“Xia Guanghai! didnt he go up!” asked Xia Zonghai in shock.

He did not sound too happy to see his older brother.

While all the Skywings were unreasonable to some extent, some were particularly unreasonable.

Xia Fei was one, and Xia Zonghais older brother was another.

It was only when Xia Guanghai had gone off to the God Race that Xia Zonghai was able to escape the sea of suffering and no longer needed to be bullied by his older brother.

Thus, Xia Zonghai shivered when he heard that his brother was back from the God Race.

Going to the front courtyard, Xia Zonghai grimaced as he looked at the scarred man before him.

He asked, “Brother, why are you here”


Xia Guanghai kicked Xia Zonghai in the butt and laughed.

“Take that! I cant believe youd be unhappy meeting your big brother.”

Looking around the Wind Garden, Xia Guanghai sighed.

“The Wind Garden is still the best.

Unfortunately, I cant stay too long.

Hurry up and call over both Xia Tian and Xia Fei.

Im going to take them up.”

“To where” asked Xia Zonghai in confusion.

“What are you even saying To the God Race, of course! Theyre both pretty lucky.

The old undying had personally selected the two of them.

Not even Xia Buyun gets this treatment,” Xia Guanghai spread apart his arms.

“I came down here precisely to pick them up.”

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