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Chapter 838: Instakilling Secluded Mess

The old demon lord suddenly burst into laughter and excitedly said, “Thats right! This old coot is no doubt Secluded Well! Lets go! He already knows that were here.”

Carefully looking around, Xia Fei confirmed that there was no one lying in wait for him before he made his way up to Secluded Wells treehouse.

As for that skinny warrior and his mount, Xia Fei had tossed the two in a large plant containment box, which he kept in his spatial ring.

This plant containment box could provide plant life with the nutrients and sunlight they needed, and a minor adjustment would allow it to keep these living beings alive.

Secluded Well was all smiles as he reached out with a welcoming gesture, “Visitor from afar, why dont you come in and take a seat.”

Xia Fei lowered his head and stepped into Secluded Wells treehouse, only to find the room to have a very low ceiling.

He needed to bend over a little inside when standing up, or else his head would surely hit the ceiling.

Rows upon rows of bookshelves were in the room, and in the center was a mattress that had been woven from plants.

Aside from that, simple snacks and drinks were also displayed but nothing else.

The two sat across from each other on that mattress, with Secluded Well smiling at Xia Fei and the latter carefully examining this clairvoyant he had heard of.

Xia Fei could not tell Secluded Wells age from his face alone.

He was short and squat.

His two hands were very well-maintained and looked as tender as a childs.

He also had two sharp eyes and flowing white hair.

Were he a little skinnier and taller, Secluded Well would completely fit the description of an immortal, wise man.

Secluded Well did not seem to harbor any animosity toward Xia Fei.

“Youre a human.

I believe that you came from the faraway White Horse Constellation”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Youre a clairvoyant, so you must know of my past already.

Why bother asking”

Secluded Well was at first surprised to hear Xia Feis retort, but he soon burst into laughter.

“A clairvoyant is no more than someone who makes slightly accurate predictions based on the situation at the time.

If I could truly see into the future, then that would make me a god.

“After living for so many years in the Secluded Springs, I have become familiar with every tree and grass blade in this place.

Spirits inhibit these plants.

No matter how skilled you are in terms of your physical agility, theres no way you can escape the eyes of nature, and I just happened to belong to the Wood Sprite species.”

The old demon lord had already told Xia Fei about Secluded Well being a Wood Sprite while they were making their way over.

The Wood Sprites were a special species with a small population and long lives.

They developed very slowly.

Other species would consider an adolescent if they reached their teens.

As for the Wood Sprites, they would be considered that after hundreds of years, their lives spanning for tens of thousands of years.

This was why Oro could recognize Secluded Well despite it having been over ten thousand years since their last meeting, and this was also why the clairvoyant was still alive even now.

Aside from the very long lifespan and ability to communicate with the plants and trees, Wood Sprites were rather good when it came to predictions.

No one knew if the Wood Sprites could do so by relying on their nature affinity or if they were truly capable of peering into the future.

It was just that Wood Sprites had always been able to make predictions of the future very accurately.

This had always been a secret of the Wood Sprites, and as a senior Wood Sprite, Secluded Well was of course all the more proficient in the art of clairvoyance.

The greatest weakness of Wood Sprites was the fact that they were unable to cultivate law completely.

They were living in the Law Realm but were unable to master any law power.

They were a group of very special individuals.

The corners of Xia Feis lips curled as he flashed a strange smile.

“What a flawless execution of slowing down the enemy; you know that you couldnt completely stop me, so you pretended to invite me into your home, while you secretly called for reinforcement.

I believe that with the current speed of the reinforcement, they should arrive in a handful of minutes.”

Still smiling, Xia Fei coldly asked, “Clairvoyant, you should more or less predict just what calamity will befall after, right”

Secluded Well was startled, his rosy cheeks draining of color.

Xia Fei was not mistaken in the least! At this very moment, Law Overlord Secluded Chaos and Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt, along with their men, were still several minutes away!

The Wood Sprites could indeed communicate with nature, but it was not without its limitations.

By the time Secluded Well picked up on Xia Feis tracks, it had already been too late.

Even if he got on a Demon Chrysalis, there would be no way for him to hide from Xia Fei.

This was why Secluded Well had appeared completely unperturbed by his arrival, luring Xia Fei into his treehouse while seeking assistance from his comrades.

No doubt Secluded Well was brave, and his little scheme was decent, but a pity that Xia Fei had always been a cautious man.

He always left an impermissible trace of spatial boundaries wherever he went.

This way, Xia Fei could find his way back and also prevent enemies from secretly surrounding him to ambush him from behind.

At that moment, those boundaries had finally come in handy.

Xia Fei immediately became aware of the predicament that he was in the instant those Secluded got near him.

Sweat dripped down Secluded Wells forehead as he cried, “Impossible! I actually failed to see through you Thats impossible.

This was the first time Ive actually failed to get a good read of someones future! Why was that!”


Xia Fei lifted Secluded Well with one hand as he pulled out a suit of old-fashioned war armor from his spatial ring and put it on the Wood Sprite.

He did this to prevent his superfast speed from causing Secluded Well any injuries.

Going in the opposite direction, Xia Fei quickly beat a hasty retreat at a speed well over four hundred thousand meters per second! He was thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye!


Xia Fei tossed Clairvoyant Secluded Well on the ground and nicked his left ear with the Blood Crystal.

It was the barest of cut, yet it was enough to cause the Wood Sprites ear to shatter like porcelain!

Secluded Well, who had no martial arts prowess to speak of, loudly cried in pain.

The loss of energy he had just experienced caused his heart to shudder immensely!

“Everything comes with a price, and thats the price for trying to trick me!” Xia Fei uttered emotionlessly.

“Tell me everything you know about the Cosmic Gate and the Ark!”


Secluded Wells eyes went wide as his voice croaked with a hint of hesitation.

However, this one second of hesitation only got Xia Fei to chop off the Wood Sprites right pinky finger!

Xia Fei knew very well just how clever Secluded Well was, and when dealing with a smart enemy like this, the best method was to keep up a constant pressure and make them lose their ability to think!

He would never give this clever man the chance to think, for once that happened, Secluded Well may very well start concocting lies to Xia Fei, and lies were something he detested the most.

Secluded Well was on the verge of collapse! Xia Fei was truly being barbaric to a wise man like him! Be it physically or mentally, Xia Feis relentless probing gave Secluded Well immense pressure.

Oro originally wanted to reproach Xia Fei for being too harsh in his methods but decided against this after giving it some thought.

While Xia Feis method was indeed a little vicious, it was indubitably the most effective way of dealing with an enemy with high intellect.

The moment a smart person lost their cool, they would hardly differ from an idiot.

Sure enough, Secluded Well, who was on the verge of losing his sanity, reached his tipping point as fear tightly gripped his heart.

“The Ark is a name used by the God Race, but the Demon Race call it the Lifeboat.

Legend has it that theres absolutely no life in this universe, and its the Ark passing through the Cosmic Gate that brought life to our universe!”

Xia Fei was stunned.

The Ark was actually the origin of life This was an idea that he had not once thought of.

If the Ark had truly brought life, then it meant that the origin of life had come… from beyond the Cosmic Gate!

“Then is this Ark still around, or is it parked in some place” Xia Fei asked sternly.

Before Secluded Well could reply, something strange suddenly occurred!

He saw as two black figures appeared at Xia Feis two sides extremely fast, sealing off his path!

The newcomers were a black fatty and an old man with a dour face.

Both were two of the six kings of the Secluded Springs, Law Overlord Secluded Mess and Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt!

‘So soon! Xia Fei was in shock.

He had a strong suspicion that Secluded Springs was hiding some shortcut, which allowed for quick travel.

Otherwise, there would be no way for the two to have appeared so soon, catching up to him in less than a minute!

The appearance of these two Law Overlords immediately turned the situation on its head! Xia Fei was in trouble now!

“Here I was wondering just who had abducted our Lord Clairvoyant.

To think its some insignificant grunt of the God Race.” The black and fat Secluded Mess snorted in disdain after seeing Xia Fei.

“I thought that its an accomplice of those d*mn lions, which would at least give me some pause, but all we have here is some weak human.”

Before Xia Fei could react to the words, Oros eyes lit up in rage.

The Lionhearts hated hearing others call themd*mn lions, and Secluded Mess had unwittingly committed a huge taboo.

Secluded Mess was a Kerry, which enjoyed a very prestigious position in the Demon Race.

They were more or less on par with Oros Lionhearts, so of course he had no love for the humans from the God Race.

Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt wrinkled his brows slightly.

Secluded Messs words sounded as if he was looking down on the God Race, and he happened to be from the God Race.

Secluded Messs two eyes widened to the size of bronze bells as he pointed at Xia Fei with one hand, bellowing, “Youve already been surrounded, twerp! If you dont wanna die, youd better hand over Lord Clairvoyant! Crawl under me next, and then perhaps if my good improves, this old granddad can let you off!”

Secluded Mess pointed down at his pants as he widened his stance, laughing boisterously.

“Lord Clairvoyant.

you got careless! I told you not to live separate from the group, but you simply refused to listen.

See how youve been held hostage by someone!”

It was evident that Secluded Mess was an arrogant knucklehead, goading Xia Fei with his words while also insulting one of the Secluded Springs six kings.

Secluded Well merely huffed and did not say a word.

He had no choice.

He had to depend on them to save his life in the current situation, so all he could do was begrudgingly endure this.

Unexpectedly, Secluded Well did not only settle for insulting but was also rather naggy.

He prattled on and off, not holding anything back with his flippant words.

Even the Super Law Overlords expression turned slightly ghastly, sighing in resignation.


Xia Fei promptly accelerated sans a warning and charged right at Secluded Mess!

Secluded Hunt was in the middle of using his two hands to rub his temples in annoyance at the moment, for he was truly feeling rather resentful of Secluded Messs tirade.

It was this brief second of distraction that Xia Fei had grasped!

Xia Fei held Secluded Well with one hand, and one swing of his arm turned the latter into a human cannonball as he was flung out!

“You want him Take him!”

Xia Fei shouted as he lowered his form and went hurtling right behind Secluded Well.

Secluded Mess was a blockhead with martial arts prowess but no brains to speak of; at that moment, his brain shortcircuited! He had no idea whether he should catch Secluded Well or take care of Xia Fei first!

Speed was king on the battlefield!

How could the slightest of hesitation exist during battle This was especially true when facing a high speed warrior like Xia Fei!


Peacock Blue and Xia Fei coordinated with each other flawlessly.

That slight hesitation of Secluded Mess was not just a chance for Xia Fei but was also an opportunity for Peacock Blue!

Five large grass blades suddenly sprouted from the ground and tightly coiled around Secluded Hunt!


A blood-red dagger flashed, plunging directly into the chest of Law Overlord Secluded Mess!

Level 3 Law Overlord Secluded Mess was, thus, insta-killed!

A true warrior would never underestimate their opponent; Secluded Mess happened to have made this fatal mistake!

He had no idea that he was facing a Skywing!

The sharpest and most fiendish blade of the God Race!

A true lethal weapon!

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