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Chapter 833: Breaking into Dark Space!

“For it to require so many high-level warriors, just where exactly is that Secluded Springs were heading off to!” Xia Fei exclaimed.

The old demon lord answered with a strange laugh, “Well, its not any place good.”

“Also, what of that Secluded Well who lives in the Secluded Springs,” Xia Fei asked again.

“Hes no good, either,” Oro replied with a shrug.

Xia Fei was left speechless.

Oro had only told him to search for someone called Secluded Well in Secluded Springs, but he had never mentioned just what kind of place the Secluded Springs was.

Now, Xia Fei finally understood why Heathfield showed a moments hesitation when he heard the name of Secluded Springs.

From the fact that he was mobilizing a hundred top-tier warriors of the Lionheart Royalty, he could easily tell that the Secluded Springs was a very dangerous location!

After having done everything he needed, Heathfield let out a long sigh and came to Xia Feis side.

With a single knee on the ground, he said sincerely, “The arrangements are complete.

The moment the warriors from the Black Lions Regiment arrive, you may set off immediately.”

Xia Fei extended his hand out as per Oros instructions, letting Heathfield kiss his ring.

This etiquette was like the ancient knights ceremony.

There was no need to mention just how animated Heathfields face looked, almost as if he had been given a great boon.

The muscles all over his body shuddered nonstop; in fact, it was a good thing that he did not faint from the bliss he felt.

Xia Fei quietly kept the ring.

Heathfield acted very exaggeratedly when it came to this thing, and as someone who was used to leading a very simple life, Xia Fei felt very unaccustomed toward all this.

After all, with the ring on, Xia Fei was Oros herald, but if he kept it, they could speak like equals.

Quickly helping Heathfield up to his feet, Xia Fei sheepishly said, “Thank you for that.

I will report what happened matter-of-factly.

Im sure that youve spent quite a lot of points getting me the Black Lions Regiment as backup.”

Xia Feis words revealed that he had the ability to contact Oro secretly, so Heathfield became even more respectful toward Xia Fei, hurriedly saying, “Those points were accumulated all for serving the royalty.

To have been able to—”

Upon saying this, Heathfield suddenly shuddered.

Though Xia Fei did not tell him to keep the matter a secret, even a fool would know that this was no small matter.

He nearly uttered the words of his emperor just now, and though it was not a big deal, Heathfield was afraid of leaving Xia Fei an impression of him being undependable.

If Xia Fei spoke of the impression he gave to Oro, Heathfield would surely be in trouble.

Thus, Heathfield caught himself in time and changed his wording.

“To have aided you in this matter is my greatest honor.

I only wish I have accumulated even more points; its only appropriate for me to mobilize the entire Black Lions Regiment for this matter.”

Xia Fei smiled.

“From what I know, the Black Lions Regiment only has three hundred members, so since you have mobilized them all, it will surely draw attention from all sides, and that will work against us, instead.”

Heathfield was startled.

The Black Lions were the Lionheart Royaltys secret regiment, their ultimate trump card.

For Xia Fei to know the headcount of the regiment itself only further confirmed that he had Oros trust!

He was looking at Xia Fei, bright-eyed as he softly mentioned, “Its true that the Black Lions Regiment had a total of three hundred members, but that was in the past.

Weve since doubled the numbers, reaching the size of six hundred.”

“Oh, so I see! Ill be sure to report this thusly as well,” Xia Fei said as a pretence.

Actually, there was no need for Xia Fei to report anything.

The emperor of the Lionhearts, who had been sitting in Xia Feis spatial ring this entire time, could clearly hear every word exchanged.

Furthermore, the relationship that the emperor shared with Xia Fei was nothing like what Heathfield imagined.

The current situation was more like Oro calling Xia Fei his fellow brother, wanting the latter to kill him, but Xia Fei always refusing to do so.

If any of the Lionhearts learned the sort of relationship Oro and Xia Fei shared, they would surely die from vomiting blood!

Xia Fei was probably the only person who would dare do something like taking a major clans emperor, tossing him in a spatial ring, and getting him to be an aide, even throwing some insults his way from time to time,

“The way to Secluded Springs is dangerous.

Shall I leave you with two Great Law Emperors that I have by my side for protection Theyre my most trusted confidants, and therell surely be no problems with that arrangement,” Heathfield continued to curry favor with Xia Fei ardently.

Xia Fei waved his hand.

“Sorry, Im the skeptical type; I also dont much enjoy relying on others.

Aside from Chen Dong, theres no one on your side whom I will trust.”

Heathfield quickly replied, “Chen Dongs currently cultivating hard with the royalty.

Ill invite him over right away.”

This was truly a case of when someone got elevated, even their acquaintance would rise to prominence.

Logically speaking, Chen Dong was Heathfileds subordinate, so there was no need for any invitation, and a single order would be enough.

However, it was not Chen Dongs status that had changed but Xia Feis, instead.

Heathfield now treated Xia Fei as his clan emperors herald, and so a friend of Xia Feis would of course rise in status by association.

It was very likely that Chen Dong would receive Heathfields fullest support and care from here on out, with a bright future ahead as he rose through the ranks.

Xia Fei was very pleased with Heathfields series of actions.

When he was at his most troubled time, Chen Dong had not hesitated to lend him a hand, and this was a friendship that Xia Fei would forever remember.

Though Chen Dong was a martial fanatic through and through, someone who knew nothing much beyond fighting and cultivating techniques, Xia Fei valued him more for his loyalty compared to his other traits.

Loyalty was forever the most important aspect of his personality, considering just how many backstabbers there were in this universe that he had to be on guard against.

With that thought, Xia Fei commented, “So the reason why I havent been able to contact him all this time is that hes gone off on secluded cultivation, isolating himself from the outside world.

Its better not bother him then; just do me a favor and send this over to him on my behalf.”

With that said, Xia Fei took out the elite war armor from the Demon Race, Enigmatic Autumn Sun.

Out of all his friends, Chen Dong was the only one with the Demon Race, so he would naturally be able to make the best use of this armor gifted to him.

Heathfield took the armor and was mildly surprised.

He could easily tell the quality of Enigmatic Autumn Sun with his two eyes; it was definitely a precious treasure worth quite a lot!

After being given a few more details, Heathfield left the room to oversee the necessary arrangements for Xia Feis journey to the Secluded Springs personally.

The old demon lord sighed just as Heathfield departed.

“Youre too cunning.”

“What” asked Xia Fei innocently.

“Dont think I cant tell that you intentionally mentioned Chen Dong, even giving my grandson a suit of armor to hand over to that lad.

Youre evidently telling Heathfield that Chen Dongs also under my wing and that he should protect him no matter what.”

Xia Fei smiled, not denying his words.

“Thats right.

Its indeed my intention.

Im not the sort to think that theres anything wrong with taking care of my own people.

I was just using your name a little; dont be too petty.”


Quietly, the atmosphere in Heathfields compound had become a lot more tense.

A hundred Law Emperors had appeared at the same time, each and every one of them adorned with the same type of black armor.

They looked absolutely dashing and imposing, and with Lionheart Royaltys over three meters tall body frame, this platoon of warriors looked all the more striking.

Xia Fei changed into standard Demon Race war armor and wore it over his Monohorn Ogre.

This was the Demon Race territory, after all; wearing war armor made by the God Races Fig Corporation so openly would surely be a bad idea.

A troop of men followed Heathfield and arrived at the backyard.

Furthermore, Heathfields private residence had been so heavily barricaded that even a fly would be unable to make it inside.

Heathfield waved his arm grandly, and the backyard covered in flora split into two, revealing a set of stairs leading underground, which the platoon silently used to travel downward.

Xia Fei was puzzled.

Could the Secluded Springs be underground

He was a lot smaller in size compared to these big Lionheart warriors, which made him stand out amid the towering figures.

However, these warriors showed extremely high team literacy.

No one so much as looked in Xia Feis direction or even spared him a single glance.

All of them kept their sights straight ahead as they advanced onward.

Xia Fei did a head count.

With the one hundred Law Emperors from the Black Lions Regiment, as well as Heathfield and his three personal guards, there were a hundred five warriors at the Law Emperor cultivation and higher present! Furthermore, the two squad leaders following closely behind Heathfield may even be Law Overlords!

This was a terrifying gathering of strength! It was enough to rival the combined forces of two major clans from White Horse Constellation!

After all, the Lionhearts were not a family clan but an entire species! Their population far surpassed mankind!

If humans had thirty thousand Law Emperors, then the Lionhearts may very well have over fifty thousand! Mobilizing so many experts in this manner was surely not an issue to them.

After walking for a short distance, they reached a large hall three hundred meters in height and ten miles in width.

Heathfield gave a slight nod to signal the troops to stop before proceeding to give the two Law Overlords some instructions.

These two squad leaders from the Black Lions Regiment hesitated for a moment before they waved their arms, getting everyone to back away and to give them some space.




These two Law Overlords both tore at each side and actually forcibly created an opening, revealing a dark world beyond!

The Dark Space!

Xia Feis heart palpitated rapidly.

He could tell at a single glance that this was a spatial channel tear leading to the dangerous Dark Space!

When he was with the Yu family, Xia Fei had once been dragged into Dark Space and even gotten into an intense fight with a Demon Chrysalis.

In the end, it was all thanks to his maddog-like perseverance, a dash of ingenuity and luck, that he managed to escape from the dangerous Dark Space.


The moment the Dark Space was opened, the black whole seemed to pull the air from every direction toward it.

Fortunately, Law Isolation barriers had already been erected in the hall so it was able to withstand this powerful suction.

Also, since the weakest warrior was at least of the Law Emperor cultivation, no one got dragged into the Dark Space.

Xia Fei finally understood why Heathfield had chosen such a place.

It turned out that the place they were heading to was inside the Dark Space! It was a location where chaos and disorder reigned!

“Whats going on! Could the Secluded Springs be inside this Dark Space” Xia Fei exclaimed in astonishment.

A cold gleam flashed across Oros two eyes as he answered in a grave voice, “Thats right.

You got it right.”

That was when Heathfield quietly took out a metal horn, which looked like a conch, and lightly blew twice toward the entrance of the Dark Space.

Xia Fei cocked his ears to hear the sound, only to realize that the frequency emitted by the metal horn was imperceptible to human ears, seemingly calling for something else.

Everyone continued to wait.

Aside from the sound of heavy breathing, no one else made any sound whatsoever.

Everything was as quiet as a silent night.

Several minutes later, Heathfield waved his arm and dashed right into the Dark Space!

Those Lionheart warriors had also followed Heathfields footsteps and had gone right in.

Xia Fei gritted his teeth as he approached the entrance to the Dark Space.

The tip of his toes tapped the ground and his body got sucked in.

Only darkness could be seen within the Dark Space in every direction.

Xia Fei only felt his feet finding no solid purchase as if he were floating in space.

The sound of the war armors night vision and life support systems coming to life could be heard.

Several seconds later, Xia Fei looked carefully around inside the Dark Space and was abruptly stunned!

“What is this!” Xia Fei asked anxiously, his eyes widening in disbelief.

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