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Chapter 803: Skywing Clan got tricked!

“Are you two from the Moonward Clan! Youre also the ones who bought the Immemorial Mystical Armament, Rending Yang Fire! Speak: Just what are you Moonwards plotting!” Xia Fei growled.

The defensive technique that the Law Emperor had used just now was very common in the Law Realm, and many Law Adepts used that, but the counterattack he had prepared with his two hands was the Spatial Compaction technique unique to the Moonward Clan!

As they were his enemies, Xia Fei had caught onto this sign and identified these two individuals as experts from aforementioned clan.

Upon closer inspection, he even recognized the man behind him as the very same person who had bought the Immemorial Mystical Armament, Rending Yang Fire, from Boundless Heaven Trading Association!

After the auction ended, everyone needed to do the handover, and it was also at this time when Xia Fei inadvertently spotted him, the one who spent three million two hundred thousand grade 5 Origin Crystals just to buy Rending Yang Fire!

Though the man was wearing a mask and in armor today, Xia Fei was still able to identify him with his perceptive eyes!

The Moonward Clan had already withdrawn from the White Horse Constellation, yet they still participated in the auction to get their hands on both the Law of Time and the Immemorial Mystical Armament.

This fact caused Xia Feis anger to boil inside him.

Something must be afoot when a situation was this abnormal.

He was convinced that there was a scheme in play!

“So you really are Xia Fei.” The final Law Emperor had been trapped by both Peacock Blue and Furball.

Once Xia Fei used the treasures he had on him, this person immediately verified his identity as Xia Fei!

It was, instead, that man who was already dead that had the keener eyes.

The Blood Crystal had already been improved, and its appearance was somewhat different from before, yet it was still identified at a single glance by him.

It was most likely because of the sinister aura and strange color it had; these were traits hidden beneath the low-key appearance of the Blood Crystal, and anyone astute could recognize Xia Feis weapon instantly through that.

Furiosity surged when enemies met.

Xia Fei lifted the Blood Crystal and hovered it on the surviving Law Emperors throat.

He threatened menacingly, “The Moonward Clan has already been forced out of the Law Realm.

Why are you appearing here now!”

“Which eye of yours is telling you that were in the Law Realm” that Moonward Law Emperor retorted.

Xia Fei froze.

He was presently in the Exiled Grounds, and it was true that it did not count as part of the Law Realm.

Could the Moonwards have not left Instead, they opted to loom around the borders, brewing a conspiracy as they lay in wait.

His nasty and resentful gaze caused Xia Fei to be on guard.

After learning of his identity, the man bared his teeth in defiance.

It was almost as if he was trying to provoke the simmering anger in Xia Fei!


With a simple swipe of the Blood Crystal, Xia Fei pried off the mans mask and saw a youthful face.

Xia Fei had not seen this person during the war between Skywings and Moonwards, so he must be a newly promoted Law Emperor from the latter side.

This was why he had been ordered to participate in the auction at Boundless Heaven Trading Association.

After all, not many would recognize a fresh face like his.


The Blood Crystal drew a thin cut across this mans face, slowly devouring the energy from his body.

After a few more slashes, that face turned old and his lifeforce rapidly left him.

“Whats going on with the Pink Devils mercenary group Why have you all spent such an astronomical sum to acquire Rending Yang Fire” Xia Fei pressed with a stern look on his face.


This person burst into laughter, without a hint of fear in him.

He spat venomously, “You Skywings are doomed this time! A blood debt must be paid in blood! You can forget about learning any information from me even if you kill me!”

Xia Fei frowned.

The old demon lord said to Xia Feis ears, “Hes trying to goad you! Dont kill him; bring him back and hand him off to your fellow clansmen.

After all, this isnt your problem alone but something that impacts the whole Skywing Clan, too!”

Xia Fei nodded.

As one of the oldest clans in the Law Realm, the Skywings must surely have a way to make this man talk.

He had no choice in this!

Xia Fei took out his spatial compass and was about to turn it on when a great explosion came from afar, almost as if a grand battle was unfolding near him!


A black figure flashed right past him.

This person suddenly turned around the moment he arrived at Xia Feis side, and their their eyes met.

“Xia Ling,” Xia Fei was stunned when he recognized this person as a fellow clansman, exclaiming loudly, “why are you here, too!”

Xia Ling, one of the Skywing Clans forty Law Emperors, was at level 3.

He was a well-known prospector in their clan and even the entire White Horse Constellation.

He was passionate about finding rare mineral veins and scouring the universe for secrets.

Free and whimsical was the nature of the Skywings, and in fact, there were many prospectors like Xia Ling in the clan.

Xia Fei and Xia Ling had gotten acquainted with each other when they were at war with the Moonward Clan last time.

The latter had even given the former a piece of precious Goldscale ore as a gift, so the two had shared a decent friendship with each other ever since.

Xia Ling was even more surprised than Xia Fei, asking in bewilderment, “I was about to ask you the same thing! Whos this person”

“Hes someone from the Moonward Clan whom I caught secretly watching the base of the Pink Devils,” Xia Fei explained in a hurry.

He saw the complexion of Xia Ling turning extremely pale, and then his gaze turned to that of shock.

“I was also on the hunt for a Moonward Law Emperor and got lured here, but before I could even make sense of the situation, I got surrounded by a pack of baldies!” Xia Ling blurted out in surprise.

Xia Fei was a little confused.

He had turned up to the Exiled Grounds while tracking the whereabouts of the Law of Time, only to bump into these two warriors from the Moonward Clan.

How then did Xia Ling end up in the same situation as he did Could this all be part of a ploy!


Before Xia Fei could unravel this mess, he heard another explosion ringing to the high heavens!

Someone had unleashed a fierce assault on him and Xia Ling!

When the law force of both the Law of Space and the Law of Primal Chaos clashed, the hill they were on was instantly leveled!

Xia Fei and Xia Ling managed to escape from the resulting explosion thanks to their superspeed.

Xia Fei had even remembered to grab that Moonward Law Emperor along with him.

The situation was too strange, and he needed to make this man spill the beans to make sense of everything!

In the blink of an eye, both Xia Fei and Xia Ling had traveled over a hundred miles away before they convened again, with the latter staring at who Xia Fei was holding.

“Why did you end up killing him!”

Xia Fei looked down and saw white froth foaming out from the mouth of the Moonward Law Emperor, no longer breathing.


The Blood Crystal pried open his armor, and Xia Fei squatted to inspect the dead body.

After some time, he rumbled in a deep voice, “Suicide! He killed himself!”

“What! H-How could that be!” Xia Ling sputtered in his panic.


All of a sudden, a bestial bellow sounded from beside them, and they saw two bald men appearing with an instantaneous movement technique through the Law of Space.

They had caught up to Xia Fei and Xia Ling, each with the image of a goddess tattooed on their scalps, and glared fiercely at them!

“These are men from the Old God Cult!” Xia Fei said to Xia Ling.

Xia Ling replied, “I know that.

What I dont understand is why theyre suddenly attacking me!”

There were seven of these bald men who had arrived at this point.

Xia Fei and Xia Ling were both surrounded.

A man with a ferocious mug took a step forward and pointed at both Xia Fei and Xia Ling with one hand as he exhorted, “Law of Speed! You are from the Skywing Clan!”

Xia Ling stared back with a steely gaze as he proudly proclaimed, “I am Law Emperor Xia Ling of the Skywing Clan! Why do the men of the Old God Cult daring attack me”


A series of mocking laughter rang from that bald man as he cried, “Someone told us that its the Skywings who desecrated our Old God Cult shrine and painted it in blood! I didnt believe that claim back then, but now it looks like its really the case.

The Skywing Clan is truly the culprit!”

“What nonsense!” As a Skywing, Xia Ling also had his inner demon.

He immediately dismissed this statement the moment he heard it.

“The Skywing Clan isnt just talk; if we plan to exterminate the Old God Cult, then we wont hesitate to leave any survivors! Youd all have long been dead if we were the perpetrators!” Xia Ling barked back with narrowed eyes.

Xia Fei felt that something was amiss, which was why he hurriedly got up and asked with a furrowed brows, “Was it the Moonward Clan who told you that the Skywings did it That were the killers!”

The bald man was slightly taken aback but soon hissed through gritted teeth, “Its none of your business who gave us this information! In any case, we came here today to avenge our fallen brothers, only to discover that you Skywings have been colluding with the men from Pink Devils mercenary group! The truth couldnt be any clearer! Even if you didnt do it with your own two hands, you all mustve hired the Pink Devils to do the dirty work for you!

“This is a blood vengeance! We of the Old God Cult shall fight to the death with the Skywings!” Green veins throbbed on that bald mans forehead as he bellowed, “Dont think that the Old God Cult is afraid just because youre the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade! Today, youll know the might of the Old God Cult!”

Xia Feis expression turned dark.

He turned around to ask Xia Ling, “Did you come into contact with the Pink Devils just now”

Xia Ling nodded as he casually answered, “I discovered a Moonward Law Emperor and felt hes being suspicious, so I chased after him to here.

In the end, he disguised himself and mixed into the Pink Devils base, so I followed him as well.

I immediately lost sight of him upon entry, only to be surrounded by this bunch of baldies! Its really so frustrating!”

Xia Fei was shocked.

It was obvious now that Xia Ling had fallen for a scheme set up by the Moonward Clan.

He had been tricked! Furthermore, he had also haphazardly stumbled into this scheme by accident!

Presently, the Old God Cult had determined that the Skywing Clan was in cahoots with the Pink Devils and both parties were the ones responsible for the massacre of the Old God Cult.

There was no way for them to prove their innocence now!

“We of the Old God Cult have never held any grudge or grievances against the Skywings, yet youve brought ruin to us, all for the sake of stealing Immemorial Mystical Armament Wolf Butcher Blaze from us! Youre really too much! The Skywing Clan is now the mortal enemy of the Old God Cult!” yelled the bald man.

“Wolf Butcher Blaze The Wolf Butcher Blaze of the Five Flames of Lux Gloria!” Xia Fei was extremely astonished.

“What are you acting so shocked for As the perpetrators, the Skywings intentions are very clear!”

This matter was beginning to become even more complex.

It turned out that the Moonward Clan had directed the Pink Devils to massacre the Old God Cult, not for the Law of Time, but the Immemorial Mystical Armament, Wolf Butcher Blaze!

The Rending Yang Fire, Fire of Sorrow, Fire of Linked Sound, Wolf Butcher Blaze, and Empty Valley Conflagration were known as the Five Flames of Lux Gloria, the fire-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments.

The Moonward Clan had gotten their hands on the Rending Yang Fire through the auction and had now snatched Wolf Butcher Blaze from the Old God Cult.

They had obtained two of these powerful weapons and even managed to shift the blame to the Skywings!

If this was not a scheme, then what else would it be!

The space around them suddenly became messy, as figures began to appear one by one.

Each and every one of them was bald, bearing the image of their goddess on their scalp.

It did not take long for thirty-over people to gather! The weakest among them had at least reached Law Emperor cultivation!

To have mobilized so many experts without so much as batting an eyelid… It appeared that the strength of the Old God Cult was far greater than what others had presumed!

Worse was the fact that these cultists, who were notorious in the Law Realm, had already targeted Xia Fei and everyone in the Skywing Clan for that attack!

“The Pink Devils have already been wiped out! While thats happening, a Skywing Law Emperor rushed over from out of nowhere.

Its too bad that his speed is far too fast, so none of us could catch up to him.” The Old God Cults Law Emperors who had just arrived reported to that barrel-chested bald man who had been speaking this whole time.

With that said, the gaze from all thirty-seven Law Emperors and stronger experts of the Old God Cult turned malevolent as they stared fixedly at Xia Fei and Xia Ling.

The fight was about to break out at any moment!

“Theres another fellow clansman nearby!” Xia Fei laughed bitterly when he overheard the report.

It sounded as if it was not just Xia Ling who had been tricked.

Without a doubt, this was a conspiracy that had been planned for a long time!

With a swipe of his finger over his spatial ring, the Demonic Wing Token appeared once more!

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