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Chapter 764: Two Corpses!

The Blackscaled Axeblades cave had all kinds of strange stones.

Xia Fei walked around this cavern, initially paying no attention to the stone in the center of the cave, but when he looked carefully, he realized that it was two people!


It really was two people, their weapons stabbed into each others throats, their owners having taken down each other.

Their eyes were red, and they seemed to be locked in a desperate struggle.

They proudly stood there, even now exuding savagery and arrogance, proving that old saying:True warriors can only die standing!

“Such a domineering aura! What proud warriors!” Xia Fei sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly went forward to investigate.

Oro also felt admiration for these unbending warriors.

He sighed.

“These should be top-class warriors from the two peak races.

After easily overcoming all other opposition, they finally killed each other.

“Look there, their armors still bear their clan insignias.

The passage of time has caused both of their bodies to become rigid, but their bodies remain, allowing you to see the heroic postures they had before their deaths!”

Xia Fei nodded.

He had always felt respect and reverence for brave and heroic warriors.

He circled around the two corpses and said, “I get it now.

In life, they absorbed too much Origin Energy, causing their bones and muscles to be very different from other sapient lifeforms.

Look here, their bodies have a jewel-like luster that could weather the ravages of time without withering away.

This is probably the reason why they are still here.”

Oro replied, “It seems that these two corpses were Sezsnys goal.

That monster must be protecting one of these people.

The one on the left has five fingers snapped off, while the one on the right is missing only a middle finger.

“The wound is recent, so this was probably done by Sezsny.

While everyone else was distracted, he snapped off this warriors middle finger, taking his spatial ring!”

Xia Fei was somewhat frustrated.

From their equipment and their heroic posture, he could tell that these two warriors had been people of considerable status.

There was no telling what treasures were contained in that ring.

Oro looked around and said, “Their armor and weapons are also top grade items.

Why did Sezsny only take the ring and not the weapons”

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Their look to be rather quality items, to still look brand-new even after all this time.”

With that said, Xia Fei reached to grab the crescent saber held by one of the warriors, but as soon as he touched it, the saber shattered!

“It broke! It seems that what happened between these warriors isnt as simple as it seems.

I dont know how they were fighting, but it seems like even their high-quality armor and weapons couldnt withstand their powerful law forces.

Only the outer shells of the armor and weapons remain preserved.

The insides are already completely destroyed!” Xia Fei called out in alarm.

“What sort of law is this That would result in the two perishing together and cause their weapons to lose their luster!”

Oro fell silent, an idea coming to mind.

After a few seconds, Oro said, “I think that it might be the Law of Time.”

“The Law of Time!” Xia Fei was flabbergasted.

The Law of Time was the strongest law force of the God Race, the most enigmatic law that had gone missing! These two warriors bringing each other down because of a forced usage of the Law of Time made sense.

They undoubtedly were extremely high ranked, so Xia Fei did not believe that a simple clash of weapons was enough to create such severe consequences.

Oro sternly said, “They both seem very young.

If you only look at their faces, theyre in their twenties, but since warriors in the Law Realm have very young lives, its not strange for people in their hundreds to look like theyre very young.

Still, if you consider their armor and weapons, everything will make sense.

“They returned to their youths because of the time reversal effect from the Law of Time.

Youth doesnt just mean hope.

It also means that one has yet to cultivate to the apex! This is why they stabbed each other in the throat and died.

If not for time reversal, this level of attack shouldve never been able to hurt them!

“Also, look at their weapons.

The divine weapons became so fragile because of time reversal.

These supreme weapons were forcibly brought back to their primitive states, back when they were still not fully forged!”

Xia Fei was enlightened.

He hurriedly said, “I get it! Divine weapons are meticulously forged by master artificers, and before this forging, divine weapons are just tough weapons of high quality.

Since theyre not divine weapons anymore, they cant withstand the erosion of tens of thousands of years.

Thus, the moment I touched that saber, it shattered easily, for theyre now even more fragile than the bodies of these warriors!”

Oro nodded in satisfaction.

“Thats exactly it.

In their mortal struggle, the two used the Law of Time, causing their bodies and weapons to devolve rapidly.

In the end, they killed each other.”

Xia Fei picked up where he left off.

“Sezsny didnt take their armor and weapons because he knew that they had been destroyed by the Law of Time.

These divine weapons only have their outer shells now.

Like embroidered pillows, theyre here to be admired, not to be used.

The spatial ring is different.

The items stored in the ring are actually stored in a different space, so theyll always be perfectly intact no matter what happens!”

Xia Fei and Oro finally completed their analysis on the cause of death of these two mysterious warriors, and both of them exhaled.

“The Law of Time is so formidable, sending top-class warriors back to their youths and destroying their weapons in a single move! Still, cant this sort of law power also be able to turn a child into a doddering elder, robbing one of their youth and life” Xia Fei, who had developed an even deeper understanding of the Law of Time, was astonished by this newfound knowledge.

Oro nodded and sternly said, “Thats right.

Those who cultivate the Law of Time possess heaven-defying combat strength.

It wont be the slightest exaggeration to say that despite the two races having their own set of Three Great Laws each, only the Law of Life and Time that the God and Demon Race respectively possess could be called top tier laws! In front of them, be it the Law of Darkness or Law of Space, either would be considered inferior by comparison.

“Fortunately, both of the races lost their heaven-defying laws at the same time.

If only one side had lost their strongest law power, the Law Realm would have been united long ago.

Oro paused and then continued, “Of course, that trick youre using to destroy other law power is also very good.

I wonder what sort of law it is a branch of that its so powerful…”

He glanced at Xia Fei.

This was not Oros first time asking about the Law of Primal Chaos.

Anyone would find themselves curious over this strange power that seemed to specialize in destroying other laws.

Naturally, Xia Fei refused to divulge anything about it.

In truth, he did not know which law the Law of Primal Chaos was an offshoot of.

Just like how the Law of Speed was derivative of the Law of Space and the Law of Defense an offshoot of the Law of Matter, all laws had their origins.

However, when it came to the Law of Primal Chaos, probably only the Black and White Gods could explain its origin.

Thus, Xia Fei pretended not to hear Oros words.

Since they had conjectured that the ring Sezsny stole most likely contained the number-one law force of the God Race, the Law of Time, Xia Fei was unwilling to let this supreme law force slip through his fingers.

Thus, he began to inspect the two corpses carefully in the hopes of finding any clues that Sezsny had left behind.

Sezsny was formidable, a bane of the Skywing Race, but for the Law of Time, Xia Fei did not mind fighting him!

*Boom~ boom~*

The Blackscaled Axeblades rumbling began to get closer.

The creature seemed to be rushing back from the depths of the earth.

Xia Fei frowned and hastily hid himself in one of the caves branching off from the cavern.

This Divine Beast was extremely powerful.

While he would find it very hard to injure someone of Xia Feis speed and movement techniques, Xia Fei also found it difficult to kill him.

Thus, the best plan was to avoid direct confrontation.


The creature charged back into the cavern and quickly began to circle around his masters body.

Xia Fei had accidentally broken its masters weapon, leaving the monster so enraged the Blackscaled Axeblade would have erupted with flames if he could.

Xia Fei was very curious, for he had yet to see the head of this monster, only his train-like body.

“Sure enough, he fell for Sezsnys plan of luring the tiger away from the mountain.

Unable to find him, this creature could only come back,” Oro sternly said.

“Eh His body seems to have become shorter than before…”

Xia Fei replied, “It seems so.

He probably has some of his body segments searching the area for enemies.

Its only half of his full length.”


Suddenly, without any warning, the Blackscaled Axeblade erupted with intense light, so dazzling that Xia Fei was almost blinded! After all, the night vision system would magnify light intensity.

Xia Fei quickly shut off the night vision and rubbed his eyes.

“Ocular cognition!”

Xia Fei activated the ocular cognition of the Beast Spirit Codex.

Thus, even without night vision, he could still see in the darkness.

Ocular cognition strengthened Xia Feis vision, but it also allowed Xia Fei to make a surprising discovery!

There was a tiny point of light flashing on the ground of a distant cave.

The deeper one delved into the caves, the heavier the darkness.

As a result, Xia Feis sharp eyes were still able to pick up this tiny point of light.


Xia Fei immediately approached that flashing point of light.

Squatting, he wiped his index finger across the point of light.

“This is… a piece of bone from the bodies of the two experts!” Xia Fei muttered.

The two deceased experts had absorbed so much Origin Energy that their muscles and bones had become similar to crystals, much like statues made of Origin Crystals.

This shard was luminescent and contained a sliver of energy.

This must be from the finger that Sezsny had twisted off!

“So Sezsny fled in this direction! No wonder that giant monster hasnt been able to find him yet.

Hes not even searching in the right direction,” Oro muttered.

Xia Feis mind rapidly whirred and he quickly came up with an idea.

“Sezsny is still carrying half a finger, so there must be traces of Origin Energy left on the path he took,” Xia Fei said.

“It makes sense,” Oro said.

“Dont you know whos a professional when it comes to Origin Energy” Xia Fei cheerfully smiled.

“Furball! Furball loves energy and is an expert at identifying energy!”

Oro immediately understood what Xia Fei was trying to do and gave a thumbs-up.

Xia Fei was truly quick-witted, always able to come up with unconventional solutions!


Xia Fei placed Furball on the ground and pointed at that fragment of energy.

“Furball, listen well: Starting from here, youre a dog! A hunting dog!”

Furball scowled.

He was almost on the verge of tears as he indignantly asked inwardly,Master, Im still a Holy Beast! Why am I suddenly a dog!

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