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Chapter 669: Furballs New Ability

Three individuals walked out from Hyacinths base.

Wearing the clothes that the Purple Blooded Rockies wore, their faces had the slightest shade of purple, as if they were people from Hyacinth.

Xia Fei was well aware that they were all Shepherdians in disguise.

Seeing that Xia Fei was about to enter the base, these individuals were presumably trying to stop Xia Fei.

The moment Xia Fei entered, he would very easily discover that the people of Hyacinth were detained, with knives on their throats.

They were all ready to take the three hundred lives inside, all defenseless civilians of young and old.

Xia Fei raised his hand to greet them from a distance.

“Greetings! Im Ah Fei.

Sakura is my cousin.

I happened to be passing by here, so I came looking for her.”

“Cousin Youre not a Rocky, so why have you come here to search for your cousin”

Xia Fei shrugged, still approaching without slowing down.

“Just like you said, Sakuras grandmother is my seventh aunts nephews cousins granny, so thats how Im related.

Sakura even came over to my house and played when she was younger.”

The three Shepherdians furrowed their brows.

This complex relationship of relatives was hard to process quickly.

Who was who to what again

Their eyes darted to the back and secretly signaled someone, meaning to get rid of Xia Fei.

Their target was Hyacinth, and this was not the time to create unnecessary stirs.

“Ah, Sakura isnt in.

Best if you come by another day,” the three Shepherdians blocked Xia Fei and answered.

“Enough with the jokes already.

Sakura and I already arranged to meet here.

She must be hiding.

That brat loves playing hide and seek… Ill just go on in and find her,” Xia Fei was undeterred.

The three Shepherdians were getting nervous.

They reached out to grab a hold of Xia Fei, but they had no idea that Xia Fei would be even more slippery than a loach.

His footsteps suddenly changed as he dodged past them, his two hands clasped together like holding a microphone as he yelled, “Sakura, Sakura, where are you Your cousins here! Dont you know how to welcome someone!”

“DONT BARGE IN HERE!” a Shepherdian shouted as he turned back around to chase after Xia Fei.

Unfortunately, none of them had the speed to keep up with Xia Fei, who left them all in his dust in the blink of an eye as he ran into the base.

“Sakura, if you dont come out soon, these fellow tribesmen of yours will beat up your cousin! Sakura!” Xia Fei was shouting as he examined the surroundings.

Hyacinths base was very scattered, with over a hundred wooden buildings all over the place.

Some were residential, others were storage warehouses, all of varying sizes.

That was when Xia Feis keen sense of hearing picked up some muffled sounds coming from the northwestern corner of the base, like those made by someone through a gagged mouth, unable to scream.

All it could do was call out a hoarse growl in their throat.

‘Over there! Xia Fei thought to himself.

Having located where the Shepherdians were holding their hostages, everything else would be a lot simpler.

All he now had to do was defend that building, ensuring the safety of the hostages inside while he waited for the people whom Hyacinth had gathered to mount their rescue.

However, this was easier said than done.

It had to be mentioned that there were over 1100 Shepherdian warriors surrounding the base right now, while Xia Feis side comprised just one man, onem ball, and one powerful demon lord, who could not do anything at present.

He was all alone, and he had no clue if there were enemy reinforcements somewhere further.

Without missing a beat, Xia Fei burst into laughter.

“Ah, so thats where youre hiding!”


The sturdy wooden door had been blasted away with Xia Feis two palms, and he saw over three hundred, young boys and girls, old and infirm, all squatting on the ground.

It seemed like this room had been used as storage by Hyacinth, which was why there were also plenty of sundries, but not a single Shepherdian in sight.

There was a corpse on the ground; this Rocky had just been killed, and his purple blood was still pooling from the fatal chest wound.

No doubt, it was him who had alerted Xia Fei of where they were, which was why something tragic had occurred.

There were no enemies in sight, yet everyone of the tribesmen of Hyacinth was showing a look of fear, not daring to call for help despite seeing Xia Fei enter.

With a smirk, Xia Fei understood the situation.

It turned out that a Shepherdian had used his morphing ability to hide among the hostages.

If anyone dared to make a sound, they would immediately be punished with death!

“Ocular Cognition!”

Xia Feis eyes suddenly sharpened as he maintained his slight smile.

“Wheres Sakura Are all of you playing hide and seek as well”

He had spoken this sentence with such silliness that everyone rolled their eyes at him, taking him for a fool.

“Ah! What a huge cockroach!”

Xia Fei reached out and slapped the ground consecutively twenty-seven times, before turning to leave, not sparing another glance at those hostages.

Seeing Xia Fei leave, everyone could not help but wonder just where such a silly teen had burrowed out from, with even some heaving a sigh of relief.

Outside the warehouse, Xia Fei no longer hid his killing intent anymore.

Blood Crystal promptly appeared in his hand and his two eyes inspected his surroundings vigilantly.

“Time to act!”


Having already been waiting for a long time, Furball suddenly went shooting out like a bullet.

No, to be precise, he was more like a beam of light! His figure disappeared in a blink of an eye!

With one going left and the other going right, Xia Fei and Furball were actually matching each others speed! It had to be stated that Xia Feis speed had already broken past the 30,000 threshold, so when did Furball attain such a superspeed himself


At the same time, a series of explosions thundered from inside the warehouse.

Apparently, Xia Fei used his delayed martial technique when he slapped the ground twenty-seven times just now: Concealed Flash Dragon!

What appeared to be a relaxed palm technique would actually suddenly explode after several seconds.

No one even had the time to cover their ears as the twenty-seven Shepherdians hidden among the hostages became recipients of the surprise attack!


The bright white light was like a wild beast, opening its hungry maw as they took a bite of these targets, causing red blood to spray out endlessly like a fountain feature, achieving such velocity that it struck the ceiling that was over four meters high!

Red blood! Shepherdians!

Xia Fei had succeeded! Xia Feis Ocular Cognition had identified all twenty-seven Shepherdians, and he had subsequently dished out attacks to them!

These people from Hyacinth held in that warehouse could not believe their eyes as twenty-seven wild beasts suddenly appeared in that dark warehouse, each biting and killing those Shepherdians all in just the span of one second!


Furball dashed all about the place as if he had gone mad.

He had splintered three wooden boards one after another and subsequently burst right through the heart of a Shepherdian hiding behind a door!

Lowering his head, this Shepherdian giddily looked at the bloody hole on his chest.

Furballs speed had been so fast that all he saw was what seemed like a dark golden beam of light flying in front of him.

He barely had time to register what was happening because he completely could not determine if he had imagined it or if it was reality!


This was the latest ability Furball had gained after his fourth metamorphosis! He now had a speed that was not too far off Xia Feis!

According to tests, Furball was now able to achieve a speed of 20,000 to 25,000 m/s, and though it was still a little slower than Xia Feis, it was still absolutely astounding!

The Holy Beast Shatterstar was already an overwhelming existence, so if his speed had even risen to such capacity, only god knew what could stop it!

What made Xia Fei happier was how Furball could now complement his own speed; the man and the ball rushed at their enemies before they could even react.

Who knew what depths of devastation could they bring about together

*Pew pew pew!*

Furball had gone insane! He was like a meteor that had lost its sense of direction, barreling through Hyacinths base recklessly.

He was on the left moments ago and would then appear on the right in the blink of an eye.

It was small in size and hurtling fast.

He was so lethal that no one could stop him!

Actually, Furball had been holding in his anger this whole time.

Xia Fei would often complain how he was not growing despite how big his appetite was, wasting so many Origin Crystals as a result.

That was why he saw this as his chance to show Xia Fei the prowess of Holy Beasts!

His small size did not affect his combat effectiveness at all.

The peanut-sized Furball was many times more powerful because of its speed increase!

An energy membrane surrounded Furballs body, and this was the Origin Energy he had after extraction.

After releasing this energy, Furball was able to ensure he would not be injured and he could also easily penetrate through the defenses of his enemies.

If Furballs flight was replayed in slow motion, one would be able to see how this energy membrane could melt down any matter in front of him like lazer the moment he got near any opponent.

Be it wood or metal, nothing could impede him!

Turning matter into energy was Furballs original ability, so how could any of these Shepherdians stop a Holy Beasts supersonic rampage!

This small dot of light appeared weak to others until Furball penetrated right through their bodies, tearing out their innards in the process.

That was when the Shepherdians realized that this little ball that was shuttling about carefreely would actually be such a lethal threat!

On the other side of the base, Xia Fei was also unleashing a combat strength, which was far more powerful than before, with Peacock Blue no longer just ensnaring enemies, but transforming into a weapon that could capture and kill foes with ease.

A Shepherdian, who realized that the circumstances were taking a turn for the worse and was about to turn tail and flee, felt his body constrict in his next few steps.

It was as if he had been lifted by a bodybuilder, as an unspeakable pain pricked him all over.

Two blades of grass were putting the squeeze on him and it was torture!

Now that Peacock Blue had thorns all over, its talon-like hooks were over thirty centimeters long, tough and sharp.

With the two grass glades working in concert, that Shepherdian was instantly turned into a meat paste as large slices of skin and flesh landed from mid air.

It was a gruesome sight!

It was like a meat grinder! The now thorned Peacock Blue was as savage as a living meat grinder!

Its purpose was no longer killing; its goal was to torment foes to death! It would even turn their bones into powder!

It was really hard to describe just how frightening Peacock Blue looked as it killed.

Even a warrior like Xia Fei who had kill counts in the many thousands was chilled by it!

The Peacock Blue with three leaves, was nothing like the thorned Peacock Blue with three leaves.

It was a complete transformation from what it was before!

Just imagine someone being thrown into a cluster of cactuses, which numbered well in the dozens, and every single spine stabbing into their flesh before it began grinding until the victim lost their humanoid form, bleeding profusely as they turned into mince meat…

Was this not bloodthirsty enough Would it not be considered cruel


That was not even enough!

The terror that Peacock Blue brought about was that it killed a thousand times crueler!

Of course, there was also Xia Feis Law of Primal Chaos.

He had already cultivated this overpowering strength that could subvert everything it touched to the third level! It was already far more powerful than what it was in the past! Even his self-created technique, Falling Leaves of Autumns Demise, had been magnified several fold!

One should not assume that Xia Fei had only promoted himself from a level 4 Law Sovereign to that of level 7, for his combat strength had improved well beyond that!

Furball had become a lot more powerful after his fourth metamorphosis, and now that Peacock Blue had absorbed the Nine Night Plum, it was still as tenacious as ever while also becoming many times more ferocious than before.

Then there were also the dozens or so new martial techniques Xia Fei had learned and his Law of Primal Chaos.

All these factors contribute greatly to Xia Fei increased offense!

Though Xia Fei was not yet a Law Emperor in terms of his actual cultivation, he already possessed the strength and foundation to challenge Great Law Emperors!

*Thump thump thump*

The twenty-seven Shepherdians had fallen in unison, bitten right in the middle.

At the same time, the man and the ball had completely cleared out the remaining eighty-seven Shepherdians who were situated around the base!

A hundred and nine Shepherdians were killed in an instant, and this was what the current Xia Fei was capable of!

Furball quietly stood on Xia Feis shoulder, staring forward together with his master.

Both of them shared an emotionless expression.

These Shepherdians were just insignificant shrimps.

Furthermore, the glares they got somewhere out in the distance had roused the fighting spirits in both Xia Fei and Furball.


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