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Chapter 613: The Dragon Unshackling Mark

An indescribable explosion ensued!

Divine Beast Green Dawn had used his life to unleash an unstoppable disaster! Berserk energy swept over Snake Isle!

Xia Fei, Yu Jiang, Yu Guding, and Furball could only watch as this tragedy ensued.

The giant snake had used his tail to wrap Xia Fei and the others in a ball of energy and then knocked them away as if he had been playing baseball, helping them escape this catastrophe.

“Green Dawn!” Yu Guding cried.

Having lived with Green Dawn on Snake Isle for thirty years, the two of them had developed an extremely deep relationship.

Yu Gudings face twisted as tears flowed down his face.

When that dazzling light appeared, everything had already settled, and no one could stop the Divine Beast Green Dawns self-sacrifice!


The ball of light swiftly flew southward, borrowing the power of the explosion!

Xia Fei did not have much time to think.

The opportunity that Green Dawn created using his life would be gone soon; Xia Fei must seize the moment, or else Green Dawn would have died in vain, and Xia Fei would have let him down.

He took out a bottle of medicine from his spatial ring.

As Xia Fei was often injured in battle, he would always carry some bone-repairing medicine with him.

The pain of broken ribs was unbearable, so he hastily drank the medicine.

Not only could the medicine heal his injuries, it could also stop the pain.

Several seconds later, Xia Fei arrived at the southern end of Snake Isle.

He only needed to use Falling Leaves of Autumns Demise to open a small crack; after which, he could escape from the Sky Curtain!

At this point, Xia Fei had no choice but to reveal the Law of Primal Chaos.

Living was most important, and no matter what, he needed to survive so that he could think about countermeasures!


An invisible hand stopped the energy ball mid-air!

A human hand had suddenly appeared in front of them, lightly picking the energy ball carrying Xia Feis group out of the air!

Had they failed!

Xia Feis shock was at maximum saturation!

It had to be mentioned that this was in the middle of Green Dawns explosion! The enormous energy could topple mountains and reverse seas! Who could remain perfectly fine in the middle of this explosion and also easily stop Xia Fei and the others from escaping

Divine skill!

This mans rank had to be as high as the heavens!

Yu Jiang and Yu Guding turned ghastly pale, while Furball let out a roar of displeasure.

*Boom! Rumble!*

It took several minutes for the calamity unleashed by Green Dawn to subside completely.

All of Snake Isle, including the Yu familys ancestral shrine, had been flattened! At set intervals, radiating out from the center of the explosion were round disks like millstones, all of them spaced closely together.

It was impossible to describe this tragic sight!


The energy ball carrying Xia Feis group shattered, and Xia Fei could finally see the elderly hand that had stopped their advance.

This human wearing all black with a fanged mask was like a god descending from the heavens! With one hand, he stopped the energy ball and ruined Xia Feis escape plan!

Green Dawn died, but his death was still not enough to allow Xia Fei, Yu Jiang, and Yu Guding to escape!


Limitless despair!

This masked man was so powerful and frightening that not even Green Dawns self-detonation had been able to harm a strand of hair on his head.

His black robes seemed like new as he proudly stood atop the scorched earth!

“Who are you” Yu Jiang roared in despair, worry and fear in his eyes.

The masked man said nothing, just stood there as if he had not heard Yu Jiangs bellow.

*Whoosh! Whoosh!*

Several men arrived, and they were none other than Yu Hua and the warriors of the Shatter Wu Clan.

Upon seeing the masked man, they froze and then shamefully dropped their heads, not daring to say a word.

“Hmph!” The masked man coldly snorted.

“People from the Feng Clan are already on their way.

You dont have much time left.”

With these words, the masked man disappeared as if he had never appeared before.

Xia Fei felt his hair standing on end.

This man could freely traverse through the Sky Curtain.

Could he be a legendary Law Overlord!

A Law Overlord!

It was a very distant title.

For one of the most outstanding members of the Law Realm to appear at the Yu family, it was clear that the Yu Clan had been targeted from a long time ago!

With a Law Overlord in the shadows, the chances that Xia Feis group could escape were nearly zero!

As for why the Dragon Ascensions Feng Clan would send people to the Yu Clan, Xia Fei spare much thought about it.

The situation was obvious.

Even if a god was coming, it would be very difficult for Xia Fei to last that long within the Sky Curtain!

Surrounded by nine Great Law Emperors, even holding out for one second seemed like an impossible mission!

Yu Hua and the others were in a rather bedraggled state.

Though the three peak Law Emperors working together had allowed them to survive Green Dawns explosion, they had suffered heavy injuries.

This could be seen through their wan complexions and tattered clothes.

In truth, if Green Dawn had used all his strength, these people might have died.

Though Green Dawn had self-detonated, he had still held back a little.

He had to use an amount of energy equivalent to the explosion to protect Yu Jiang and Xia Fei, so the explosions power had been halved.

Still, this level of injury could not be underestimated.

Nine Great Law Emperors had been injured, once more showing why Divine Beasts were one of the behemoths of the universe!

If it had been Furball who had self-detonated, this region of space would probably have ceased to exist!

“Hahahaha!” Yu Jiang suddenly began to loudly laugh, a hint of sorrow in his voice.

Coldly staring at Yu Hua, he said, “You want to replace me as the Family Patriarch that badly”

Yu Hua said nothing, dropping his head.

After all, betraying his clan was not some glorious deed.

Though he had already resolved to do this, he could not endure the old masters interrogating gaze.

“Today, I will let you know what a patriarchs duty is! To do what needs to be done,” Yu Jiang proudly said.


I have the Nine Night Plum.

If you have the ability, come and take it!”

The aura of an expert!

Perhaps because he felt that he could not escape, Yu Jiang erupted with fighting intent! Sparks exploded out of his eyes!

Xia Fei did not clearly hear Yu Jiangs words, for while the old man was speaking in such an impassioned tone, seemingly prepared to face death, he had secretly placed a heavy object into Xia Feis spatial ring.

Xia Fei did not need to guess to know that this was the Nine Night Plum!


Why had the old master given him the Nine Night Plum instead of Yu Guding

Xia Fei was an outsider who had been unlucky enough to be dragged into this predicament, while Yu Guding was Yu Jiangs grandson and a Law Emperor to boot! There was clearly something weird about this.

Yu Jiangs fingers slightly trembled.

He had presumably discovered the demon lord Oro lurking in Xia Feis ring.

Oro was enclosed in an isolation by the Law of Ternary Spectrum, and Yu Jiang was not at the level where he could see through the seal and see the demon, but he could confirm that the law seal had been placed by a member of the Demon Race! The mortal foe of the God Race!

Frowning, Yu Jiang sighed.

“Forget it.

It is all fate.”

It was as if he was sighing over his life, but in truth, he was talking to Xia Fei.

When Yu Jiang decided to give Xia Fei the Nine Night Plum, he did not know that the latter had a connection with the Demon Race, but since he had already handed it over, there was no taking it back, so he could only sigh.

Xia Fei had far too many secrets, and even Yu Jiang could not help but shake his head.

He truly could not tell whether his choice was right or wrong.

His eyes erupted with light.

Though he was facing far too many uncertain variables, Yu Jiang was keenly aware that this item was better off in Xia Feis hands than in his enemies hands!

Yu Guding was a slow character, and having grown up on Snake Isle, he had little worldly experience.

As for Xia Fei, he was a cold, calm, and crafty freak with many treasures.

Also, he was accompanied by the Holy Beast Shatterstar.

Yu Jiang himself could not escape, and between Yu Guding and Xia Fei, it was clearly Xia Fei who had the advantage, despite the latters lower cultivation.

There were many times when cultivation could not decide everything.

Yu Jiang was far too aware that he had a foolish grandson.

Giving the Nine Night Plum to Xia Fei was the only option.

After putting so much effort in raising Yu Guding as a successor, he had still ended up giving the Nine Night Plum to Xia Fei—someone who was even more of an outsider than Yu Hua.

Yu Jiang himself found the situation laughable.

However, this was the only option that would keep the Immemorial Mystical Armament out of his enemies hands.

Though he had lived several hundred years, his eyesight was still as keen as ever.

The short-haired man gave a light nod.

The nine Great Law Emperors circled around Xia Feis group.

A battle was imminent!

*Thunk thunk thunk thunk!*

Yu Jiang began to touch various points on his body, seemingly using some series of steps to increase his fighting strength!

Any method to forcibly increase ones combat strength carried a risk, and even if one won, they would suffer long-term injuries, which would be difficult to heal.

With this great foe in front of him, Yu Jiang could not be bothered by such things.

Keeping the Nine Night Plum out of enemies hands was the best outcome he could hope for!

Even the guardian Divine Beast Green Dawn was dead.

There was no reversing the Yu Clans decline!

If he, as the Family Patriarch, would still be bothered by such details, how could he face his ancestors!


Like a river breaking through a dam, energy surged out of Yu Jiangs body.

It was his accumulated cultivation of several centuries!

“Hes used the Dragon Unshackling Mark on himself.

Hes going all-out!” Yu Hua called.

The Dragon Unshackling Mark was a technique of the Yu family that was passed down in the main line.

Together with the Dragon Sealing Mark, it could be used to create skeletal puppets, which were hidden so that they could catch enemies unaware.

When this technique was used on oneself, it could forcefully release all of ones potential!

All humans possessed potential energy.

Some people were able to unleash unprecedented fighting power when their lives were in danger precisely because their potential had been unlocked!

The Dragon Unshackling Mark had a similar effect.

Through profound methods, it could unleash all of a warriors potential! The goal was to rapidly increase ones cultivation and fighting power!

However, this move was far too barbaric! Anyone who used it would die!

By using the Dragon Unshackling Mark on himself, Yu Jiang showed that he had no intention of leaving this place alive!

This was why he had decided to give Xia Fei the Nine Night Plum.

After all, Xia Fei was crafty, and if there was one person among them who could survive, it would be Xia Fei!

Everyone paled!

Yu Jiang had the power of a peak Law Emperor, and now that he had unleashed all his potential, he probably had the strength to fight a Law Overlord!

“Work together! Kill him!” the short-haired man barked, and the nine Great Law Emperors charged at Yu Jiang!


Yu Jiang pushed out with a hand, sending Xia Fei and Yu Guding away!

“Somethings up! The Nine Night Plum may not be on him! Dont let Xia Fei and Yu Guding escape!”

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh!*

Six individuals went after Xia Fei and Yu Guding, the three peak Law Emperors of the Shatter Wu clan remaining to kill Yu Jiang!

“Nine Dragons Split the Heavens!”

Yu Huas Seven Dragons Split the Heavens could already be said to possess boundless power, but Yu Jiang, with his peak Law Emperor cultivation, could create nine spatial tears, which were many times more powerful than Yu Huas attack!

The deathly white scars extended for several dozen kilometers!

They were truly like heavenly dragons spanning the world!

“Dance of the Stellar River!”

The three warriors of the Shatter Wu Clan once more worked together to attack!

This was exactly their field of expertise.

They were of the same clan and had trained together since they were children.

Their cooperation was perfect!


The sky was filled with comets!

All of them flew at Yu Jiang!

Nine Dragons Split the Heavens versus Dance of the Stellar River!

One versus three!

The tearing of the Law of Space versus the agglomeration of the Law of Space!

A clash of peak existences!

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