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Chapter 608: The Second Immemorial Mystical Armament!

Phantoms words reminded Xia Fei that the Sky Curtain was ultimately a type of law power, and the Law of Chaos specialized in subverting and disrupting law forces.

It was an antithetical existence; the Law of Ternary Spectrum of the Law of Light could not stop Xia Fei, so it was unlikely that this Sky Curtain would be any different.

All the warriors could do nothing except wait outside anxiously.

Xia Fei walked along the seashore, looking like he was just observing everything.

The Snake Isle was big, and the sandy shore, which surrounded the isle, had very fine white sand, extending endlessly.

Even when all the clans elites had gathered here, it was still not enough for them to surround the entire isle.

He knitted his brows.

This was very clearly a hidden danger.

There was no way for the over a thousand Yu family Law Sovereigns to defend this entire isle, and the clan was also unwilling to seek external aid.

If there were really enemies abound, they would completely be able to escape safely from where the defense was sparse.

According to what Xia Fei understood of this situation, the patriarch was not alone when he entered the Isle.

Yu Jin firmly rejecting the Law Enforcement Boards help was, first, due to the rule of the isle and, second, the confidence he had toward the patriarch.

He strongly believed that the old man could deal with whatever was happening inside.

Of course, there was another possibility, and that was that Yu Jin was hoping to see the patriarch die on Snake Isle; therefore, he did not wish for the Law Enforcement Board to lend a hand.

Everything was part of his ploy!

Rubbing his temple with his fingers, Xia Fei could also tell the prickliness of this situation.

To have been capable of erecting a Sky Curtain, which even the Law Enforcement Board did not have on record, that was strong enough to trap even someone with peak Law Emperor cultivation like Yu Jiang inside, if this was done by an enemy, they must not be underestimated!

Theres no one around him by the seashore, so Xia Fei pulled out his spatial ring.

“Oro, I know that your perception is outstanding even though youve lost all your martial arts prowess.

Have you sensed anything peculiar on this isle” Xia Fei asked.

Oro nodded.

“Indeed, but Im not sensing trances of battle.

Instead, Im sensing killing intent!

“Ive seen quite a few Sky Curtains myself, and theyre formless isolations of sorts, but this one here is covered by a layer of hazy fog, which is a physical manifestation of someones killing intent.

The senses of us warriors are very important, but sometimes, we have to rely on our observation.

“Killing intent is a form of mental exertion; how could it have a physical manifestation!” Xia Fei asked with skepticism.

Lionheart Emperor Oro laughed.

“Dont you always say that nothing is impossible in this universe While its true that killing intent is a form of mental exertion, once cultivated, it is possible for it to create a subtle effect in the surrounding air and change the color of an environment.

“This killing intent isnt strong, and I reckon that its created following the clash of too many experts.

Maybe ten or eight warriors with at least Law Emperor cultivation on the other side of this Sky Curtain, and it is their killing intents clashing with one another that created this layer of grey haze.”

“Ten Law Emperors!” Xia Fei could not help but be surprised.

To have so many experts all stand on the same stage, just what sort of a shock would this be!

“Wait a moment,” Lionheart Emperor Oro suddenly said.

“Theres a vague tinge of green within the Sky Curtain, and I suppose that a high-level exotic beast is there.”

Xia Fei was utterly impressed.

This was what it meant to be an expert; Lionheart Emperor Oro sensed the presence of the Divine Beast Green Dawn just from seeing the color of the Sky Curtain, and such a keen observation skill was practically unmatched.

“Wait a minute.

Theres something else aside from these experts and that exotic beast, but what can it be” Oro was mumbling to himself.

Realizing that Xia Feis expression was that of stunned surprise, Lionheart Emperor Oro said, “Theres no need for you to be so shocked.

The Demon Race is proficient with the two major laws of Light and Dark, different from what the God Race cultivates.

My ability to discover such subtleties from observing the brilliance of their aura is very common.”

Xia Fei nodded.

The Light and Dark were both considered parts of the Law of Spectrum, so Lionheart Emperor Oros ability to discern these things was inseparable from his cultivation experience.

Without realizing it, the shore of the isle was now void of people as Xia Fei had already circled around to the back of the isle.

As Oro stayed quiet, Phantom took this chance to express his nervousness.

“There are plenty of experts on Snake Isle, so what use is there for you to enter it yourself Why not just shatter the Sky Curtain so that all the warriors of the Yu family can be let in”

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Do you want everyone to know that I have the ability to subvert laws”

Phantom was speechless.

Xia Fei could live peacefully up until today had all been because he had kept himself hidden.

‘A man with no guilt can harbor no suspicion; this was a saying that Xia Fei had carved into his mind to live by, and never did he reveal his true strength in front of anyone.

He always made sure to leave a trump card face down.

“Besides, I dont trust a single one of those people,” Xia Fei said solemnly.


Xia Fei hardly had any trouble passing through the Sky Curtain.

After over a dozen from his Falling Leaf of Autumns Demise, the temporary tear was created and allowed Xia Fei to dart right to Snake Isle proper!

The forest was dense.

Xia Fei had never seen so many different snakes in his entire life before; pythons, vipers, rattlesnakes, and boa constrictors dazzled him greatly.

Furballs presence caused all these types of snakes to run, however, despite Xia Fei having given Furball the strict command to suppress his aura.

It could not be helped.

Because Furball was a Holy Beast, no matter how much presence he tried to suppress, there was no way for him to mask everything completely.

Xia Fei carefully made his way through the vegetation, the trees and his Breath Control making for the perfect cover, allowing him to make his way right to the center of Snake Isle.

‘A corpse! Xia Fei said inwardly.

A male body appearing amid the trees made the atmosphere all the more oppressive.

Half of it was submerged in a stream, his face focused in the direction of outside the isle.

There was a long fatal gash right across his back, so deep the whites of bones could be plainly seen.

His fingers deftly searched the corpse before stating, “He has been dead for several hours and was someone from the Yu family.

Most likely trying to reach the shore and spread the word of whats happening here but got killed before he could make it out alive!”

Lionheart Emperor Oro glanced at the distance before somberly saying, “There are many experts at the heart of the isle.

You should be careful.”

Xia Fei gave a slight nod and continued his way forward, even more careful and varied with the routes he chose.

The area suddenly opened in front—a point where the forest ended and a flat circular glade appeared.

This part appeared like it had been intentionally cleared out.

Right in the middle of this clearing was the ancestral temple of the Yu family; there was a peaceful lake to the left.

Right in the middle of this lake was a consecrated altar, most likely where the Divine Beast Green Dawn guarding the family resided.

Two groups of people were standing opposite each other.

On one end, there was Patriarch Yu Jiang and a man with long hair, who seemed to be in his thirties.

He was standing beside Yu Jiang, most likely the latters grandson, Yu Guding.

At the patriarchs other flank, there were two elders whom Xia Fei did not recognize; they seemed to be the same age as Yu Jiang.

A huge green python was standing proudly behind the four!

Each one of them bore light injuries.

The Divine Beast Green Dawn even had a huge cut across its belly, and fresh blood constantly flowed out from it.

This was actually a scene that Xia Fei had anticipated to see; what he had not expected was Yu Hua acting as the leader of the seven individuals standing across Yu Jiang!

It was another Yu Hua!

Twenty minutes or so ago, Xia Fei saw the man by the seashore.

How could he appear on Snake Isle, then

Xia Fei was a little confused about this!

However, he forced himself to calm down even as he rapidly formulated possible answers in his mind.

“Theyre all Law Emperors,” Lionheart Emperor Oro said in a grave voice.

“This is a battle at the Law Emperor tier! A total of fourteen people are present.”

“Fourteen!” Xia Fei was slightly taken aback.

There were four on Yu Jiangs side, while Yu Hua had six masked men dressed in black war armor behind him.

The total should be eleven.

“Look at that copse of trees right across from you.

There are still three there, most likely hidden from behind the thickets just like you,” Oro whispered.

Xia Fei gritted his teeth.

Even ignoring the two forces of Yu Jiang and Yu Hua, there was still a third force present on this isle.

The situation was basically extremely messy!

“Esteemed patriarch, why bother Youve only managed to hold till now because of the Divine Beast Green Dawn.

Now that the beast has been injured, failure is but only a matter of time!” Yu Hua softly announced.

Xia Fei was very shocked as he suddenly understood just how Yu Hua had been able to appear in two places at the same time.

Yu Hua let out a dry cough, but before he could speak, the huge python Green Dawn spoke first.

“I am the guardian beast of the Yu family.

Since the Yu ancestor endowed me with the great responsibility of protecting the family after they first tamed me, I definitely wouldnt bow my head in defeat even if I were to die here by the ancestral temple.

Is the dignity of a Divine Beast something the mere likes of you can blaspheme Even if you succeed in usurping the position as the family patriarch, there wont be any Divine Beast to protect the Yu family.

I wont bleed my blood in vain; the exotic beasts will sever ties with the Yu family from here.”

The Divine Beast Green Dawn was over a hundred meter tall, and its voice was deep and low like rumbling thunder.

This was not the first time Xia Fei had heard an exotic beast speak, so he was not too particularly shocked hearing it.

Yu Jiang had only managed to last up until this point due to the help of the Divine Beast Green Dawn, but too bad that it had already been heavily injured, so Yu Jiang might be unable to hold on for much longer.

Returning to get help, getting the Law Enforcement Board to lift the isolation, and rescuing the patriarch were the first few thoughts Xia Fei got, but what Lionheart Emperor Oro said next caused him to remain rooted where he was, instead.

“Dont make any sudden movement.

Someone is using their mental power to scan this line of trees,” Oro said gruffly.


“Someone hiding in the copse of trees right across from us.

They have a tracker in their midst.”

This was when the elderly Yu Jiang shook his head and said, “Mr.

Green Dawn, youre mistaken.

Yu Hua has no designs on the family patriarchs seat.

What he wants is that thing.”

Yu Hua burst into laughter.

“Patriarch, thats where youre actually wrong.

I want that thing and also the position of patriarch.”

Yu Jiang frowned.

“I offered you the seat thirty years ago, and you clearly rejected it!”

Yu Hua pursed his lips.

“Thirty years ago Now that youve mentioned it, I have a score to settle with you.

Dont think I wasnt aware that youd actually secretly situated killers when I had gone to the Elder Pavillion that day.

If I had agreed to your suggestion, youd have instantly killed and dumped me into an unmarked grave!

“Why would I dare accept your offer in such a situation” Yu Hua asked coldly.

“Honestly, I left the Yu Family not because Ive had enough of the in-fighting but all because of you! Still, its also because of your plan to have me killed when you probed me then that really made me want to have you killed!”

Yu Jiang was stunned, seemingly shocked by what Yu Hua had just said.

Xia Fei was vexed.

Indeed, family disputes were truly the most troublesome.

He saw how Yu Jiang only cared to fish every day, acting the part of an old man enjoying his retirement, but in fact, complex schemes were being hatched behind his back.

“Youve been good to me all these years, but if I hadnt taken the initiative to back away from the power struggle, would you have let me off then!” Yu Hua bellowed.

Yu Jiang sighed as he started clapping.

“Advancing by retreating, what a great move.

You even managed to have me fooled.”

Yu Hua twirled his black moon dagger with one finger as he spoke with severity.

“With how things are now at a head, Im no longer afraid to tell you that I want the position as the family patriarch, but someone above wants the Nine Night Plum! If you dont hand it over, you can forget about taking a step off Snake Isle alive!”


Extreme shock!

There were thirty Immemorial Mystical Armaments, and seven among them were nature type, namely the Fringe Mountain Leaf, Unparting Pine, Warpsea Lotus, Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Nine Night Plum, Whistling Moon Willow, and Peacock Blue.

All seven were known as the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea.

Xia Fei would never have dreamed that the Yu family actually had another Immemorial Mystical Armament hidden here!

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