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Chapter 536: Yu Huas Scheme

“An even split This Darkness Metal is mine! The rest of you will get squat!”

Yu Huas words left everyone stunned!

Unmasked arrogance and killing intent, completely different from the haggling merchant of the past.

It was as if Yu Hua had become a completely different person.

The red-haired elder sighed.

“You can eat whatever you want, but you cant say whatever you want without consequences.

“We of the Sunglory Jin Clan are able to stand tall in the Law Realm for so long purely because we scared everyone off.

If my guess is right, the one on my left should be someone from the Coldvalley Liu Clan, yes”

The frail middle-aged man nodded.


This one is proud to call myself Liu Hanzong, deacon of the Coldvalley Liu Clan.”

A deacon was the equivalent of a Yu Clan elder, one of the top individuals of the family.

This middle-aged man seemed to have a rather high status.

Though he appeared weak, he spoke with great force and vigor.

The red-haired elder chuckled.

“Nice to meet you.

I am the steward of the Sunglory Jin Clan, Jin Shuimin.”

Liu Hanzong gave a slight nod, thus completing the exchange of courtesies.

They were both members of respected families in the Law Realm.

Though they were fighting against each other, they at least needed to keep up with their appearances.

Jin Shuimin turned to Yu Hua and asked, “And which clan is this Law Emperor from Let me and Brother Liu understand who we are dealing with.”

There were only so many people with Law Emperor cultivation in the circle.

While they might not have met before, he should have at least heard the name.

Jin Shuimin both wanted to find out who Yu Hua was and to also draw closer to Liu Hanzong.

When three parties were fighting, joining hands with one party to beat down the other was the best solution.

Yu Hua heartily laughed.

“The Sunglor Jins and the Coldvalley Lius! Such mighty families! I am just a nobody, so theres no need for you two to worry about me.”

Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong were startled.

If Yu Hua was unwilling to reveal his true name, he clearly had other plans.

They exchanged glances, the two ready to work together.

Yu HuasNothim pill had to be blamed for this.

Both Xia Fei and Yu Hua originally had harmless faces which were difficult to remember and hard to dislike.

However, after taking the pill, Yu Hua had become like Zhang Fei, a thick beard covering half of his vicious face.

Xia Fei had become like a butcher selling meat in the middle of the street, his fiendish face even sporting a scar!

They simply did not seem like good persons, more like marauders who specialized in burglary as they exuded the aura of bandits.

First impressions were very important.

Among the twenty or so people present, Yu Hua and Xia Feis side was the weakest, and they also had savage and fiendish appearances.

Was this not seeking bad luck It was easy to earn the hostility of others.

Xia Fei quietly stroked Furball.

The situation was obvious.

Yu Hua had suddenly become domineering, placing himself in a bad position.

The Sunglory Jins and Coldvalley Lius had already decided to work together to deal with Xia Fei and Yu Hua.

It was too late to complain.

Yu Hua had already made his bold declaration and offended everyone present.

All Xia Fei had time for was to simulate the situation in his mind and find a way out of this mess swiftly.

Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong used their eyes to communicate.

Their men could smell what was going on and quietly began to surround Xia Fei.

Yu Hua suddenly coldly grunted, his eyes glinting with savagery.

“Its easy to get in, but dont even think about leaving this place alive!

“Seven Dragons Split the Heavens!”


Dazzling spatial fissures erupted from Yu Huas arms, seven in all.

They rapidly expanded as they rushed at Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong!

The Jin and Liu Law Emperors instantly paled!

“Seven dragons! So you already broke through the threshold of level 6! Youre a Great Law Emperor!”

Law Emperor and Great Law Emperor differed by only a word, but this word represented a gap as vast as that between heaven and earth!

In the cultivation of laws, levels 1 and 6 were thresholds.

Between levels 5 and 6 was a pit which was difficult to cross, and to move from level 9 Law Adept to level 1 Law Elder was another threshold.

Yu Hua had already crossed the level 6 threshold, so he was not just a Law Emperor but rather a level 7 Great Law Emperor!

Xia Fei frowned.

He knew that Yu Hua was powerful but not this powerful!

He was an unscrupulous businessman, but he was also a top-class Great Law Emperor!

Originally, Jin Shuimin, Liu Hanzong, and Yu Hua had been in a stalemate, even in both offense and defense, but when Yu Hua revealed his true strength, the balance tipped completely in his favor!

Seven dragons tore through space, increasing the pressure on Jin and Liu as they slowly and steadily moved through the air.

Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong paled as they tried with all their might to fight back against Yu Hua.

Alas, the gap in strength rendered them helpless.

If the three of them had not been engaged in that stalemate, the two might have been able to work together to kill Yu Hua, but now, anyone who pulled out would suffer a backlash.

Beneath the Golden Bell Curtain were three Law Emperors, Xia Fei, and more than twenty Law Adepts.

The Jin and Liu subordinates saw that the situation was perilous, but there was nothing they could do except worry.

The triangle formed by the three Law Emperors was a danger zone, and those of low cultivation would be penetrated through by Law energy.

All they could do was watch as the balance tipped in Yu Huas favor.

That young man under Jin Shuimins command called Jin Gu turned a frosty gaze on Xia Fei.

His steward was no match for Yu Hua, so he shifted his anger onto Xia Fei.

“Crafty Approach!”

Xia Fei had sharp eyes, so rather than waiting for the Jin Clan warriors to attack him first, he went on the offensive!

Winning was one thing, but daring to fight was another!

Even though he was outnumbered and outgunned, these were not good enough reasons to become timid.

Even if this was the day of the universes destruction, true warriors would never just sit back and wait for death!

“Furball! Kill!”


Receiving Xia Feis order, Furball immediately jumped out.

The second offensive form of the Shatterstar Beast activated!

Six halos descended, enclosing Furball.

These halos were energy Furball had accumulated over a long period, and anyone would find it hard to break through them.

In truth, Furballs second form was primarily defensive, but if it was used properly, defense could also serve as offense!

Floating through the air, Furball became a cannonball!

Xia Fei was right behind him.

Like he was bowling, Furball used the energy halos to protect himself as he hurtled into the warriors, slamming into anything in his path.

The opposing warriors hastily dodged to the side.

The power Furball contained was so powerful that any warrior with some sense could tell that this ball-shaped and chubby exotic beast was extremely dangerous.


Two somewhat weaker Law Adepts were sent flying!

Furballs halos had obliterated their spatial barriers!

Furball had not eaten those Origin Crystals for nothing.

He had stored it all up precisely to use in battles like this!

Xia Fei followed right behind Furball.

He had no shield, for Furball was his shield!

In his left hand was the Blood Crystal, and in his right hand was October Flying Snow.

One was a bloodthirsty knife while the other was an ice-sealing dagger.

Both were lethal weapons that killed without leaving a trace!


Left and right attacked in unison!

Xia Fei followed right behind Furball, using the path he had created, stabbing anyone that got close!

This was a very sinister tactic.

Holy Beast Shatterstars defensive power was obscene, and no one dared to take it on directly.

They could only dodge to the side, but while this let them avoid Furballs charge, it did not take them out of Xia Feis attack range!

This was a Crafty Thrust infused with the Law of Primal Chaos! Not even a spatial barrier could stop this, for each thrust had disruptive power contained within!

In a flash, three Law Adepts had been blasted away by Furball while four others, who had only been focused on avoiding Furball, were pierced by Xia Feis Sly Thrust.

In just two charges, half of the twelve Jin Clan subordinates had been slain.

One man and one ball wreaked havoc beneath the Golden Bell Curtain, leaving behind blood and death in their wake!

The Jin Clan members cultivated the Law of Space, and they were experts in the defensive arts.

As for the Coldvalley Lius, they specialized in the Law of Matter.

As Xia Fei and Furball charged over, the terrain suddenly changed!

Walls rose from the earth, made from the metal extracted from the soil.

This was the defense that Matter Law users excelled in.

However, Furball did not care and charged right at the walls!


Like a giant bulldozer, he ran over the wall.

No steel wall could stop Furballs progress.

He crushed through three walls in a row, charging into the seven Liu Clan Law Adepts at the center as he howled.

*Crack crack!*

With a nimble flick of his wrists, Xia Fei punched a hole in the throats of two Law Adepts and then continued onward with Furball.

No one had seen such strange tactics before, and for a moment, the remaining adepts were in a panic.

Furball and Xia Fei had the upper hand!

“I knew it! Thats the Holy Beast Shatterstar!” a Law Adept yelled.

“What! Shatterstar! That monster thats said to be able to destroy planets!”

“My god! He has a Shatterstar for a pet! Were doomed!”

Upon realizing what Furball really was, these Law Adepts became even more frantic.

As someone with a holy beast as a pet, Xia Fei suddenly became much more powerful in their eyes, and together with his savage visage, he became an extremely intimidating presence.

On the other end, Yu Huas Seven Dragons Split the Heavens technique had already broken the encirclement!

There was no more stopping the twisting and tearing of space.

The veins on the foreheads of Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong bulged, and they could only watch as the dragon-like tears got closer and closer!


The stalemate was finally broken!

The seven tears slashed at the two Law Emperors like seven sharp sabers!


Space tore apart, and not just space, but the people within that space!

Jin Shuimin was struck by four tears, Liu Hanzong by three!

Their bodies shattered like glass, exploding into pieces!

Xia Fei was alarmed at this sight.

So this was the true power of the Law of Space!

Sure enough, the Yu family was a clan that excelled at spatial tears, with Yu Hua fully displaying this power!

With one move, he had torn apart the body of a Law Emperor This power was unbelievable! A dominance that was difficult to describe!

In truth, there was a reason Yu Hua could do this.

The three of them had originally been in a stalemate, their law energy neutralizing each other.

Once this balance was broken, none of them would be able to set up spatial barriers.

This was like the tide.

When the tide receded, one always needed a few minutes to stabilize.

“Could Yu Hua have been scheming against Jin Shuimin and Liu Hanzong from the start He intentionally lowered his strength so that he could form an equilibrium with the other two, baiting Jin Shuimin into using the Golden Bell Curtain to cover the crater.

In this way, no one would be able to find out what happened inside.

After that, he broke the equilibrium he created with his hands to kill two Law Emperors with one move, taking the valuable Darkness Metal for himself!”

Superb logical analysis had always been one of Xia Feis strong suits, and the conclusion he had reached shook him to the core!

If it were really as Xia Fei speculated, Yu Huas shrewdness and decisiveness were terrifying beyond belief! Everything had been within his calculations!

Xia Fei could not help but shiver, for Yu Huas calculations had not included Xia Fei as part of the equation!

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