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Chapter 471: Ancient Spaceship

Seven warriors and seven electromagnetic disruption capture devices, which kept that monstrous flying fish ensnared.

Unfortunately, the fish was far stronger, and these intruders were slowly losing their control over it.

This was when that limbless person who had been hiding behind the burly black man opened his mouth, sending soundwaves imperceptible to humans toward that monstrous fish!


That monstrous flying fish became even wilder after taking that attack.

It did not yell, but its powerful fins and tail kept struggling and flapping, desperately trying to rid itself of the shackles these humans had shot onto it.

Li Changlong increased his attack, his throat undulating repeatedly, though no sound could be heard.

The ultrasonic soundwaves made by a soundwave ability user went well beyond human hearing range, and it was these soundwaves, which they could not hear, that were the most lethal!

Slowly but surely, the intruders and the flying fish ended up in a stalemate, neither side able to keep each other in check.

It was a strange situation, with a huge fish stalled in mid air, while seven stocky men held the capture devices with strained faces.

Some of these men were weaker, and blood could be seen flowing down from their mouths, but Li Changlong did not rest, keeping his soundwave attack up to assault and control that monstrous fish.

“Dont falter! Hang in there! If any of us let up, this beast will eat us all!” shouted the black burly man.

It looked like he was most competent out of the lot if the quadruple amputee Li Changlong was excluded.

The yellow-faced man gritted his teeth and stopped moving when he heard this.

They were in a delicate balance right now, and if any of the eight men relaxed, that fish would immediately mount a retaliation.

Xia Feis appearance was, thus, perfectly timed, for everyone could see him, yet no one could attack him.

With a treacherous smile on his face, Xia Fei came with his hands behind his back, strolled right up to that dark-skinned man who was carrying Li Changlong on his back.

The look on these two mens faces were particularly animated, with the dark-skinned man breaking out in a cold sweat while Li Changlong constantly glancing at Xia Fei from the corner of his eye, his mouth wide with a frightened expression.

“Who are you” asked the dark-skinned man in a grave voice.

“You dont have to worry about that; mind your own business.” Hearing Xia Feis words nearly made him vomit blood.

That was when a light-skinned man suddenly yelled, “Hes Xia Fei! The very same Xia Fei who infiltrated the insectoid territory all by himself! Ive seen him on TV before!”

Everyone was annoyed.

By now, even a child would know of Xia Feis existence, and it was only because the person they saw on TV had been heavily edited in a way that made him look a lot more handsome than how he was in real life.

Xia Fei was actually quite surprised that this man had been able to recognize him; after all, he was wearing a pair of night-vision goggles right now, which partially obscured his face.

“Thats impossible.

Xia Feis a legendary hero, and he wouldnt do something so shameless like exploiting people in peril!” The dark-skinned man proved to be quite flexible, quickly coming up with quite the emotive comment in hopes that Xia Fei would not kill him while he was immobile.

but what he failed to understand was that Xia Fei was completely impervious to such methods.

“Trying to appeal to me” Xia Feil flashed a slight smile and his figure suddenly disappeared!

When he reappeared, Xia Fei was already standing next to the light-skinned man!


With a raise of his hand, Dragonscale Hectoslasher cut vertically and instantly decapitated the warrior who identified Xia Fei!

There was a tenuous balance between the eight men and the monstrous fish, so now that they were one less, the other seven were more pressured!

They all sweated bullets out of anxiety.

Throbbing veins were visible on both Li Changlongs throat and forehead.

He had no choice but to increase his output before they finally managed to regain balance with the fish.

No one dared to say another word, for it was obvious to them all that Xia Fei was not only a madman, who killed his way into the insectoid territory all by himself, but also a demon who would hardly bat an eye when taking a mans life!

The flying fish and Xia Fei became a source of double pressure on them.

It was practically a form of torture.

Either they got swallowed by the monstrous fish or they ended up dead by Xia Feis hands, they were truly caught between a rock and a hard place.

“Why bother chatting with these people Just kill them all already,” Phantom grumbled impatiently.

Actually, this was already what Xia Fei had in mind, but he felt that just killing these men would be going too easy on them, which was why he decided to exert some mental pressure on them by making such a show of it.

All of a sudden, a distraught cry sounded from behind Xia Fei.

“Crap! Im late again!”

Yuchi Dao frantically appeared by the black pool embankment, his two hands hugging his head in great vexation.

“What bad luck.

I only wanted to take a nap, only for me to have fallen asleep, instead! Hows the Sun family!” Yuchi Dao asked hurriedly.

Xia Fei pursed his lips.

Yuchi Daos personality truly left people speechless.

He had never once met such an unreliable person his entire life, and he had no idea how this person had managed to join The Brotherhood with such a temperament.

Furthermore, he held quite a high post in it; were the people in The Brotherhood insane

“Elder Yuchi, youre late yet again.

The Sun family has already been killed by these guys.” Xia Fei shrugged helplessly.

The dark-skinned man was tongue-tied.

They had in fact planned to use Sun Guang and his family as baits, but they had suddenly disappeared right at the critical juncture; Xia Fei was too quick for any of them to realize what he had done.

“How frustrating! These d*mn people shall pay with their lives!” Yuchi Dao was furious.

“Elder, Ill let you deal with them.

Leave this fish to me!” Xia Fei hollered.

“Fools, time to die!” Yuchi Dao really believed that his tardiness had caused the deaths of the Sun family, so he was even more infuriated!

“Dark Fire!”

A blue flame instantly wreathed around Yuchi Daos body.

This was the first time Xia Fei had witnessed Yuchi Daos real strength, and Dark Fire was a cold flame, which was considered as one of the highest quality flames that a fire control ability user could harness.

It was immensely powerful!

Pulling out his stance, Xia Fei shifted into a runners pose.

“You shall all DIE!”

The deep blue flames shot up the sky; it was as if all the fire had merged into a tornado which instantly swept across both sides of the pool!

This tornado of flames had Yuchi Dao in the center, rapidly sweeping around him.

The forest and trees, which came into contact with these towering flame tornadoes, all got reduced to ashes, and the invaders were no exception!

While the inferno raged on, Xia Fei left the scene!

He sprang off from the ground like a cannonball, bounding straight for that monstrous fish!


Dragonscale Hectoslasher turned into a 1.5-meter saber.

That fish had gotten out of control now that Li Changlong and the others were dead, so Xia Fei stabbed his saber right into the back of it!


The monstrous fish came crashing down into the water with Xia Fei on its back.

It kept trying to escape into the deeper parts of the pool; the Dark Flame that Yuchi Dao had unleashed instilled a great fear in it, and the natural instinct that a living being possessed meant that this fish felt its life to be in grave danger and was, thus, in a hurry to escape.

Xia Feis breathing apparatus activated the moment he plunged into the water, with a tube extending out from its mask, allowing him to bite onto this, which sent oxygen into his lungs.

“Why arent you killing the fish outright!” Phantom exclaimed in shock.

Given Xia Feis abilities, he should not have any trouble dispatching this beast, yet Xia Fei had chosen to ride it like a horse and allow this fish to head deeper into the depths of the pool.

“I wanna use this chance to see just what that Source of Life is,” Xia Fei casually replied.

“Beast Spirit Codex!”


Plenty of mental energy quickly penetrated the monstrous fishs brain, and after a bit of a struggle, Xia Fei successfully subdued it, becoming no matter than an underwater mount for Xia Fei, letting him control it to go wherever he wanted.

“Lets go.

Head to the bottom of this pool!”

The fishs mind was all blank, so there was no way it could resist Xia Feis order.

It wriggled its huge fins and tail, and the monstrous fish went swimming toward the deepest part of the pool.

The pool was like a jar, becoming wider the deeper they went, and the energy undulations were also becoming more and more turbulent.

At the bottom of the pool some distance away seemed to be a cluster of light, which would flicker at a steady rate.

There were no other living organisms in this pool aside from this monstrous fish, most likely due to the latter swallowing everything else around it.

“That cluster of energy seems really pure, akin to Hearts of Spirit, but its not as violent as the Hearts of Spirit, and the amount of energy is also incomparable to Hearts of Spirit,” Phantom said.

Xia Fei slightly nodded, pressing his palm against the back of the fish.


There was a sudden surge of metal pressure and the fish convulsed in agony as if it had just seen a demon!


The brain of this flying fish split open, and then its body slowly became rigid.

“Xia Fei, youre becoming more adept with using your Beast Spirit Codex; at this rate, Im afraid that therell be very few exotic beasts which can escape your control,” Phantom said with pleasant surprise.

Xia Fei could not deny that, though this fish was of a monstrous size, it was hardly comparable to Furball in terms of grade, which was why he did not have too hard a time exerting pressure and dominating its mind.

As time passed, Xia Fei found Furball more and more mysterious.

The Beast Spirit Codex had always been indomitable, and aside from Furball, there had not been any other exotic beast which could resist its power for long.

This was an obvious indication that the young Furball was of a higher grade than most exotic beasts, though he still had no idea just how much higher this beast was.

His two legs swiftly threaded through the water.

As a speed ability user, Xia Fei also had a superhuman swimming speed, and he was able to move way faster than riding the monstrous fish.

Like a torpedo, Xia Fei cut through the water at high speeds, leaving a trail of bubbles in his wake.

Soon, Xia Fei reached the bottom of the pool, and he simply could not believe the sight he saw through his eyes!

The front of an ancient spaceship was buried deep in the underwater sand, leaving just the back half of it sticking out.

The hull of the ship was badly damaged, and that blinking white light had been coming from within that spaceship.

“Its a spaceship!” Phantom exclaimed.

“Its a science exploration ship from ancient times! Look, the hull of the ship still has words imprinted on it, which saysExploration Society.” Xia Fei pointed out.

Phantom frowned.

“If its a spaceship which sank during ancient times, why wouldnt there even be any seaweed or the ilk growing on its hull In fact, there doesnt seem to be any living things in this entire black pool.”

Xia Fei remarked, “This is what it means by an overflow which leads to collapse; the energy here in the bottom of the pool is far too rich, which makes it impossible for any living organisms to survive.

That monstrous fish was the only exception, which is probably a new variant that underwent certain mutations, so it became the only resident of this black pool.”

The energy around them was becoming more and more abundant, and Furball was also becoming extremely excited.

He poked his head out from Xia Feis combat suit as if he was eager to come out and devour all this energy.


Furball got a slap from Xia Fei, a warning for the beast not to do anything drastic.

If there was truly some treasure here in this spaceship, it would be disastrous if Furball ended up eating it, which was why Xia Fei refused to let it run free.

With a light kick of his two legs, Xia Fei became as agile as a fish as he went diving toward the ships damaged opening.

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