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Chapter 448: Planet plus Dragonscale Hectoslasher

“A total of 149 star halves, which means yo now have more than 14.95 billion points! That five-colored monster alone is worth 10 billion points.

This… is too much!” Phantom exclaimed in shock.

Clambering to his feet, Xia Fei threw White Dews into his mouth.

Psychokinesiss Tier 5 technique, Mistdrift, had frightening power, but it was incredibly exhausting.

It took thirty whole White Dews for Xia Fei to recover half of his energy expended.

Looking around, Xia Fei frowned and asked, “Why have the stone monsters stopped appearing”

“Thats because you successfully passed the trial!” The black and white parrots suddenly flew to Xia Feis side.

Blackie was excited while Whitey was dejected, her head hanging low in silence.

“Passed the trial”

“Correct! Youve completely undone the stone formation, gaining the highest achievable points in the history of this Holy Realm! You must understand that the highest score the insectoids have ever gotten is 540,000,000 points, while you obtained 14,900,000,000, many times higher than the highest recorded points earned!”

Xia Fei shrugged.

Fighting those monsters was very beneficial to his advancement, and he could even get points while dealing with them; moreover, he could exchange them for more valuable equipment.

It was the best of both worlds.

Now that the battle was over, Xia Fei could not help but feel a little regret.

After all, there were still four days left until the Holy Realm closed, enough for him to collect many more points, perhaps even advancing a little more in his cultivation.

At this time, the eyes of Blackie and Whitey flashed, shock appearing on their faces.

They bowed to the nearby Furball and said, “Lord Shatterstar, congratulations on your major advancement in cultivation.”

Xia Fei turned his head and saw that Furball had already finished absorbing all the energy released by that five-colored stone monster and was now lazily lying on the ground while he burped.

However, all this energy, rather than make him larger, had actually made him smaller!

Nodding at the black and white parrots, Furball jumped onto Xia Feis shoulder and affectionately nuzzled his face.

Xia Fei immediately snatched the now tennis ball-sized Furball off his shoulder and used both his hands to pinch the latters face.

He curiously asked, “You were originally the size of a basketball, so why is it that after eating so much, you became the size of a tennis ball Isnt that just a little too absurd”

Furball allowed Xia Fei to pinch and massage his face.

He looked innocently at Xia Fei while the parrots on the side were left gobsmacked.

This was Shatterstar, a Holy Beast! In Xia Feis hand, he was just like a toy, and the scene made their hearts want to jump out of their chests.

“Although youre smaller, youre also much firmer, and your elasticity isnt bad, either.”

As he spoke, Xia Fei threw Furball on the ground.

Thump! Upon hitting the ground, Furball used his innate elasticity to pop back up.

“As expected, your elasticity really is much better,” Xia Fei stroked his chin and said.

Raising his hand, Xia Fei did it again!

The white parrot covered her chest with her wings, her mouth open in speechless fright, her face contorted in fear.

The black parrot was sweating immensely as he tugged at Xia Fei and said, “Lord Shatterstar has just eaten large amounts of energy, so his body is still weak.

Let us return to the temple.

I will give you a list of items you can exchange for.”

The mention of exchanging immediately had Xia Feis interest.

He put Furball back on his shoulder and followed the two parrots into the temple again.

“Who is this human How could he dare How could he dare to treat Lord Shatterstar like that” Whitey crept up to Blackie and timidly whispered.

Blackie wiped the sweat off his head and sighed.

“Youre asking me, but who am I going to ask Lord Shatterstar has somehow become Xia Feis bouncing ball, but who will believe me if I say that!”

Whitey said, “Plus, why isnt Lord Shatterstar even the slightest bit angry Instead, hes just snuggling up to Xia Fei.

This is far too different from those legendary and majestic creatures that fly into fury at the slightest provocation.”

“Perhaps Lord Shatterstar was born with a good temper, or perhaps every creature has its weakness.

In any case, this matter is truly bizarre.”

A screen appeared in the temple, and upon it was a list of numerous items.

There were choices that went all the way from the Star River rank to Immortal rank.

There was a single name that occupied the very top of the list.

It had a line all by itself, but Xia Fei had no idea what it was.

There were far too many items to pick from.

Blackie brought over a chair for Xia Fei to sit on and then poured him a cup of water.

“There are still four days and eight hours until the Holy Realm closes.

You have enough time to choose.

Of course, with the tattoo left on your left arm by the God of Night, even before the time is up, you may leave through the Serenitys Gate whenever you like.”

Xia Fei nodded and asked, “One Immortal rank weapon costs one billion points Isnt that a little too expensive”

Blackie laughed.

“Dont forget that it didnt cost you a single penny to get all these points.

Moreover, both you and Lord Shatterstar greatly benefitted in terms of both cultivation and actual fighting experience from all the training and tempering as the two of you advanced from the first floor to fifth floor of the Holy Realm.

You have both managed to meet the goal of raising your cultivation and are now even receiving rewards from the Black and White Gods.

How could you say that youve not profited enough”

Xia Fei smiled.

This silly bird was right.

On this trip, he had both removed Uti and increased his cultivation, and on his way out, he was even leaving with a bucketload of valuable treasures.

Anyone would consider this an enormously wondrous occasion!

The items were sorted by rank.

Immortal rank weapons went from as low as eight hundred million points to 1.2 billion points.

For Eternal rank items, low value was eighty million, intermediate value was one hundred million, and high value was one hundred twenty million.

For the even lower Legendary rank items, these were divided into tiers of eight million, ten million, and twelve million.

As for the Star River rank weapons, Xia Fei did not even bother to look.

With a wave of his hand, he filtered out all the Star River rank items on the list.

In any case, he had tons of points, so he had no reason not to get himself items of higher quality.

Besides these, there were a bunch of miscellaneous items, such as rare metals or spatial rings.

These items were priced neither too high nor too low.

Besides being a warrior, Xia Fei had decent knowledge in pharmaceutical and machinery.

There were a few small items here that he had a use for, so he decided to buy them.

“A warrior has four treasures: weapons, drugs, spatial rings, and a combat uniform.

You currently have a spatial ring of enormous size, so you might as well invest some money on the others,” Phantom quietly said.

Xia Fei nodded.

His combat uniform was in tatters, let alone the fact that it was only at the Legendary rank.

It truly was time to get a new one.

Celestial Moon and Bloodthirsty Screech were also Legendary rank, and as Xia Feis cultivation grew, they probably would not last him long.

October Flying Snow and the Zephyr combat boots were both Eternal rank, but a warrior never restricted themselves to using a single weapon.

In normal circumstances, a warrior would have at least two sets of equipment for their rank in case it was necessary.

Xia Fei clenched his teeth.

A workman needed sharp tools to do a good job.

Since he had an opportunity to get an Immortal weapon, Xia Fei decided to give himself a complete makeover, changing all his equipment from head to toe into Immortal rank equipment!

Having made up his mind, Xia Fei began looking through the Immortal rank items.

Compared to the lower rank items, there were fewer than fifty Immortal rank items, but this was already quite a lot.

After all, Immortal rank weapons were extremely rare, and across the entire Alliance, there were not even thirty.

“I want this Planet combat uniform.” After looking through the descriptions of the Immortal rank combat uniforms, Xia Fei finally made his selection.

Blackie waved a wing, and a beautiful black box appeared in front of Xia Fei.

At the same time, Xia Feis points decreased by 1.2 billion, leaving him with 13.758 billion points.

The metal box was rather large, but it was almost weightless.

It felt cool to the touch, and numerous stars were carved upon it so vividly that they seemed to be in motion.

There was a button on each side of the box.

Xia Fei placed his hands on them, and the box opponent with a crisp *clack*.

Inside was a brand-new black combat uniform, the combat boots neatly placed next to it.

It had all the necessary support systems: breathing, night goggles, dust protection…

The material that seemed as thin as a cicadas wing was tougher than steel and smoother than silk.

Several additional layers of this thin metal protected the heart, elbow, and other crucial areas.

“Immortal rank combat uniforms truly are exquisitely crafted, but it seems to lack a small oxygen tank” Xia Fei asked.

Whitey pursed her lips in disdain and whispered, “A countryside hick who doesnt know something good when he sees it.”

Blackie chuckled.

“This combat uniform wasnt produced here.

It uses a sort of oxygen extraction module.

Even when in water, it can guarantee that the wearer will not suffocate from lack of oxygen.

The other components have their positive aspects.

You only need to wear it to learn its secrets.

I can guarantee that Planet is the best out of everything here, and it also has decent wind resistance systems.

Its ideal for speed ability users.”

Xia Fei was taken aback.

The Black and White Gods came from the world of Law Adepts, which means this combat uniform should also have been produced there.

The level of technology naturally had to be many times higher than the technology level of the Panhuman Alliance.

It could produce oxygen in any environment This was the first time Xia Fei had heard of such a miraculous module.

“Ill also take this Dragonscale Hectoslasher.”

Blackie waved his wing again, and a set of bizarrely shaped knives appeared in Xia Feis hands.

As before, his points decreased by another 1.2 billion, leaving him with 12.558 billion points.

Dragonscale Hectoslasher was a set because it consisted of a pair of sharp knives.

Each one was nearly sixty centimeters long, and they were absolutely straight without any sort of curves.

They flashed with silver light and exuded a somber aura!

The body of the blades were like a surface of cracked ice, where bloodletting grooves were clearly visible.

They appeared to look like the scales on a dragon, mighty and majestic!

“Shift!” Xia Fei yelled at the two knives.

The two knives came together into a large saber which was 1.2 meters long!

“Shift again!”

*Cling clang!*

A dragon roared! The two knives changed again, this time into one hundred eight rhombus-shaped flying daggers! With Xia Feis psychokinesis, they swiftly flew about in the air!

“The Dragonscale Hectoslasher is made from precious Fuller coldsteel, which is far more valuable than the Crowe alloy your Celestial Moon was made from.

In terms of craftsmanship and bearing, theres simply no comparison.

As it can change forms, these knives are also called the Dragonscale Triform, referring to how it can shift between two knives, a single saber, and numerous flying daggers.

It is perfect for a psychokinesis user like you to use.”

Blackie seemed very excited.

After all, Xia Fei was the inheritor chosen by the God of Night, meaning that he had a rather deep connection with him, but he was frustrated that Xia Fei had yet to ask about the item at the very top of the list which had no rank.

It was so obviously special.

Could Xia Fei really not see it

Whitey, on the other hand, was looking forward to Xia Fei spending all his points on these rank items, all the way until there was nothing left.

Putting down the Dragonscale Hectoslasher, Xia Fei gave a satisfied chuckle.

Pointing at the line at the very top of the screen, he asked, “Peacock Blue What is this Why doesnt it have a rank or a description”

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