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Chapter 394: Purple Eyes

“This is my exclusive beast, Furball, a very cunning fellow.

I dont know what species it is, but its got a bellyful of schemes and it causes trouble for me all day,” Xia Fei casually said.

Yuhua silently nodded, making no reaction.

Xia Feis plan was to determine from Yuhuas tone of voice whether the man knew anything about Furball or not.

After all, this man had an extremely high cultivation and a mysterious identity.

Ever since he entered the warship, he had been constantly observing Furball.

Perhaps he even knew Furballs origins.

There was no doubt that Furball was a crafty fellow, and what puzzled Xia Fei even more was its abilities.

It could convert matter into energy, which was a heaven-defying skill.

Thus, he hoped to understand what sort of exotic beast Furball was so that he could properly utilize and train it.

“Grandmaster Yu, youve seen many things.

Do you know what sort of beast Furball is” asked Xia Fei, reluctant to let the matter go.

“I dont know, but by the looks of it, Furball seems to be a very impressive exotic beast.” Yuhua sipped his tea.

Xia Fei could easily detect the half-hearted tone in the mans voice.

Since Yuhua was unwilling to speak, Xia Fei had no choice but to drop the matter.

His cultivation was inferior to Yuhuas.

Had he been a normal person, Xia Fei might be able to tie up and interrogate them, but he could do no such thing to a mysterious character like Yuhua.

Xia Fei was in no rush to ask about the Three Great Laws.

Instead, as usual, he said some flattering words and then offered a gift.

Giving gifts was a time-tested move from Xia Fei.

Wherever, he went, he would give gifts.

This had always been one of Xia Feis principles.

Since he ran into this extremely capable Yuhua, he naturally could not make an exception.

As the saying went, a person would not complain about receiving too many gifts.

Gifts would always be able to draw people closer together, and this type of action only had advantages, not disadvantages.

Xia Feis gifts were naturally tea leaves and snacks from Earth.

He suddenly recalled how the Endaro Star Region had fallen, and there was no telling when he would next be able to drink some of that sweet and pure Longjing tea.

He felt somewhat uncomfortable, unable to suppress his sorrow.

No matter what, Earth was still his home planet.

No matter where a person went in their life, they would find it difficult to forget their home.

This was a seed buried in their heart that would gradually begin to bud, and it would never be wiped away.

Yuhua took all these small items Xia Fei offered, not even attempting to refuse.

While his mouth softly uttered words of reluctance, his hands were not slow in taking the gifts at all.

After chatting for a while, Xia Fei felt that the mood was right, so he had Pod serve food and take out a bottle of good wine to share with Yuhua.

“Grandmaster Yus divine arts are truly profound.

When you suddenly appeared beside me earlier, I had quite the fright and thought that I had disturbed some god, but it turned out to be your venerable self.

Come, let me, Xia Fei, toast to you.”

Yuhua nodded, took the cup, and lightly sipped.

For some reason or another, perhaps Furball, the rather talkative Yuhua had not said much after boarding the warship.

All he did was occasionally glance at Furball, showing abnormal fondness and astonishment for the little fellow.

“Grandmaster Yuhua, for what reason did you come to the insectoid territory” Xia Fei asked.

Yuhua casually replied, “Im a merchant.

I came here to see an old friend.”

Xia Fei asked in confusion, “In other words, this nameless planet has other residents”

Yuhua smiled and sipped on his wine.

The radar scan had clearly indicated that there was no intelligent lifeform on this planet.

Had the system made a mistake Still, considering Yuhuas terrifying cultivation, Xia Fei understood.

It was normal for radar systems to fail to pick up monstrous existences like them.

“Grandmaster Yu, since you are a merchant, what is it that you sell” Xia Fei asked.

“I can get anything that you can think of.” Yuhua shamelessly boasted.

Xia Fei said, “Earlier, in a moment of carelessness, I destroyed my combat suit.

I wonder if perhaps your esteemed self have anything suitable”

Yuhua smiled.

“If my eyes didnt deceive me, that combat suit of yours could boost the ferocity of a warrior, ensuring that your aura wouldnt be suppressed by the enemy while locked in a mortal battle with your foe.

While its grade was decent, it wasnt made specifically for speed ability users.

In the past, when your rank wasnt high, this naturally wasnt a problem, but now that youre at the Legendary rank, that combat suit was no longer good enough.”

Xia Fei replied, “Sir is right.

Wearing it did boost my aura.

It seems that sir is extremely capable, only needing one glance to see the true nature of the Bloodthirsty Ice God.”

Xia Fei seized this chance to flatter him again, which Yuhua was secretly enjoying.

Smiling, he said, “Ah, merchants, were all just pursuing profits.

As long as you can pay the price, I can naturally get you the item.”

At this moment, more than a hundred rectangular boxes appeared on the table.

Each one was about the size of a mahjong tile and had appeared as if by magic.

Xia Fei had not seen Yuhua even do anything, and he had no idea where they had all come from.

“These are all combat suits made specifically for speed ability users.

Im in a good mood today, so I can sell one to you at a discount,” Yuhua said, appearing very generous.

Xia Fei was rather taken aback.

Taking out more than one hundred combat suits designed specifically for speed ability users was a huge move! From how Yuhua had accepted his gifts, he seemed like a very greedy person, not someone particularly generous, but this was completely at odds with how he was now allowing him to choose from so many combat suits and sell one to him at a discounted price.

However, on second thought, Xia Fei realized that this person possessed such high cultivation that he was simply no match for him.

If this man truly wanted something, he could just seize it from him without Xia Fei being able to do a thing about it.

He could only think on his feet.

He did not know whether encountering this fellow in the insectoid territory was a blessing or a curse.

These mahjong-tile-size boxes, which were in various colors, were all made of metal and had different signs on them.

Xia Fei had seen items like these in the Alliance.

They were spatial tools specifically meant for holding valuable objects.

After all, spatial tools were themselves extremely valuable.

Any object they were being used to store must have considerable value.

The insignia or words on the outer shells were the logos of the corporation or store these products were from.

Xia Fei recognized none of the logos on the boxes Yuhua had taken out.

It seemed that none of them was produced by the Alliance.

This made Xia Fei even more curious about Yuhua.

He picked up one of the boxes and sent his mind into it.

In this way, he could know what was inside without opening the box.

“A Legendary rank combat suit!” Xia Fei mentally exclaimed.

Searching through eight more, he found that all were combat suits specifically designed for speed ability users and of the same rank!

“Little brother, all of them are at Legendary rank, perfect for you.

I also have Eternal rank ones, but the items in my possession are different from what you usually see.

Their specifications and quality are all much better.

For you, Legendary rank is enough.

Using equipment beyond your rank isnt necessarily a good thing.

After all, a combat suit should be a close fit for the body.

Too much pressure might affect your movements,” Yuhua smilingly said.

He was still glancing at Furball as if he was pondering something.

Alas, Furball was lazily snoozing on the sofa and completely ignoring Yuhua.

Xia Fei nodded and continued to inspect these small boxes containing combat suits.

The combat suits came with boots, gloves, a helmet, a one-piece suit, and even some small accessories.

All of these things placed within the one cubic meter of space inside seemed like a perfect fit.

The more Xia Fei saw, the more astonished he was.

Yuhua was not lying.

If combat suit sets of this quality were sold in the Alliance, they would sell at the same price as Eternal rank combat suits.

They were carefully designed, exquisitely made, and crafted using select materials.

When it came to quality, they were the best of the best!

‘No wonder he said that Legendary rank is enough.

The rank standards for these items are way higher than in the Alliance.

While he calls them Legendary rank, theyre actually at Eternal rank level! Xia Fei thought to himself.

He looked through around eighty sets.

Each set left Xia Fei extremely satisfied.

However, too many good things actually made him indecisive.

Suddenly, among the remaining twenty-some boxes, Xia Fei spotted a purple set.

In the more than one hundred boxes, this was the only one that was purple.

An eye had been carved into the box.

Moreover, while all the other boxes looked new, this one seemed rather old.

Xia Fei curiously picked up the box and sent his mental energy into it.

After inspecting the items within, Xia Feis shock was the equivalent of a magnitude ten earthquake, though he made sure to not show it on his face.

“Grandmaster Yu, all of these sets are very impressive; Ill take this one,” Xia Fei casually said.

Yuhua was examining Furball out of the corner of his eye, so he casually said, “Alright, then.

Little brother, what do you plan to use to trade for it”

Xia Fei put away the purple-colored box and took out a rather high-quality Purple Heart of Spirit from his spatial ring, which he placed on the table.

“Grandmaster Yu, what do you think about this”

Yuhua smiled.


Little brother, lets do as you say.”

As he spoke, the other small boxes on the table disappeared together with the Purple Heart of Spirit, even more amazing than a magic trick.

Yuhua stood up, took one last reluctant glance at Furball, and said, “Lets part ways here.

Perhaps we will meet again.”

Xia Fei was rather surprised.

“Grandmaster, youre leaving”

Yuhua replied, “Ive already seen my old friend, and our exchange is finished.

Is there a reason I should remain”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Could this junior ask for some instruction on the Law of Space”

Yuhua heartily laughed.

“The Three Great Laws can only be experienced, not transmitted through words.

Young man, whether you can comprehend the laws or not will depend on your luck.

In the future, if someone tells you that they can teach you the true essence of the Three Great Laws, then theyre just trying to fool you.

Remember my words.”

With this, Yuhua really did leave.

Xia Fei escorted him out of the Impaler.

He watched as Yuhua took slow strides, but under his feet, he seemed to be flying as if he was riding on a magical flying cloud.

“That persons cultivation is far too high.

I cant even imagine it.

Even Master Craneshadow wont be one-ten-thousandth of his power.

Its fortunate that he didnt have any hostile intentions, or else your little life would have ended here today,” Phantom said once Yuhua was gone, wiping sweat off his face.

Xia Fei nodded.

“Well still leave here soon.

I have no desire to run into another monster like that.”

Phantom smiled.

“Xia Fei, that combat suit youve got must not be simple.

I sensed a distinct ripple of emotion in your heart.”

Xia Fei replied, “This set is Purple Eyes! Itd be far more bizarre if I didnt feel anything about it.”

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