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Chapter 264: Who wants to be Harriss student

Xia Fei intentionally paused to observe the young scientists reaction.

Andre had recruited them directly from various institutions.

These people, who were only in their twenties on average, were the best among the best.

If they were following the initial script of their lives, they would be working for reputable professors or experts while learning from them until they were capable of doing projects or leading research teams by themselves, only then achieving greatness to their names.

These young scientists were very fortunate because Xia Fei had given them a different option.

They did not have to follow the standard procedures like their seniors.

Quantum Holdings could provide them with their own lab and funds.

That being said, it was part of their job to play a supporting role to Harris, but they were allowed to invent and research as they pleased.

Even though many institutes and research groups claimed to value fresh talents, they were still prejudiced toward young scientists to a certain degree because of their lack of experience and skills, but Xia Fei believed otherwise.

These young scientists might lack experience, but they also had the recklessness that the old scientists did not have.

Provided with a comfortable environment, these young and inexperienced calves might not necessarily lose against the big, bad wolves.

No one could possibly predict the future.

No one had the right to tell these young scientists to follow their seniors path, and who even came up with that rule in the first place

The young scientists in the meeting room were intrigued.

They wondered what Xia Fei was going to say next.

Xia Fei smiled.

“I know everyone didnt give up on the chance to work in other reputable institutes to join Quantum Holdings just because of the handsome salaries.

I believe everyone here wants to achieve greatness in their career.”

“The contract you signed with the company lasts for three years.

Youre not allowed to leave the lab during this period.

I must say that its a bit too strict, but I can guarantee you that you will be proud of your decision to sign the contract in the near future, for it will be the best decision youve made in your life.

Xia Fei pointed at Harris and said, “Everyone, let me ask: What do you think of Harriss skills as a researcher after working with him for some time”

“Hes impressive.”

“His skills are beyond our imagination.”

“Thats right; Im afraid even my mentor isnt anywhere close to his level.”

The young scientists took turns to express their thoughts.

They might be displeased by Harriss personality, but they had to admit how brilliant the old man was academically.

Xia Fei nodded.

“Are you willing to be his students then To learn Genomics and other advanced fields from him.”

The words took everyone by surprise.

Every young scientist would want to learn from Harris.

After all, the old man used to be the pride of the Pan-Human Alliance.

At the same time, they were wary of Harriss temper.

The man had been full of himself ever since he came to the lab.

It was already rare for them to see him in a good mood, so what more of trying to learn from him

Xia Fei casually glanced at Harris, who immediately rose to his feet and said, “From today on, I will never treat you the same way I did in the past.

Please accept my apology.”

Harris bowed deeply at the group of young scientists.

The group of young scientists were dumbfounded.

The old mans sincere bow had resolved even the greatest conflict between them.

Gu Fengzhu stared at Xia Fei in astonishment.

She did not understand how Xia Fei had managed to make Harris submit fully to him.

Most scientists were proud and arrogant, including Gu Fengzhu, yet at this particular moment, she could not help but feel impressed by Xia Fei, who was a few years younger than her.

“I promise you all that, from now onward, I, Harris, will teach my students everything I know.

I can satisfy your curiosity as long as youre willing to learn, but remember: Im extremely strict with my students, so make sure that youre mentally prepared.”

“I didnt really learn a lot in my life, but for topics like gravitation physics, genomics, genetics, quantum physics, molecular engineering…”

Harris continued to list out the fields he was familiar with, leaving these young scientists speechless.

They could not imagine how Harris was able to master so many fields when a persons time and energy were limited.

He was no longer a human; he was a combination of knowledge from many top institutes in the world.

This was the difference between a genius and a normal person.

Harriss greatest achievement was his knowledge in genomics, but he was also an expert in various fields.

His biggest problem was the lack of time.

If he had unlimited time, his achievements would be immeasurable.

The young scientists were starting to lose their minds.

Who would miss out on the chance to learn under a top scholar of the Pan-Human Alliance Even a lunatic would know the significance of it.

Xia Fei took hold of the opportunity to speak.

“Lets all calm down first.

Harris has his work to do, too, so he wont be able to use all his time on teaching.

Everyone here has a chance to be his students, but only three of you will be learning from him in the first batch.

Therefore, the three most outstanding researchers in the group will be rewarded with the chance to learn from Harris.

“I hope that you all will give your best during this period.

A month from now, I shall announce the result in front of everyone.

Those who won will have the chance to choose a field which Harris has just mentioned.

Harris will be teaching you directly on a one-to-one basis for an hour every day until you learn everything.”

The few sentences had made the young scientists restless.

The whole room was filled with excitement.

The conference room turned empty in no time after the meeting came to an end.

No one even bothered to complain how they were mistreated.

They now had a new goal to work for.

Gu Fengzhu approached Xia Fei with a smile.

Harris sneaked out of the room when Xia Fei was not paying any attention.

He was a little terrified whenever he recalled his experience in the lab a while ago.

As a mad scientist, Harris was never scared of death, yet Xia Fei had managed to traumatize him.

Even the strongest warrior could not endure that torture, let alone Harris, who lacked the strength even to truss a chicken.

“Im really impressed.

Youve successfully resolved the crisis in the lab, and these researchers have even found a new goal to work for, too.

Theyre going to learn and work crazily for some time,” Gu Fengzhu said.

Xia Fei nodded.

“Thats pretty normal.

It means that these young scientists arent just trying to get by and also have passion in them.”

“Is that why you recruited so many young men for the lab”

“Thats one of the reasons.”

“Any other reasons”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Miss, its not necessarily a good thing for you to know too much.

I dont like it when people try to analyze my thoughts.

Thats all for now; bring me to my lab, and I shall start working.”

The two went to B18, the most confidential lab in the base.

The titanium door shut after Xia Fei went inside; he was determined to work out the nether bell and the super radar.

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