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Chapter 1470 The Pirate King Mad Ma

Most of the temporary barracks were already filled with people.

Griffin led Xia Fan and everyone to one near the edge of the encampment.

Nearly half of the barracks, which had a capacity of three hundred, was still empty.

Griffin waved, indicating that everyone should gather around him before he spoke.

“Everybody, please listen up! There are a lot of people who are participating in the special ability Tyrant Battle this time; considering that were looking for the king of special ability users across eight large star regions, who here wouldnt want a piece of that glory Even if you fail to be crowned the ultimate champion, seeing what others are capable of is pretty good, too!

“But it is precisely because there are simply too many competitors that it has ended up surpassing what we originally expected.

Thats why whether it is the schedule weve arranged, or the planning weve done for the competition venue, all that will take a bit more time.

After all, this special ability Tyrant Battle is a huge matter, and if were going to do it, we should do it properly! That is why everyone shouldnt get too anxious just yet.

Stay here and wait for news from us.

“The current living arrangements are fairly simple, but I do believe were all people vying for glory and not here to enjoy ourselves.

If youre here for enjoyment, you can go home and lie in your bed and sleep with the companion of your choice in your arms… Wouldnt that be blissful”


Everyone around chuckled.

What Griffin said made sense.

After making such an introduction, everyone more or less accepted their current arrangements.

Griffin continued to elaborate on the living and training provisions here; things like where the cafeteria was and the public training space situated in the center of the encampment, then let everyone head off to claim their own spot.

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha entered the barracks and instantly felt a hostile gaze fall upon them.

This building could contain about three hundred people, but was already inhabited by over a hundred people.

They all seemed to have come from the same group, since all of them shared a strange ear tattoo on their left arm.

Why do they have a tattoo of an ear on their arm…, Xia Fan wondered.

He was stunned after he recognized the tattoo, having seen it in a file from the Special Bureau about pirates.

They were one of the most famous pirate organizations in the Outer Frontier, the Ear Harvesters!

That was when Traveling Buddha standing behind Xia Fan said with a slight furrow of his eyebrow, “G*dd*mm*t.

To think we would bump into this bunch of ear cutters.

I would kill them all if we were not in our current disguises right now.”

Even someone that cared about nothing like Traveling Buddha could recognize the Ear Harvesters, which was a testament to just how notorious this pirate organization was.

There had once been a survey ship from the Special Bureau that had ended up in the hands of the Ear Harvesters.

By the time the Union found out, the investigators onboard had already been killed, and without an exception, these pirates had severed all their left ears.

The Starcloud Unions Special Bureau naturally harbored a deep hatred for the Ear Harvesters.

Unfortunately, the Ear Harvesters were not your average pirate organization, instead being elites among pirates.

This meant that although their numbers were fewer, their combat effectiveness was outstanding.

It was said that half of their members possessed special abilities, and their captain, Ma Gaolong, had even reached Advanced Star Base rank.

Within the region near the Inner Territories, he was able to rank among the top three, and he was really infamous, his reputation resounding like thunder.

After finding an empty bunk bed, Traveling Buddha and Xia Fan set down their luggage.

That was when something unimaginable happened.

Griffin had not left, and several of the warriors from Murder Shrine who had arrived with him came in with the strange woman from before.

She was still wearing a pair of disruptor handcuffs.

She looked sad and angry at the same time, and had visibly been tortured while onboard the ship.

With a callous shove from behind, Griffin cackled as she shoved her into the barracks.

“None of you should underestimate this woman.

Shes an investigator from the Sacred Federation,” Griffin announced to everyone in the barracks.

An investigator And a woman at that!

The barrack instantly erupted into whoops and yells, especially from the Ear Harvester Pirates.

They did not have any love lost for investigators!

Griffin chuckled coldly, “But, this woman is already rendered useless.

Weve administered the truth serum on her, but to think she would luck out and not die.

In any case, we cant be bothered to keep her imprisoned anymore, so we might as well throw her in here.

All of you can do with her however you desire.”

Griffin said those sinister words and left with his men.

Meanwhile, the strange woman rapidly found herself surrounded by the pirates.

She was shivering with rage, but she had no way of resisting them with the disruptor handcuffs still on her.

disruptor handcuffs were used to apprehend special ability users.

The moment they were donned, not only would there be a strong attraction force that would restrict the detainees movements, but the inbuilt neural control unit would also suppress their seventh brain region, making it impossible for the detained to use any sort of special ability.

Every investigator of the Special Bureau always carried around at least a pair so that they could deal with any sudden situations.

But right now, a pair of disruptor handcuffs were on the wrists of an investigator.

She was like a little chick who had been thrown into a pack of wolves, completely helpless, and able to feel nothing but despair.

Xia Fan knew that Griffin intended to humiliate her.

There were close to three hundred people in the barracks, and ninety-five percent of them were men.

Among them, a good half were notorious pirates, and anyone could imagine what would happen after throwing a defenseless woman in like this.

Sure enough, first came the verbal teasing, but it did not take long before the pirates began to get handsy with her.

Xia Fan knit his eyebrows together.

He had indeed killed an investigator from the Sacred Federation, but he was still enraged to see a woman in such a predicament.

Warriors could find themselves killed; from that day someone put on a Special Bureau badge, it was necessary for them to have that understanding.

But it was another thing entirely for an investigator to be subjected to sexual assaults from these pirates!


All of a sudden, someone coughed twice, and the Ear Harvester Pirates promptly stopped what they were doing.

The entire barracks went dead silent.

Everyone watched as an elder with dark skin came walking out from the depths of the barracks.

Though his age was visibly etched on his face, his body was still sturdy.

His right eye was completely white, like it had gone blind.

He was Ma Gaolong, nicknamed Mad King Ma!

This was the culprit who had slaughtered the Starcloud Unions investigators in that case thirty-three years ago!

Xia Fan immediately identified Ma Gaolong, since he was a public enemy of all investigators.

Xia Fan had once seen his wanted notice; it had been put up thirty-three years ago, and had not been taken down since.

The appearance of Mad King Ma caused the entire barrack to go silent.

Even the sound of breathing was suppressed.

One step after another, Mad King Ma made his way over to the strange woman.

With his one good eye, she checked her out.

All of a sudden, Mad King Ma extended out a vice-like grip with his left hand and clutched her neck, then lifted her up from the ground.

The womans face paled.

She kept struggling, but was unable to make a sound.She kept kicking at Mad King Ma, but he did not seem to feel a thing.

“This old one hates you investigators the most! Every investigator, no matter what Federation they are from, must die!”

Mad King Ma growled and extended his right hand.

Someone immediately placed a small machete in his hand.

Mad King Ma tightened his grip on the womans neck as his right hand slowly swung the ear-harvesting machete down!

The woman had given up all hope and stopped struggling.

Helpless, she shut her eyes.

She did not cry, though tears still slowly trickled down from the corner of her eye.

Just as Mad King Ma was about to harvest that womans ear, he suddenly saw a black figure abruptly shooting over, moving at a speed that defied imagination!

No longer caring about the woman, Mad King Ma tossed her away and crossed his arms in front of him, pushing back in the direction the black blur was charging from!


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