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Chapter 1373: That Holy Light

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Speed created a qualitative change!

In normal circumstances, Xia Fei couldnt make his speed hit 200 million.

Attacking at this speed not only required the support of energy, it also required Xia Fei to get infinitesimally close to his biological limits!

This was naturally very dangerous, for Xia Fei had only cultivated to the second level of the Chilled Ligament Ghost Valley, so his body wasnt strong enough to sustain this speed for long.

But Xia Fei no longer cared about such things.

Familiar faces flashed past his eyes.

Whether it was Charlie, old Andre, Wu Long, or Moon Song, Chen Dong, Qin Mang, or his Skywings brothers, or the Lionheart Races Oro…

All of them were existences that Xia Fei cherished.

Of course, there was also Avril, Xia Feis most beloved woman.


The greater ones ability, the greater ones duty!

If Xia Fei lost to this despicable Azure Moon, to the wicked Dragon Race, the flames of war would spread all the way to Xia Feis front door.

All life would be imperiled, and all that Xia Fei cherished would be destroyed.

Xia Fei could not let that happen!

Yes, Xia Fei was very crazy, but that was only to his enemies! To his family and brothers, Xia Fei was a most trustworthy existence!

At this stage, there was no need to think! He just needed to fight with everything he had!

Xia Feis eyes were red as blood! His fist moved at nearly the speed of light, punching again and again at Azure Moon!

Azure Moon truly was very powerful.

He was an energy-type Lunar Master, protected by a moon made of pure energy, but Xia Fei was confident that there was nothing in this universe that couldnt be broken! He just needed to be fierce enough, ruthless enough, and then he could tear apart the heavens themselves!

There was a titanic thundering!

It was transmitted from the Seven Star Steles all the way to the battlefield, where it sounded like the pounding of war drums in the ears of the Dragoons!

No one knew what was happening in the Seven Star Steles, but that intense rumbling encouraged everyone on the battlefield to hold on!

At the start, Azure Moon really hadnt taken Xia Fei seriously.

He had the bright moon protecting him, and no one could break the crystallized mass of 100 million units of spirit power!

The most frustrating of all was Peacock Blue.

This toughest weed of the universe, the Dragonbinding Rope, had restrained him tightly, preventing him from moving.

That was not a lethal threat.

While hiding within the moon of energy, Azure Moon even had time to laugh and watch in boredom as Xia Fei continued to blast away at the moon.

But what he hadnt expected was that Xia Fei was Xia Fei because there was no limit to his madness!

An hour soon passed.

After using the Dragonbinding Rope to restrain Azure Moon, Xia Fei had battered away at the moon for a whole hour!

Azure Moon was stunned, stunned by Xia Feis madness!

There were many madmen in the universe, but were any of them as insane as Xia Fei! He knew that he was just an egg throwing itself at a rock, but he still kept attacking! Attacking crazily, with no signs of stopping!

With each punch, blood splattered!

Xia Fei swung his bloody fists, which were as crimson as his eyes, which radiated murderous intent! A bone-chilling murderous intent!

It was like Xia Fei wasnt looking to kill any particular person, but to kill the entire universe!

As the old saying went, a single burning soldier could set an entire army aflame.

The crazed Xia Fei would inevitably bring a pack of madmen with him!

Furball, Little Goldie, and Radix had all gone crazy!

From different directions, they barraged crazily Azure Moon!

His energy levels rapidly falling, Azure Moon could sense that these insane attacks were making his bright moon weaker and weaker!

His energy levels dropped to 99 million!

98 million!

97 million!

95 million!

Even worse was that Peacock Blue still had Azure Moon bound up, turning him into a punching bag!

It was mistaken to think that Peacock Blue was weaker just because it had become a tool for capturing enemies.

After all, this was the Dragonbinding Rope, an absurd Mystical Armament that even Megadragons couldnt escape from!

Although Peacock Blues attack power had seemingly fallen, its ability to restrain enemies had soared!

Powerful energy constantly assailed Peacock Blues appendages, but the most tenacious weed of the universe was unmoved.

With its insane vitality, it healed those injuries and continued to hold onto Azure Moon grimly, locking him in a death grip!

It was a bizarre situation.

Xia Fei led his pack of fiends in pummeling humanitys strongest Lunar Master!

Energy levels at 93 million!

91 million!

87 million!

The moon was constantly shrinking, and its defensive power plunged as it did! It was all because of Xia Feis crazed and unreasonable attacks!

He just kept attacking!

Azure Moon even began to suspect that Xia Fei really might break his moon!

He began to worry, and began to fear!

After all, Azure Moon was human, not a madman like Xia Fei who knew no fear!

Xia Feis obsession had turned into a mental shadow for Azure Moon, making him overthink things.

What would Azure Moon do if Xia Fei broke the moon, and what would he do if Xia Fei couldnt

But Xia Fei didnt care about the result! His suffocating obsession had made Azure Moon have all sorts of thoughts, but there was only one thought on Xia Feis mind! Destroy this moon and kill his enemy!

A true warrior could have no reservations!

Many times now, Xia Fei had left his beloved Avril back at home, not even seeing her for many months.

This was precisely because he didnt want to have anything holding him back! This was the only way he could throw himself into the battlefield!

Just because he could do it didnt mean that other people could!

The blue moon made of energy had turned red, a moon of blood, dyed in Xia Feis blood!

This was Xia Feis madness!

When he was set on something, he would do it, even if he died! Not caring for the methods or the consequences!

Bang! Suddenly, the moon shrank considerably as Azure Moon called the energy back into his body.

He quickly used the sudden opening in Peacock Blues grip to move back and flee.

Yes, flee! Xia Feis reckless methods had forced Azure Moon to flee!

Looking in disbelief at the blood-drenched and crazed form of Xia Fei, Azure Moon said in a trembling voice, “You are the first person in history to make me undo my moon and run.

Do you not fear death! Do you really think that you can break down my moon of energy single-handedly!”

Xia Fei threw his head back and laughed, saying in an insane growl, “Yes! All the laws in this universe exist to be subverted! To be able to live this along is already enough! Today, even if I cant kill you, Ill drag you down with me!”

Critical Strike!

Blazing with ghostly flames and fiendish energy, he moved at more than 200 million meters per second!

So long as he lived, the battle would not stop! Xia Fei was a foul-smelling and tough rock, and he was determined to shatter the exquisite jade that was Azure Moon!

The odor of blood filled the air; it was impossible to distinguish that which belonged to Xia Fei and that which belonged to Azure Moon.

This was a historic battle! With his insanity and speed, Xia Fei had managed to ensure that both he and Azure Moon were severely injured.

Xia Fei and Azure Moon stared at each other across a significant distance.

Xia Fei was completely covered in blood, but there was still a faint smile on his lips.

Azure Moon was in a slightly better condition.

His face sported an obvious wound, which Little Goldie had made with a bite, and there was a chunk out of his leg, which had been made by Furballs jaws.

Azure Moon was extremely frustrated.

He didnt understand how the mighty Holy Beast Shatterstar could bite people!

Xia Feis fiends were like mad dogs, fighting him constantly.

This was extremely rare in a high-rank battle like this!

After all, as a minor character who had grown up from the grassroots, Xia Fei would use every trick in the book, no matter how ruthless or insidious!

The last level of the Seven Star Steles had long ago been turned upside down.

This battle was too intense, far too intense! Neither side was backing down!

Azure Moon still held that crystal of energy in his hand, but it was much smaller now.

As for Furball, Little Goldie, and even Xia Fei himself, they were on the verge of collapse.

Their energy was gone, twenty million units of energy all used up!

“Hahahaha!” Azure Moon laughed, glaring at Xia Fei with his triangular eyes.

“As I said, I am the king of energy! Your energy isnt even worth my attention! And now that your energy has run out, just accept your death!”

Xia Fei raised his head with great difficulty and sneered at Azure Moon.

“Youre wrong.

Energy has never been the final move of a warrior.”

Azure Moon was startled, and then he said grimly, “Still arguing when youre about to die! All thats tough about you is your talk!”

These words simply made Xia Fei laugh, laugh very brazenly! Very boldly! A laugh without fear!

“Its not just my talk thats tough! So is my life! Do you want to try!”

Azure Moon frowned, and then his face grimaced in shock, for Xia Fei had begun to burn his life force!

Burning life force was a warriors final trick! Using their own life for one strike that would shine through all of eternity!

The insane Xia Fei would rather die than concede!

Furball sighed softly.

He jumped onto Xia Feis shoulder and licked Xia Feis face for the last time.

This guy was playing cute again.

Not since becoming a peak Holy Beast had Furball acted like this.

The dignity of a Holy Beast did not permit him to act like that, did not permit him to bow to anyone!

Unfortunately, in the end, Furball was not a complete Holy Beast.

Xia Fei had influenced him in too many ways.

He was cunning like Xia Fei, and also insane like Xia Fei! Ever since he had been very young, Furball had taken his master as his model!

Unless one had their own personal Holy Beast, one would find it very difficult to understand the affection Xia Fei and Furball shared.

Iit was a very deep camaraderie, thicker than blood.

They would live together and die together!

Xia Fei was taken aback by Furballs affectionate action, and he felt his heart convulse.

It was painful, more painful than being stabbed in the heart!

A beast was loyal to its master and would protect them to the death!

It was an absolute sort of favoritism!

No matter what Xia Fei did, Furball would always support him without condition or price! Even if Xia Fei killed a god, Furball would kill gods with him!

In this life, Furball had acknowledged only one person: Xia Fei.

Furball understood only one principle: Xia Feis principles!

There was no reason for Furball to just sit on the side while his master was backed up into a corner and was burning away his own life in a suicidal attack.

In truth, Furball wasnt that cunning.

His cunning was aimed at the enemy.

To Xia Fei, he was just a ball, a ball that wouldnt strike back even if it was cursed at! A silly little ball…

Those little pea-sized green eyes seemed to be tearing up.

After licking Xia Feis face, Furball stopped looking at him.

He flew into the air, the round little ball using its strong and vigorous body to fly through the air, his body radiating a crystalline halo, like the halo of an angel, gentle and beautiful.

No one could have imagined that Furball would be smiling when he decided to use his ultimate attack, the one that would take his own life.

His fat little face and his squinting eyes made it seem like he had achieved enlightenment.

As that halo grew brighter and brighter, Furballs smile grew more and more resplendent, so sacred and hallowed that it seemed like the Holy Infant was descending.

But amid this holy scene was a discordant voice.

“Dont do it!” Xia Fei cried out, his ears tearing up, the tears mixing with blood to become red.

At that moment, Furball became a light, a holy light.

Furball didnt know how to talk, nor would he leave behind some moving manifesto.

He only did what he needed to do.

Master is having a tough time…

He has to pay with his life…

Then let Furball go first…!

Whoosh! That holy light sliced across the stars…

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