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After planting the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus, Chu Jingfeng was extremely excited.

“This is the first plant in the new Gods Eden, but it wont be the last! As long as we work hard together, Im sure we can restore this garden back to its former glory!”

Xia Fei pursed his lips and asked, “Im more of a pragmatist.

Can you tell me what the benefits this Grand Silken White Rain Lotus will have for me”

Chu Jingfeng rolled his eyes at Xia Fei.

The way he saw it, Xia Fei was far too much of a utilitarian! The revival of Gods Eden was such a major event, yet Xia Fei could still keep calm.

It was almost as if Xia Fei only cared about the plants, and not the garden!

“The Grand Silken White Rain Lotus will not be of any use to you, but its fruit is utmost precious! As for what it can do… Ill need to check my grandfathers notes, as I cant determine that just yet.

“That is just how the plants in Gods Eden work; the plants themselves arent anything strong; it is the fruits of the plants that can change warriors on a genetic level, which is why they are called miracle fruits!” Chu Jingfeng explained to Xia Fei.

Xia Fei nodded his understanding.

It was not hard to comprehend the logic behind this; bananas were delicious, but that did not mean the banana tree was also delicious.

It looked like he would have to patiently wait for the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus to bear fruit before he could get what he wanted.

Even if Gods Eden had not been rejuvenated, Xia Fei had also managed to break through and attain the max level Law of Speed.

He was in a good mood knowing he had made such an amazing achievement, so he worked together with the master and disciple duo to clean up Gods Eden nicely.

Xia Fei had taken some leave to come here, so he could not stay for too long.

As such, he bade farewell to Chu Jingfeng and planned to return back to the 29th Place.

Chu Jingfeng thought about that and said, “Thats good, too.

Gods Eden will take some time before it rejuvenates, and is not something we can rush along.

It just so happens that I need to make a trip back home too, so that I can browse through the diary my grandfather wrote when he was a gardener for Gods Eden.

Let us meet in Varanasi in three days time, and we can come back here then.”

Xia Fei frowned, “Three days Isnt that a bit too soon After all, Im still working for the 29th Place.

If I keep running off whenever, Im sure Ill draw the attention of Xiu Zetian.

Why dont you two go ahead, and Ill just come over some time later”

“No way!” Chu Jingfeng clutched Xia Feis sleeve and earnestly made his case.

“The reason why Gods Eden has rejuvenated is because you have the same Aura as the Broken Wing Sky Devil.

If you dont come visit, the garden will still wither away!”

Xia Fei was shocked.

Even a fool could tell what it would mean if Gods Eden were to make a complete recovery.

This was a god-given treasure! The effects from the miracle fruits the Four Great Sky Devils had left behind were extraordinary, and they would surely be able to help Xia Fei climb to even greater heights in a short time!

Xia Fei definitely had no desire to see Gods Eden fall back into ruin.

It was the exact opposite, seeing as how he wanted to see this garden develop even further than anyone else!

After some thought, Xia Fei said, “Okay.

Ill hurry back as soon as I can find the time.

But the four-day travel time to make the trip back and forth wont be easy.

Plus, just how many people know the location of Gods Eden It would be bad if someone else were to discover our secret.”

Chu Jingfeng did some mental calculations before answering, “There are plenty in Annihilation that know of Gods Eden, but Im afraid only those old monsters who survived the great battle are aware of its exact location.

As long as we are sufficiently cautious, we ought to be able to keep this secret under wraps.”

With that said, Chu Jingfeng and Xia Fei went off to find Xu Luanbu.

Shocked, he stammered, “What are you two looking at me for Gods Eden is also beneficial to me, I definitely wont be divulging any information about it.”

Xia Fei turned to Chu Jingfeng, “Its best if you two dont split up.”

Chu Jingfeng nodded in agreement, making Xu Luanbu feel upset.

It could not be helped; Xia Fei was not someone who could trust someone easily, and because Chu Jingfeng had saved Xia Feis life in the Eighth Universe that time, he had been able to trust him.

He still needed time to see if he could do the same for Xu Luanbu.

Caution in all things was the way to live longer.

Xia Fei had always kept this principle in mind!

Xia Fei said goodbye to Chu Jingfeng and flew back to the 29th Place.

Before departing, Chu Jingfeng personally ran Xia Fei through the method to enter Gods Eden.

It had to be said that the Four Great Sky Devils had quite the scheming character.

To think they would design the garden so intricately that most people would not be able to locate the garden without proper instruction! That was because Gods Eden… was actually not even in Fiend territory!

Returning back to the 29th Place, Xia Fei was called to Xiu Zetians office.

He looked to be in a good mood today, almost as if there was something to be happy about.

“Yiyi has attained the Law tier,” Xiu Zetian told Xia Fei happily.

Xia Fei was startled.

Truly it was frustrating to compare oneself with others; It took him several years for him to reach the Law tier when he first started out with special ability, yet Xiu Yiyi only took a handful of months and could begin cultivating Law Powers already!

Smiling, Xia Fei flashed him his trademark innocent smile and unleashed a barrage of flattery, “Miss Yiyi has unparalleled potential.

Im sure her accomplishments in the future will be limitless.”

Xiu Zetian nodded, “That brats extremely similar to her mother, wanting to be strong in everything, so much so to the point that she would even forgo rest and sleep, just forcing her way and forging her path forward.”

Speaking of his wife, Xiu Zetians eyes could not help but turn red, grabbing Xia Feis arm, “Youre a great benefactor to my Xiu Clan, so be at ease.

As long as I, Xiu Zetian, helm the 29th Place, there will not be anyone out there that would dare touch a hair on you!”

Xia Fei kept quiet.

Initially, Xia Fei had agreed to Xiu Zetians invitation precisely because Xiu Zetians humanity was still intact.

He was able to endure the decades, all in an effort to avenge his fallen wife, and was willing to offend the entire Annihilation Universe in the process.

Xia Fei had thought that following Xiu Zetian would not be a poor choice.

“Where were you these last few days” Happy people are often in good spirits, so Xiu Zetian engaged in some good natured small talk.

Xia Fei replied, “Annihilation is a remarkable place.

Since Ive made it here, I of course had to take some time to travel around.

Theres nothing for me to do here in the 29th Place anyway, so I wandered about for several days.”

Xiu Zetian took him at his word.

Actually, given his current state, he would have believed anything Xia Fei told him.

Humans were emotional creatures, after all.

“I called you over because I had two matters to speak to you about.

First, the Purple Soul Brahma you gave up the other day was not for naught; the higher-ups have already agreed to officially recognize your identity as a Dragoon, as well as a member of the 29th Place.

In the future, youll be able to pick up assignments on the Black Ops System, and earn some extras on the side.

“We of the 29th Place had never been conservative, and I actually actively encourage my men to earn whatever they can.

Theres no way to survive in this universe without money.

“Next, Xiu Yiyis condition has been unexpectedly good, so it looks like youve already completely cured her.

That is why I would like to trouble you with another matter.

Theres an elder that I would like you to take a look at.” Xiu Zetian observed Xia Feis reaction once he was done.

Xia Fei chuckled, “As long as it is the leaders orders, XIa Fei will do his utmost to fulfill it.”

Xiu Zetian shook his head a little awkwardly and intoned in a low voice, “It is just that this elder isnt fond of showing his face, so Ill need you to humble yourself and wear an eye mask when you arrive.

You cant look, nor ask too many questions.

In fact, you shouldnt speak a word unless he asks you to, nor reveal any information about what youve learned to anyone outside.

“This is a special assignment, and not only will it affect your future, but it could also concern the fate of the 29th Place!”

Xia Fei answered seriously, “This one will take heed of the leaders orders; when I arrive, Ill be both mute and blind, which ought to keep your mind at ease.”

After he was done handing over his instructions to Xia Fei, Xiu Zetian dismissed him.

As for when Xia Fei would be asked to meet this mysterious old person, Xiu Zetian did not say.

All he mentioned was for Xia Fei to wait for further news.

Humans were unpredictable creatures.

Xiu Yiyi had made a full recovery, and was even able to rapidly make advancement with her cultivation, so Xiu Zetians love extended even to the crows on top of his roof, his gratitude reaching Xia Fei as well.

Not only did Xia Fei enjoy even more freedom in 29th Place now, even Shane, the person who had been keeping an eye on him, no longer followed him around.

It was almost as if the 29th Place had truly accepted Xia Fei as a part of them.

Whatever information Xia Fei wanted to browse, he did not even need to request it from Xiu Zetian, and could directly gain access to the archives by himself.

Xia Fei did not ask about the wave that the incident during the Dragoon Evaluation Battlefield had caused, and Xiu Zetian did not mention a word about it, either.

It was like the name 29th Place had some magical powers, as Xiu Zetian could get Xia Fei to join them immediately, even despite being a Devil Shadow Dragoon.

That was evidence of just how powerful his backing was; the commotion that had resulted from the Evaluation Battlefield might have already been suppressed by the Black Ops.

Xia Fei had no intention of just staying in the office all day.

He was still thinking about Gods Eden; that place might very well become the greatest trump card that Xia Fei had in his life so far! Only the devil would know if those miracle fruits could propel Xia Fei even further.

Having made plans to meet Chu Jingfeng three days later, it was now the third day.

Xia Fei planned to randomly choose an assignment on the Black Ops assignment system, and then meet Chu Jingfeng under the guise of heading out to earn a bit of money.

That was when Xiu Zetian hurried over to find him.

He even brought along an elderly individual whom Xia Fei was familiar with: the Patriarch of the Blueblood Zadin Clan, Roderick!

Roderick was acting very courteous to Xiu Zetian.

Xia Fei knew that the Zadin Clan had been in quite a serious quandary the last time theyd met.

When the Devil Shadow Dragoons that were under their jurisdiction all became turncoats, the Zadin Clan had a hard time washing their hands of the association.

It was very likely that the Zadin Clan had been protected by Xiu Zetian and were now underneath them.

“Its time.

Follow Roderick,” Xiu Zetian spoke in a serious tone.

Xia Fei was surprised.

It looked like it was time for him to treat that mysterious individual, so he followed Roderick and boarded a ship.

As for where he was bound, Xia Fei had no clue.

Though Roderick was polite to Xia Fei, it was clear that he was conflicted deep down.

That was probably because Xia Fei was the last Devil Shadow Dragoon, and the entire Zadin Clan had suffered at their hands.

Besides, Xia Fei had also been someone Roderick had personally recruited back when, and he was feeling a mixed bag of thoughts with everything that had happened.

The ship soon landed.

Roderick took out a set of specialized eye masks and said to Xia Fei, “You will be on your own.

Not only does your personal exotic beast have to stay, the same goes for that blade of yours, as well.”

Xia Fei heeded Rodericks words and left Little Goldie, Furball, and his Fiendish Blade Nirvana behind on the ship.

Evidently, Roderick also knew about the personal soul servant that resided in the blade.

If Radix were to follow Xia Fei, there would be no point in keeping things wrapped in secrecy like this.

After having done all that, Roderick himself placed the eye mask over Xia Feis face, and had him put his hand on his shoulder and follow him.

Xia Fei no longer had his sight, but he could still hear and map out the path they took in his mind.

A hundred and seventy nine paces, turn left.

Passing a bridge, underneath is running water.

There are even a few catfish.

A bluestone path that seems to have been newly paved.

The pebbles are distinctly angular.

This way, Xia Fei slowly mapped out his surroundings as he walked, until he finally reached a somewhat dimly lit room.

“Sit here.

In a while, someone will come and meet you.

Remember, you may not take off your eye mask, for any reason,” Roderick emphasized that severely before quietly leaving.

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