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Grand Silken White Rain Lotus was a remnant from Gods Eden Xia Fei was flabbergasted.

He hurriedly opened up the botanical preservation canister to take a look inside.

In the Annihilation Universe, people had the habit of using similar preservation canisters that were automated for water and sunshine to store plants and such.

Xia Fei easily opened it up.

Inside he saw half the canister was filled with translucent liquid that hd to be the nutrients provided for the plant.

In addition to the sunlight and a climate-controlled sealed interior, it could even simulate the natural environment inside, similar to what Xia Fei often used.

A pretty little flower was floating in that transparent liquid; milky white in color, and smaller than a thumb by a tiny bit.

It gave off a faint fragrance.

The Grand Silken White Rain Lotus gave off a very strange salty scent, like a combination of the smell from a seafood market and a garden.

Most botanical preservation canisters would not harm the plant in any way as long as they were not unsealed for too long, but Xia Fei had only opened the canister for not even a second, and the white flower began to yellow and wilt!

“Oh no!” Xia Fei gasped as he quickly resealed the canister, and then opened the top layer of the transparent peephole.

At this moment, that flower that originally had milky white petals actually began to turn gray from its pale yellow.

Its condition was visibly worsening!

“Whats going on You only opened the canister for a bit, yet the flower immediately began to wilt!” Radix was nonplussed.

Xia Fei pinched his nose as he said in a morose tone, “Its the humidity.

The more amazing a plant is, the harsher its expectations toward the environmental conditions.

It looks like the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus was unable to adapt to the dry desert environment.

Given how extremely fragile it is, even just a grain of sand was fatal to it.”

“Then what do we do This plant from Gods Eden was exchanged for three Purple Soul Brahma.

Itll be a huge waste if it is ruined!” Radix panicked.

Xia Fei gritted his teeth and muttered to himself, “Fortunately, the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus was not exposed to the desert air for too long, so it wont wither immediately.

All we can do now is seek Chu Jingfeng for help; they must have an idea on how to save it since they were the original caretakers of Gods Eden!”

Wang Dingtian dashed off and arrived at a spot some ten kilometers away from where Xia Fei was.

He smiled, “Sure enough, the Five Ancient Apexes did not even spare me a glance after I, Wang Dingtian, barged into the Dragoons Evaluation Battlefield.

Looks like those old fogeys have reached a point where they cant stand one another.”

Further away from him, those Neophyte Dragoons were still desperately digging for Purple Soul Brahmas.

Unfortunately there were not too many that were left, seeing how Xia Fei himself had already taken away over twenty of them, leaving scant few of the others to fight over.

However, that did not stop how fervently they continued to search for them.

After all, even experts who had reached Peak Annihilator desired these Purple Soul Brahmas, so they would still make for a great gift if they could find one and give it to their clan patriarchs.

Besides, it was also a miraculous item that the warriors could keep for themselves so as to rapidly advance, making it a finer item than they could ever hope to chance upon!

“Come back to me!” Wang Dingtian stretched his arms up toward the sky.

An Amber Door hundreds of kilometers wide abruptly appeared! It was the divine weapon that he had used to cover the entire Evaluation Battlefield!

The Amber Door shrank rapidly, until it was finally just the size of his palm.

Wang Dingtian took it into his hand and with a cold harrumph, departed from this place!

This battle that was originally supposed to last twenty-four hours ended hastily after only four hours.

Despite the shortened time, it was still a historic event where the neophyte Dragoons had taken the most casualties during an Evaluation Ceremony since its inception.

The death toll had surpassed five hundred, with nearly a thousand heavily injured.

The people who came to watch the fight were all in shock! This was an outcome that none of them could have expected to happen!

Wang Dingtian, the Four Great Soul Familiars; they were all characters that could wreak havoc in Annihilation with a tap of their feet, and even the Dragoon Legions were helpless when dealing with them.

After removing the protective barrier, scout ships were sent one after another into the desert in an effort to retrieve all the injured and dead warriors back to the Furnace Citadel.

As expected of the unexpected, Xia Fei was immediately brought to meet old man Hong Xuan, without seeing anyone else.

On the table was a medallion with the insignia representing the qualifications of a Dragoon, threaded through a metal chain so it could be worn over the neck.

Hong Xuan let out a long sigh and pointed toward the medallion, “Take it and leave.

The ceremony has been canceled.”

Xia Fei nodded indifferently, picking it up from the table.

Hong Xuan had also been the one who handed Xia Fei his registration the last time.

Evidently, he was Xiu Zetians person, so he did not trouble Xia Fei.

“When Wang Dingtian left, his location was about ten kilometers away from you.

I believe you must have been with him some time during those four hours.” Hong Xuan lifted his head up to look at Xia Fei.

Xia Fei displayed his trademark innocent smile and answered softly, “I dont know any Wang Dingtian.”

Hong Xuan placed his hand gently on the table, “You dont have to fake it, since I already know.

Youre the one who killed the descendant of one of the Ten Kings of the Bluebloods, You Man.

The Destiny Dragoons who are still alive are witnesses.”

Xia Fei shrugged, “There were plenty of people who died this time around, and it happened all due to their struggles to snatch up those purple crystals.

Even the Destiny Dragoons themselves fought fiercely with each other to get their hands on them.”

Xia Fei did not say anything more.

The old man Hong Xuan was someone who got sharper with age, so he of course understood what Xia Fei was insinuating.

As long as Hong Xuan could shift the blame of what happened to the appearance of the Purple Soul Brahmas, he would essentially be able to cover up the majority of what had transpired.

The key here was whether he stood with Xia Fei.

Hong Xuan let out a bitter laugh, indicating that Xia Fei should leave.

It was apparent he already understood what he meant with that comment.

Xia Fei and Shane began their voyage back.

Shane kept asking about the situation on the battlefield, but Xia Fei was occupied with his thoughts, worrying about that Grand Silken White Rain Lotus dying, and was in a hurry to contact Chu Jingfeng.

Chu Jingfeng was not someone welcome in the Annihilation Universe, and was a contact that Xia Fei wanted to keep secret.

Xia Fei had no way of contacting him in front of Shane, so he could only patiently wait until he had the time alone to do so.

The transportation network in the Annihilation Universe was well developed, so it did not take too long for Xia Fei and Shane to return back to the 29th Place.

Pointing toward Xiu Zetians office, Shane said, “The leaders waiting for you.

Its fine if you dont wish to tell me anything, but theres no way you can hide things from him.”

Xia Fei nodded and soon knocked on the door to the office.

Xiu Zetian seemed to have just finished a phone call with someone, and was still holding onto a Bixia Orb in hand with a pensive look on his face.

“Take a seat.

Ive already been informed about what happened on the Evaluation Battlefield, as well as what happened to You Man,” Xiu Zetian chuckled bitterly.

“You are really quite talented in making a mess out of things.

The steward of the Furnace Citadel was directed by someone to target you, so of course we at the 29th Place had to show him who he ended up messing with.

Now, everyone around the universe knows that youre someone that the 29th Place supports, but youve actually killed You Man.”

Xia Fei remained silent.

Xiu Zetian did not look at Xia Fei with reprimand in his eyes, and there was a visible mix of surprise there as well.

He really had not expected Xia Fei to manage to slay You Man.

After some thought, Xia Fei asked, “So, who exactly is Wang Dingtian”

Xiu Zetian frowned, “He was someone that did not join the Heros Alliance back in the day.

There will always be some people in this world that would not care if the universe was facing extinction, even if the Megadragons were knocking on his front door.

Wang Dingtian and his clan were that kind of people.

“Hes considered a resident of Annihilation, but he has no relations with us.

Neither have anything to do with one another.”

Xia Fei nodded slightly.

Seeing how cunning Wang Dingtian was, he could also tell that the man was very scheming, even being able to fool the Four Great Soul Familiars!

There was a brief pause in the conversation before Xiu Zetian continued, “Since youve killed You Man, it was a good thing that the battlefield descended into pandemonium, so the Bluebloods would not openly trouble you.

However, you need to hand over a piece of Purple Soul Brahma.

That item has plenty of people mesmerized, especially some old monsters that will do anything in their power to get a few for themselves.”

Xia Fei very readily placed a piece of the purple crystal on Xiu Zetians table.

He still had twenty of them in his spatial ring, so he was not too heartbroken about having to hand one over, so he could at least account to those above.

Leaving Xiu Zetians office, Xia Fei made up an excuse to slip out of 29th Place, heading to a birch forest by the foot of a mountain to contact Chu Jingfeng.

The image of Chu Jingfengs rosy cheeks soon appeared, almost as if he had been drinking.

“I heard that you were an expert when it comes to stirring up trouble, and this time Im completely convinced of this.

Just a routine Dragoon Legion Evaluation Battlefield was reduced to its current state, and you probably contributed at least half to it,” Chu Jingfeng remarked as he laughed out loud.

Xia Fei was not in the mood to banter, so he immediately broached the subject, “Two things.

Ive gotten some Purple Soul Brahma, and Wang Dingtian told me that they are things that could help me make the breakthrough to reach Peak Law of Speed.

However, theres no word about it in your Serpent Swallowing Whale manual, so I was wondering just how I should use them, and if there are any side effects.”

“You really dispensed with the ceremony there,” Chu Jingfeng grumbled.

“Its true that my Serpent Swallowing Whale did not make any mention of the Purple Soul Brahma.

That is because when I was writing it, I firmly believed that with the disappearance of the Brahma race, the Purple Soul Brahma would no longer appear any more.

“As for how to use it, thats a little difficult.

Every Purple Soul Brahma contains a life, and you ought to know whats so difficult about that since youve devoured life before.”

Xia Fei was startled.

Initially when he was helping treat Xiu Yiyi, that evil spirit that she was harboring in her brain region that he had absorbed nearly managed to eat him up! The entire ordeal was still fresh in his memory.

“Indeed it would be very difficult.

Spirits have their own consciousness, and Ill need to eliminate that first before I can utilize it,” Xia Fei said after some thought.

“Thats right.

So whats the second matter” Chu Jingfeng asked.

Xia Fei pulled out the botanical preservation canister containing the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus and calmly explained, “I used three Purple Soul Brahma to exchange with Wang Dingtian for this Grand Silken White Rain Lotus.

But I had no idea just how fragile this plant was, and accidentally opened the canister.

The moment the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus interacted with the dry atmosphere and dirt, it immediately changed color.”

Chu Jingfengs ruddy face turned pale instantly as he exclaimed in bewilderment, “You have Wang Dingtians Grand Silken White Rain Lotus!”

“Quick show me!” Chu Jingfeng leapt up to his feet as he said that.

Xia Fei did not dare to open the canister again, so he stuck the Bixia Orb right next to the peephole on the canister.

“What the heck! Arent you far too careless! Thats the Grand Silken White Rain Lotus from Gods Eden! Its an absolutely godly item!” Chu Jingfeng was pulling at his hair after he inspected it, his voice cracking from the heartbreak.

Xia Fei watched as he began pacing back and forth in the room with his brow furrowed tightly.

“It has already begun to turn gray, which means this Grand Silken White Rain Lotus is already about to wither away! It has seventy-two hours at most!” Chu Jingfeng muttered under his breath with his head bowed.

Suddenly, Chu Jingfengs figure shuddered, almost as if he had come to a remarkable decision.

He steeled himself and solemnly said to Xia Fei, “Right now Ill give you a set of coordinates.

Head on over there right away and meet me!”

“Where is this place” Xia Fei asked, curious.

“With how things are, theres but one solution left,” Chu Jingfeng looked at Xia Fei and enunciated each word with a pause, “Re-establish…Gods…Eden!”

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