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It was definitely the most miraculous experience Xia Fei had undergone in his life.

This battle that lasted hours had forced Xia Fei to use up at least 2000 standard units of Spirit Energy, all while he was observing the difference between the Fiend Formation and the Skywings Wolfpack Formation.

At the same time, Xia Fei was also deepening his comprehension of the Law of Primal Chaos.

The combination was like a sword, and the faster it was honed, the stronger it became.

Radix was stunned.

He watched as Xia Fei engaged with the pack of enemies like a crazed demon; he would be using the Law of Primal Chaos for a while, and the next moment use that pair of shriveled wings on his back.

Speed, the reversal power, his desiccated wings.

Xia Fei was pushing everything that he had learned to the extreme! He was intoxicated by this battle, completely having no idea just how frightening he was today!

Xia Fei had always been known for his varied studies, but this time he was focusing on just the Law of Primal Chaos and his Fiendwings, and as such, Xia Fei had instead become specialized, all in an effort to improve these two ultimate combat skills that he possessed.

The final living armor fell, and the entire hive fell silent.

A silence reminiscent of death!

Though there was not a single corpse around, there was nevertheless an atmosphere of death hanging over everything, even thicker than Hell!

Broken armor littered the ground, already piled up into mountains.

In Radixs eyes, they were not scrap metal, but skeletons! Over ten thousand of them!

Furball and Little Goldie were also shocked.

At the start, they had indeed enjoyed joining Xia Fei together as they charged into battle! The two of them had grown more and more excited as they fought.


But by the end, Xia Fei seemed to have forgotten that the two of them existed and a lot of corpses built up around him as he continued to fight on his own.

Furball was depressed! He had actually been relegated into becoming a spectator!

But he knew very well that Xia Fei was exerting his absolute combat prowess this time! It was precisely because Xia Fei had been so crazily absorbed in the fight that he had forgotten everything around him; the ten thousand-plus broken armors lying around the floor were practically all Xia Feis doing!

The crazed Xia Fei had finished off ten thousand all by himself!

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All of a sudden, Xia Feis footsteps turned somewhat chaotic, like he was drunk, yet he was still able to stand upright.

In the next second, Xia Fei suddenly extended his arms, and let out a sharp cry.

It was like some element that had accumulated in his body was undergoing a qualitative change!

Xia Fei could feel this explosive and frightening power that emerged in his seventh brain region!

The Law of Primal Chaos pattern rose!

There was a new imprint added to the seven patterns, bringing it to a total of eight!

This was the sign that he had been successfully promoted, something that Xia Fei had worked very hard on for a very long time.

Now that it had finally borne fruit from his plentiful use of the Law of Primal Chaos, Xia Fei had finally done it!

But that was not the end yet!

A ninth miraculous pattern emerged as well!

Xia Fei did not dare believe it.

He had inadvertently cultivated his Law of Primal Chaos to the max!

Xia Fei had mastered Chaos, the most unreasonable Law that existed!

A powerful wind stirred inside the hive!

The Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark appeared, and so did the Law of Primal Chaos Pattern!

The Soul Mark symbolized Soul and Spirit power, while the Pattern symbolized the bodily manifestation of power.

Two systems of powers that could not be used together were being forcibly fused!

This happened the last time as well, when the Soul Mark absorbed the Spirit Beast Codex as well as the Pattern of Xia Feis Law of Space.

The same thing happening now was a clear indication that the Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark was not just the strongest, but also the strangest Soul Mark!

An indescribable scene unfolded!

The hive that was almost five thousand meters high began to flicker with light and darkness, as the Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark had actually ended up fighting with his Law of Primal Chaos Pattern!

The Soul Mark wanted to completely absorb the Pattern to improve its own strength, as that was its goal.

It wanted to combine everything its master learned into just one source, giving Xia Fei incomparable power!

But it just so happened that the Law of Primal Chaos was unreasonable!

Even though being absorbed by the Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark would increase Xia Feis combat strength greatly, and Xia Fei was its master whose increased strength would not be bad by any means, the problem was that disruption and reversal was the Law of Primal Chaos key attribute!

The purpose of the Law of Primal Chaos was none other than to turn black into white! To disrupt the world, to reverse heaven and earth!

Mad! They had all gone mad!

An Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark absorbing the Law of Primal Chaos had never happened before, even in the ancient past.

The former had always belonged to humans, while the latter was a legacy inheritance belonging to the Fiends!

This was not merely a fight between the Soul Mark and the Pattern, but also a contest between two sapient species!

A six-sided Soul Mark battled it out with the Nine Patterns in mid-air, charging at each other repeatedly!

The Spirit Beast Codex also belonged to the Fiends, but it was hardly the strongest technique, and it had no way of fending off the Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark, which was completely incompatible with the Law of Primal Chaos.

Fusion They would have to fight it out first!

The beautiful Soul Mark was like a complex image made of lights which were flowing fast internally.

Meanwhile, the Pattern was dim as it emitted ferocity.

As such, when the battle between Xia Fei and the living armor that protected the Sky Devils Tomb came to an end, another battle that was even more powerful and violent broke out!

Furball gulped and watched the Soul Mark and Pattern clash.

Little Goldie was drooling too, like it had discovered something delicious.

It was only Radix that clutched his head in anguish, yelling, “The worst case scenario has occurred! I knew that Xia Fei being too eclectic in his studies would become a problem! Now, the powers from the humans and the Fiends have begun to do battle with each other! Just what should we do! What do we do!”

Just as he said that, a single bright beam of light shot out from a dark corner!

The Armor of the Broken Wing Sky Devil!

Xia Feis encirclement had been its doing, and now that it saw that Xia Feis internal powers were clashing with one another, it seemed to see it as a chance to strike!

As long as it could use this opportunity to sabotage Xia Feis Soul Mark and Pattern, he would be ruined!

Thus it had recklessly revealed itself and charged right up! With a roar, the Broken Wing Sky Devils plated armor finally revealed its true visage!

It was like a comet! A dark tail trailed behind it, and two broken wings grew out from the bottom half of the armor!

It was as if a Sky Devil had been reborn!

It was just the armor that the Broken Wing Sky Devil had worn, but it was already this powerful! The moment it came dashing out, the entire planet trembled!

That intense roar alone instantly pierced through the galaxy!

It was displaying the fact that the Sky Devil themselves were unparalleled existences!

Furball and Little Goldie leapt instantly to Xia Feis defense, hoping to intercept the armor.

The sense of crisis was too great, and the two were worried about Xia Fei.

If a warrior lost both their Pattern and their Soul Mark, they would die!

But that was when something unimaginable occurred right there in midair.

The six-faced Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark and the Nine Patterns from the Law of Primal Chaos both immediately stopped fighting and faced off directly against the Sky Devils plated armor instead!

It was hard to tell what exactly happened, but the moment that Furball and the others realized what was going on, the five-thousand-meter-high Ten Thousand Monster Cave began to crumble!

Meanwhile, the Broken Wing Sky Devils plated armor was sent down from the sky by the concerted efforts of Xia Feis Soul Mark and Pattern!

The powers from the Fiends and humans contradicted each other greatly, neither succumbing to the other, but they were both still Xia Feis powers! Even if they were to turn the heavens upside down against each other, they were not about to let an interloper like the Broken Wing Sky Devil butt in!

When the plated armor came swooping in, both Soul Mark and Pattern immediately joined hands! Anyone that came to interfere would be beaten back!

Roaring madly, Furball and Little Goldie came charging over, their eyes bloodshot.

The Broken Wing Sky Devils plated armor had fallen down to the ground after that joint attack, and found itself surrounded by the two creatures!

Dare to attempt a sneak attack on their master! Furball and Little Goldies little hearts ignited with rage! They would naturally react with even more finality in their attacks!

Radix was on the brink of a metal breakdown!

He had always known that Xia Fei was crazy, and his exotic beasts were crazy with him.

This was known by everyone by now.

But today, Radix had finally witnessed that Xia Feis Soul Mark and Pattern were even crazier!

Standing beyond the Fiend City, the Devil Shadow Dragoon Ling Boyu had a smile on his face.

He watched the city shake like it was experiencing an earthquake before picking up his Bixia Orb and contacting his compatriot, a mysterious figure who was also wearing a mask like him.

“Xia Feis doomed,” Ling Boyu said with an icy chill in his eyes.

“The sound of the Sky Devil and tremendous quakes can be heard coming from inside the Broken Wing Sky Devils tomb, so I reckon Xia Fei must have angered the protector of the place, and is currently being killed.”

This masked man on the other end of that communication nodded.

“Hoho, the Sky Devil Cenotaphs are restricted locations, everyone knows that! Xia Fei not knowing about this means his death is completely deserved.

It also takes care of this big concern of ours.”

“But if Im not remembering this wrongly, the Broken Wing Sky Devils Cenotaph was different from the other three Sky Devils.

No one ever died from barging in, but those who did intrude all went insane.

That is why you cant leave just yet.

Wait to see if Xia Fei leaves the place or not.”

Ling Boyu frowned, “And what if Xia Fei goes insane”

“Then kill him!” The man was resolute.

“This person has ruined a lot of things for us, so were not going to grant him any mercy! Not only does he have to die, but anyone who is related to him will also suffer the same fate! Were not going to let him off, even if he has gone insane!”

Ling Boyu burst into laughter, “Actually, that was my thought as well.

Alright then, I shall wait for the unhinged Xia Fei to come out and then toy with him to his death!”

Turning off the screen, Ling Boyu held out his arm as he listened intently to the wails coming from the Tomb.

It was just a pity that he had no idea that this sound was not being made by Xia Fei, but the Broken Wing Sky Devils armor after it found itself attacked from all sides!”

The plated armor of the Broken Wing Sky Devil was presently pinned to the ground and being beaten up!

Though the Sky Devil Plated Armor was not the Sky Devil himself, it had ultimately inherited the higher force of spirit of the great devil, being proud and arrogant.

But now, the armor had failed yet again!

It had been teasing Xia Fei in the beginning, but then Xia Fei caught it and gave it a sound beating!

The Armor had felt indignant at that, so next it had set up a trap for Xia Fei, leaving him to be assaulted and besieged from all sides by over ten thousand of suits of living armor, but Xia Fei only ended up beating them all and even managed to get promoted!

Worse was the fact that Xia Fei was actually promoted twice!

That was the second indignation that the Sky Devil Armor faced!

This time, when Xia Feis Soul Mark and Law Pattern began fighting because they could not get along, the Armor had thought that this was an opportunity for him to attempt a sneak attack, only for him to be caught by the two and given another pummeling thereafter! When they were done, it was Furball and Little Goldies turn to be tagged in!

Even more aggrieved, its indignation was pushed to its limit!

The Sky Devil Plated Armor used the same trick it had used before, letting out its roar of indignation as it attempted to sink into the ground.

But this time was different from the last.

It was as if it was now determined to kill!

It had already left the hive, but that low roar still echoed forth.

Furthermore, it was getting stronger over time, like it was ready to go all out at any moment and deal a fatal blow to Xia Fei!

The Soul Mark and Patterns fight in mid air did not appear to be stopping any time soon.

One was the Unrestricted Soul Mark that represented the Orthodox Spiritualists, while the other was the Chaos that subverted all things.

Neither was relenting!

Even Xia Fei himself had no idea how to resolve this dilemma he found himself in!

It was at that moment when Xia Fei finally got an epiphany.

The biggest problems he faced were not those that others brought to him, but those that he brought upon himself!

The Sky Devil Plated Armors roar was intensifying, filling with killing intent!

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