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“An Annihilator-grade Soul Weapon!”

No one knew who shouted that out, but the sound of breaking armor from the warrior who had been bound by Fiend Lock accompanied the cry!

How could a Founder-grade war armor defend against an attack from an Annihilator-grade Soul Weapon The sound of continuous cracking echoed forth, like the sound a ceramic jar would make after it was dropped on the floor.

Those hair-thin threads from Fiend Lock easily cut through the war armor, and at the same time, Xia Guanghai, Ulan, and Oro rushed up and instantly tore the man apart.

The Dark Spiritualists realized at that very moment that they had underestimated the strength of Xia Feis forces.

Most warriors in the Alpha Universe were at the Founder tier, yet that thin thread that Xia Fei had just used was obviously an entire grade higher, none other than the Annihilator-grade that was rumored to have come from the universe of an even higher plane! Forget about owning anything similar, even Shu Yuhe had never even set his eyes on a single item of that grade!

Xia Feis assault had been vigorous, but he was ultimately going up against a group of powerful Dark Spiritualists.

They very quickly regained their footing and retreated, all the while compacting into a formation that lined them up forward and behind.

A battle was all about momentum: do it once with force or end up suffering from fatigue at the second attempt, or exhaustion if dragged on to the third.

Xia Fei eyed Xia Guanghai, who instantly understood what he meant.

Pushing off the ground, he went charging forward in front of Xia Fei.

Spiritualists ultimately possessed strength that went well beyond what a Soul Practitioner could wield, and these Spiritualists instantly retaliated in an attempt to resist Xia Feis heavy assault with a round of attacks from their end.

In such a narrow battlefield, what mattered was being able to hold their ground.

Because they had lacked that just now, Xia Feis ambush had succeeded, but as long as they could hold on, they would be able to gain an upper hand given their superior strength!

Against the powerful Dark Energy attack, Xia Guanghai did not attempt to dodge but instead pulled out a Soul Weapon from his spatial ring like he was about to perform a trick!

“OPEN FOR ME!” Xia Guanghai bellowed.

Perhaps he had used too much strength, but he looked somewhat savage at that moment, the veins popping out clearly on his neck.

A hammer with a short handle spun hard through the air.

It was the greatest boon that Xia Guanghai had obtained from the Collapsed Expanse of the Founders.

It was the grade Six Soul Weapon, Detonation!

It was really like an explosion! The very air actually turned as red as the hammer! The air heated up, and the walls turned boiling hot.

The power from the hammer was extremely fierce!

Totally ignoring the fact that the Skywing Clan had always enjoyed the path of lofty elegance, Xia Guanghai was actually the sort who resorted to outright violence! The weapon he had used in the past was an axe, and now, it was this hammer that would smash people!

Everyone saw a mass of thick smoke envelop the attack coming from that group of Dark Spiritualists, and the walls began to crumble.

This immense air flow instantly caused that narrow passageway to be massively pressurized!

No one could have imagined that the attacks from five Dark Spiritualists would actually be blocked by Xia Guanghai alone!

Detonation was an uncommon Soul Weapon that manipulated air flow! It used its own force to move the air, transforming it into an attack.

The moment it was hammered down, a large amount of air would be triggered and ignited! It was the best when used to harm groups of enemies!

Such a powerful Soul Weapon naturally had its own disadvantages, and Xia Guanghais face instantly went pale the moment he hammered it down.

Which member of the Skywing Clan was not an exceptionally tough individual! It was plainjust how demanding the physical conditioning and energy requirements using Detonation were.

If Xia Guanghai repeatedly used this Soul Weapon, he would definitely end up collapsing from exhaustion!

While the shadows danced and flickered in the conflagration, Xia Fei came dashing in right after Xia Guanghai.

He leapt, using his left foot to step on Xia Guanghais shoulder for a boost.

Like a gecko, he moved parallel along the ceiling of that passageway as he hurtled forward!

This was a tactic that Xia Fei had come up with on the spot.

There was too much Dark Energy clashing in front of him, sealing up the already cramped corridor, there was only a small and narrow gap near the ceiling.

It was the only chance for Xia Fei to slip right into the enemy formation!

These Dark Spiritualists had covered their faces in a moment of panic.

After Detonation had ignited the air, it had created an intense heat.

The men had no desire of getting their faces burned in the ensuing heatwave.

Xia Fei broke in at just the right time.

The Annihilator-grade war armor Fiend Scar extended a thin mask to protect Xia Feis face from the heat.

At the same time, the threat of the flames was reduced greatly because it was a stronger piece of equipment.

Those Dark Spiritualists were quite astute.

Xia Feis speedy charge had Xia Guanghais explosion as cover, yet the Dark Spirtualists had managed to react in time.

Several of them dodged in unison, and actually turned the tables on Xia Fei, surrounding him.

“This is our chance! Kill him!” Shu Yuhe bellowed loudly as he stood behind a wall of people.

Along with Fuchen, Xia Fei had also played a part in ruining his previous plans, so he had a deep-seated hatred for the old and young duo.

Since Xia Fei had come charging in by himself, Shu Yuhe felt that this was the perfect opportunity to kill him!

Shu Yuhe ignored the Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle beside him, as well as Fuchen, to dart over, leading five other Spiritualists in an attempt to slay Xia Fei!

The six Great Dark Spiritualists attacked at the same time, bombarding Xia Fei with their powerful Dark Energy!

Two different changes suddenly occurred on the battlefield.

The first was Xia Fei.

Everyone saw him seemingly explode, a powerful wave of energy rapidly extending out from his body as its center.

This was very strange.

Xia Fei was a speedster, and he had never relied on energy-based attacks.

When surrounded, he ought to retreat, so why would he instead detonate of energy, resorting to such a method where they would perish together!

On the other side, the eyes of the Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle suddenly widened.

It had sensed a powerful and baleful wind headed right for its head!

The former thundered, while the latter pierced sharply.

The sounds came from two different ends of the battlefield!

The six Dark Spiritualists, including Shu Yuhe, were instantly eating dirt after taking that powerful energy explosion.

Meanwhile, the Holy Beast Lonegleam had one of its eyes pierced by a white longsword!

Everything happened like a dream.

It was clearly Xia Fei who had gotten himself surrounded, when he suddenly turned into Furball.

It relied on its small body to evade the attacks from its enemies, and went charging right for his nemesis, the Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle!

In the meantime, there had clearly been nothing anywhere near Lonegleam, yet Xia Fei was standing there now! He was holding onto White Dragons Screech with one hand, the blade thrust right into Lonegleams left eye!

It turned out that Xia Fei and Furball had swapped places while in midair! The one that was surrounded was actually Furball! At the same time, Xia Fei had relied on his link and assassin techniques to creep right up to Fuchen!

The Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle was in pain, and it let out a heartrending wail.

With a thud, it threw the motionless Fuchen to the ground.

The holy beast had lost one eye and was enraged to the point anger had clouded its mind.

It could not have cared less about Fuchen!

“What are you still standing around for Kill that beast while it is injured!” Ulan growled angrily from afar.

But Xia Fei did not make a move.

Even when Furball had flown to his side and was practically hurtling toward Lonegleam, Xia Fei was still immobile!

A glaring blue electric mass flashed brightly beside Xia Fei.

It looked like Xia Fei had knocked something out of stealth, making for a very strange sight.

Xia Feis eyebrows were squeezed tightly together.

The Holy Beast Lonegleam endured the pain as it pulled White Dragons Screech out, and pounced toward Xia Fei.

Xia Fei was still standing there, so it was a good thing Furball was dashing over from behind, using all his power to send the beast flying.

The others had begun to realize Xia Feis peculiar behavior.

They did not dare to dawdle, and hurriedly attacked Shu Yuhe and the other Dark Spiritualists.

If the men were to turn around and deal with Xia Fei, he would surely be in trouble!

The situation was very odd, as Xia Fei was like a nail, not moving a muscle as he stared at the mass of blue electricity.

The Holy Beast Shatterstar was going up against the Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle.

Ulan, Xia Guanghai, and Oro were fighting against Shu Yuhe and the other Dark Spiritualists.

Two battles, and no one was getting the upper hand.

Furball was sent flying far away witha flap of Lonegleam Eagles wings.

The little creature bounced up from the blow and continued with the fight.

On the other side, Ulan and the others appeared to be straining hard.

After all, they were going up against six Founder-tier Dark Spiritualists, and every exchange of blows had them on the retreat.

Ulan grit his teeth and once more placed his hand into his sleeve, seemingly ready to retrieve something.

Another development appeared on the battlefield, as another figure arrived!

Everyone saw White Dragons Screech tremble mightily, the edge of the blade cut into that warriors shoulder several centimeters in, yet it could not penetrate any deeper.

It turned out that there was another warrior hidden next to the Holy Beast Lonegleam Eagle.

Xia Feis attack had struck TWO targets! The Holy Beast was injured, but this other individual that had been hiding was in a deadlock with Xia Fei! Both sides refused to give up, which was why Xia Fei appeared to be rooted to the ground!

Very quickly, this invisible person revealed himself entirely.

He had a human form, but looked as savage as a demon! Black flesh covered his entire body.

He looked like something that had just crawled out from the sewers, giving off a terrible stench that could stun a mule.

The situation was even more complex than they had first imagined.

Not only was Xia Feis White Dragons Screech being blocked, even his other hand had been caught by this monster.

His black nails were about to pierce through Xia Feis skin.

The two were jockeying for position with each other, their legs locked.

It was no wonder Xia Fei had been motionless.

It turned out that he was caught in an all-out contest of strength, and his opponent had sealed off any opportunity for Xia Fei to advance further.

This humanoid monster let loose a roar directly at Xia Fei.

He had human-like teeth, except for two additional sharp fangs.

Ulan, Xia Guanghai, and Oro all inhale sharply.

It was obvious that this monsters strength matched Xia Feis, and he had managed to grab hold of Xia Feis arm, making it impossible for him to utilize his speed.

It might take some time for them to break this stalemate!

Ulan and the others had the urge to help Xia Fei, but they were not in a good way themselves.

There was no way they could lend him a hand.

It was at that very moment when Xia Fei suddenly did something unthinkable.

He actually rammed his head into his opponent!

That one headbutt actually created a tremendous effect.

It actually made that monster see stars, taking several steps back!

Xia Fei was someone who had started fighting in the back alleys, most people would not think of making such a move.

Since his legs and hands were occupied, he resorted to using his head to bash into the enemys skull.

How was such a move any different from something a hooligan off the streets might do

“You didnt think that yours trulys head could also be used to kill, huh!” Xia Fei shouted.

He took a step back and steadied his stance, pouring all his strength to use the Law of Primal Chaos!

A punch like lightning went straight for the chest of the monster.

Before his fist even made contact, the voice of Anzu Night suddenly rose, “Dont kill him, thats Seventh Young Master Xiao!”

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