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Intense collisions made the so-called invincible pagoda tremble.

From the outside, it was possible to see several small plumes of smoke rising from the top floor of the pagoda.

It was a sign of just how fierce Xia Feis attacks were!

“What are you doing! Stop! Are you planning to destroy my Devil Shadow Dragon Tower, even if it makes you broke! I can just let you pass!” the voice resounded, though its owner was no longer as composed.

It was now evident that a Xia Fei without energy was just as frightening as before!

Like a madman, Xia Fei took out all the weapons he had stored up over the years! Whether it was the White Skull, or golden Soul Eye, he took them all out! They were all treasures that could sweep over the world!

Under this savage assault, Devil Shadow Dragon Tower really was shuddering!

The moment the individual managing the pagoda saw the situation was bad, he immediately resorted to psychological tactics, trying to make Xia Fei stop his crazy and senseless assault.

He took aim at the value of these Soul Weapons, reminding Xia Fei that the price of using those Soul Weapons as explosive tools was immense.

“Too late!” Xia Fei made no sign of stopping, yelling, “Everything has its price.

You made me unhappy, so even if I have to go bankrupt, Ill make sure that youre not happy, either!”

Not only did Xia Fei not restrain himself, he grew even more vicious, throwing out those top-grade Soul Weapons with absolutely no regard for their value.

He was avenging every wrong! This was Xia Feis personality!

Xia Fei had never liked recklessly spending money, but he was also no miser.

How could a person who pinched every penny achieve great things When it was time to pay, Xia Fei had never cared about the price!

With a mighty rumble, the Devil Shadow Dragon Tower broke apart!

The ceiling of the pagoda was blasted into the air, and then a crazy amount of energy began to pour out, like an erupting volcano.

The entire area was thrown into chaos!

Xia Fei jumped out of the pagoda, the Fiendish Blade Nirvana in his hand.

For some reason the guardian of the tower had suddenly lost control over Radix and Nirvana, and Xia Fei naturally needed to bring his beloved weapon with him.

At the same time, the blue moon disappeared, transforming into a human figure who rushed up to the pagoda.

It turned out that the controller of the Devil Shadow Dragon Tower was a high-level Matter expert.

By pretending to be the moon, he had avoided Xia Feis search.

It was truly a frightening ability.

Xia Fei now had a clear look at the persons face.

He wasnt all that different from an ordinary person, but his body was entirely blue, which made Xia Fei recall Aquamarine.

She had also been a person with very strange blue skin.

Could Aquamarine and this person be of the same race!

Aquamarine had said before that she had come to Alpha from another universe.

If Xia Feis theory was right, then this person, Devil Shadow Dragon Tower, and the entire Collapsed Expanse of the Founders were the work of a civilization from another universe!

This blue person was very fat and short, barely reaching up to Xia Feis waist, making him look much like a stool.

Glaring at Xia Fei, the little blue man yelled, “What are you gawking at! You scoundrel, youve destroyed my Devil Shadow Dragon Tower! Theres too much energy being released too quickly! If you cant stop this energy surge, all of us, together with all of the Collapsed Expanse of the Founders, will be done for!”

Xia Fei was startled, and then his lips curved into an unfathomable smile.

Xia Fei could naturally see what was happening, and he didnt want the Collapsed Expanse of the Founders to be destroyed, either.

Not only would he not be able to escape, but Oro, Ulan, Fuchen, Xia Guanghai, and Furball would all be doomed, as well!

Smiling, Xia Fei sat down cross-legged on the grass, raised his head to the sky, and opened his eyes wide!

The energy began to gather over Xia Feis head and was quickly drawn into Xia Feis body, and his seventh brain region!

As he had used too much energy, his seventh brain region was like a dried-up sponge, desperately drinking in all the energy in the area, restoring what it had lost!

Furball also opened his mouth wide, and excitedly ate up the energy.

Peacock Blue quietly spread itself out on the ground, also absorbing energy.

There was also the Fiendish Blade Nirvana.

Its attribute was absorption, so it also greedily drank up this energy!

In the blink of an eye, Xia Fei and his crew became like four hungry tigers, devouring energy at an astonishing speed.

While the blue person was unhappy, there was nothing he could do.

After all, he did require Xia Feis help on this.

Devil Shadow Dragon Tower was ancient and contained a vast amount of energy.

He alone would truly not be able to clean up this situation.

Furballs white fur quickly grew glossy once more, and Peacock Blue and the Fiendish Blade Nirvana grew much more energetic.

On the other hand, the blue person gradually grew weaker as he did his utmost to suppress the energy eruption.

He had no other choice.

Someone had to step forward and control the energy explosion, and Xia Fei had made up his mind to ignore it.

He and his crew of gluttons did nothing but eat, and as it went on, the gap between Xia Fei and the blue person began to shrink.

Devil Shadow Dragon Tower gradually stopped swaying and became much more stable.

The blue person sighed as if a great rock had been lifted off his chest.

At that moment, Xia Fei jumped up like a fish and shot at the blue person in an arc, punching at him!

That person was sent flying into the air, spitting out two teeth as blue blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

“This punch is for Radix!”

Everything had calmed down.

Xia Fei had absorbed enough energy, and Furball and the other gluttons had also eaten their fill.

Only that blue person was sitting sullenly on the ground across from them, a hand over his mouth.

“Kid, you really dared to attack me! Do you know who I am” the blue person shouted at him.

“Youre lucky I didnt kill you! You put me and Radix through so much suffering that killing you one thousand times might not be enough,” Xia Fei replied coolly, lighting a cigarette.

“Dont go acting all well-behaved after getting so much! If not for Devil Shadow Dragon Tower, would you have your current control over energy! Just now, you managed to take in ten thousand units of spirit energy, and thats even not counting those gluttons next to you! All of them had massive appetites! When it comes to loss, Im the one whos suffered the greatest loss here!”

The blue person continued grumbling angrily.

Furball made an untimely burp, leaving the blue person even more depressed.

Xia Fei alone had taken ten thousand units of spirit energy, so he couldnt have been considered to have suffered a loss.

How many weapons on White Skulls level could he make with ten thousand units Not even Xia Fei himself was sure!

Changing the topic, the blue person asked curiously, “You clearly had the chance just now, but you didnt kill me.

Why not do the deed while I was too busy to defend myself”

Smiling, Xia Fei said unashamedly, “Taking advantage of a persons weakness isnt my style.

Besides, you didnt have any intention of killing me.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have shown you any mercy.”

They were nice-sounding words, but Radix was on the verge of exploding in laughter.

Xia Fei loved taking advantage of peoples weaknesses! Striking the enemy while they were down was practically his motto!

The blue person was startled, and some respect appeared in his eyes.

Xia Feis acting was just too good, and the blue person was yet another victim of Xia Feis harmless demeanor.

“My name is Soza.

My clan built this Devil Shadow Dragon Tower in the Collapsed Expanse of the Founders.

Whenever this place opens, my clan will send someone here,” the strange blue-skinned Soza informed him.

Xia Fei frowned slightly.

He asked, “In other words, it was your clan that built the Collapsed Expanse of the Founders and the God-Demon System”

Soza shook his head.

“Why would we ever do something as troublesome as that Only this Devil Shadow Dragon Tower is our clans duty.

We dont need to involve ourselves with the rest.”

Xia Fei asked swiftly, “So youre saying that your clan consists entirely of blue-skinned people like you”

“Are all blue-skinned people members of your clan” Xia Feis eyes flashed with a subtle light.

All of these questions were prep work to find out if this guy was together with Aquamarine!

“Thats both correct and incorrect, for there are many people in our clan.

We all have the same Grand Ancestor, but our clan is only one of many.

We dont represent the entire Blueblood Race,” Soza answered after some thought.

Xia Fei slowly breathed out a smoke ring.

“I have a friend in Alpha Universe called Aquamarine.

Like you, she has blue skin, and when she fights, she can use a powerful technique called Cerulean Soulgem that turns her entire body into crystal.”

Xia Fei observed Sozas reaction as he spoke; Soza didnt seem very surprised.

Moreover, he hadnt recognized Xia Feis Peacock Blue or Ocular Cognition.

Those were things that Aquamarine had brought from her universe, so if she had been part of the same clan as Soza, then he should have known about the Immemorial Mystical Armaments.

Once Xia Fei was finished, Soza shrugged and answered, “Our Blueblood Race shouldnt be going to your universe.

The person you speak of might be a traitor of our race, but Im not an ordinary Blueblood Race member.

We are the Zadins, and have our own duties, so we dont ask about the other affairs of the race.

Thus, I dont know this person youre talking about at all.”

Sighing, Soza added, “But I must warn you that this Aquamarine might not be your friend.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have given you a fake name.”

“Aquamarine is a fake name” Xia Fei feigned surprise.

“Most certainly.

It doesnt match the naming conventions of our race at all,” Soza answered vaguely and hesitantly.

Speaking badly about someone of his race behind their back wasnt a good thing, so he was warning Xia Fei out of kindness to not be fooled by Aquamarine.

Xia Fei smiled.

Aquamarine had been killed long ago, by him, Cloud Night, Fuchen, and Tong Jinliang.

Soza was at least being sincere in his warning, so much of Xia Feis wariness disappeared.

“The God-Demon System is itself a major test, but your place is basically a test within a test.

Whats the purpose for it” Xia Fei asked curiously.

Soza stared at Xia Fei for a bit, his eyes becoming spirited once more.

The praise in his eyes was obvious.

“To find an Evil Shadow Dragoon!” Soza replied in a whisper.

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