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For some reason, astonishing changes had abruptly swept over the Heavens Eye Mountain Constellation.

The stars were shifting and space was tearing, and the planet that Fuchen and the others was on was the focal point of all these changes.

“I think that this was the battlefield my grandfather accidentally ended up in,” Risode said.

There was a frown on his face as he looked up, his eyes fixed on the center of that vortex overhead.

“Are you certain” Ulan asked.

Risode nodded.

“I couldnt be wrong.

While my Lionheart priest lineage doesnt possess a powerful mental energy, we have long-lasting mental energy.

It took my grandfathers message several thousand years to get back to our clan precisely because of our mental energy not being particularly explosive; still, it can last for a very, very long time.

Right now, I can faintly sense my clans special energy in those stars.”

Fuchen and Ulan fell silent.

They actually agreed with Risode but still did not understand.

How could this place be a battlefield!

Various signs all indicated that this was a new universal fissure leading to parts unknown.

The only way this region could be turned into a battlefield was if there were many warriors in this place; otherwise, it would have to be countless experts opening up spatial fissures and arriving all at the same time.

However, there was no fighting within that fissure, nor any sign of anyone.

It was just a mysterious fissure in the universe.

Shaking his head, Ulan called Fuchen over to the side and said with a frown, “I feel like this thing is rather similar to something else found in historical records, but the time and place are all wrong.”

“Whatre you trying to say” Fuchen did not get what Ulan was hinting at.

“The Collapsed Expanse of Founders.”

“The Collapsed Expanse of Founders!” cried Fuchen in shock.

“Yes, the records say that the Collapsed Expanse of Founders is a fissure in the universe leading to an unknown region of space and that it opens once every several thousand years.

Reach out with your senses! Youll find that these energy pulses contain very powerful spirit energy; the Collapsed Expanse of Founders is exactly a gathering place of spirit energy!

“Moreover, look how this space opened up.

Its very similar to whats described in the records.

If we werent in the Law Realm and in the Alpha Universe, instead, I would definitely identify this as another entrance to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders,” Ulan whispered.

Fuchen could not help but take a deep breath after hearing that.

The Collapsed Expanse of Founders was essentially a hidden dimension.

There were numerous hidden dimensions in the vast universe.

Some were artificial while others were natural, but there was no dimension that could match the large quantities of spirit energy in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders!

Spirit energy was the power that Spiritualists relied on to survive.

Energy was the foundation of everything.

Without energy, there would be no life, no universe.

Thus, the Collapsed Expanse of Founders was of utmost importance to Spiritualists.

This was like a big feast only held once every several thousand years.

Once the Spiritualists went in, even if they were not particularly fortunate, the spirit energy they could store could be used in the future for a whole host of things.

Alas, the Collapsed Expanse of Founders did not just provide energy but also risks.

The common people only saw one person getting famous and becoming a top-class Spiritualist and choosing to forget that the Collapsed Expanse of Founders was a place where many Spiritualists were buried.

Countless unfortunate warriors and Spiritualists had died there.

Normally, Peak Spiritualists like Fuchen and Ulan would not take the risk of going to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders.

After all, they already had enough cultivation and connections, nor did they lack spirit energy.

Even though people often obtained heaven-defying treasures in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders and went on to accomplish great things with those, this was not as important as keeping their lives.

Thus, despite someone going in this time, that was Xia Feis problem; Fuchen and Ulan had no plans on participating at all.

However, this universal fissure, which had suddenly opened in the Heavens Eye Mountain Constellation, was very similar to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders.

It was extremely similar, in fact! Even the two of them could not help but be confused.

Glancing down at his timer, Fuchen said, “If this is really the Collapsed Expanse of Founders, then its opened a little too early.

There should still be fifteen more days.”

The Collapsed Expanse of Founders opened and closed at fixed times.

It was not time for the Collapsed Expanse of Founders to open yet, so Fuchen could not accept this theory.

Ulan glanced at the distant Risode.

This Lionheart youth had a blank expression on his face as he looked up at that strange spatial fissure overhead.

It seemed that he was recalling his grandfathers experiences.

“Do you remember what Risode said His grandfather inadvertently entered a battlefield full of warriors possessing powerful mental energy who were all fighting one another.

Hows that any different from the Collapsed Expanse of Founders Only that place could attract so many Spiritualists, causing them to fight over spirit energy and treasures,” Ulan said.

Fuchen was startled.

He dropped his head and muttered, “I still cant believe it.

Why would the Alpha Universes Collapsed Expanse of Founders be linked to the Law Realm Did no one notice all these eons”

The two talked about the matter for ages but reached no answer.

Nonetheless, that mysterious spatial fissure truly was overhead, growing larger and larger.

“Forget it.

Lets wait for news from Xia Fei.

If this is really the Collapsed Expanse of Founders, well know after fifteen days,” Fuchen said softly.

Xia Fei formed a fist with his palm and thrust it into the air.

This ended up unleashing a powerful spatial tremor.

“Whats going on You clearly hit empty air, but you actually appeared to have hit something solid!” Oro exclaimed in surprise.

Xia Fei had not been studying for long, but he had already emerged from the cultivation state, and his first strike left Oro stunned.

“What I struck wasnt air but rather an energy node,” Xia Fei explained, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“An energy node Whats that”

Xia Fei smiled and drew back his hand.

“Everyone knows that energy is the foundation of everything.

Positive energy, negative energy, mental energy—they are different systems, yet they all require energy.

Even the framework of this dimension is made of energy.”

“So” Oro asked, even more curious.

“So all energy can be destroyed! While my strike just now seemed to hit nothing but empty air, it actually struck an important node of this dimension.

Simply put, energy nodes are support beams.

If a support beam breaks, even the sturdiest building will collapse,” Xia Fei explained excitedly.

Oro thought about it for a few seconds, and then his eyes flew wide open.

“If you can find these energy-bearing points, you can just attack them and break this dimension without much effort at all! Thats called efficiency! In other words, this is a destructive kind of power!”

Xia Fei laughed heartily.

“Correct! All things are born from energy, and the Origin of Heaven legacy that this person left behind isnt something meant for creation, only for destruction!”

Oro chimed in.

“If you put it with your Law of Primal Chaos, you can subvert and then destroy.

In this way, you can easily destroy any dimension! Thats incredible!”

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Youre too shortsighed.

Its not just dimensions; its everything! Even warriors have important energy nodes.

I just need to find this node and then use the Law of Primal Chaos to deliver a palm-strike at it! Even a dragon would be crawling at my feet!”

Xia Feis excitement was clear on his face, but he quickly noticed the peculiarity in his words.

He had started to mention the Immemorial Dragon.

Perhaps because of that ancient scene he had witnessed, the legendary dragon had cast a shadow over his heart.

Oro naturally did not know what Xia Fei had seen and only thought that he was happy about his newly acquired power.

Although Xia Fei was still unable to create dimensions like Fuchen or Ulan, he could destroy them! This was quite a decent ability.

“Tell me, tell me! Whats going on with this Origin of Heaven Why were you able to discover invisible energy nodes after only one night” Oro asked.

After a pause, Xia Fei replied solemnly, “Understanding someone elses legacy is very difficult.

Youve got to start from why it was created and who created it.

Ive only learned a bit so far, but for some reason, the way I look at the world has become a little different.”

“How has it been different”

“In my eyes, the world is now covered in lines.

Take this dimension as an example; it has countless lines making up its framework, and the intersections of these lines are energy nodes.

The more complicated the node is, the more important it is.

Even your body is the same,” Xia Fei said.

Oro lowered his head and looked at his tummy.

He had been rather well as of late and had been in a very good mood, so his slightly bulging belly was apparent.

Xia Fei chuckled.

“Your node is on your back, where your crotch links with your spine.

If I were to punch you there, youd be in for a tough time.

Dyou wanna try” Xia Fei asked, his eyes shining.

Oro pouted.

Xia Fei wanted to use him as a test subject He would never agree to that.

“What about Furball Wheres that guys energy node Furball has been sleeping this whole time as if hes unconcerned at all,” Oro said.

Xia Fei smiled.

“Hes always been like that.

He knows that I wont die, so he can sleep in peace, but Furball doesnt have any nodes.

Hes just a giant lump of energy.”

The sleeping Furball seemed to have sensed that someone was talking about him and unhappily grunted before turning over and continuing to play dead.

“Theres also Ocular Cognition.

I discovered that if I use the skill of the Origin of Heaven through Ocular Cognition, I can see even finer lines, like the blood vessels in a human body.

In short, my understanding of energy composition is much greater than before.

“In my home planet, theres a theory of acupuncture points.

This is a detailed study of the human body, which declares that there are certain important points on it that can lead to death if touched! Of course, for high-level warriors, the body is invincible, and only energy can exterminate energy! Im thinking that this Origin of Heaven is meant to target those high-ranked warriors with far too much energy, to find their critical points and fatally wound them!” Xia Fei said excitedly.

Theoretically, the Origin of Heaven truly was a higher level of acupuncture, allowing Xia Feis attacks to no longer be blind.

Speed-type warriors usually relied on their speed to unleash a flurry of attacks that could usually catch their enemies off guard with several hundred punches coming in a split second.

However, with the Origin of Heaven to identify energy nodes, one punch was enough to achieve the same effect!

Adding to that were Xia Feis speed, movement technique, and the Law of Primal Chaos! The power he could unleash was simply unimaginable!

Oro looked around and felt that nothing else would keep them here, so he said, “We can go back now, right Youve already gotten the most valuable thing.”

Xia Fei smiled and shook his head.

“No, its definitely not everything.”

He extended his hand and placed it on an energy node.

Xia Feis body let out a blinding halo.

To be more precise, this was an energy halo!

Vast amounts of energy poured out! Xia Fei was using this energy node to absorb the spirit energy stored in this dimension!

One unit! Two units! Ten units of spirit energy!

Far too much energy was endlessly flowing into Xia Feis seventh brain region!

The sleeping Furball suddenly jumped up, hugged his thigh, and gave him an adorable look as drool dripped from his mouth… This cunning little rascal!

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