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Chapter 1122 Dark Spiritualist Shu Yuhe

“Shu Yuhe!” Fuchen lifted one arm and pointed at that Spiritualist standing across from him.

“Dont think that you can do whatever you want just because you obtained the Devouring Soul Mark! Dont forget that we, the Unrestricted, still arent extinct, and only those with Unrestricted Soul-Spirit Marks can be considered the strongest Spiritualists in the Alpha Universe!”

Fuchen was quite confident when he said that as he appeared to be fairly familiar with this Spiritualist called Shu Yuhe.

Fuchen had always maintained a very serious disposition when it came to disputes between Spiritualist sects.

In his mind, this was not a matter of life and death but rather a question of which lineage, either the Unrestricted or the Devouring, was superior!

The Spiritualist of Devouring, who was standing across from Fuchen, pursed his lips in slight disdain, muttering, “What an old and stubborn fool! While the Unrestricted are the greatest achievers of energy, the Devouring have roots from an ancient darkness lineage, just like this universe, which is pitch-black everywhere! Can you even resist”


A powerful energy suddenly surged out beside Fuchen, and he appeared to be caught in the heart of a whirlwind.

When an apex Spiritualist decided to fight to the death, the energy surge from them could be even more terrifyingly powerful compared to the soul practitioners who had devoted themselves to combat!

This was a Spiritualist! As someone who mastered the purest types of energy, unleashing an attack was of a greater tier than others!

At this time, Shu Yuhe also began to reveal his strength.

Neither had yet to make a move, and the spacious dock they were at was first struck by the violent energy impact.

Several warships docked were unable to resist these two Great Spiritualists aura and were launched into space!

“Its simple; if death is what you seek, then I shall grant you your wish today!” Shu Yuhe shouted, then the energy all around them suddenly gathered toward this Spiritualist of Devouring.

Of course, he was able to drain others to strengthen himself!


A short crossbow, with a dark metallic texture, appeared in Shu Yuhes hands, and a sharp triangular arrow loaded in it.

A dark soul weapon!

A grade 8 dark soul weapon! Even stronger than that rhombus-shaped Gloomscale Xia Fei was currently facing in the great hall!

It looked like Shu Yuhe had truly gotten a handle of the Dark Spiritualist legacy, having actually succeeded in forging such a high-grade dark soul weapon! Fuchen was unfazed.

He brushed a finger lightly across his bracelet to release his very mysterious soul, Wraith.

The enemy had pulled out a high-grade dark soul weapon, yet Fuchen had only sent out his Immortal Soul servant Could he be intending to take on Shu Yuhes dark soul weapon with just Wraith!

Soul weapons existed solely to kill souls, so what Fuchen had done did not seem to be the wisest move.

However, the expression on Shu Yuhes face changed drastically the moment the snarling Wraith appeared.

He gritted his teeth and hissed, “Well done, Fuchen! To think you actually succeeded in taming that thing! Thats a huge taboo to us, Spiritualists!”

Fuchen smiled and barked presumptuously, “I indeed tamed one; what about it!”

Two battles, happening at the same time in two different places, and both were highly irregular!

Xia Fei had no idea that Fuchens nurturing of an exclusive soul servant was a great taboo in the Spiritualist profession.

Shu Yuhe used the tabooed dark soul weapon to deal with Fuchen, and Fuchen dealt in kind by using an equally tabooed soul to combat the other.

Inside the great hall, Xia Fei was also engaged in another battle of prohibition with Xiaoxiao.

Fiend blade versus fiend blade!

Fiendish blade Nirvana was impressive! The circular bluegrass blades spun intensely, like violent balls of lightning, and hacked everything around him! The entire hall was caught in Nirvanas wake!


Xiaoxiao hurriedly blocked this strike with the Gloomscale.

The two fiend blades clashed, unleashing savage roars akin to those of giant beasts!


Xia Fei ran an arc around the periphery of the hall, aiming a stab at Xiaoxiao with the White Dragons Screech.

Nirvana was being controlled by Radix, so there was no need for Xia Fei to divide his attention to it.

All he had to do was work on getting close to Xiaoxiao so that he could kill him!

Gloomscale and Xiaoxiao had already merged into one, so as long as Xia Fei could kill the wielder of the blade, the ensuing battle would become much easier.

Xia Fei had been lightning-quick, but just as his swords tip was about to reach Xiaoxiao, a figure came stabbing from out of nowhere.

This person, who wielded a strange, blood-colored halberd, was able to direct his attack at Xia Feis waist thanks to his good neural response.

“Crafty Approach!”

Xia Fei arched an eyebrow and quickly leaped to the side.

After evading this attack, Great Soul Eater Cai Kangnian appeared behind Xiaoxiao the next moment, forming an offensive-defensive duo with the latter.

Xia Fei slightly shook his head; he had nearly forgotten that the owner of this repair dock, Great Soul Eater Cai Kangnian, was working with Xiaoxiao, so in fact, he was currently up against two opponents!

Xiaoxiao, who had undergone a very strange transformation, did not pay any attention to Cai Kangnian but solely focused on Nirvana, which spun about in the air.

Xiaoxiaos body slowly began to get covered in some strange black veins, almost as if someone had tattooed him all over.

Indubitably, this was a sign that someone had been dominated by a fiend blade, so no matter what kind of person Seventh Young Master Xiao used to be in the past, at this very moment, he was no more than a puppet, which solely existed for the sake of the fiendish blade, Gloomscale.

“Give up.

We cant beat a Dark Spiritualist.” Cai Kangnian sighed as he flourished his soul weapon in his hand.

Xia Fei smiled, the corners of his lips arching into that familiar smirk.

“Give up That has never been my style!”


Suddenly, Xia Fei carved out another arc as he accelerated.

He then reared up like a baseball pitcher and swung out, throwing a small white ball in his hand!

As a speedster Xia Fei, he was able to add momentum, like a meteor crashing to the ground, to Furballs charge by employing his maximum strength!


This Holy Beast, who had earlier been no match to the fiendish blade, Gloomscale, was finally able to show off what it was made of at this moment!

Xiaoxiao had an assistant, and Xia Fei also had a Holy Beast and a powerful Immemorial Mystical Armament as his helpers!

At the same time, the fiendish blade, Nirvana, which was being controlled by Radix, had begun a new round of attacks!

Split up!

As long as Xiaoxiao and Cai Kangnian split up, Xia Fei would be able to pick them off one by one and vanquish both for good!

Furballs speed was no joke, and he was almost faster than lightspeed!

Cai Kangnian had only managed to block with the soul weapon in his hand but had failed to timely dodge this attack in its entirety!


A huge explosion rocked the hall, as Furball sent Cai Kangnian flying away with a headbutt!

For some reason, the Holy Beast already knew plenty of tricks when he came to be, and things like energy decay and energy drain were nothing to it.

However, as Furball grew and his level improved, this pet of Xia Feis had become more and more boorish, rampaging at the drop of a hat.

If Xia Fei had known that Furball would be so rash, he would have given him a name more like Warhammer or something.

Furball was a little rash and unruly, but no one could deny that this crazy attack he did was unbelievably effective!


Great Soul Eater Cai Kangnian not only flew off upon impact, he even broke layers of metal walls taking Furballs headbutt!


Another figure appeared in the eternal night sky!

Upon careful inspection, it was Cai Kangnian after Xia Fei had headbutted him.

He was knocked right into space from the dock! 11*Cough*!”

Cai Kangnian could only feel a searing pain in his chest, and then he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His war armor was fairly decent, yet now it sported a deep dent right in the middle of the chestplate, which was stabbing Cai Kangnian.

From this, it could be seen that Xia Fei and Furballs strength combined could demonstrate such a degree of powerful strength!

This moment when Cai Kangnian was in a stupor, a white and azure blur had seared through from behind him.

The cerulean blur had come from Immemorial Mystical Armament Peacock Blue.

After several minutes of recuperation, the tenacious weed had recovered most of its strength.

It extended out a long and strong grass blade, which coiled around Cai Kangnians body.

At the same time, Xia Fei came slashing down with the legendary sword, White Dragons Screech, at a speed of million meters per second!


The blade dug into flesh, then penetrated through Cai Kangnians heart!

A Great Soul Eater of his generation died to the concerted attack of Xia Fei and his helpers, who were all well-versed with this style of combat!

Unlike Xia Feis fast-paced battle, Fuchen and Shu Yuhes fight was a grand yet silent contest of strength.

Both men stood several dozen meters away from one another, neither making a move, for the very air around the two Spiritualists had been charged with their powerful aura!

Though neither moved, snowflake-like afterimages flew around these two! These were soul weapons! Only god knew just how many soul weapons either man had sent out, which caused them to create this meteor shower amid the star backdrop!

The entire expanse of space had become their battlefield!

Few Spiritualists were like Xia Fei, who had mastered the Law of Speed and was an expert in close combat.

Most of the time, Spiritualists competed not by cultivation but by the number and quality of their soul weapons!

If a warrior happened to be anywhere near this battlefield of two supreme Spiritualists, they would surely be shocked by what they could witness due to two reasons:

One, it took superhuman abilities for someone to wield more than a few dozen of soul weapons together.

Two, each of these soul weapons used was of the highest quality! The price of everything flying about right now might well be worth half a universe!


Any exhibition holding soul weapons could not compare to the quality and number of soul weapons being wielded in this battle right now! These two legendary Spiritualists had taken out all the treasures they had in store just for this fight!

The expression on both mens faces was somber and stern.

The two combatants had shut their eyes and were wholly relying on their great mind control to fight this fight.

There were dozens of soul weapons out in display, and each of which required separate control, so the amount of concentration both Spiritualists had to expend every second could only be astronomical and not less, never mind the energy they needed to keep this going.

There was a near-imperceptible thread at the back of each soul weapon, and it was through these threads that the Spiritualist could control them, transmitting energy from their seventh brain regions right to the soul weapons.

There was nothing in this universe that could compare in terms of brutality to a fight to the death between Spiritualists.

From their equipment to their soul weapons, from their energy reserves to their concentrated strength, the two competed in every avenue possible to their profession!


This scene, where more than a hundred soul weapons belonging to two supreme Spiritualists were on full display, was truly hard to describe with words alone.

On one hand, Shu Yuhe launched a ranged attack with a soul weapon, on the other hand, Fuchen sent forward a soul weapon meant for defense to block this long-range attack.

There was no need to mention the disturbing momentum created amid the stars, for this battle was more like two experts playing chess against one another, with their lives on the line for the matchs outcome!

One wielded Heavenly Sword, while the other had the Dragon-slaying Saber.

With their level of cultivation, would neither man not have their own set of impressive soul weapons! Based on the balance between soul weapons, the one whose weapons were sturdier and had stronger willpower would emerge victorious! “Cai Kangnian is dead,” said Fuchen in a deep voice, without opening his eyes.

From across, Shu Yuhe gritted his teeth and said, “Dont feel happy too soon.

I admit that the young man youre with is very capable, but the battle has just begun!”


After he said that, Shu Yuhe actually sat right down! His hands then began to form strange signs in the air, causing the expression on Fuchens face to turn more severe.

“You actually intend to destroy that soul weapon, thereby ruining Xiaoxiao Thats Xiao Clans only son! Theres no way that theyll ever let you off!” exclaimed Fuchen in shock.

Shu Yuhe let out a crazed laugh, his expression turning ferocious.

“Who cares about all that No matter what, I want you dead today! Anyone whos with you will also perish!

“Concentrate Souls, seal!” Shu Yuhe bellowed.

Something unexpected occurred from far away!

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