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Chapter 1120 Seeing another fiendish blade!

Devouring-type! Xia Fei finally understood.

What made everyone so afraid that even Old Fuchen was unwilling to talk about dark soul weapons was actually this devouring attribute!

Devouring, the most bloodthirsty and vicious type of soul weapon known in existence! Able to drain others and strengthen itself in the process.

There was another name for devouring soul weapons: fiendish blade!

Indeed, they were also known as fiendish blades! Xia Feis Nirvana was one, a completely unreasonable existence that slayed gods and demons alike! The weapon hidden inside the case, a never before seen grade 7 devouring soul weapon, was also a fiendish blade!

‘A grade 7 fiendish blade… I wonder if I were to compare that weapon with my Nirvana, which would be stronger Xia Fei furrowed his brows as he wondered to himself.

At this moment, everyone had been rendered shocked by what they had just witnessed and was going crazy.

That fiendish blade inside the case was obviously extremely powerful! The two brothers that had been drained were fairly well known individuals in the circle, and the elder brother was even a domineering Great Soul Hunter!

Unfortunately, before the heaven-defying fiendish blade, the two brothers did not even last for more than a handful of seconds before they turned into dust.

This was enough evidence to show just how strong the fiendish blade, which had yet to show itself, really was!


It was so strong everyone could not help but feel extremely excited!


However, such a powerful weapon was not something anyone could control.

Anyone who sought to control it must be bold enough to forsake their life!

The crowd began to grow restless.

No one was a fool; nobody wished to play around with their lives.

As such, the scene had momentarily become a little awkward.

A group of warriors, who had almost been provoked to the point of madness by this high-grade fiendish blade, was currently salivating, yet none of them dared to give it a shot.


With a light tap of his finger, Xia Fei accepted the communication request from Radix.

“What is it” whispered Xia Fei.

At this moment, with everyones attention turned to the stage, no one took notice of Xia Fei, who was hiding in the shadows.

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“Hes here.

About a thirty-minute journey away from us,” Radix reported solemnly.

Xia Fei was somewhat surprised, muttering under his breath, “So soon What timing.

I happen to have discovered something very interesting, so Im afraid that itll have to wait for a while.”

Radix got curious.

“Something interesting The best opportunity right now! That person has yet to realize that theyre being followed.

If we take off right now, we can intercept them midway and kill them while they scramble to react in time.”

Xia Fei and Radix were, of course, referring to Orchid Chime and Rock Chime, the father-daughter duo.

That day, before Xia Fei departed from Moontooth Port, he realized that the shops boss was acting strange, so he had sent out Radix quietly, only to catch that scene when the shop owner contacted Rock Chime.

Thus, Xia Fei decided to hatch a scheme within that scheme.

He temporarily stayed put and waited for Rock Chime to come attack; he would kill the man while the latter was off guard!

Now that Rock Chime had truly come, Xia Fei felt quite reluctant to leave, instead.

There was a fiendish blade—one that could very well be stronger than his Nirvana-right here! No matter what, Xia Fei wanted to clearly gauge its true strength.

Who knew if there was a day where he would face an opponent with a fiendish blade As such, he must always plan for the long-term.

Nirvana was the sole fiendish blade in the Law Realm, and it was invincible there, but at this time, Xia Fei had suddenly discovered that his fiendish blade was not unique in the Alpha Universe.

How could he not be startled!

Pondering the matter a bit more, Xia Fei stated calmly, “Give me ten more minutes.

Go and get prepared.

When I return to the Silver Specter, well set off at once.

Inform Fuchen, too.

Tell him about there being a grade 7 fiendish blade and something going on in Cai Kangnians repair dock.

Tell him to send over that exclusive soul servant of his to look if hes interested.”

With that said, Xia Fei shut off the communication and remained on the scene.

He was still shrouded in that dark corner, as he watched things unfold.

Radix felt rather puzzled, telling Fuchen, “Xia Fei said that a grade 7 fiendish blade has appeared.”

Fuchen was shocked.

He then revealed a bitter smile and said, “Truly, this is the epitome of the sayingMan proposes but God disposes.

In the end, Xia Fei still learned about dark soul weapons; its just too bad that he doesnt know just what sort of people those who can forge high-grade dark soul weapons are.”

The awkward atmosphere did not persist for long, as a deep voice had rung out of nowhere at this time.

“Since no one is willing to give it a try, I shant be courteous.” This person harrumphed coldly.


The moment this voice sounded, an enormous volume of energy surged out and enveloped Cai Kangnians entire repair dock.

This was a rarely seen energy barrier, erected without a sound, yet a mild coldness hung in the air.

Everyone, including the perceptive Xia Fei and those low-level warriors present, could feel themselves being swaddled by it.

Many let out gasps of shock; Cai Kangnians face even looked ugly, and he was unable to resist taking two steps back.

“Who! Who said that!”

“Something seems to be jamming the signal.

Long-range communication devices have lost signal!”


All of a sudden, just as everyone was feeling lost on what to do, the case with that fiendish blade suddenly flew up! At the same time, those present could feel that they were being crushed by Tai Mountain, making it hard for any of them to breathe.

This immense pressure they felt made it impossible for any of them to take even half a step away!

‘Its a soul array! Xia Fei yelled inwardly, surprised.

At the same time, something unexpected happened on Xia Feis end.

Fuchen on board the Silver Specter had abruptly opened his eyes and said, “Theres a soul array!”

Brushing a finger on his wrist, Fuchen immediately took out his soul weapon and left a channel with free access for his mysterious soul, Wraith.

“Go to Xia Feis side at once!” Fuchen hurriedly called to Radix.

“Why Did something happen” Radix asked, startled.

Radix was still executing Xia Feis order, making final adjustments to the Silver Specter, so that they could intercept Rock Chimes warship the moment they took off.

The Silver Specter was a powerful trump card of Xia Feis! At present, there was no other warships in the universe that could beat it, and the reason why Xia Fei dared to stay around and wait for Rock Chime to make an attempt on their lives was this invincible warship, the Silver Specter!

Unfortunately, the plan could not adapt in time to the changes happening around them; everything had happened so suddenly that, in the span of several minutes, everything had been turned upside down!

“Dont ask too many questions.

Go to him right now!” Fuchen spoke forcefully, a complete change from his usual personality.


Radix no longer hesitated and flew as the fiendish blade, Nirvana, off the warship and toward the hall in search of Xia Fei.

Fuchen heaved a sigh before quietly picking up his teacup and taking a sip.

“Sure enough, that was Shu Yuhe.

He should be here looking for you,” Fuchens soul servant, Wraith, commented somberly.

“Let him come!” Fuchen raised an eyebrow, “Well wait for him right here.”

There was chaos in the hall!

The case holding the fiendish blade suddenly flew upward, and the thousands of warriors present were put under immense pressure!

Aside from the few warriors who had high enough levels, the rest were pinned down where they stood, unable to move even an inch.


That black case very rapidly floated in the air and went crashing right into the crowd!

Xia Feis eyes widened.

This development was actually forcing people to make contact with the fiendish blade!

“DONT COME OVER HERE!” a warrior yelled desperately as he watched that case drew near him, his eyes widening in horror as it did.


How could the case hear his cries The next moment, the hilt of the blade inside touched the warriors body, and he began to age rapidly, getting reduced into dust at once!

Everyone was so shocked they were rooted to the spot! Right now, it was no longer a question of them wanting to try pulling out the fiendish blade but rather of the fiendish blade forcing those around to touch it!

“Young Master, we must go!” A yell could be heard from afar.

The two bodyguards beside Xiaoxiao had practically lifted him up and moved to leave.

Unfortunately, that powerful pressure, which had come from a place unknown, slowed their movement, making it impossible for them to run.

“The way has been sealed!” Another scream cut through the clamor, as a warrior closer to the exit discovered that an energy wall had somehow, unknowingly, blocked the way, trapping everyone inside the great hall.

A tragic scene swiftly unfolded.

The case, which contained the fiendish blade, wandered aimlessly.

Everyone it touched along the way was drained completely without any exceptions!

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of lives were lost!

“Breath Control.”

Xia Fei mumbled, and as though his entire person had disappeared, he became completely shrouded in darkness till none could sense his presence.

An unusual calmness washed over him the moment something unexpected occurred.

With catastrophe at hand, few would be like Xia Fei and not panic, merely silently observing the attack patterns and the flaws of that fiendish blade.

In just several minutes, the thousands that had filled the hall were reduced to just dozens! It was a frightening speed of slaughter that left people chilled to the bones.

Those still alive were all experts, barely managing to evade death through ability alone.

What surprised Xia Fei was that Zesyr Night actually had a very good cultivation.

She was not particularly tall, but she was very limber.

The movement technique that she used to escape from the clutches of death several times was even somewhat similar to his own.

Of course, Xia Fei had no idea that Zesyr held the one-armed Xiao Xing model, which was actually controlled by Xia Fei, as her absolute idol.

This girl had been diligently studying Xia Feis Crafty Approach this entire time, and with her decent enough foundation, including Venus of Eternal Nights cultivation assistance system, she had managed to master a bit of Xia Feis technique.

Alas, at this time, Zephyr was already breathing laboriously, with her forehead peppered in sweat.

For some reason, Xia Fei who had always been impassive to death and killing, actually felt compassion.

Zesyr reminded him of Xiao Yu, who was about the same age and all by herself.


This was when the case that contained the fiendish blade accelerated to Zesyr.

Most people were already dead, so more space had been freed up, which gave it ample time to speed up, making its movement more aggressive than before!

Evidently, Zesyr was at the state where she was about to lose strength.

She gritted her teeth and twisted her waist, doing a pirouette in midair with Crafty Approach, but too bad that she was not Xia Fei, and she was a little clumsy when using his ultimate movement technique.

Her upper body cleared into the air, but her lower halfs left part had become exposed to attacks!


A big green blur-no, it was more like thirteen green blurs—had appeared in the nick of time and burst forth! They aligned to block Zesyr Night from the front.

Meanwhile, Xia Fei finally made his move from his hiding position in a corner!

Crafty Approach was not just a non-standard movement technique but also a mobility enhancer!

The heavy pressure remained, and while others had to expend plenty of physical energy to move, Xia Fei barely needed half his strength to sprint out!

His movement was too peculiar, much too nimble and very exciting!

Peacock Blue blocked that fiendish blades attack, while Xia Fei darted over, reaching out with one arm to scoop up Zesyr in his arms.

Then with a series of dazzling footwork, he crossed a distance of several meters the next second!


The fiendish blade inside the case rammed into Peacock Blue, and its blue leaves immediately dimmed before wilting!

“Sever!” Xia Fei yelled, and Immemorial Mystical Armament Peacock Blue cut the withered part off itself! Using such a vicious method, Xia Fei had managed to stymie the draining power of the fiendish blade!

Zephyrs eyes widened and she exclaimed, “It was you!”

Xia Fei did not really care that there was a lady in his arms, for a voice rang in his mind loudly!

“Even Peacock Blue has lost half its lifeforce in that instant; I have no way of dealing with this fiendish blade!”

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