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Chapter 1109 The Spiritualist Couple

Xia Fei had finally found Aquamarines warship, the very vessel she had brought with her from another universe to here.

Figuring that there must be something special about it, he began to conduct a careful sweep of the ship.

He was hoping to find anything of use.

At the same time, Fuchen, who was waiting up on land, had received Wraiths report.

“You were right.

There are two people here, and theyre old acquaintances of yours.

That was close.

They almost sensed my presence,” said Wraith with a slight tremble in his voice.

Fuchen nodded.

“Who are they”

“Bell Hill and Orchid Chime,” Wraith hurried back to Fuchens soul vessel.

While Immortal Souls appeared strong, they were actually rootless.

They needed to return to their designated soul vessels to recover their strength.

Radix worked the same as well, relying on Nirvana to replenish his energy.

Fuchen was at first surprised, but he soon revealed etches of worry on his face.

“How come those people from the Spiritualist Association are here, too Bell Hill and Orchid Chime, that couple, are bad news.

I dont believe that they have no ulterior motives for coming here.

Whatre they up to” Wraith answered, “It seems like those two are dealing with a seal; they look exhausted.”

Fuchen nodded.

“Oh, Orchid Chime has somewhat weak cultivation, but if even Bell Hill has trouble dealing with it, then that ought to be interesting.

Perhaps theres really something of value that Aquamarine left behind.”

“Should we tell Xia Fei about Bell Hill That way, he can be prepared for them.”

“Given that couples personality, they have surely ensured a path of retreat by now.

Did you discover anything”

Wraith replied, “Theres a concealed soul array that neither you nor I will fall for, but Xia Fei may have a little trouble with it since he hasnt encountered that sort of concealed array before.”

Fuchen gave it some thought before relaxing and revealing a smile.

“A concealed array Good.

Very good.”

“What a strange propulsion system.

The propulsion force is powerful, yet it doesnt increase the speed of the warship.” Xia Fei frowned as he mumbled this.

“Why would one design a warship like this Could it be for pushing away a defense mechanism or something via a strong thrust”

Recalling that Aquamarine was from another universe, Xia Fei did not find it that strange anymore.

Everybody knew that there were mysterious barriers separating universes, and they were very powerful barriers that even experts like Hosu and Wistful Valley had to expend their lifeforces just so they could seal them up.

This was evidence of just how tough those barriers were to break.

If Xia Fei was not mistaken, this ship should have been created for the specific purpose of breaking the seal.

This warships sturdy heavy metal alloy hull and powerful propulsion force meant it was powerful enough to tear everything in its way!

With this thought in mind, Xia Fei found this silver warship even more remarkable, as it was the key to how Aquamarine had gotten to the Alpha Universe from her own, and she had done so without exhausting her lifeforce in the process…

Going by this thought, Xia Fei could not help but do a sharp intake of cold air.

If more similarly capable warships were mobilized, would it mean that transporting countless experts to another universe, unharmed, could be made possible! That would be entirely calamitous!

“Lets leave this place for now.

This warship has already been stripped off its valuable contents, while the parts and equipment inside arent something one can figure out the use in a short time.

Lets head to the other planet and look around first; well return here later if we have the time,” Xia Fei said after carefully evaluating the situation.

“What if someone discovers this warship while we are away” Radix asked, a little uneasy.

“The reason why well set fiddling with it at a later time is to prevent others from discovering it.

This chasm has been sealed well, and even the advanced radar system onboard the Diamond Star is incapable of detecting the strange warship.

The moment we move this ship, it can very well be revealed to our competition, who wont have found it otherwise.

That will be a real tragedy,” Xia Fei explained patiently.

Radix was taken aback.

At the end of the day, it was still Xia Feis meticulous thinking that had let them find the best solution for this hidden ship, and that was to continue keeping it a secret! It would not be too late for them to make their move at the appropriate time.

“That makes sense; lets hurry up and go back now.” Radix concurred once he understood the logic behind Xia Feis decision.


Xia Fei quickly returned to the ship the same way he came.

He had searched the planet in its entirety, and aside from Aquamarines warship, there was nothing else of value on it.

“Whats the matter Did you find anything” Fuchen asked curiously when he returned.

“We did find something, but now isnt the time to move it,” Xia Fei answered cryptically.

Fuchen did not press the issue but, instead, raised his hand and pointed at the other gloomy-looking planet in the distance.

“I did discover something, though.

There are people on that planet.”


The expression on Xia Fei and Radixs faces changed instantaneously!

“Hows that possible! There were no other trails along the way.

We should be the first to have arrived at the Valley of Wind,” Xia Fei exclaimed, “unless those people have been here way earlier, even before Aquamarine died!”

Fuchen shook his head.

“I dont know how they got here or why; youll have to judge that for yourself.”

With that said, Fuchen regarded Xia Fei.

This had already become a habit of his.

Whenever they encountered some problems, Fuchen would not take charge and would, instead, hand all decisions to Xia Fei just so he could see how the other would act.

At first, Fuchen had done so with the goal of testing Xia Fei, but now, it was more out of admiration.

Every trick Xia Fei ended up pulling would always pleasantly surprise Fuchen.

“Youre right.

This isnt the time for us to wonder just how they got here; instead, we should think of how we can dispatch them,” Xia Fei said, his expression turning grim.

Fuchen originally thought that Xia Fei would try and scrutinize the enemies move, so he truly did not expect Xia Feis killing intent to rear its head the moment he heard that there were people vying for Aquamarines inheritance.

The young man had not even bothered to care about the opponents identity.

“How did you discover that there are people on the other planet” Xia Fei asked.

Fuchen chuckled.

“I have my ways, of course, but I dont know how many people there are or what their level of cultivation is.”

Xia Fei nodded.

“There are strong gravitational pulses in this region, and electronic systems have trouble working.

The enemies may not have discovered our presence yet.


Lets think of a way to get close so that we check the situation and think of a plan.”

Fuchen moved to get onboard the warship after hearing that, but Xia Fei reached out to stop him.

“We wont be using the warship; thats too large a target.

Well rush there on foot!”

“How thrilling! Who knew that speed would be so thrilling!” Fuchen, who had been dragged across space by Xia Fei, had eyes widened in excitement.

Those non-speedsters would have a hard time voicing just how quick this awesome ability was.

Xia Fei was used to traversing the stars at a speed of eight million meters per second, while this was Fuchens first time experiencing the speed abilitys prowess.

Seeing others move at high speeds in the past but not truly experiencing what it was like first hand was like watching a speeding roller coaster.

Fuchen was thrilled to have finally done it.

Xia Fei had not forged forward in a straight line but had, instead, utilized the many floating objects in space to change his angle constantly.

Every time Xia Fei rounded a corner at high speeds, Fuchens heart would lift.

Anyone who drove a car before would understand this feeling.

Accelerating in a straight line would forever be incomparable to a high speed cornering.

The sensation that came from the act of drifting made it hard for anyone to keep their blood from pumping! The two planets were not that far from each other, so it did not take too long for Xia Fei and Fuchen to arrive on the other planet.

Under the protection of the war armor, Fuchen was not at all injured.

Though he was dressed casually, he actually had a very powerful suit of soft armor underneath.

As for what model it was, Xia Fei had no idea.

Considering that it was something a person of Fuchens caliber used, it must be some exceptional product.

The scene in front of Xia Fei left him astonished.

He saw a man and a woman bombarding a cave indiscriminately, the shockwaves of energy they created were so strong that Xia Fei hardly needed to waste much effort in finding them.

“The entrance seems to be sealed, and these two are attempting to open it.

From the traces of energy around us, they mustve already spent quite a lot of time here.

Alas, they have yet to uncover the method of opening this energy seal.” Xia Fei quickly analyzed the situation.

Fuchen added, “This cave has a sort of padded seal.

One cant enter from the entrance, and theres no way to carve a way in from other points as well.

Now, Im very curious why these two, who are continuously attacking it with such intensity, cant even make a dent on it.

I really have no idea just whats so weird about it.”

Xia Fei smiled.

“You dont know those two there

“Nope,” Fuchen lied.

“Well, thats strange.

Theyre using Spirit Energy, which should make them fellow Spiritualists.” Xia Fei casually reasoned.

“What b*llsh*t colleagues! Anyone who dares to say that we, Orthodox Spiritualists, are the same as these normal Spiritualists shall be cursed to their death! Dont debase your identity!” Fuchen spat furiously.

He had always been very particular when the identity of Orthodox Spiritualists was involved.

“Lets not dwell on that.

Radix, did you and the others locate the Immemorial Mystical Armaments through that hole” Xia Fei asked.

“Thats right.

I remember quite vividly that theres another entrance to this cave.

In fact, there are at least seventy-eight other locations that will allow one entry to Aquamarines lair,” Radix said.

Xia Fei nodded.

“Thats good to hear.

Lets ignore who these two are for now.

Since theyve been desperately trying to get in, who knows if there are really something good inside Lets go find an entrance for ourselves and not snatch these twos chosen entrypoint.

In any case, its not as if they can unseal this entrance with what puny strength of theirs.”

The reason why Xia Fei was confident that he could get in was that he possessed the Law of Primal Chaos-a force that could subvert everything!

Aquamarine had her old lair set up like this because she could go in and out freely with the Law of Primal Chaos.

Unfortunately, Aquamarine was not alone in wielding this power.

Xia Fei had the same qualifications!


Xia Fei took a step out and was about to slip over to one side when something unexpected happened!

A soul array rose without any warning!

Walls had promptly appeared in front of Xia Fei.

They partitioned a big area from Xia Fei and left him trapped within! He did not know what he had done that triggered this array, which caused such a huge change!

“Someone has activated our soul array!”

“Who! Quick, lets go look!”

Bell Hill and Orchid Chime had been in the middle of attacking the entrance to the cave when they were startled by this development.

The couple immediately sped off to where XIa Fei was, while he remained completely still.

Xia Fei, who had learned soul array techniques from Fuchen, knew that the first thing one must do when they accidentally activated a soul array someone else had set up was not to panic.

As long as he remained motionless, the soul array would not operate, and the circuit would remain open.

If he were to take a step back right now, this soul array would immediately close up, and a voluminous amount of energy would come crashing down on him like a boulder!

“Ha! So its you.” Orchid Chime had recognized Fuchen and let out a sinister laugh.

Bell Hill and Orchid Chime did quite look like a couple, with the pair sharing a square face and an upturned nose.

The two were fairly ugly and had this air of suffocating arrogance.

It could not be helped.

Spiritualists were rare, and with everyone in this field being held to the heavens, they had long since lost any grace and patience.

Xia Fei furrowed his brows and gave Fuchen a look, which seemed to say: “You didnt tell me that they know you.”

Fuchen shrugged, acting all innocent! Xia Fei realized then that Fuchen actually had a cunning side to him.

The expression on Bell Hills face was rather dark, and as he strode closer to them, the eyes he used to meet Fuchen and Xia Feis across the energy wall separating both parties seemed to be filled with killing intent!

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