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Chapter 1032: Enya

The hovercar entered the mountain range, and in the distance could be seen a brightly lit mountain villa, appearing splendorous in the surrounding darkness.

Xiang Beiyang pointed at the mansion and said, “Brother, this is the Tai estate.

The surrounding one hundred kilometers all belong to Tai Nings family, with this villa being the most impressive.”

Xia Fei casually nodded.

Tai Nings villa was far inferior to Fiendish Wing Villa, which was built amid steep mountains.

If he had not been invited by Xiang Beiyang, Xia Fei really would not have felt any interest.



The hovercar suddenly braked hard as if it had run into something.

The driver hastily got out of it to take a look; Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang did so as well.

“Old Wang, what happened!” barked Xiang Beiyang.

If they got into an accident, they would arrive late to the Tai estate.

Xiang Beiyang did not want to waste time.

This was his first time squeezing his way into the upper crust of Red Dwarf Star society; he did not want to leave the impression of a latecomer.

Xia Fei frowned as he spotted a girl curled up on the side of the road.

She was probably the one the hovercar had run into.

She had probably run to the road out of panic, and Old Wang had been unable to evade her in time, resulting in an accident.


Xia Fei was going to help her up and treat her wounds, but to his surprise, she got up first, holding her chest as she fearfully looked at Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang.

“Shes so pale…” Xia Fei was startled when he saw the girls face, and his heart shuddered as if it had been stabbed with a needle.

She appeared to only be around twelve or thirteen years old as she panted for breath with her golden hair in disarray.

She was like a frightened fawn, her appearance pitiable.

Xia Fei had never seen someone so pale before, but this girl even seemed to be devoid of blood.

Her skin was glossy and clean like those beautiful saleswomen in department stores.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, so gorgeous that she did not seem real.

Alas, her clothes were somewhat unbearable to look at.

Putting aside the coarse material they were made of, they were utterly filthy and had tears in several places.

She was not even wearing shoes, her little feet exposed.

He could tell at a glance that she was an impoverished child.

It was possible to see her alluring body through the clothes, the filthy garments forming a stark contrast with the tender and glossy skin.

Even Xiang Beiyang and Old Wang were stunned.

At this moment, a bellow came from the distance.

“That accursed girl is over there! Brothers, hurry up!”


Dozens of burly men charged out of the wilderness, surrounding the girl.

One of them was even holding an alloy chain, which must weigh at least twenty kilograms.

Xia Fei glanced at the girls neck and wrist and saw that they were bruised.

It was clear that she had escaped from the hands of this group.

“Wench! Its your fortune to be able to serve our master! Have you no shame!” The man with the chain strode forward, raising one hand to slap the girl as he prepared the other hand to put the thick chain on.

“D-Dont… get near me! Ill hit you!” said the girl frantically.

Alas, her voice was intoxicating, ringing out like the song of an oriole.

The girl raised her arm in front of her as if she really had learned a little about how to fight.

Only at this point did Xia Fei notice that the joint of her arm was bleeding, an indication of just how roughly these men had treated her.

“Ill beat you to death, you wh*r*!” said the man, swinging his hand, his palm swishing through the air.

Both of his hands were covered with callouses as hard as steel, so if his hand really did land on the girls face, the result would truly be gruesome.

It would not even be strange if this weak and thin body, which only weighed thirty-five kilograms, was sent flying!

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At that moment, Xia Fei disappeared! Like a ghost, he appeared in front of the man and raised an arm, lifting the latter, who must weigh at least one hundred kilograms, right off the ground! He then prepared to smash him down!

With Xia Feis strength, once he got serious, he could turn someone like this man into a pancake!

Although Xia Feis body was currently injured, making him unfit for combat, this did not mean that he no longer had his cultivation! As a level 1 Founder, as long as Xia Fei wished it, he could kill all of these people present with one hand! It would not even take one second!

Xia Fei glanced at Xiang Beiyangs chubby face and saw it shift subtly, seemingly not wanting him to do anything and appearing to be fearful.

Xia Fei released his grip and threw the man to the side.

Although he did not use much force, the man still took a rather bad fall, screaming in pain like a stuck pig.

This was when something completely unexpected happened.

Xia Fei moved far too fast, doing all this in less time than it took to blink, but that snowy-white girl did not have Xia Feis divine reaction speed, and she thrust her palm at Xia Feis back!


Even Xia Fei was dumbfounded.

He had been planning to save the girl, but then the girl had attacked him.

What could be said about that


Before Xia Fei could say anything, the girl shrieked and hastily massaged Xia Feis back.

“I didnt do it on purpose! I was planning to hit him, but you ended up getting in the way…” the girl sobbed.

As a kind-hearted girl, she was scared out of her wits by accidentally hitting Xia Fei.

Xia Fei had the legendary armor Celestial Sole Warning protecting him, so he naturally did not get injured from such a measly hit.

He placed a hand on the girls head and turned his head with a frown.

“Boss Xiang, do you know these people”

Xiang Beiyang quickly replied, “Theyre all guards of Boss Tais estate.

You can tell from their clothes.”

Xiang Beiyang had just had a close shave.

Thankfully, Xia Fei did not kill anyone, or else he could say goodbye to his chances of squeezing into Red Dwarf Stars high society.

Some of the ten-some men recognized Xiang Beiyang.

Tai Ning had said earlier today that they needed to be somewhat more polite to Xiang Beiyang, especially so to the young man with him.

“Boss Xiang, how did you get involved in this mess Your car isnt damaged, right”

Xia Fei felt like killing this man now.

The girl was clearly bleeding, but they did not seem to care.

On the contrary, they cared more about Xiang Beiyangs stupid car!

Xiang Beiyangs face turned cold as he replied sternly, “My car is naturally fine, but why are you after this girl How has she offended Boss Tai”

“Boss Xiang, you dont know, but Master Tai bought this girl as a slave at a high price.

She managed to escape, so we brothers were naturally tasked with bringing her back.”

Xia Fei frowned and asked Xiang Beiyang, “Red Dwarf Star permits human trafficking”

Xiang Beiyang said nothing, essentially admitting the existence of slavery.

Since this was Tai Nings slave, Xiang Beiyang did not plan to interfere.

He himself had over a dozen beautiful slaves.

It was very normal for the wealthy and powerful of Red Dwarf Star to buy a few female slaves for their bedroom.

Xia Fei smiled and asked, “How much did Boss Tai pay for this slave”

“Five hundred thousand pearls.

Girls of the Crane Clan have always been valuable.

For this price, you can buy ten ordinary prostitutes.”

Turning to the girl, Xia Fei softly inquired, “What is your name”

“My name is Enya.

Please, Im begging you; dont let them take me away,” whispered the girl with tears in her eyes.

Xiang Beiyang smiled, taking the girl by the hand and walking back to the hovercar.

Perhaps because they were intimidated by his power, none of those men dared to stop him.

“Go and tell Tai Ning that I, Xia Fei, want this Enya! You can seek the money from Boss Xiang.

If theres something that Tai is unhappy about, he can come and find me!” said Xia Fei loudly.

“How could that do! Enya was specifically requested by our master!”

“Boss Xiang, say something!”

Seeing that Xia Fei was being unreasonable, the guards sought Xiang Beiyangs help.

Xiang Beiyang shook his head in annoyance, feeling that Xia Fei was just trying to cause him trouble.

However, since Xia Fei had already spoken, Xiang Beiyang did not dare to disobey.

“Brothers, theres no need to panic.

Once I reach the Tai Estate, Ill explain things to your master.

You wont be blamed,” Xiang Beiyang soothed the guards.

Sitting in the car, Xia Fei took out several bottles of medicine to treat Enyas wounds.

He then gave her some medicine to calm her mind and recover her physical energy.

Applying the medicine required some body contact; Enya quickly blushed, dropping her head in shyness.

Today was like a dream.

The despairing Enya had run into Xia Fei, and her tragic fate had been turned around instantly.

When Xia Fei declared his desire for Enya, her mind ran wild.

‘This man has a good heart, so he wont hit me, right Even an occasional beating is okay, as long as he doesnt beat me too hard, Enya thought to herself.

Such a pitiful girl.

After going through so much, the most she could dream of was not being beaten too hard.

Radix gritted his death and cursed, “Those scoundrels, bullying a little girl.

Why didnt you kill them!”

Xia Fei replied, “Forget it.

Its better to keep quiet for now.

Killing them is easy, but it will trouble Xiang Beiyang, and this Xiang guy has treated me rather well.

I should at least show him some face.”

Radix pursed his lips, muttering, “Xia Fei has learned to restrain himself Why does this feel so weird”


Once Xiang Beiyang was done comforting those guards, the hovercar continued to the Tai Estate.

“Brother Xia, if you like this Crane girl so much, I can just buy you some when we get back.

Do you really have to steal from Tai Ning” whispered Xiang Beiyang.

Enya was startled, and she weakly looked at Xia Fei, worried that Xia Fei would send her back to Tai Ning.

Xia Fei coldly replied, “Cut the chatter! Get your checkbook ready to pay Tai Ning when we get to the house.”

Xiang Beiyang inwardly pleaded for mercy.

After all this, he had not only offended Tai Ning but must foot Xia Feis bill, too.

However, at this point, Xiang Beiyang was even less willing to offend Xia Fei.

After what had transpired earlier, he was now even more certain that, not only had Xia Fei come from a major clan, he was also an expert! He appeared to carry even more weight than Tai Ning.

“Hehe! I was just making idle chatter.

In truth, I dont want this Enya girl to suffer in the Tai estate, either.

I heard rumors that Tai Ning is fond of going hard, and at times, girls thrown out of his house turn up as corpses.

Enya, Xia Fei saved your life, so you must serve him well in the future.”

Enya became frantic, tightly grabbing onto Xia Feis arm and nodding her head repeatedly.

Once they got to the Tai Estate, Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang got out of the car.

“Old Wang, take good care of Enya.

No matter who comes, dont open the door.

If something happens, come and find me immediately.”

After giving his orders, Xia Fei lit a cigarette, stuffed his hands into his pockets, and coldly sauntered into the Tai Estate..

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