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Chapter 995 Tang Jiakai“s Warning

Some people said that Infinite Horror was too scary and they almost peed.

In addition, the story was very attractive too, which was rare to see among domestic movies.

The editing of Infinite Horror was of high quality too, and it was highly possible for it to be a blockbuster.

Even though the movie was super scary, many people still said that they were willing to watch it twice in theaters.

As the movie became popular on the Internet, more and more people bought tickets and looked forward to watching it.

Some had even recorded several parts of the movie with their phones and posted them on Weibo, which attracted more people\'s attention.

In that case, the movie tickets today were all booked.

However, the Tang family owned a famous theater, so Gu Ning turned to Tang Yunfan for help, and the theater arranged a VIP screening room for them at once.

The VIP screening room was empty most of the time, because it was usually occupied by those rich second-generation heirs for dates or proposals.

Movie What movie Cao Wenxin was curious.

Why do you have to go to watch a movie with so many people In Cao Wenxin\'s eyes, they should go to a bar to have fun together.

Infinite Horror.

It\'s already in theaters now.

We can have some fun together after watching it, Gu Ning said.

The movie was about 90 minutes long, and they could drive to Fengshang Shopping Mall.

When the movie was over, it would be 9:30 pm at the latest, which was still early.

They always enjoyed going out after 10 pm.

Oh, Cao Wenxin said, I\'ll join you! It\'s the first film produced by your company after all, and I must be supportive.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin\'s friends all said that they would go with them.

What kind of film is it Gao Chengyun asked.

Horror film, Cao Wenxin said.

Is it really scary Jiang Zezheng stiffened in fear.

Zhu Yuanzhen rolled her eyes at Jiang Zezheng.

Come on, be a man!

What if your future girlfriend wants to watch a horror film and ask you to protect her An Ran said.

The others all laughed, but Jiang Zezheng was displeased and complained, Why can\'t men be afraid of horror films I\'m not the only man who\'s scared of horror films in this world.

You\'re a coward! Zhu Yuanzhen laughed.

In fact, they had no idea how scary Infinite Horror was.

If they had known that, they wouldn\'t have made fun of Jiang Zezheng.

When the guests were almost gone, Jiang Yutong approached Tang Jiayang again.

Tang Jiayang\'s friends had also left in their cars, and only Tang Jiakai stood by his side now.

Jiayang, why don\'t we go to watch a film together I heard that there is a good horror film which is in theaters today, Jiang Yutong said and acted like a 3-year-old girl, but it didn\'t work in front of Tang Jiayang.

The good horror film Jiang Yutong wanted to watch was actually Infinite Horror.

Thanks, but we need to deal with something else, Tang Jiayang said.

Actually, Tang Jiayang was losing his patience, but he had to curb his anger.

Tang Jiakai, however, couldn\'t stand it anymore.

Jiang Yutong, can\'t you keep away from my older brother If you want to watch the film, go watch it yourself.

My older brother isn\'t single and he already has a girlfriend.

You should be aware of that!

You… Jiang Yutong felt hurt and aggrieved.

What Stop pretending in front of us.

We aren\'t idiots.

If you dare to keep annoying my older brother, I promise that I\'ll get back at your family, Tang Jiakai said in a threatening tone.

Jiang Yutong was mad, but didn\'t dare to argue against Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai had always known about Jiang Yutong\'s affection towards Tang Jiayang, but he had never warned her before.

On the contrary, he had even enjoyed it when Tang Jiayang had to reject Jiang Yutong again and again.

However, he had to stand out to chase Jiang Yutong away now.

Without hesitation, Tang Jiakai pulled Tang Jiayang and walked away.

Jiang Jiamin who stood not too far away walked to Jiang Yutong at this moment.

She got another chance to laugh at Jiang Yutong today.

Jiang Jiamin wasn\'t a troublemaker, but she loved to make fun of Jiang Yutong, who was an enemy in her eyes.

Do you still want to watch a film with your older cousin Shouldn\'t you do that with your boyfriend Jiang Jiamin mocked.

Leave me alone! Jiang Yutong vented her anger at Jiang Jiamin.

Even though she knew that it was meaningless, she couldn\'t help but approach Tang Jiayang once she saw him.

It wasn\'t easy for her to meet Tang Jiayang, so she would seize every minute when they did meet.

WhyJiang Jiamin sneered, then became serious.

Didn\'t you hear Jiakai warned you to keep away from Jiayang.

Don\'t cause any trouble for the Jiang family and make me be punished for your stupid mistake!

Jiang Jiamin was unwilling to mess with the brothers.

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