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Although Hao Ran and his bros had an intimate connection with each other, they also enjoyed laughing at each other.

Therefore, everyone was quick to follow Gu Nings order.

Twenty kilometers took Xu Jinchen almost an hour.

It was quite normal for them to run as training, and twenty kilometers was nothing to him, but he was wearing slippers today, which were very uncomfortable while he was running.

The minute he got home, Xu Jinchen went to Leng Shaoting before he went to shower.

“Hey, boss, are you dating that young girl”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting immediately gave him a cold glance.

Xu Jinchen stepped backwards unconsciously, but he was so curious that he forgot the danger ahead.

He looked at Leng Shaoting with great curiosity, hoping to get the answer.

“No,” Leng Shaoting denied.

“No Then why did you go to meet the girl this early morning” Xu Jinchen apparently didnt believe him.

“Are you totally free now” Leng Shaoting asked airily, but Xu Jinchen sensed the threat in the air.

His face stiffened.

He knew that if he dared to say another word, he probably would be punished once again.

“Since youre not dating the young girl, I would like to have a try myself.

I dont have a girlfriend now anyway.

Both of us live in Fenghua Luxury Mansion so it will be super convenient if we date,” Xu Jinchen said while he kept glancing at Leng Shaotings face.

He wanted to see his reaction.

Yes, Xu Jinchen did it deliberately.

Unfortunately, Leng Shaotings face remained the same, which puzzled Xu Jinchen.

Although Leng Shaoting remained calm, he felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.

However, he didnt know why, so he didnt think about it any further.

Xu Jinchen didnt know what was on Leng Shaotings mind, but he knew Leng Shaoting very well.

He never stayed close to a woman if it wasnt necessary.

However, this female student was different.

He had taken her to the hospital in person last time, and now he had gone to her early this morning.

It was unusual!

Xu Jinchen made up his mind to investigate.

Since Leng Shaoting wouldnt tell him anything, he decided to start with the young girl.

At noon, Gu Ning received a call from Zhou Zhenghong.

She stepped aside on purpose because it must be business.

“Hi, Uncle Zhou,” Gu Ning answered the phone.

“Boss, is it convenient for you now” Zhou Zhenghong asked.

“Sure, go ahead,” Gu Ning replied.

“Ive already found a designer and two engravers.

Theyre willing to work for you like me.

Ive also found the store and the processing plant.

The store is 200 square meters, located in the downtown, and the annual rent is five hundred thousand yuan.

The processing plant is in the factory area, between the antique street and the downtown.

It is 160 square meters and ten minutes away from both sides, not far away nor near.

Its annual rent is two hundred and fifty thousand.

Do you have any opinions, Boss” Zhou Zhenghong said without a break.

“No, you can make the decisions,” Gu Ning said.

Since she let Zhou Zhenghong completely be in charge of the business, she chose to trust him.

Zhou Zhenghong actually knew that Gu Ning would agree, but he still asked for her opinion out of respect.

“Sure, and Ive bought the machines as well.

Theyll arrive in two days.

A well-decorated apartment is also settled.

You can move in anytime you want,” Zhou Zhenghong added.

“Great, thanks, Uncle Zhou.

Ill be there this weekend and Ill deal with all the documents.

Oh, please go and find out whether there are new raw materials in the stone gambling street,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning knew that the sales would go up in those raw materials shops after she had cut out a lot of jade there last weekend.

If they had sold a lot, they must also have brought many in.

Accordingly, Gu Ning would have many more choices.

If there werent any new choices, it was unlikely to get more jade.

Zhou Zhenghong immediately answered, “No problem! Ill go find out later.

And the car will be available tomorrow.

Ill pick you up then.”

After that, they talked for a while longer before hanging up, but Gu Ning was a little worried after she hung up.

What was she going to say to Gu Man if she went to City G this weekend

Oh, she could still use Mu Ke as her cover.

She decided to explain to her mother that Mu Ke was going to open another shop in City G, and they needed to inspect it.

Gu Ning and her friends went straight to the woods after their meal in the afternoon.

However, at the same time, there was a fierce fight going on in the woods.

No, to be specific, a boy was being beaten up by three other boys.

The boy huddled on the ground with his head covered by his arms, and let the fists and feet fall down on his body.

Not because he didnt want to fight back, but because he couldnt.

Then a male voice coldly said, “An Yi, look at you now! Ive disliked you for a long, long time.

Your father is the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate, so I didnt dare to deal with you, but now, your father will soon step down from the chairman position.

And your slut stepmother and her lover fled with the money.

Your family is now in trouble with capital turnover.

If you cant get the funds this week, your family will declare bankruptcy.

You better go back and advise your father to sell the company to my father.

In that case, your family may survive.

Otherwise, your family will go bankrupt with huge debts, which isnt good at all.”

An Yi Wasnt he the boy who had said that he liked her the other day

Also the Shenghua Real Estate, wasnt it one of the three largest real estate companies in City F It had five hundred million yuan in assets, and was one of the third-line richest families in City F.

What had happened

Gu Ning had an idea in her mind.

“You never…” An Yi wanted to retort, but shouted in great pain instead.

Gu Ning immediately ran in the direction of his voice.

Although Hao Ran and others didnt know why, they followed at once.

Before long, they all saw three boys hitting another boy on the ground with great force.

The three boys were all strangers, so the one who was being beaten must be An Yi.

Without further thought, Gu Ning dashed towards them.

Those boys were knocked a meter away by a heavy blow before they even realized.

They all fell heavily onto the ground.

They couldnt even utter a word because of the pain.

Hao Ran and others all rounded their eyes, even though they already knew how powerful Gu Ning was.

What the f*ck It was so cool!


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