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“The director of Palace thought that Fan Sixuan was also a good choice for the leading role, but he still chose Tang Xiaoxiao after the audition, so Fan Sixuan became the supporting role in the show.”

“Its not a secret that actors compete against each other for roles in auditions.

Im a businessman, and value profits above anything else.

In my eyes, Tang Xiaoxiao is obviously a better choice than Fan Sixuan.

What Fan Sixuan has done to hurt Tang Xiaoxiao is her personal actions.

It has nothing to do with the company she works for or me.”

Although Cen Yanheng didnt have many followers on Weibo, many Internet users focused on his account after the scandal was exposed.

Therefore, once his statement was out, countless people reposted it and left comments below.

However, most of them didnt believe his explanation, because it was too late for it to be true.

Since Cen Yanheng wanted to whitewash it, he hired a large amount of Internet Water Army to help him.

Anyway, Cen Yanheng had the support of his powerful family, so Gu Ning had no intention to act against him.

Even though his explanation wasnt persuasive at all, he wouldnt be punished.

News came out at a rapid pace in the entertainment industry, and the scandal could easily be replaced by other news.

In addition, Cen Yanheng hadnt directly done anything harmful to Tang Xiaoxiao, and Fan Sixuan was in charge of the scheme herself.

Cen Yanheng wasnt very smart, but he wasnt dumb either.

He knew how to protect himself when he planned to do a bad deed.

Fan Sixuan also didnt tell Cen Yanheng many details about her scheme, because she was unwilling to let him know how vicious she was.

It was a big surprise in Fan Sixuans eyes when her scheme was exposed.

She had used a crazy woman to do a bad thing for her so that both she and the crazy woman could get away with it according to the law.

Fan Sixuan used to believe that it was a perfect plan.

However, it was still exposed.

It probably could have worked if Tang Xiaoxiao hadnt met Gu Ning, but things unfolded the opposite way.

Cen Yanheng was astonished by what Fan Sixuan had done behind his back.

He knew that Fan Sixuan wasnt a kind woman, but he didnt expect her to be so evil.

In that case, it was impossible for Cen Yanheng to defend her.

He couldnt wait to end their relationship now!

Because of Cen Yanhengs statement, The director of Palace also posted an article to clear Tang Xiaoxiaos name.

It was a little different from what he had posted before, but it was acceptable.

Some Internet users still had doubts, but the majority soon forgot it since Tang Xiaoxiaos name was already cleared.

In the beginning, Fan Sixuan refused to admit what she had done when she was brought to the police station, but she confessed to her crime in the end.

A policeman kept complimenting Tang Xiaoxiao in front of Fan Sixuan, and Fan Sixuan soon got angry and blurted out everything.

The man who had assisted Fan Sixuan in her scheme ran away right after it was exposed.

The company Fan Sixuan worked for didnt bother to find a lawyer to help her, but just gave the police station a call to ask for the result.

Given the solid proof, Fan Sixuan was very likely to be sentenced to years in jail.

Fan Sixuans behavior also affected the reputation of the company she worked for, so she was abandoned within a short time.

For now, it depended on Tang Xiaoxiaos injuries to sentence Fan Sixuan.

If Tang Xiaoxiao was seriously injured, Fan Sixuan would be severely punished.

If not, she would be lightly punished.

The police contacted Lin Lu saying that they needed to examine Tang Xiaoxiaos wounds.

Lin Lu couldnt make the decision, so she told the police that she would call them back in a few minutes.

After that, Lin Lu called Gu Ning for her opinion.

It was necessary to examine the injuries, so Gu Ning agreed.

Although the burns on Tang Xiaoxiaos body were much better after Gu Nings treatment, Fan Sixuan would still be sentenced to at least two years in prison.

Fan Sixuan would be punished according to the law, so Gu Ning didnt interfere in it.

In case the police didnt take Tang Xiaoxiao seriously, Gu Ning told Quan Mingkai to support Tang Xiaoxiao.

The police station also informed Fan Sixuans parents, but her parents didnt care about her condition at all.

Instead, they were worried about their own future and their sons marriage.

It turned out that Fan Sixuan was the only one who was making money in her family, and her parents had a son preference.

Her parents even complained to the police on the phone.

The policeman who called Fan Sixuans parents didnt know what to say and felt sympathetic towards Fan Sixuan.

“Will you come or not” The policeman lost patience.

“Of course we will!” Fan Sixuans mother said.

They went to visit Fan Sixuan for their own good.

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