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“Miss Fan, do you think that its acceptable to be the other woman in a married mans family”

It was a meaningless question.

If she didnt think that it was acceptable, she wouldnt have done it.

It was obvious that she accepted the fact that she was a mistress.

The reporter asked that question not to hear her answer, but to humiliate her.

“Miss Tang, its said that you and Tang Xiaoxiao were schoolmates at university.

You two used to be very close, but then you got jealous of her.

Is that the reason why youre so determined to trap her”

“Tang Xiaoxiaos reputation and career could have both been ruined because of the scandal.

Can you tell us your motivation”

“Miss Fan…”

The entertainment reporters bombarded Fan Sixuan with questions, which almost drove her crazy, but she had to compose herself.

“Please let us pass, and the company will post an official explanation about it.” Fan Sixuans assistant protected her at the front.

“An official explanation Does it mean that the exposed pictures are true” a reporter seized the chance and asked at once.

Fan Sixuans assistant was struck dumb.

She was just an assistant after all, and didnt know how to handle this crisis well.

“Miss Fan, have you ever thought of the possibility that you could be arrested once the truth was revealed If youre put in jail, your future and life will be ruined.”

Hearing that, Fan Sixuan lost control of her emotions, and shouted, “Stop it! Shut up now!”

She refused to be put in jail.

She couldnt be more regretful now, but she didnt regret that she had schemed against Tang Xiaoxiao.

Instead, she wished that she had arranged for the crazy woman to pour sulfuric acid on Tang Xiaoxiao at a different time so that Tang Xiaoxiao wouldnt have met Gu Ning.

If so, Tang Xiaoxiao was the one whose future would be ruined.

Thinking of that, Fan Sixuans face became evil, and was full of hatred towards Tang Xiaoxiao.

Her expression was captured by the countless cameras held in those entertainment reporters hands, and her assistant anxiously reminded her to stay calm, “Sixuan, calm down!”

Fan Sixuan was drowning in fear now, and it was impossible for her to stay calm.

She didnt want to be put in jail, so she couldnt admit it.

“Its all fake news and evidence! Its a trap set by Tang Xiaoxiao against me! She did everything, not me!”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

What Its a trap set by Tang Xiaoxiao against her

They obviously didnt believe it, because the solid proof of Fan Sixuans affair with Cen Yanheng was everywhere on the Internet now.

“Sixuan!” Fan Sixuans assistant was also surprised by her reaction.

It was better for Fan Sixuan to remain silent now.

“Miss Fan, can you tell us why Tang Xiaoxiao wanted to trap you” a reporter asked.

“Because everybody knew that she stole my role!” Fan Sixuan said in a loud voice.

“Well, it turns out that youre Lord Cens mistress.

Why would Lord Cen give your role to Tang Xiaoxiao”

No matter how those reporters asked Fan Sixuan for details, Fan Sixuan kept denying it.

She believed that she would be safe by doing that.

However, it was useless.

Right at this moment, the police came, and those reporters stopped asking her questions.

The police must have come for Fan Sixuan.

Both Fan Sixuan and her assistant were scared and panicked.

Fan Sixuan subconsciously turned around trying to escape, but two policewomen stood in her way.

“Miss Fan, you have been accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Please go to the police station with us for the investigation.”

“No, I didnt.

Im not going!”

Fan Sixuan struggled, but the two policewomen forced her to leave with them.

The moment those amorous pictures were exposed, Cen Yanheng was angry, annoyed and shocked.

To his astonishment, someone could find out about his affair with Fan Sixuan through those surveillance cameras.

In that case, the person might have found out his other dirty secrets too.

Besides, he was mad that the camera was pointed right at his bedroom, and sent some people to punish the property management without delay.

Tang Xiaoxiao was very lucky that she had met Gu Ning at the right time.

Cen Yanheng was aware of Gu Nings relationship with the Tang family.

He also admired her great achievements at such an early age.

In fact, he wasnt skilled at running business, so his older brother was managing their family business, while he was just doing whatever he wanted with his dividend.

He invested in TV shows just for fun.

Since Gu Ning was involved, Cen Yanheng thought that it wasnt necessary to act against her because of a mistress.

In Cen Yanhengs eyes, Fan Sixuan was completely replaceable.

He didnt lack women anyway.

He only kept her as his mistress because she was good in bed.

Cen Yanheng agreed with her to scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao only to show off his influence, but he failed.

It was impossible for him to deny his sexual relationship with Fan Sixuan, but he could still exclude himself from the scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao.

Before long, Cen Yanheng responded to the scandal.

He used his Weibo account and posted a statement.

“Im terribly sorry for what Ive done.

I feel guilty that I hurt my family, but I wasnt aware of Fan Sixuans scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao at all.

I did recommend Tang Xiaoxiao to play the leading role in Palace, because shes very suitable for it.

I just recommended her, but didnt say that the role had to be hers.

She won the chance all on her own.”

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