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There was a video attached to the news, in which Tang Xiaoxiao screamed in pain after having sulfuric acid poured on her by a woman.

Seeing the scene, everyone was scared.

The next second, Gu Ning showed up and rescued Tang Xiaoxiao.

When Gu Ning carried Tang Xiaoxiao in her arms, many girls were attracted to her brave actions.

“Wow, Goddess Gu is so cool! She easily carried Tang Xiaoxiao in her arms.”

“Jesus, its so scary! I wonder whether the sulfuric acid was poured on her face.”

“Well, I have sympathy for Tang Xiaoxiao now.”

“Me too!”

“I think Goddess Gu is a great girl with a strong sense of fairness.

Its impossible that she would rescue a mistress.

The fact that Tang Xiaoxiao is the other woman in Lord Cens family could be fake news.”

“I doubt that.

I dont think Gu Ning is as admirable as you think.”

Once this negative comment on Gu Ning was sent out, Gu Nings fans attacked the Internet user at once.

“How dare you say that about Goddess Gu”

“Tell me who you are, and Im going to find out more details about you!”

“Ill send you a knife!”

Witnessing Gu Nings influence, the Internet user didnt dare to send out any comments about her again.

“To be fair, I admit that Gu Ning is an outstanding girl with a strong sense of fairness, but it doesnt mean that Tang Xiaoxiao is also a good girl just because Gu Ning rescued her.

The two things arent connected at all.”

“I agree.

It was an emergency after all.”

“I have a feeling that Tang Xiaoxiao will work for Goddess Gu after Goddess Gu helps her out, just like what happened with Su Tongnuo and Xia Yichu.”

“Oh, right, but I think that Tang Xiaoxiao would have to be innocent in this mess first.”

“Well, I wish that I could meet Goddess Gu and that she could help me out of my poor life.”

“Ha-ha, in your dreams!”

Because of Gu Nings influence, fewer Internet users attacked Tang Xiaoxiao now, but there was still a lot of people who continued to criticize her.

In the beginning, Tang Xiaoxiao and Lin Lu were mad at those aggressive comments on the Internet, but they trusted Gu Ning and believed that she could handle it well.

K found out a lot of detailed information about Cen Yanheng and Fan Sixuan.

He then checked their call records to see whether they kept in touch with each other.

Cen Yanheng and Fan Sixuan didnt maintain confidentiality on their affair, so they contacted each other with their real phone numbers.

Therefore it wasnt difficult for K to find evidence.

After that, he checked the surveillance cameras around the places they stayed and met.

The place where they often met was one of Cen Yanhengs villas in a suburb.

As the surveillance cameras outside the villa showed, Fan Sixuans car often came at night, and Cen Yanheng was in the villa every time she showed up.

Coincidentally, a surveillance camera outside pointed at the master bedroom on the second floor.

That being the case, K easily got their sex tape.

Although the surveillance camera was a little far away and their faces werent clear in the video, they were already caught by the surveillance cameras at the door of the villa.

It was hard for them to deny it once the sex tape and their faces were exposed.

People who werent idiots would know who the real other woman in Cen Yanhengs family was.

Gu Nings aim was to clear Tang Xiaoxiaos name, and let Fan Sixuan along with Cen Yanheng pay for what they had done.

She had no intention to hurt the Tang familys benefits, so the evidence was enough.

K also found out that the man who tricked the crazy woman into pouring sulfuric acid on Tang Xiaoxiao was Fan Sixuans friend, and he had done many dirty tricks for Fan Sixuan before.

Fan Sixuan had schemed against many other actresses for roles.

However, what Fan Sixuan had done before had nothing to do with what was happening right now, so Gu Ning didnt pay much attention to it.

Gu Ning and the others left for the Tang familys house.

Only Tang Haifeng, Jiang Lihua and Gu Man were in the house, while the others all went out to work.

Once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting showed up, they noticed and greeted Leng Shaoting before Gu Ning again.

Honestly, they didnt mean to ignore Gu Ning, but Leng Shaoting was the guest after all.

“Ningning, I saw a beauty salon named Kamei Beauty Salon at Fengshang Shopping Mall yesterday when I was shopping with your aunt.

Theyre also using Kouzi.

Is it connected to you” Gu Man asked.

Gu Ning was surprised that Gu Man had already found out, because she planned to give it to Gu Man as a wedding gift in the near future.

Nevertheless, Kamei Beauty Salon was too popular to be kept a secret now, and Kouzi was even more famous.

“Well, it is owned by me, but I plan to give it to you as a wedding gift.

Im surprised that you already found it,” Gu Ning said.

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