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Around her neck, there was a platinum necklace with a large jade.

And her gold earrings were also too big to ignore.

The woman was apparently showing off her wealth.

But after a while, Gu Ning couldnt help but snort with laughter.

The womans face changed a little with anger, “What are you laughing at”

“You, of course! Since youre so rich, why are you still wearing a cheap fake bracelet and jade,” Gu Ning replied plainly.

Yes, the bracelet and the jade around the womans wrist and neck were fake.

Gu Ning had intended to absorb the power of the womans jewelry, but had failed, because they werent authentic.

As for the gold, Gu Ning barely know, but the jade ring around the womans fingers was authentic though.

Gu Ning understood the woman probably had no idea that most of her jewelry werent real.

She did it on purpose to pay the woman back.

Gu Ning admitted that she wasnt tolerant, and she wouldnt stay quiet any longer.

“What did you say” the woman was irritated.

She felt embarrassed at once.

Those jewelry were from her husband, who was a super rich man.

How could they be fake!

And in front of her was just a poor girl, who knew nothing at all!

“Gee! Shut your mouth.

Youre being jealous.”

Gu Ning stayed calm instead.

“Believe it or not, theres a jewelry appraiser in every jewelry store.

You can try it yourself.

And now if youll excuse me, I have something else to do.” Then Gu Ning turned around and left.

“You…” The woman didnt want to let the go of Gu Ning, but was stopped by another woman beside her, “Let it go, shes merely a poor girl.

We better stay away from her.”

The woman immediately put on airs, behaving like she was a real royalty.

She said to Gu Nings back with disdain, “I dont care you poor people at all!”

Then, she focused on the jade again.

However, Gu Nings words stayed in her mind, and she wanted to identify them herself.

On the other side, Shao Feifei stood at the entrance of the jewelry store, waiting for Gu Ning.

She had also witnessed everything that had just happened inside.

Seeing Gu Ning going out, Shao Feifei criticized, “Isnt it interesting You cant afford a piece yourself, and youre so jealous of the rich.”

“If you can afford it, why dont you buy a piece” Gu Ning argued.


Shao Feifei felt humiliated, because Gu Ning had hit the point.

Although Shao Feifei was born in a rich family with millions of wealth, she still couldnt afford on her own.

The jewelry cost dozens of thousand yuan each, while she only had a monthly allowance of several thousand yuan.

Besides, she spent much every month, and had no money left for a piece of jewelry.

She had been here today only because her birthday was around the corner.

She wanted to choose her birthday gift, and her mother would buy it for her.

Gu Ning ignored Shao Feifei, and left.

Although Shao Feifei disliked the feeling of failure, she had no idea how to fight back again.

Shao Xue, who was Shao Feifeis cousin, held her breath in case Shao Feifei would vent anger on her, which had happened before.

Shao Xue did this only because her family needed the sources from Shao Feifeis family.

Gu Ning went straight to the antique market after she had left the jewelry store.

It took her half an hour on the bus to get to the antique market from the downtown.

When she finally arrived, it was about three pm.

The antique market, also known as “the Old Market”.

Only the old and ancient objects were called antiques.

The antique market had been popular for many years, and there were many people visiting the antique street.

Most of them were middle-aged men or the elderly.

Gu Ning barely saw young people on the street, especially a female student of her age.

Even though there were teenagers, they were either accompanied by their parents, or hanging around.

So when Gu Ning walked by the stands, nobody paid attention to her.

At the both sides of the street, there were countless stands with numerous commodities.

However, authentic antiques were still rare.

Both antiques and the jade were business of high risk.

The unspoken rule in this industry was “No Anti-counterfeiting”.

You paid and got the commodities on-site without any after-sales service.

If you were lucky enough to get an authentic one, you would be rich overnight, otherwise, you would be broke.

Gu Ning walked slowly, because she felt exhausted after she had used her Jade Eyes for a short time.

She needed to take a break before going on.

Along her way, Gu Ning hadnt found out a single authentic object.

She was disappointed.

The antique market had existed for too long to leave any authentic pieces for her.

Gu Ning felt she was naive to try to earn money by antiques.

There were many choices for stone gambling though, but most of the stones came from Burma and Province Y, and there were less quality stones in other cities.

Anyway, it wasnt easy to find a perfect stone.

City F was far away from Burma, and it cost too much for Gu Ning to fly to there.

Though the flight ticket wasnt very expensive actually, it was a lot for Gu Ning and her mother.

And the last thing Gu Ning wanted to happen was for her exceptional ability to be revealed.

She didnt want her mother to know as well.

So, even Gu Ning was willing to go to Burma, she was short of a good reason.

Gu Ning didnt maintain much hope in City F, but she still tried to find some.

As long as it was a real gem, she would take it.

In the end, when Gu Ning was ready to leave, an object on a not noticeable stand got her attention.

It was a bracelet consisted of 12 blocks of china.

Each block was as big as a toe.

There were many stains and dirt around it.

It didnt have a good appearance, but Gu Ning saw a layer of light white fog from it.


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